10 signs your feet are warning you about a thyroid problem

10 signs your feet are warning you about a thyroid problem

Snuggled in a fluffy white bathrobe in an upscale spa, I was waiting to have my feet pampered with a deluxe pedicure as the basin was filling with warm, fragrant water.

“Your feet are extremely dry with thick, hardened skin on your heels that have deep cracks. I see feet like this in women with sickness,” the woman remarked, a little too loudly, inspecting my feet at close range.

“What type of sickness?” I whispered, feeling very embarrassed as people in the crowded spa turned to gawk at my feet.

“You should see your doctor about your feet.”

This woman giving me a pedicure could see as plain as day the signs of a serious health condition right there in my feet, but it would take 10 more years to finally receive my formal diagnosis: severe hypothyroidism.

1. Dry, flaky, cracked feet with calluses

In 2012, a study was designed to identify the cutaneous (skin) manifestations of hypothyroidism, an under-active thyroid. Of the four hundred and sixty diagnosed cases of hypothyroidism, 300 patients (65.22%) presented with dry, coarse skin.[1] In another study that same year, 100% of subjects with hypothyroidism had coarse, rough, dry skin. Palmoplantar keratoderma, found in 33%, is a term that refers to a group of skin conditions with marked thickening of the skin in the soles of the feet and palms of the hands.[2] Hyperthyroidism, over-active thyroid, due to the autoimmune condition Graves’ disease may also present with thickened dermis.[3] While it may seem contradictory, it is often the case that some symptoms of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism present the same.

2. Itchy feet

Pruritus is the medical term for itchy skin. Chronic pruritus can present in both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Itchiness can happen all over the body not just the feet, including the legs, scalp, and even the genitalia. In the case of hypothyroidism, it may be that the very dry skin is the cause of the itchiness. Researchers suggest that pruritus and even chronic urticaria (chronic hives) may be associated with thyroid autoimmunity, including Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves’ disease (Graves’ disease is the term used in the United States and the term Basedow’s disease is more commonly used in Europe.)[4] When you develop one autoimmune condition, you are more vulnerable to develop multiple autoimmune conditions. It is, therefore, important to mention that the Cleveland Clinic lists several autoimmune conditions associated with chronic pruritus including Sjögren’s (SHOW-grins) syndrome, lichen planus, and psoriasis.[5]

3. Cold feet

Thyroid pioneer Dr. Broda Barnes (1906-1988) wrote, “When thyroid function is low, circulation is reduced. In advanced cases of hypothyroidism, the skin, in fact, may receive as little as one-fourth to one-fifth the normal blood supply.”[6] Our extremities, including our feet, are particularly vulnerable to poor circulation especially in cold seasons. “The metabolic needs of the skin may be sacrificed over prolonged periods in order that body temperature may be kept constant. In a cold environment, when body heat must be conserved, sympathetic impulses constrict the cutaneous vessels and blood flow through the skin is conspicuously reduced in order to prevent body temperature from falling.”[7]

Dr. Barnes analyzed the body’s basal body temperature (BBT). Before arising in the morning, the patient’s axillary (underarm) temperature was taken. Normal underarm temperature is between 97.8°F and 98.2°F (36.6°C and 36.8°C). Consistent below-normal temperatures indicate hypothyroidism and consistent above-normal temperatures indicate hyperthyroidism.

4. Swollen feet

Heart disease, kidney dysfunction, diabetes, and skin infections are common culprits considered when a patient presents with swelling of legs and feet, but the possibility of hypothyroidism should always be considered. Swelling (edema) is a classic symptom of hypothyroidism and this includes swelling all over the body. In 2013, a 21-year-old presented with generalized swelling including pitted edema in both legs and feet. In contrast to non-pitting edema, pressing of the pitting edema will cause an indentation to remain on the skin well after the pressure is released. Her edema subsided with thyroid medication. According to professor of medicine Dr. Neki, peripheral (the extremities including the arms, legs, feet, and hands) is found in 55% of hypothyroidism patients and periorbital edema (swelling around the orbits of the eyes) is found in 22%.[8]

5. Foot pain and cramping

Muscle, joint and nerve pains are not usually stressed as primary symptoms of hypothyroidism, but after years of hearing from hypothyroid patients at Hypothyroid Mom, there is one thing that I am certain about. Full thyroid testing should be conducted on every single person that presents with chronic pain or fibromyalgia.

The number of people that write to Hypothyroid Mom about plantar fasciitis, the pain along the bottom of the foot especially the heel that shoots through them especially when they step out of bed in the morning, can’t be a mere coincidence. In the case of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves’ disease, the immune system can also attack the joints and muscles frequently in the feet and ankles. Like carpal tunnel syndrome, thyroid patients are also more vulnerable to develop tarsal tunnel syndrome.[9] Add to this the increased risk of developing gout [10], burning feet from painful neuropathy [11], and plantar fasciitis [12], and the incidence of foot pain in thyroid disease becomes very clear.

6. Tingling, numb, pins and needles sensation in feet

Paresthesia can present in hypothyroidism. Researchers explain that the axonal myelin sheath, the insulating layer around nerves, begins to degenerate without sufficient thyroid hormone, and regeneration of damaged nerves also slows. Autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Sjögren’s syndrome, pernicious anemia, arthritis, and Type 1 diabetes can all present with paresthesia. I would guess that the majority of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves’ disease patients that follow Hypothyroid Mom have multiple autoimmune diseases.[13]

7. Foot Infections

Susceptibility to infections of the feet, hands, fingernails, and toenails occurs in both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, including Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves’ disease and this includes Onychomycosis and Athlete’s foot.[14]

8. Smelly feet

One of the classic symptoms of hyperthyroidism is excessive sweating, and that includes the feet. Sweat on your skin is a breeding ground for bacteria, and that can make things smelly. While hypothyroidism tends to result in markedly reduced sweating, the opposite is true as well, in particular in the case of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Hyperthyroid symptoms including increased sweating may occur simultaneously with symptoms of hypothyroidism in the case of Hashimoto’s. As antibodies attack and destroy thyroid cells, their stored supplies of thyroid hormone are released into the blood stream. These bursts or “leakages” of thyroid hormones in Hashimoto’s are responsible for the symptoms of hyperthyroidism.[15]

