Thyroid Disease And Your Eyes

An ophthalmologist describes the many eye symptoms that can present with all the various forms of thyroid disease.

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Microbiome Health is the Foundation of Thyroid Health

gut pathogens and your thyroid health

Those microscopic, highly pathogenic, and darn clever organisms have the power to disrupt your thyroid health.

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Hypothyroidism And The Heart, by a Cardiologist

women with cardiac symptoms from hypothyroidism

I was searching for recently published studies on the connection between hypothyroidism and heart disease and there I found hundreds, yes hundreds, right before my eyes. Then one day a cardiologist from England contacted me with this guest post that everyone with hypothyroidism needs to read.

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How Your Spine Is Connected To Your Organs (Including The Thyroid)

I saw this chart of the connection between the spine and specific organs, including our thyroid, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

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When symptoms continue on thyroid medication

When you are taking your thyroid medicine every day just like you’ve been prescribed and you still feel sick, sick, SICK.

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12 things only people with hypothyroidism will understand

You really don’t understand people who rise and shine and jump out of bed every morning.

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