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1.6 billion people worldwide are thought to be at risk of thyroid dysfunction with the World Health Organization estimating 750 million people are living with a thyroid condition right now. Up to 60 percent of those living with a thyroid disorder are currently undiagnosed.

Married to Hashimoto’s: Where’s the Woman I Married?

Married to Hashimoto's: Where's the Woman I Married?

Has Hashimoto’s affected your marriage?

Sadly I have a feeling this is the case for more people with thyroid disease than anyone can imagine.

It gives me hope when I hear from husbands and wives that have made it through the rough times.

Are you married to Hashimoto’s?

Love your spouse with every fiber of your being, because she needs you now more than ever, and never lose sight of the most important thing in love … hope.
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When the Hashimoto’s ‘Hard Life’ Turns into the Healing ‘Good Life’

When the Hashimoto's 'Hard Life' Turns into the Healing 'Good Life'

Stacey Robbins turned her struggles with Hashimoto’s disease into a journey of healing.
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Thyroid Patients: 7 Keys to Successfully Restoring and Revitalizing Your Health

Thyroid Patients: 7 Keys to Successfully Restoring & Revitalizing Your Health

The day I stumbled upon New York Times bestselling author Mary Shomon’s book Living Well with Hypothyroidism: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You…That You Need to Know changed my life.
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From “Happy Thanksgiving” to “Happy New Year” for Your Thyroid

From "Happy Thanksgiving" to "Happy New Year" for Your Thyroid

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My Journey with Thyroid Doctors

My Journey with Thyroid Doctors

Photo by Stephannie Camosse Photography

People of all ages can develop thyroid disease. A woman in her early twenties shares her struggle to find a good thyroid doctor.
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How thyroid disease has completely changed my life

How thyroid disease has changed my life

Despite obvious family history of thyroid disease (her mother, aunts, cousins and grandmother are all sufferers of thyroid disease) and many common symptoms of hypothyroidism, Jane Rochester struggled and suffered needlessly for decades. Her tale of ill health and unfortunate genetics is sadly not unique and in fact shared by hundreds of millions of people around  the world. I have no doubt the majority of my Hypothyroid Mom readers will be nodding their heads as they read Jane’s story and feel like she is telling their own story too.
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