9. Yellow soles of feet

Thyroid hormone is required for the conversion of beta-carotene (that’s what gives carrots their orange color) to vitamin A. Buildup of beta-carotene in the case of hypothyroidism will be stored in the outer layer of the skin including the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.[16]

10. Toenail alterations

Too much thyroid hormone and too little can result in abnormalities of the nails, both the fingernails and toenails.[17-19]

Nail changes in hypothyroidism:

  • Slow nail growth
  • Thick, dry, cracked, brittle nails
  • Yellow nails
  • Dry cuticles
  • Longitudinal ridges
  • Onycholysis (separation of nail from nail bed)
  • Spoon nails (koilonychia)

Nail changes in hyperthyroidism:

  • Fast nail growth
  • Pitted and discolored nails
  • Absent lunulae (half moons) and cuticles
  • Onycholysis (Plummer’s nail)
  • Acropahy (clubbing of fingers & toes)

Our feet can tell us a great deal about our thyroid health. They often show obvious signs of disease years and even decades before a thyroid diagnosis.

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  1. judy patrick says

    The most important thing for you or anyone else to remember and voice to your physician is that THEY WORK FOR YOU, NOT YOU WORK FOR THEM. You have the right to request any test you feel would help you.

  2. kerry graves says

    Wow some interesting stuff here! I have no thyroid due to TT and I’m currently on ndt but I struggle with exhaustion no matter how much sleep I have, nothing fixes it. I live in the UK and trying to get any medically trained professional to listen to me, I give up.

  3. I didn’t have sore feet. Swollen a little bit. What got me was I was exhausted. Not tire exhausted. I’d fall asleep after dinner in my chair not being sleepy. And I was forgetting things more than before. Started taking Levothyroxine 6 months ago. The very next day my energy was 100% better. I read once about hormone therapy once but can’t find anything now. I don’t like medicine and having to be on it for the rest of my life is a hard pill to swallow.

  4. Have been taking Levothyroxine for 20 years for Hashimoto’s, when suddenly I started getting hot facial flashes,( I am past menopause). Also hot burning feet, plus tingling, but no pain. My Doctor says it is not a Thyroid problem.??? as my results are normal. I feel that I have now become HpER thyroidal as I feel jittery and very sensitive to hot and cold. Also eating a lot. Any ideas??
    Many thanks. Jane

    • Susan Greiner says

      I too, experience hot burning feet especially with shoes on, well, even open toe even if I’m walking! It seems to be a mystery to my Dr. I will say that when I started AIP diet for Hashimotos, the plantar fasciitis disappeared within a couple months..HUGE blessing! But, the burning feet syndrome really bothers me, they never look swollen, but they sure feel like they are!

      • I neglected my thyroid health in the last year of pandemic. Bad idea!!
        I’m batting 5/10 of the above. I began the AIP diet very seriously 2 weeks ago and am starting to feel more human. I miss some of my “bad” foods and wine, but feeling less pain is so much better!

        • Lela Thomas says

          Hello yes I have hypothyroidism. Can you tell me where I can find details on the alp diet. Burning sensation in feet too. 1st just upon waking now is any time All day. Seems to be worsening.

    • Thank heaven I found this site. I am a man so I feel like an intruder but I have the symptoms described here and more. I just never connected it with the absence of a thyroid. I have been taking thyroxine for twenty years and my GP tells me my TSH is fine. However, my feet burn in shoes and hurt, podiatry useless. This pai has now spread to the skin of my legs. It feels like mild electrocution and sunburn. It hurts. I can’t stand contact with clothes ans sheets. I am constantly tired and becoming severely depressed. Brain fog and memory problems.
      My GP is baffled and so was I. What do I do now?

    • Any remedy for burning feet and tingling ?

  5. great piece of information

  6. Laura Simons says

    I deal with foot tendonitis and plantars that’s become chronic. My doctors blame my flat feet but I ve never had this pain and even custom inserts dont help. MRI shows no issues. I had graves at 13 (then RAI treament to stop thyroid) and now take Synthroid replacement. Has anyone had a solve for on going foot tendon pain?

    • I get various tendonitis and bursitis with Graves’.

      Low thyroid function seems to make it worse, but not really got to the bottom of it.

  7. My doctor found that my thyroid was enlarged . this was at the age 15years old Then i went to my family Doctor , he said its a goiter and I should use iodine salt. Now thirty years old , after having a baby the goiter was getting bigger. So i went to a Endocrinologist and she gave me Synthroid to shrink the goiter and i have been on it since @age of 65 I think my goiter needs iodine and my doctor said I will be Synthroid for the rest of my life.. Help
    Thanks Jeanne

  8. Jeanne Clauss says

    My doctor found that my thyroid was enlarged . this was at the age 15years old Then i went to my family Doctor , he said its a goiter and I should use iodine salt. Now thirty years old , after having a baby the goiter was getting bigger. So i went to a Endocrinologist and she gave me Synthroid to shrink the goiter and i have been on it since @age of 65 I think my goiter needs iodine and my doctor said I will be Synthroid for the rest of my life.. Help
    Thanks Jeanne

  9. I’ve been dealing with hypothyroidism for fourty years.. I turned fourty in april. I have had this disease on top of hypopituitarism oh and legal blindness which has a fancy name I don’t feel like trying to remember to spell.

    Long n short of it I thankfully only have the thick sole skin and dryness, though I do sometimes get the numbness at the soles of the feet as well. I because of hypo-thy & hypo have high cholesterol, weight gain that I can never get rid of, at one time had severe swelling of feet and ankles they never could figure it out, and so many other things that our beloved writer has mentioned in her posts.

    I’ve been on the same medication for FOURTY years synthroid/levo now given they’ve changed my dose more times then I can count & I’m impatiently waiting for a new doctor who will actually be knowledgeable and understand my issues.

