12 things only people with hypothyroidism will understand

You really don’t understand people who rise and shine and jump out of bed every morning.

People around you just exercise and eat right and the fat falls off while you’re there gaining 5 pounds just looking at a cookie.

You know that “just take one thyroid pill a day” is not so simple.

You know the store hours of every pharmacy within a five minute drive of your house.


You will have bad days and oh so very bad days.

You are no longer shocked by the wads of hair that fall off your head and clog up your shower drain.

You wish you could just get some darn sleep.

“Did I take my thyroid medication today?” is the theme song of your life.

You have brain fog so bad.

“I’m fine.” “I’m fine.” “I’m fine.”

You’ve earned a black belt in handling rude remarks from people that just don’t get it.

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You are terrified of a zombie apocalypse because what will you do when your thyroid meds run out?!


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  1. I loved this post. It feels great to know that there are other people out there who experience the same things 🙂
    These have been especially true for me during the pandemic- I’ve been feeling especially lethargic.
    As someone with hypothyroidism and PCOD, I know I am likely to feel that way (especially if I stay cooped inside the house all day -at least I think so- but with the way things are where I’m from, going out is not safe.)
    I know there are things I can do at home, but taking that first step seems like such a challenge.
    I don’t know if this is because of my hypothyroidism or because I’m just lazy in general.
    But then I also wonder if that really matters?
    Like regardless, I should be doing something to help myself in this situation, but on some days I feel too lazy to even get up and take my medicines.
    I don’t know what to do, but its been eating at me.
    I know I should just take that first step and push through it but the mental block seems too great to overcome.

    • Oh me too. I have been feeling especially lethargic during this pandemic. I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything.

  2. Lol the first thing I always tell people is that I would said the pharmacies for thyroid meds if an APOCALYPSE happens. I’m currently on family medical leave because of my thyroid condition. every woman I meet has hypothyroidism and every man I talk to has a wife with hypothyroidism and knows the debilitating struggles. we deserve better treatment. many years of my youth have been wasted. I’m now 40 and not getting any younger.

    • I never forget to take my thyroid tablet. My level 15 years ago was 257. I was so sick. I weighed 49 kilos and I’m 172 cms. I looked and felt like shit. In the past i have forgotten or couldn’t be bothered. I paid the price for that. So my thyroid will never be good but i manage it. Also i take a Ferro Grad C iron tablet every day. Jeanne

  3. These are sooo true!!! Got a good laugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. So, when I try to sign up to ‘never miss a post’, this is what I get: https://hypothyroidmom.us8.list-manage.com/subscribe/post?u=e00c5c1387cb548bee800653a&id=e8a6f480b3

    • Hi Judy, Thank you for your interest in the Hypothyroid Mom e-newsletter. I stopped my old newsletter with plans to begin a new one that I feel will be more helpful to my subscribers. Stay tuned.

  5. The zombie apocalypse thing is so true!

    • Joanne park says

      I love that one too I look like that every day especially now that I’ve have been left with stroke like body left side is dead and when I’m capable of walking around I most likely will join the group

  6. Amely Wurmbrand says

    Hi Dana, Have you ever done any pieces on the carnivore diet and those of us who are healing hypothyroidism by following it? I’m 5 mo in and have gotten my TSH from 6.0 down to 3.63 after just 5 months on it. Many people have totally reversed it. I think it deserves a bit of digging and a write up here. I’ve been medication free all year in my attempt to turn this around via diet. Feel free to reach out or google it. It’s a real thing. Thanks,

  7. I needed a good laugh today and a reality check! Thanks for providing both.After 18 months of a roller coaster on thyroid meds, I finally feel a bit better. My endocrinologist is willing to test and work with me but I had to “divorce” 2 before her! I think a complete thyroid removal and partial parathyroids surgery, leads to difficulty getting correct levels and correct meds that make us feel like ourselves. Long journey but didn’t lose faith and do your research!

    • Debbie Coomer says

      I had a subtotal thyroidectomy and lost 1 para. My body went crazy!

      Levels of calcium and thyroid meds finally perfection. Now, sleep apnea being addressed.

      Why does my body hate me so?

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