Thyroid Keto Twist: Stock Your Fridge With These 16 Foods

thyroid keto twist: stock your fridge with these 16 foods

Keto. Everyone raves about it but many thyroid women, especially women over 40, get no results or even feel worse. This OB/GYN found her hypothyroid female patients most often failed on the traditional ketogenic diet and she was determined to figure out why. I invited her to write a guest post to share her 10 keto modifications for thyroid disease. Her patients began losing on average a pound a day of stubborn weight and I wanted to know more.

It was hugely popular and followers flooded in with messages. One woman asked an interesting question, “What’s in your fridge?” And the answer turned into this guest post.

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Tips for People with Immune System Disorders

Tips for people with immune system disorders

Here is the important question that I asked this renowned pharmacist:

Do you have self-help tips to protect the immune system with this pandemic going on, especially for people with autoimmune diseases?

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The Keto Diet with 10 Thyroid Twists

The keto diet with 10 thyroid twists

There’s some conflicting information out there as to whether a ketogenic diet improves symptoms for women having thyroid disease, or whether it makes symptoms worse.

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Is mold making you fat, depressed, forgetful and tired?

Is mold making you fat, depressed, forgetful and tired?

Hurricane Sandy, October 2012.

I was living in a condo directly on the Hudson River. When the hurricane passed, I was relieved to be safe from harm, or so I thought, until the severe fatigue, massive hair loss, weight gain, and rapid visible aging began. My body suddenly shifted into perimenopause with abnormal cycles. What was it?

Black mold. A black mold infestation discovered in the heating/air conditioning unit under my window that faced the river.

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An Anonymous Thyroid Letter to Myself

An anonymous thyroid letter to myself

Several years ago a Hypothyroid Mom reader contacted me with a letter that she wrote to her family. She asked me to keep it anonymous. It turned out to be a letter that resonated with so many of my followers that I invited her back again to give us an update. This letter to herself is inspiring and incredibly beautiful, exactly what we all need on our worst of days.

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Thyroid Disease And Your Eyes

An ophthalmologist describes the many eye symptoms that can present with all the various forms of thyroid disease.

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