    Prior to moving in 2000 I was seeing both a child doctor AND a child endo still because they had been dealing with my case since I was five. I had yet to transition to a set of adult doctors.

    Once moved I have had a small string of doctors who despite being good doctors they were not knowledgeable enough in their field to deal with a one two punch like me. One primary sent me to one who recommended another doctor who turned and recommended another I feel like I’m the potato in hot potato. Hopefully this doctor – the group as a whole has vastly improved since moving all my doctors to MUSC where I live thankfully so I have high hopes but I’m not holding my breath if s/he plays next doctor to bat.

    • Hello Rebecca I too did go though the same thing all docs didn’t or couldn’t tell me wht was going on so finally I went to my gynecologist and she said I had fibromyalgia everything that I was feeling and some was finally diagnosed and now I’m taking the right meds and I’m feeling somewhat better then I was. I do hope u find out wht is going on GOD WILLING u will fine the truth we’ll be safe and god bless and I will keep u in my prayers. In wht every u do don’t give up be cuz we have to become our own doctors now days so jus keep believing u will find the answers 😊.

  10. Another important thing I had forgot to mention was getting gluten out of my diet was very helpful. I was less tired. I noticed a few other comments in this thread mention that as well. There are many gluten free options now. Include more veggies in your diet, less sugar, less refined carbs.

  11. Jacqueline says

    Hi I have suffered from under active thyroid for the past 28 years been on thyroxine
    Three years ago my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 esophadeal cancer and told there was nothing he could have done for it was offered chemobut was told it would not save him nor an operation would be offered, but did not want it so we went to see a naturopath /osteopath which helped him with his diet and health we were juicing etc after 8 months his cancer had not grow and is Adrian glands and lymph nodes were getting better all confirmed on endoscopy and told by his oncologists she could not believe it .
    But because it ran in his family and the doctors had told him from the start he would not make it that had printed on his mind his mental state took over and he stoped eating and passed away . So I cannot prove this
    But I have continued to juice myself and I haven’t taken any medication for pain or my thyroxine for the past 3 years I was on a lot of strong pain killers after a back injury some years back also suffered migraines etc . I have my blood checks but don’t need to put these harmful chemicals in my body I just use food to cure any ailments . Chris beats cancer Is good site to look at How to juice also James vale juicing give it a try you have nothing to loose it has helped me and hope it could help others .

    • What juice recipes did you use or book. I have juiced of and on for 30 yrs. I am investing in a new juicer as my Hurom just quit working. I am also so very sorry for the passing of your husband.

    • So how did you stop taking the levothyroxine? A dr messed up my dose and now my body is all messed up.. I have conflicting sources on what’s good for juicing. I now suffer from extreme anxiety and depression. I want off the medication in the worst way… so sorry about your husband.. peace to you

    • What type of jucing did you do? I have severe fatigue. Ben in medication for about 4 years. Really appreciate any help. Thank you

  12. Been suffering with feet pain for almost two months. Never linked it to my Hypothyroid/Hashimoto. How do you correct this problem? With medication, diet, or both? Any natural ways out there?

  13. Cynthia Wiltgen says

    I would like to know how one finds a physician willing to do more than a screening TSH which is still considered the gold standard in primary medicine. Is there a directory or organization of some kind that would allow you to find a functional medicine physician willing to do the variety of tests that are recommended by your blog and other sites ?

    • Ive been dealing with the same problem for 30 years.
      Coincidentally my husband went to a new dr who told him to always take vitamin k2 with hus vitamin d. I IMMEDIATELY rushed to make an appointment with this new dr as well!! Medical doctors just dont know these things, so I knew we had potentially found a keeper! I was right! I saw him once then this quarantine hit so Im communicating with him vis messages until I can get back in. He is awesome! Nothing like all the dried up windbags Ive seen over all these years.

    • I was having severe issues with wait gain. Muscles and joints so much pain. Tried everything for my skin. I just went to women’s health .i told them the issues I was having they ran several blood test.T-shirt level was.13. I was basically overdosing on my thyroid meds and had no idea. Also found out it’s causing cholesterol,sugar,and heart problems hopefully the lower dose of leveroxine will help my issues.

    • I have been taking a mixture of livothyroxine and liothyronine, so T3 and T4 meds, you have to push for it in the UK but it works.

    • Lela Thomas says

      I am in Tampa fl. I found an alternative clinic but my insurance won’t cover it.

  14. Cathryn Choate says

    I have Hashimoto Encephalitis and am treated with Armor. I have the foot issues; the heals, the neuropathy like pain, toe nails are getting bad. Have been fighting a fungus for a year now.
    My TSH has never been in a normal range. But finally got close when i was put on armor.
    HELP….any suggestions for treatment or remedies that work.

    • Barbara Smith says

      Hi Catherine,

      Sounds like you
      May have some issues with
      neuropathy. Do you have a
      Neurologist? I have it and
      Have had it for 15 years.
      It has also turned into chronic pain. I plan on getting a nerve spinal implant.
      Before you get to the
      Point I’m at I would suggest
      finding a neurologist, get
      started on some meds, ask
      for Pain meds as well. Also,
      I’ve found out that Lorazapam helps settle the
      nerves. The sooner you
      start treatment the better.
      Good Luck

      • Bella Valentine says

        Please be aware that Lorazapam is very addictive, you can easily end up needing more and more, and the withdrawal can be absolutely horrendous. Read up about it. I have a friend who accidentally became addicted and she can never get off it.

    • Robin Fincher says

      Seek a Podiatrist regarding your toes, nails, dry skin and actually dry hair. They look at your medications and diagnosis and have helped me a lot. Just be patient. It will not change overnight.. keep fingernail polish off toenails and fingernails.

    • Cathryn my pain started after I was switched from Naturethroid to Armour. My levels have greatly improved so the doctor is thinking something else is causing my pain. Since it all started after the switch I’m thinking it might be the filler in Armour. When did yours start, after starting on Armour too?

    • Vicks vapor rub on your nails for the fungus for at least six weeks. Then put socks on every night before bed.
      This kills the nail fungus.

    • What’s Armor?

