Hypothyroidism Broke My Brain

Hypothyroidism broke my brain

My brain suddenly broke.

And I knew it.

I woke up one day shortly after my first son was born in 2006.

And I was no longer me.

I was this broken, dysfunctional version of myself.

That I didn’t recognize.

I couldn’t remember the simplest of things.

I lived in a thick, foggy haze.

I didn’t feel good about myself.

I felt anxious all the time.

I was unable to concentrate and felt fidgety.

I felt so moody.

I descended into a spiral of darkness.

And I was embarrassed.

I was told by my ob/gyn at my first postnatal visit that I had postpartum depression.

No lab tests.


Just a quick diagnosis just like that.

And a prescription slip for antidepressants.

“It’s normal for brain function to decline with age,” my doctor said.

“Oh and here’s a prescription for anti-anxiety and sleeping pills too.”

Somehow I knew deep inside

That something more all-consuming was happening to me.

The indescribable fatigue that had swallowed me up whole.

The weight on the scale that kept rising.

The hair that fell and clogged my shower drain.

The cholesterol and blood sugar levels that were all of a sudden too high.

The non-stop infections that plagued me.

No one understood.


Maybe that’s what people thought I had become.

I looked “normal”.

But I felt like I was dying.

I knew there was something serious going on.

That my doctors were missing.

But what?

Then I miscarried my baby.

And I was wracked by grief.

Finally I landed in the emergency room.

I had two kidney stones.

Who knew that I would later rejoice about kidney stones that hurt like hell.

But they saved my brain.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism right there in the emergency room.

I finally had a name for what was plaguing me.

I researched everything I could about hypothyroidism.

I spent all hours of the day and night.

I found the best doctors.

And I got well.

So well that I kissed my new thyroid doctor.

I kissed her on the cheek and hugged her so tight.

That’s what I did for the joy I felt.

I discovered that most doctors have no clue how to diagnose and treat hypothyroidism.

And that pisses me off.

With hundreds of millions of us in the world, the medical world needs to get their act together.

The TSH lab test is often the only lab test run for hypothyroidism.

And it fails miserably.

Comprehensive lab testing should includes Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, and thyroid antibodies.

Hashimoto’s disease is the number one cause of hypothyroidism yet thyroid antibodies are rarely tested.

And that’s freakin’ crazy.

Every mainstream doctor that I visited insisted that T4-only levothyroxine drugs like Synthroid were the solution.

Even when they failed to work for me and doctors kept insisting.

It took firing multiple doctors to find one open

to the other options including T3 and natural desiccated thyroid.

Why do doctors make finding treatment that works for us so darn difficult?

Step by step I discovered that there are multiple pieces of the thyroid puzzle.

And they can all independently affect the brain too.

Like nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity.

Adrenal fatigue, sex hormone imbalance, and more.

I got so well that I went on to have my second son.

I got so well that my brain started working again.

It worked like my old brain, only better.

I must share what I’ve discovered with other people.

I read an article about blogging and that word “blog” stayed on my mind.

Could a blog really make a difference?

I took a leap of faith and launched Hypothyroid Mom in October 2012.

With my brain working at lightning speed again.

Guess what?

A blog can make a difference.

Over one million people follow Hypothyroid Mom.

I can hardly believe it.

That’s possible now because my brain is no longer broken.

I am helping hypothyroidism sufferers across the globe regain their health.

My brain can’t stop me now.

I didn’t have depression after all.

I didn’t have anxiety disorder.

I didn’t have brain fog and memory loss due to aging.

I had hypothyroidism.

And it broke my brain.


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About Dana Trentini

Dana Trentini founded Hypothyroid Mom October 2012 in memory of the unborn baby she lost to hypothyroidism. This is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for consulting your physician regarding medical advice pertaining to your health. Hypothyroid Mom includes affiliate links including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.


  1. So where is this list of Doctors that are open to help? My wife has struggled with this for years. It is heart breaking to see, and not be able to help. Louisville area, but willing to travel if it will help. She has been through the gauntlet of meds, and they keep telling her, levels are fine…

    • Hi John, I’m sorry to hear your wife is struggling. Here is a description of the Hypothyroid Mom Centers. I brought together a network of great doctors in the hopes of providing a service to people still struggling to find good thyroid doctors. There is also the option to join as an Exception if the locations listed are too far that is delivered fully virtually. https://bit.ly/HMCenters

  2. Carol Mills says

    WOW. I was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism at age 77. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and then Parkinson’s. My husband died in December our garage with thousands of dollars of tools. So when my back would put off my feet for hours a day I just thought that I was depressed and nervous until I started to drop off asleep. I would sit in my chair to eat a bowl of cereal and drop it. A nurse told me to get my thyroid tested. It was so low. I’m on the common meds to see it helps. I feel better in just a week.
    Thank you so much for your article. Now I have hope.

