Hypothyroidism Treatment

There is NO one size fits all approach to hypothyroidism treatment. We are each individual. Levothyroxine (T4 only) drugs such as the brand Synthroid are the drug of choice in mainstream medicine. Some people do great on them, but not all. Many of us do better on a combination of T4 and T3 medications. If you are not doing well on your thyroid medication, learn about the options. In addition to thyroid medication, it is important to test and treat issues with adrenal function, iron, sex hormones, food sensitivities, blood sugar, heavy metal toxicity, infection (bacteria, virus, and parasite), and nutrient deficiencies including D3, B12, magnesium, zinc, iron, iodine and selenium.

Traditional ketogenic diets neglect alkalinity, but combine the two and BAM

Traditional ketogenic diets neglect alkalinity, but combine the two and BAM
In recent months, more and more Hypothyroid Mom readers have been writing to me about their experience with the ketogenic diet. And it has really caught my attention. Many have raved about KETO helping them dramatically reduce weight and feel more energetic. Others have even reported an improvement in their thyroid lab tests that has resulted in a reduction in their thyroid hormone replacement medication dosage. wow!
A Hypothyroid Mom reader named Pat started following my Hypothyroid Mom Facebook page in the early days when I had only a few hundred followers (we’re up to 1 million now!). I’ve been blessed to become good friends with many of my followers over the last 5 years. She wrote to me about her experience with the ketogenic diet:

“I lost inches almost immediately. I don’t weigh myself but I’m down 1 1/2 to 2 sizes. My heartburn is significantly less and gas is almost gone.”

However I’ve also heard from a few readers experiencing side effects including fatigue, headaches,muscle cramps, anxiety, nausea, and flu-like symptoms.

I’ve been digging around the internet. It seems that some health experts caution that the ketogenic diet can disturb a woman’s hormones. However I’ve heard from enough women with hypothyroidism of all ages raving about the benefits, to know there must be more to it. According to this double board-certified OB-GYN and Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine expert, an ALKALINE ketogenic diet may be the most powerful lifestyle change that women and men can make. [Read more…]

Check your skin care products for these 10 toxic ingredients

Check your skin care products for these 10 toxic ingredients

It seems we are hearing about hidden toxins in practically everything these days from the air we breathe to the water we drink to the food we eat to the cleaning products we use. But skin care products? Yup, even the creams, lotions, perfumes, and makeup we apply directly on our skin (our skin is the largest organ in the body and its pores absorb much of what we put on it) are often filled with harmful toxins.

“Wait, what? Now I have to give up my favorite cleanser, anti-aging cream, moisturizer, foundation, concealer, perfume, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, nail polish, hair dye, mascara, and lipstick too?”

Grab all your skin care and beauty products together right now. Turn every single bottle over and read the list of ingredients. Let me guess. Each label has an unbelievably long list of ingredients that are hard to pronounce and sound like they were created in a lab. Right?
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What You Need to Know About Hashimoto’s


What you need to know about Hashimoto's thyroiditis

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis: what is it and what can you do to finally start feeling better? [Read more…]

Using Autophagy to Heal Your Thyroid

Using autophagy to heal your thyroid

I had trouble sleeping one night and turned on the TV. Naomi Whittel was on the QVC shopping channel talking about how she used the Nobel Prize winning science of Autophagy to heal her autoimmune disease and it got me thinking about all the Hypothyroid Mom readers with the thyroid autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Hmmm… [Read more…]

EFT Tapping for Anxiety, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Weight Loss, Insomnia

EFT Tapping for Anxiety, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Weight Loss, Insomnia

We’ve all heard of yoga, meditation, and massage to de-stress, but what about Tapping? It’s zero risk, zero cost, and highly effective.

I first heard about Tapping on the Megyn Kelly TODAY show on January 16, 2018. Megyn was joined by Adrienne Cerulo, who said a healing technique known as Tapping freed her from four years of excruciating pain, and Nick Ortner from The Tapping Solution. Cerulo said she was still pain-free after two years, and Ortner led the studio audience in a demonstration of the technique.

How many times had I heard from Hypothyroid Mom readers struggling with fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, weight gain, and insomnia? Too many to count. And here was a zero cost, effective treatment that required no doctors, no medications, no supplements, that was so simple to learn and do yourself. I was literally swept away as I watched this video below thinking about how many people could benefit from this technique? How many adults? And how many children?

You may be quick to dismiss Tapping, also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Your first reaction may be that this is all “woo woo”, but one quick look at the list of recent published studies at the bottom of this article will make you think twice.

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