  15. Sally White says

    Think I have this had thyriod issues after pneumonia thought I was okay but I’ve been shaking short of bresthe cant swallow my face is puffy and my knees are weak and I keep getting numbness in my fingers l,time to make yet another doctors appointment hope I can get in their with this coranavirus going around.

    • Ekpudu Odion says

      Good evening Sally, good evening everyone. I can’t help but make a comment about how I feel too. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2017. I was placed on carbimazole(carbiroid) tabs and propanolol. I have added so much weight and I have thick skin. Shedding weight is almost impossible and my feets are swollen. Now I feel numbness in my fingers. Pls I want to ask, can juicing get ones over active thyroid in check. If yes, pls what fruits. Hope to hear from you soon

      • Hi there. I too was put on propanolol and I am on synthroid. I am curious why the dr put you on the propanolol? And curious if you started Juicing and did or does it help? Thank you in advance!

        • Propanolol is used for irregular heart beat, angina, tremors associated with anxiety due to hyperthroid, it causes fast heart rate, and over time can cause the heart to wear out, because the heart is a muscle. Also can be used to lower blood pressure. I have everyone of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, and I have been doing my own research for several years now. My mom has hypo, my 83yr old grandma was recently diognosed w/ hyper and put on meds. My Dr refuses to put me on meds for it, even though my thyroid levels have been so low to non existing since 2013. He never even mentioned my levels. I was having issues and when I went to pick up my blood work I happened to notice. So I went back into the office to ask about it, and the nurse came back out and told me that several things can cause your levels to be off to come back in 3 mos and we will recheck this has been going on for 3yrs now. Thyroid problems can Also be heritatary. He keeps asking me why I think that I have thyroid issues??

  16. I have hoshimoto’s thyroiditis , I’ve been experiencing lots of things and most of all lack of libido. I have Plantar Fasciitis along with itching and burning, some muscle cramping and tightening along with arthritis. I’m a very athletic person still at 63. I have great muscle tone, but now I’m starting to feel things I’ve never experienced before. IT band issues. I’m an indoor volleyball player plus 4 man sand player. I love race walking but hate running. I’ve also experienced sciatica.
    Seeing a new Endocronogolist this year. He seems to be on top of this disease and I’m hoping he will help in July ( my next visit) with some of my issues. I have lost 30 lbs on weight watchers. My doctor ask me to lose as I was getting to close to being diabetic. So, I didn’t want to deal with that in my life so I joined WW. In Nov. 2017 I’m still doing good with maintaining. Any info I can read about my body’s make up will be great. Thanks

    • Bette Sue Zele says

      Good for you keep up the great work, getting our weight under control is so important. We don’t need to get diabetes too

    • Every one suffering please search Austin Goh on YouTube, search for his, Austin Goh Thyroid videos. Do that 4 minute exercise, if it benefits anyone! Keep spreading.
      Hope everyone suffering,well soon.
      Loads of wishes and prayers.
      A guy from Sweden who always Loved being active and athletic untill diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

  17. I am a wreck!! My endocrinologist says I am hyperthyroid. But I have all the classic low thyroid symptoms. My hair has fallen out, my eyebrows are gone, my fingernails are crumbly and won’t grow! My temperature is never over 97.4°! I have a huge goiter. With 3 echogenic tumors. I also have lots of nodules, ultrasound says benign. PET scan says hot and cold nodules. Cold nodules are usually cancer. I also have a tumor on my adrenal gland. I also have stage IV colon cancer. I had to fight to get a biopsy!🤬 I see an ear,throat and nose guy in 2 weeks! Hopefully I will finally get a biopsy. My TSH level is so low, it won’t even show up on the graphs from the blood tests. My endocrinologist claims that I have Graves disease, but all my symptoms are low thyroid. She gave me methamazol to lower my thyroid output. I have gained 45 pounds and all my symptoms are worse! I am a “Down Winder”! My mom and sister had thyroid cancer and had their thyroids removed. I don’t know what to do. Supposed to be high thyroid, but I am not. My hair fell out, low temperature, awful nails, dry skin, weight gain, i am so very tired. Anyone else like me?? What did you do to get better??

    • Madhu singh Rawat says


      You are not alone,i have graves disease too and i did gain around 30 pounds in around 40 days being on carbimazole,then i went hypo wish tsh as high as 46 earlier tsh was not detectable in lab reports,i used to have constant headche,with little goiter,which i couldn’t understand till i saw an endocrinologist. My symptoms are of hypo now but my problem is hyper ,i mesn graves disease.
      I feel no energy,nomotivation,myface ,hands and feet are swollenlike a pig all the time,no clothes fit me,no diet and workout helps me loose any weight.its so frustrating. My joints have started troubling me with abrupt pains and my skin and hair have lost all health,my skin has patches and bumps,i never had a single pimple in my life,i m 33 now and dealing with this.

      So frustrated.

    • Change doctors

    • Diane my prayers are with you. In all honesty I experienced almost all of your symptoms at the age of 18 which was when I learned that I had hyperthyroidism. I was able to do the iodine treatment and overnight I picked up 15-30 pounds however many of the original symptoms never went away. I’m 40 today and I still deal with the hair loss, dry skin, poor short term memory, brittle nails, cold feet… I mean the list goes on but you understand my point… some conditions are symptoms of both hyper and hypo. I took Armor but it didn’t do anything for me. I’m back to levothyroxin at an increase dosage. Seems like the older I’m getting the more off each it’s getting to say I’ve been managing it since the age of 18.
      Don’t discount your doctors prognosis. It seems accurate.

      • Hi,
        FYI-I’ve been hypothyroid for 9 yrs (im 58 yrs young now), i’ve been taking Biotin which helped with hair loss, dry hair, and some nail problems. Hope this helps.
        God Bless all of you,

        Susan P

    • i feel with you, i have a underactive thyroid,put on weight(belly and brest’s) all the time tired,dificult swollow and a goiter, when asked the gp ore nurse…same respond” everything is just fine” so, i live with this and feel not well at all.i am on eltroxin 50,

    • Where are you from ? We have lots of thyroid cancer in South Carolina. I’m curious if your mom and sister lived together or close by during the thyroid cancer and removal ?

