Married to Hashimoto’s: Husband of the Year! (Not So Much)

Married to Hashimoto's: Husband of the year (not so much)

A husband shares the story of how he got married to hashimoto’s. It’s honest and it’s raw. [Read more…]

Is Your Thyroid Affecting Your Credibility?

Is Your Thyroid Affecting Your Credibility?

I was an over-achiever, driven by the need to always be “perfect”. That’s how I landed a spot in a Master’s degree program at Columbia University and a plum job on Wall Street. My credibility was everything. I could be counted on to out perform. Family, friends, professors, co-workers, bosses, I mean everyone could count on me.

Yeh, that was all before hypothyroidism.

Then my house of cards came tumbling down.

When I read thyroid & life coach Stacey Robbins’ article on credibility, I knew instantly that this was an article I must share at Hypothyroid Mom.
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Married to Hashimoto’s: A Husband’s Confession – Where I Blew It.

Married to Hashimoto's: A Husband's Confession - Where I Blew It

So often I’ve thought about doing a poll at Hypothyroid Mom, a poll to see how many people with thyroid disease are struggling with issues in their personal relationships.

I haven’t done the poll because…the truth…I fear that the percentage would be even higher than I imagine.
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Married to Hashimoto’s: Where’s the Woman I Married?

Married to Hashimoto's: Where's the Woman I Married?

Has Hashimoto’s affected your marriage?

Sadly I have a feeling this is the case for more people with thyroid disease than anyone can imagine.

It gives me hope when I hear from husbands and wives that have made it through the rough times.

Are you married to Hashimoto’s?

Love your spouse with every fiber of your being, because she needs you now more than ever, and never lose sight of the most important thing in love … hope.
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Living with a Hypothyroid Wife

Living with a hypothyroid wife

Unless someone lives in your shoes it is hard for them to understand what hypothyroidism does to you. I have no doubt there are many people in your life that don’t get your experience with hypothyroidism. Perhaps sharing this article will help them understand your experience a little better.
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How Thyroid Disease Affects Marriage

How Thyroid Disease Affects Marriage

Thyroid disease can take a toll on marriage. Popular blogger Unveiled Wife inspires us to have hope and to love with all our heart.
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