Thyroid Advocacy

There are up to 300 million thyroid sufferer worldwide, majority hypothyroid, yet over half remain UNDIAGNOSED. Hypothyroid Mom is a thyroid advocacy blog dedicated to building thyroid awareness.

CHRONIC: Thriving While Living with a Chronic Illness

CHRONIC: Thriving While Living with a Chronic Illness

When I launched Hypothyroid Mom in October 2012, my dream was to reach 250 followers. Little did I know that 4 years later, this blog would have over ONE MILLION followers, yes I said one million. I will never forget the people who first followed my Hypothyroid Mom Facebook Page when I only had 40 or so followers. Whenever I see their profile pictures pop up when they comment on a post on my page, I smile. All these years later and they are still here. How blessed I feel. Karen is one of those early followers and I’m so proud to have her writing here today. [Read more…]

Manifesto for the Hypothyroid Mom

Manifesto for the Hypothyroid Mom

This guest article left me thinking, thinking so deeply. I know you will be left thinking too….

None of this is your fault.
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The Thyroid Secret – Exclusive Free Online Screening

The Thyroid Secret - Exclusive Free Online Screening

I’m always on the lookout for free thyroid resources that I know in my gut will change the lives of my Hypothyroid Mom readers. I’ve found one so incredible that I have goose bumps rising on my arms as I type this. [Read more…]

Hypothyroidism. An Open Letter to My Family

Hypothyroidism. An Open Letter To My Family.

When a Hypothyroid Mom reader contacted me with this letter that she wrote to her family (and she asked me to share but keep it anonymous), I thought wow she hit the nail on the head. She expressed the frustration we feel living with an invisible illness so perfectly. We may look “normal” on the outside but struggle in ways no one understands, not even our loved ones.
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Hypothyroid Mom’s 4th Anniversary $1000 Cash Giveaway…Yes REALLY

Hypothyroid Mom 4th Anniversary Giveaways

It’s HERE!



Let’s CELEBRATE with



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