    • Tsh levels running low are an over active thyroid to where when they are running high its under active. Its confusing I know. The swollen goiter is definately graves disease. I have known a few people with graves. Praying for you and that your doctors will come up with a treatment plan that will get you to feeling better really soon. Sometimes the meds can take several months to totally take effect and start making a difference! My heart goes out to you! I know all about the eyebrows falling out, I dont have any myself. My hair has totally changed texture and has thinned out big time!

      • Bella Valentine says

        My TSH is below range, but my ft4 is also low which suggests central hypothyroidism, very rare, but my brother has it. Waiting to see a pituitary specialist.
        This is missed if doctors only look at the TSH, which can be normal with this, or even high.

    • Omg I’m going bald my eyebrows are thinning my nails are a mess I have itching on my head and back all the time I’ve gained weight I have no energy I am gett hot flashes throughout the day wich could be associated with my surgical hysterectomy from cervical cancer I am freaking out here I am on levothyroxine 200mcg I’ve got swelling in my legs and feet it sucks so u are not alone girl I feel your pain I do

    • That used to happened to me years ago,I blend ginger and drink it with tumeric….my thyroid gone and if I stay away from ginger and turmeric it comes back

  18. Why can’t I find anything on CHRONIC DEBILITATING HEEL PAIN AND THUROID ISSUES? I HAVE HAD UNrELIVEED HEEL PAIN FOR 14 YEARS NOTHINF HAS HELPED SEVERAL DRS UNTIL I BEGAN TAKING LIOTHYRONINE and it’s gone now I am in shock and why can’t I find anything about this? I lost my career due to my heel pain. It snot just in the morning it’s all day long after standing 1 hours or less.

    • Bartonella can cause heal pain. It’s cat scratch disease can get from cats or bug bite (tick, lice, spider…)

    • You could try increasing your intake of zinc and magnesium. I started taking calcium supplements with zinc and magnesium about 1 year now and pain in my heels stopped.

    • Bella Valentine says

      I thought my heel pain (plantar fasciitis) was due to my connective tissue disorder (similar to Classical EDS, and under pronation) but I’ve also low thyroid so maybe it’s that. It comes and goes now I use orthotics in all shoes.
      Best of luck

    • Wendi Griffith says

      I have had debilitating heel pain for years which is worsening through time. No dr can seem to diagnose, and dismiss it as simply being on my feet too long.

  19. Patricia Pierce says

    Thank you so much for your post. I myself suffer not only from hypothyroidism but I now am diabetic. I had issues with my feet for many years before I was diagnosed. My biggest reason was that I was not able to have medical insurance until we moved to Arkansas. Since then I see my Drs get regular check ups. I tried synthroid for 2 years but it just made me feel worse. So I wiened myself off. I wish I could give more details to help other’s. But I have a back injury and just in allot of pain today 😭. At another time I will come back and add some other thyroid symptoms I have that may help someone else.. 🤗. Until then do not loose hope whatever you do.. there’s so much free information out there. It does take time just have to be persistent.. 🙏🙏 prayers for all of us who suffer from this disease.

  20. Sharon Caminiti says

    My daughter is sick with thyroid disease. It even effected her Pituitary gland and she is only 31. She went from size 3 to size 16 and she has hot flashes and is in premenopause. The doctor put her on medicine for the thyroid but she has only lost 5 lbs and she looks tired and unhappy. The problem here is why so many women with this and why isn’t she getting better. I worry for her cus she has three children and I work and can’t help her enough. I know what will help her . A Naturalpath doctor but they are very expensive and the vitamins are also. Does anyone have any idea what she can do? I told her to go on a gluten free diet and she struggles with that because of the little time she has working full time. I know that would help her if she could cook for herself but like most women in the work force have little time after getting home. I would appreciate any help. Thank you, Sharon

    • Check out Medical Medium !! He has your answers. I am totally on the mend thanks to discovering Epstein Barr virus is at the cause of all Hashimotos disease and nearly all thyroid disorders too.

    • I also have Hypothyroidism, I am 36. Depression will take over but lots of prayer (God First) and check out Forefronthealth.com so much has to change in your diet to start feeling better. Gluten free, lots of water, and carrots .

    • Yes have her find a doctor that is certified in Biote hormone replacement therapy and get her on the right thyroid medicine along with a weight loss supplement . It may take about 6-9 months to get her to feel like herself . Also she also has to do her part and eat a healthy diet and exercise.

    • Look into a condition which is more and more prevalent
      today called estrogen dominance.
      There are both genetic and environmental cofactors that contribute to this condition. In early stages it causes rough periods and attacks the thyroid. Later stages lead to breast cancer and more.
      One fairly common genetic mutation is called MTHFR which causes and impairment of the body’s ability to process toxins and certain vitamins properly. It can also affect cholesterol levels and heart health.
      A product called DIM can help flush excess estrogens which are behind many many imbalances.
      Avoid beverages packaged in plastic which contain a false estrogen /phytoestrogen (which mimic estrogen). Also avoid hormone treated meats, soy- particularly GMO soy, and even things like nail polish and cruciferous vegetables including broccoli.
      Get to a doctor or NP who specializes in nutritional and genetic health who can read a 23/me type test.
      This will really help!

    • patty alexander,sr says

      Sharon, maybe have her try one drop of Lugols iodine in a cup of water every day. If she has no issues, add an additional drop of iodine each day. I wouldn’t go by the amounts on the bottles because to me they are too high. I have to be very carefull with iodine but my body stillneds it.

  21. Jane Narducci says

    I have most of the symptoms of thyroid problems. my mother had a goiter. I never knew her with hair. I have gained weight, am losing hair, am tired all the time, do not sleep with out meds. I am depressed and have anxiety. I feel terrible all the time. I don’t want to do anything but lay around, but they say I’m normal, I need help on someplace that will test more then what most MDS test for.

