20 Insanely Clever Thyroid Gift Ideas

20 insanely clever thyroid gift ideas

Thyroid symptoms seriously suck. What better gift to give a thyroid person than a clever gadget that’s actually helpful. You’ll literally want to keep a few for yourself…to family members looking for gifts for me this year, hint hint 😉
I don’t know about you but I still want to give my loved ones special gifts despite our roller coaster year of the pandemic and lockdowns and purchasing them online is a great option. These goodies are all available at Amazon.

Let’s get started.

Quility Weighted Blanket

Sleeping with a weighted blanket is like heaven. I’ve heard from more than one of my family members surprised that something so simple could actually help them finally get a good night’s rest. The perfect 5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon from over 10,000 people alone will make you want to try this weighted blanket from helping with insomnia, anxiety, restless legs, stress, sensory issues, and ADHD. They come in many different sizes and blanket weights based on body weight, including child sizes.

massage machine

Theragun Mini

When I shared my gift list this year, several Hypothyroid Mom followers recommended I include Theragun, a deep tissue massager, to my list especially the mini version. People said things like “I am shocked how well it works”, “small but mighty”, “I would give this a hundred stars if I could”, “a life changer for my chronic pain.”, so I’ve added it to my list.


SkyGenius Clip On Mini Fanblank

Can I really be this excited about a fan? Yes. Yes I can. Thyroid problems mess up our body temperature. While many hypothyroid people are cold all the time, there are oh so many of us that are way too hot hot HOT all the time. This little beauty is small enough to take with you anywhere and powerful enough to keep you cool. Just imagine all the places where you can clip a little, powerful, portable, fully rotatable, battery-operated, rechargeable fan – handlebar of a treadmill, spin bike, baby stroller, lawn mower, backpack strap, laptop, edge of a desk, bedside table, picnic table, sun chair, beach umbrella, patio tent, gazebo, car console, camp tent, RVs, campers – anywhere.


LumiLux Toilet Lightblank

Look no further than Hypothyroid Mom if you’ve ever wondered about the connection between hypothyroidism and insomnia. I hear from readers at all hours of the day and night from every time zone in the world struggling to sleep at night. Turning on bright lights to go to the bathroom has to be one of the main causes for unnecessary night wakings for you and your partner. I laughed when I first saw this toilet light but what a clever idea.

blankEssential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Perfect, just perfect gift for an essential oils lover.

Zyllion Back & Neck Massagerblank

Pain, so much pain – that’s what I hear about day after day from Hypothyroid Mom followers. This inexpensive massager received a 4.5 out of 5 star from close to 10,000 reviews.

foot-massager-with-heat-and-remoteRENPHO Foot Massager with Heat & Remote

Reduced circulation to the feet is one of the body’s innate responses to disease. When the core of your body is in distress and signals that it is malfunctioning, reserving the blood flow and nutrients to the core is of vital importance. It is not surprising then that reduced circulation, in particular to the extremities, is a common symptom of hypothyroidism. This little machine is like having a personal foot massager of your very own, oh and did I tell you it has a remote control!

20 insanely clever thyroid gift ideas

Huggaroo Microwaveable Capeblank

Have you ever had neck and shoulder pain or a deep headache and tried to hold a warm water bottle on top of your shoulders but it kept falling down? This microwaveable cape is a great inexpensive gift idea.


Clean-Dirty Dishwasher Magnetblank

Oh the thyroid brain fog gets the better of me whenever I’m standing in front of my dishwasher. Is this load dirty or clean? So simple but so useful.


Esky Wireless Item Locatorblank

Brain fog is a real problem with hypothyroidism. Esky is a genius little gadget designed to keep track of items easily misplaced. Keys, wallet, remote, phone, cat…all found!

20 insanely clever thyroid gift ideas

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scaleblank

This $30 scale works much better than some of the more expensive bluetooth scales. It is easy to set up, fast, and syncs with the app and Apple Health. It is a perfect item on a thyroid weight-loss journey.

20 insanely clever thyroid gift ideas

MaXimus Pro Quarter Folding Rebounder

Have you ever tried bouncing your way to better health? In a 1980 study, NASA concluded rebounding as one of the best exercises for rebuilding lost bone tissue in astronauts who had lost bone mass in space. With the impact of thyroid disease on our bones, especially as we age, maintaining optimal bone mass is of particular importance. Plus this rebounder folds for easy storage.


