Hypothyroidism Broke My Brain

Hypothyroidism Broke My Brain I had always been an A student earning top marks, appearing on the Dean’s list multiple years in a row, receiving several large sum scholarships, graduating with High Distinction (equivalent to to magna cum laude) from the University of Toronto, completing dual Master’s degrees from Columbia University, then landing a plum position at one of the largest financial services firms on Wall Street in New York City and receiving offers to sit on the Board of Directors of multiple organizations. This is not to toot my own horn but to set a backdrop for my story and to help explain why The Broken Brain docuseries GIVEAWAY (at the end of this article) is so important to me. [Read more…]

Hypothyroid Mom’s 5th Anniversary $1000 Cash GIVEAWAY

Hypothyroid Mom's 5th Anniversary GIVEAWAYS

It’s HERE!



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My two-year-old son’s struggle with hypothyroidism

My two year old son's struggle with hypothyroidism

This little boy struggled for two years with obvious signs and symptoms before finally receiving a diagnosis of hypothyroidism.
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10 Reasons to Use Infrared Saunas for Thyroid Health

10 Reasons to Use Infrared Saunas for Thyroid Health

Since creating Hypothyroid Mom in 2012, I’ve heard from reader after reader telling me that they feel better with regular use of infrared saunas. It’s one of the hottest (quite literally) anti-aging trends in the celebrity world.
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Don’t forget to check your neck

Don't forget to check your neck

September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month. Have you checked your neck?
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