    • Sounds like to me that you need to have a Full Panel of Thyroid tests run SOON! I also have Thyroid problems. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroid (its an autoimmune disease)

    • I have graves disease , I had radiation iodine treatment, (just took a tablet for that), was gaining weight like no tomorrow was put on THYROXINE tablets. Back down again in weight.,swear by them.,and have alot more energy now.

  22. Mrs Rohanie mallika shaideen says

    I am suffering from hypothyroidism. I have dry, flaky, with calluses. Also not just the feet, including the legs, scalp and even the general is. It may that the very dry skin is the cause of the richness. Could u please help me to get rid of this terrible itching. Or please get me some medicine for my immune system.

  23. I’m having trouble finding levels of thyroid. I can find what they consider “within normal range”, but mine is at 12. I know that’s high, but is is terribly high? What are some levels? How high can it get? I know I’m exhausted all the time and am very achey so it can’t be good, but would like more information.

    • Hi Mary, 12 is high. My numbers are usually between .5 & 3. Any higher and i gain weight. I’m on 90mg of NP Thyroid. Levothyroxyn did nothing for me.

    • I have had Hashimoto’s for 15 years, since the birth of my last child. I have been on meds everyday since. I have jeans size 3 all the way to size 12. It seems as though my levels fluctuate often. When my Hashimoto’s was first discovered my TSH was at -58 (negative 58) I was drop dead tired all the time, I assumed it was from having a newborn and a 4 year old. My feet would be so cold I would wear two, three pairs of socks. Yet a hour later I would be pouring sweat from my head like I took a showe and the temperature around me hadn’t changed. Living with a auto immune disease is a nightmare since you don’t know how your going to feel day to day but one thing you know is that you won’t feel well.

    • Normal thyroid levels are:
      .358 – .374

  24. How does one change diet to treat it, or prevent.

  25. Hello, and thank you for helping in any way you can! I have been told I have PCOS(Polycystic ovarian syndrome) and my weight gain has been awful. I honestly think there is something wrong with my thyroid and it is co-acting in partial responsibility of my weight gain. I feel like a lost cause as I go through phases of working out and eating healthy to not doing anything as I feel exhausted, frustrated and like I failed because I must be the only one in the world who gains weight while everyone who surrounds me are dropping lbs like flies. Any natural remedies or solutions that my differ from the western meds and their lack of success and care that I’ve experienced?

  26. I agree 100 percent. I have been on the same dose thyroid for the majority of my adult life with it never being adjusted. My “normal” range is higher now but not out of the “range”. I am constantly exhausted, cry skin, brittle toe nail which are lifting off the beds of both big toes, I have had Fibromyalgia for the majority of my adult life too. Have had planters faciaitis which is excruciating in itself but added to the large bones spurs in both rear are of my feet. I have asked for a full range TSH panel knowing full well I am not “okay”. My only option is now to try eastern medicine to see if I can get some relief.

    • Not your only option. Stop the thyroid Madness is the book, theres a Facebook page and website, too. I had what I thought was plantar fasciitis, disappeared with the right treatment. You need a full thyroid panel: Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3, TPO and TgAb. You may have to purchase this panel, but at $100 it’s so affordable and will give you a wealth of knowledge. TSH “in range” is meaningless.

  27. SO many doctors look at the labs, see they’re in “normal” range, and say you’re fine. YOU KNOW WHEN YOU’RE NOT. Ask around to find a new doctor who understands that the “normal” range isn’t correct, and that there is a lot more you can do besides taking thyroid medication. You may have better luck with a functional doctor or naturopath.

    Get on Armour Thyroid, not the other kinds that have only partially what your thyroid needs.

    Also start intermittent fasting– it works wonders for inflammation (swelling), joint pain, brain fog, etc.

    • What is Armour thyroid

    • I was diagnosed at 16 with hypo thyroid. I feel like I’ve been tired my entire life until I started Armour 3 years ago. It was great until April 2019 – I passed out, racing heart (up to 179 BPM) pounding chest, headache, tired and weak and terrible brain fog. I thought it was the Armour but my Doctor didn’t want to take me off at first. All my heart tests came back fine. I quit taking Armour on my own for 15 days, until my symptoms grew worse. My TSH was 8.6. Dr. put me on Levothyroxine. In 3 days the pounding in my chest quit, my heart rate went down to normal. I’m still very tired but hope the Levothyroxine works this time. Anyone else experience this?

      • Lori Ramirez says

        Any Dr recommendations in the League City, Texas area? I need to go to someone besides my GP. .175mg for 23 years .

      • Yes, Armour did not work well for me at all. Tried NP as well, but have gone back to synthetic synthroid- for whatever reason this seems to work best for me. Recently, have adhered to the Mind Diet with great results. This eating plan is not overly restrictive and easy to follow, but getting rid of 99% of processed foods and sugar has been everything to improving how I feel.

      • Yes! I was on Armour for over 15 years….I was battling with High BP and palpitations, anxiety…my Dr switched me to Levo said the Armour could be causing the palpitations.
        I have been on the Levo now for over a month, palpitations have stopped and anxiety is almost gone. I think we all need to be more aware of our bodies and be persistent to get our thyroids working right or at least our bodies feeling good again…

  28. I don’t have my thyroid they had to removed because I had nodules and cancer they removed completely and since that I’m always tired and I very dry skin and I lost a lot of hair too my hair it’s very thin doesn’t grow faster and I have to synthroid for all my life

    • Ruth it is terrible the suffering u r having to go though. U do not have to. Find a doctor that does only natural hormone therapy which is called bio- identical hormone therapy. What you are taking is synthetic and is not compatible 4 our body but bio identical is exactly what our body produces and its natural you have to have it compounded at a pharmacy. Synthetic hormones will cause cancer but BIHRT will not. And they will also test and get you leveled out with your other hormones. I don’t know what I would do without my natural hormone doctor and also if you can find a nature path and they could help you with what your body is lacking that you need supplemental wise. Do not bother asking your regular doctor about the natural hormones because they are not educated on it you have to go to a doctor who specializes in it and trust me it will change your life. Trista😉

    • You need to be on synthroid. A supplement. I had a total thyroidectomy at Lahey Clinic they told me that I had Papillary thyroid cancer and I had it for along long time.I was 24 years old I had just given birth. My son was8 months old. It traveled into all my lymph nodes the doctor said it was really bad.

