How Your Thyroid Affects Vaginal Dryness, Libido and Painful Sex (And what you can do about it at any age!)

How your thyroid affects vaginal dryness, libido & painful sex (And what you can do about it at any age)

Are your issues with your thyroid causing you problems in the bedroom? For many women, it absolutely is.

I’ve invited a gynecologist and obstetrician to talk about how our hormones – sexual and thyroid – dictate a lot about what’s going on down there in our “lady parts”, regardless of our age. [Read more…]

Why Don’t I Have Any Energy? All about your mitochondria

Why don't I have any energy? All about your mitochondria

The mitochondrion (plural mitochondria) is the rod-shaped organelle (it looks like a sausage) found in the cytoplasm of cells. You may recall hearing about mitochondria in high school biology class but you’ve probably never thought about them since.

Now what does that have to do with why you are so darn tired all the time? [Read more…]

The Secret Poison That Drives Hashimoto’s

The Secret Poison That Drives Hashimoto's

Hashimoto’s. It’s the number one cause of hypothyroidism, yet few of my Hypothyroid Mom readers have heard of it. Hashimoto’s. It’s more than a thyroid condition. It’s an autoimmune condition, yet thyroid medication is often the only treatment offered. Hashimoto’s. It’s a sadly common health condition that can come with all sorts of symptoms that doctors may mistakenly attribute to mental health issues. Hashimoto’s. It’s not all in your head. If you aren’t feeling well, it’s because thyroid hormone replacement medication doesn’t address the autoimmune component. Hashimoto’s. It’s possible to determine the root cause. It’s possible to reduce thyroid antibodies. It’s possible to feel well. [Read more…]

Married to Hashimoto’s: Husband of the Year! (Not So Much)

Married to Hashimoto's: Husband of the Year! (not so much)

A husband shares the story of how he got married to hashimoto’s. It’s honest and it’s raw. [Read more…]

8 Natural Remedies for Hypothyroid Relief

8 Natural Remedies for Hypothyroid Relief

I gave the owner of the essential oils and herbal salves company Camp Wander my article 300+ Hypothyroidism Symptoms…Yes REALLY to read and this is what I asked:

I want relief from some of the common hypothyroid symptoms. Which essential oils do you recommend?

[Read more…]