Eufy Robot Vacuumblank

When you have a medical condition that robs your body of energy, doing chores like vacuuming can become incredibly exhausting. This robot vacuum has near perfect ratings.


VELAZZIO Heated Touchscreen Gloves

Toastie hands! Now that’s a clever invention.


NatraCure Cold Therapy Socksblank

Who knew thyroid feet were such a big thing! Week after week my article 10 signs your feet are warning you about a thyroid problem lands in the top 10 most visited pages at Hypothyroid Mom. It’s no wonder really with hypothyroidism linked to all sorts of leg and foot problems from swollen feet to foot cramping to painful conditions including plantar fasciitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, gout, arthritis, and neuropathy. When I read this review for these reusable gel ice frozen slippers I just knew it would be on my list: “Where have these been all my life?”

Jar opener

EZ Off Jar Opener

And let’s not forget painful thyroid hands while we’re at it. Common conditions like arthritic hands, carpal tunnel syndrome, and chronic muscle pain can make opening jars a pain in the neck. You might not know it, but you WANT this!


Whatafit Resistance Bands Setblank

If you are like a gazillion other people, you started building a home gym when COVID started and lockdowns began. With a sudden surge in demand for at-home fitness equipment, one by one gym equipment started going out of stock in stores and online and the prices for items like dumbbells flew to the moon. If you have a hypothyroid person in your life who is struggling to beat the dreaded thyroid fat, this inexpensive 11 piece exercise resistance band set is perfect – an entire gym in a bag!


Sunlighten Infrared Sauna

Sunlighten is hands down my favorite infrared sauna brand. Their low EMF ratings, far lower than most saunas on the market, are what initially caught my attention. They have units big enough to hold an entire family and smaller, wildly popular, portable Solo System too.

Timer Cap for Medication Bottles


One of my top fans on the Hypothyroid Mom Facebook page recommended these inexpensive timer caps and I was hooked. Just close the cap on your thyroid medication bottle and the built-in stopwatch automatically counts up the time when the bottle was last opened. Genius.

20 insanely clever thyroid gift ideas

Verilux HappyLightblank

The lack of sunlight and the freezing temperatures of the winter months can make anyone sad, tired, and depressed, but it can be especially challenging for those of us with thyroid disease. I use this happy light by my desk for about an hour first thing every morning. Before long, absolutely everyone will start asking you why you are so happy!

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  1. Betty Adams says

    Yes I understand I’ve had hypothroid for 15 years and now have fibermialga and a rare lung disease that has no cure.

    • I’m sorry to hear all you’re going through with your health Betty. Low thyroid can really make a mess of our bodies. I hope Hypothyroid Mom will be helpful to you. Good to have you on my site.

  2. Tonda Anderson says

    Dana your blog brings me back to what I face every day since I was diagnose with hypothyroidism in 2007 and let me tell, it will consume the every life out of you as you get older, and you are my means of living w/ hypothyroidism with all that you give of yourself, I’m Grateful & Thankful! What Wonderful gifts they are to give to a Hypothyroidmom!

  3. Awesome blog. It sound’s quite interesting to read this post.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post.

  4. Betty Saletto says

    Hey Dana Trentini,I am feeling happier ever since I came across your story and I have someone who cares&understand’s what people are dealing with.thank you for sharing your story,But my story is the same(sorry to say)It’s to the point in my life I just Nothing to anyone BECAUSE they are not listening to my cry for understanding,I have been having problems with TINNITUS also so I feel like I’m on a ship sinking slowly and there is no life jacket for me.Question ???HOW CAN I GET MY FAMILY to understand what I’m living with every single day.Between having my THYORID which was full up with CANCER taken out and with this fairly new problem of Tinnitus I am at the end of the rope.Reading your blog and reading about other people going through basically the same things,I don’t feel like I’m so alone with what going on inside my body and mental state I’m reaching out for whatever advice I can get.I didn’t ask nor do I want what’s happening to me,so I am dealing with it by NOT SAYING ANYTHING to ANYONE. THANK YOU FOR STARTING This blog so someone like me can express my feelings that linger deep within my very being.thanks again.

  5. What great gift ideas. Thanks!

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