  29. Cécile Beaudry says

    I’m very sorry for me because all the litterature is in english and I’m french canadian . I can understand but it’s harder to write in english language.

    All the stories you explained it.s all my deaseses. Thank you to help me

  30. If any of you sre near Cleveland Tn – Go see Bess Howard! She is helping me figure out ALL of my issues after years of being told I’m ‘fine’. If they are treating your thyroid issue incorrectly it will get worse.

  31. Marisa Schweikert says

    I am on 175 mg of Levothyroxin or however u spell it. I don’t really feel much better. I stil have swollen feet ankles, still tired , eyes got very puffed out like stretched my eyelids. Do any of these things get better?

  32. Donna Lugar says

    If you have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and are being treated, shouldn’t symptoms go away? I was diagnosed 18 years ago and am being treated. Many of the above symptoms, and a whole lot more. Have seen an Endocrinologist without many, if any changes. As an FYI, I was also diagnosed with Tick-Borne diseases 8 years ago but was probably dealing with symptoms many years before that. Have read that Thyroid issues are common when Lyme and Tick-Borne diseases get to Late stage prior to diagnosis and treatment. All I know is that I still have a lot of symptoms, of something.

    • I have similar issues with clinical symptoms despite being on synthroid for 14 years. My doctor dismisses my concerns and states my bloodwork is in the normal range. I was referred to endocrinologist who said I should take calcium, magnesium, and vitamin C for the symptoms but did not increase my synthroid or try thyroxine. It’s very frustrating.

      • Get magnesium spray- make sure the magnesium is coming from the elemental core of the earth (available on amazon). Spray on your feet otherwise it will sting. Pill supplements can give you diarrhea and so much medical research has been done on recently on magnesium! And make sure you’re getting in enough exercise! Even if it’s just 30 minutes of walking!

    • Stephanie says

      Hi May-

      I had similar issues with dry skin and loss of my hair (hasimoto’s) but I have changed my medication from
      Levothyroxine/Synthroid to Armour! I also, got rid of
      my vertigo; I’m starting to feel so much better!
      Good luck

  33. Susie Murphy says

    What does one do for burning feet pain? Been on 100 mcg of synthroid for several years. But I still have the burning foot pain.

    • Debbe' Baker says

      Try Frankincense and Myrrh Neuropathy oil. You can order it through Walmart online. I use it for mine and it helps. “Massage it in deeply.”Also, try soaking your feet in Apple Cider vinegar once a week and always rinse with the coolest water you can tolerate. I hope this helps. I’m keeping all of you in my prayers.

  34. hyperthyroidism. Mitchell says

    When my lab test returned. It showed some parts extremely low & others extremely high. My doctor doesn’t know what to do.i am hyperthyridism.

    • Teresa Uzzell says

      Physician needs to check for a nodule. That’s what made mine crazy like that
      I went from Hyper to Hypo and sometimes back and forth

  35. Modern Thyroid Clinic in Austin, TX
    McCall McPherson will listen to you

  36. Linda F McDowell says

    I had normal labs…Turned out after complaining to Dr. about tightness in my throat, he suggested I see a surgeon for a biopsy. Had cancer, removal of entire thyroid, treated with medication. Having difficulty and side effects from meds. It’s been a roller coaster ride since 2011. God Bless whomever has or is on this journey!!

  37. I had the same problem with 2 doctors in separate states. Finally moved to NJ where doctor gave me the old fashioned basal metabolism test that showed all my symptoms to be from extreme thyroid deficiency. Started Thyroxin & became a new person in a few weeks. Doctor MacNeal said the new blood tests weren’t as accurate as the BMT. Wish today’s doctors cared enough to re-establish this method. Also, the synthetics don’t work as well. 46 years of experience with this disease, now called Hashimoto’s disease…I could write a book!

    • I’m 70 yrs. old & have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s! Getting lots of weird body symptoms, extremely cold hands & feet & just cold all the time. Have issues with bouts of Vertigo & left with imbalance problems & swaying! I’m on Synthroid & my numbers have gone up but don’t feel any different. Dr.’s have no answers for me. Struggling everyday to feel normal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  38. Just found out I had thyroid issues, TSH 7.350, T3 uptake 25, Free Thyroxine Index 1.5. Doctor told me not bad enough to take meds. I feel tired, bloated, swollen feet, moody, irritable and can’t seem to lose weight. I started reading more about hypothyroidism and began taking natural supplements, hopefully, will see improvement. Also, seeing an endocrinologist in May.. Feel so discouraged.

    • My labs were in the normal range. Ut my dr put me on a low dose (50mcg) levothyroxine with good results. Ask him/her if you can take a small dose to see if you feel better. Thyroid ranges are not concrete; a range that is good for you might not be for me. Good luck.

      • Angalena honeycutt says

        I am on 100mcg levothyroxine and not much has changed.. Feet are still extremely swollen.

    • Hi Gerri,
      What kind of natural supplements are you taking?

  39. Anna Hancock says

    My daughter has excessive sweat glands, I took her in to see the doctor about hacking her thyroid because I have it, it came back normal. What can I do or see someone that’s going to listen.

    • Excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis, most cases occur in people who are otherwise healthy. Your doctor went to medical school for 4 years and specialized in endocrinology so then proceeded to go to school for another 3 years to specialize in the specific field of medicine and is trained in the art of medical diagnosis and treatment. Ask your primary care or endocrinologist- well if it’s not due to an underlying illness is there another possible cause. If not, fantastic! She’s one of majority who are healthy who are just sweaty :). Many treatment options exist now covered by insurance including Botox and Mira-Dry.

    • Barbara Worm says

      Did her Dr do a Thyroid panel? It can also be Hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is most often caused by the autoimmune disorder called Hashimotos. In this the Antibodies attack and destroy thyroid cells. The stored supply of thyroid hormone is then released into the blood stream. These bursts or leaks of thyroid hormone in Hypo are then responsible for symptoms of hyper Symptoms off and on. So both hyper and hypo patients can have excessive sweating. It could be hyperhydrosis like the other replyed by I would ask her Dr to do a blood test of a thyroid panel to make sure it isn’t her thyroid. Depending on which it is she may not need her thyroid removed. Like I said you can experience this in both diseases hypo and hyper.

  40. Konnie Taylor says

    I have multiple symptoms of hypothyroidism, ive tried for years to get my doctor to listen. My thyroid test always come back low normal…. Who do i need to see to get help?
    Konnie Taylor
    [email protected]

  41. I have many issues with pain in my joints. I had my thyroid removed in 2016. It seems like I am a walking problem waiting to erupt at any moment.
    But, the CBS oil really does help with my pain issues. I do have issues with my feet since the removal of my thyroid. Matter of fact I have a Podiatrist appointment next week for toenail removal due to fungus. Which has resulted in ingrown toenails.

  42. My fingernail cuticles are awful…dry and peeling. I suffer from hypothyroidism and am on medication.
    Any suggestions on what to do for them?

  43. Wow! I was at a loss as to why all of a sudden (in the past year) my feet hurt and became calloused. I’ve been on Synthroid for around 20 years. Had a complete Thyroidectomy about 8 years ago. Recent labs showed that my levels were off and my Synthroid was increased. Vitamin D is still too low. Now waiting for my body to adjust to it.
    Thanks for the info!

  44. I too have issues with my thyroid. My feet were terrbly swollen and I would get to achy and super stiff, if I sat too long- They increased my medication and it helped a little, but still no relief. My feet would ache. About 4 months ago I tried the autoimmune diet for 30 days. I pulled everything out of my diet that caused inflammation And then slowly added each item back in. The culprit for me was Dairy. I have since pulled dairy out of my diet and feel so much better. My feet are pretty much back to normal and I hardly feel stiff. Just thought I would share.

    • Denine Varrenti says

      Hi Deb,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and have uncomfortable foot pain especially after sitting for extended period, and swollen fingers. Do you mind sharing the process you followed with the diet?what did you eat for 30 days?? I would love to try it and any advice would be appreciated.


    • Would you please share the autoimmune diet you did for 30 days? I would love to try it as well.

      Thank you,

  45. My 26 year old daughter just tested positive for Hashimoto’s. She has been having symptoms of fatigue, swollen feet and fingers and itchy rash, weight gain. The rash is always on hands feet and forearms. Endocrinologist now wants to send her to a rheumatologist. She has been on Levothyroxine for a year from previous doctor who diagnosed hypothyroid but not Hashimoto’s. New doctor increased her dosage. Is it normal to see rheumatologist after the Hashimoto’s diagnosis? Are these the symptoms most people have or is it something else? Worried sick mother!

    • Have your Dr or her on cytomel (liothyronine). It will make a world of difference! I suffered the effects of Hoshimotos for more than 15 years before I found a Dr that gave me more relief than any other I have ever seen. She put me on the cytomel in addition to the Synthroid (levothyroxine). This Dr treats the symptoms not the numbers, which I can not express enough to find a Dr that does this. If you’re anywhere close to north Texas, go to Denton to see Carolyn Garner. I promise it will be worth your time and you won’t regret it.

      • Hi Laura, have been given the option to add t3 to my synthroid (8 years on this). Scared of going hyper and it’s side effects. However right now my free t3 is just under normal while tsh and free t4 are optimal. Have hypo symptoms still but also some hyper now. You seem really positive about adding t3. No issues??

  46. Hashimoto’s is my diagnosis & I have swelling especially in my left leg. I could never figure out why I have this problem never once thought it was due to my hypothyroidism. Once we drove from Fl to Wi in one jump & I swelled up like the Goodyear Man. It took days to get back to normal size. Again never thought the reason was hypothyroidism. This disease is a real bear to live with.

  47. What if you experience widespread edema and your thyroid is supposedly under control? What
    do you do then? Everything else has been ruled out

  48. Do you have any recommendations for a product that works for the dry ski and calluses? I feel like I have tried everything. Bottoms of my feet hurt from the calluses.

    • Hi Carolyn, This is Dana Trentini from Hypothyroid Mom. I used to pay for a pedicure every few weeks to keep my dry, cracked, callused feet under control. Optimal thyroid treatment has absolutely helped, but the calluses didn’t completely go away, much better but not completely gone. I found it getting too costly to go regularly for pedicures so I bought the same items used in the salons to do them at home online at low prices and they work like a charm: this pedicure rasp (I even do them dry with this rasp for a quick clean): https://amzn.to/2P2b5Or When I do a more thorough clean I soak my feet and then apply this callus remover and wait 10 or so minutes (I put bags on my feet and tie them at the ankles if I want to walk around while the lotion is on): https://amzn.to/2DSez52 and then at the end of my pedicure I apply O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Foot Cream: https://amzn.to/2RcKcJy

      • Look on the internet for a product called Glysolid..it works great. Scrub your feet as best you can and work this into the dry areas. You can out socks on at night to help. It may take a little while but it does work.

  49. For years and years had pain getting up in the heels and after getting up after sitting .. suffered for months then the pain subsided.. it came back for a time and went again.. I had problems with the skin on my feet for years and also burning itching / pins and needles on my thigh mainly .. it drove me potty.. then I had the fatigue and a breakdown.. I was diagnosed among other things of hypothyroidism.. on tablets a year on the symptoms are almost gone .. the fatigue is still a battle but it’s so much better than at my worst.. a work in progress.. I concur with this theory wholeheartedly

  50. Afew years ago now,i woke up and couldent walk. My heels were so sore. I got out of bed and no kidding ittook me 5/10 mins to walk but still in pain.This was every time i every morning, sat down, stopped walking. I went tothe Doc’s and even without looking at the problem said “ its your Hypothroid” How the hell can it be me Hpo.its me ankles.” Went to the Docs 6 times over4 months, he told me the same thing……..Woke up one morning and the pain had gone. Still have this now and again but not has bad as the first time.5/3/57

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