  3. While reading your article, I felt like I was reading about my own life. I’ve been having health issues consistently for 2 years. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 14 yrs old and then at age 26 diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I’ve manage to live a pretty normal life but two years ago things started changing again. My blood sugar levels started bottoming out for no reason. I hadn’t changed my diet or anything. Developed anxiety and heart would race at times. So I was put on a diabetic dietician by an endocrinologist and age checked my thyroid levels and they seemed to be in normal range. I’ve had thyroid levels checked like 6 times. They levels are always normal but at the beginning of this journey my thyroid levels were high in the emergency room but that was brushed off as a lab mistake and so when redrawn about a week later they were normal. I’ve lost like 80 pounds and I’ve felt better at times but I’ve been really tired lately. My skin stays super dry and I’ve got sensitive to wheat and dairy and I’ve developed seasonal allergies really bad. My anxiety gets really bad but no one seems to think there’s a real issue. My hair have gotten really thin as well. I just would like answers to this situation that began two years ago. Loved your article. Any suggestions are welcomed.

  4. Natalie Rule says

    I was born with my thyroid disfunctioning, so I’ve never known normal. Eptopic. I have brain fog, anxiety, some days I’m hyperactive and bouncing, other days I crash and need an hour snooze to re-charge, I’m an active person but I pay for it. Some days it keeps me going all day, others I need to sleep all day after a workout. I’ve ALWAYS been anxious, when someone labelled my feelings and called it anxiety it was a relief, I could work with that. I don’t know anyone except my sister that has what I have. Going to doctors for me is too expensive and time consuming, I’m just plodding along doing my best. And when I moved my doctors in Sydney wanted to charge me for my file to be transferred and all was lost. Its great to read your write up hypoThyroidmom because you literally have written my story of after kids. I thought I was going crazy!
    I take a mild dose of anti-depressants and levothyroxine and I am functioning OK. I left my relationship with the father of my kids where he would not understand even though he was told by professionals etc, that I needed to rest and not over do it. Now I’m going with the ups and downs, its not easy I manage my downs acknowledging that this will pass and live it up when I’m nearly ADHD (but I’m not) I’ve learnt to be kind to myself and I have people around me that are kind also.

    • Margaret Gomer says

      Hi ,I have had my thyroid removed,my brain is in in brain fog all the time ,my weight is just going up and up .I am going to ask my dr about testing your suggestions on my next blood test.

  5. I don’t know what to eat, or drink anymore, mood changes go from sad to depressed. Doctors no nothing about Hypothyroidism. Tired most of the time.
    My family doesn’t understand, sometimes I’m crying all the time, and sometimes I snap and don’t mean to. Thank God I have the Lord in my life, I cried all the way to church yesterday.

  6. Pamela Patterson says

    I’m so relieved to hear that I’m not going crazy (well,maybe, lol)! I have been going through all of this for years. The worst part is getting treated like I am CHOOSING to be fat, treated like I eat a ton of food, I eat less than a 1000 calories, per day, the doctor told me to stay at 1200 calories or less per day, weight has now climbed to 350 lbs on my short 5’4″ frame! Trying to get doctors to LISTEN, finally found one that would do the t3/t4 which came back low. The doctor prescribed sythroid but it’s really not helpful. I live in the suburbs of Detroit. Anyone know of a good doctor in this area? Also could someone please tell me what the name of all the tests are so I can be sure I’m getting ALL of them?

    • I’m 5’5 and was 200 lbs and lost 50lbs by strict keto. I finally lost weight after trying so many diets that never worked. I eat 2 meals a day breakfast: 3eggs 2bacon and early dinner salad with meat and high fat dressing always with a whole avocado- some times if I was starving I will snack on nuts or eat cheese. I watched dr burg on YouTube and that helped me learn to eat like I do now. I don’t have brain fog or low energy anymore- it’s awesome! I have a partial thyroidectomy and take nature thyriod, selenium 200, vita d 10,000, zinc 50, magnesium 400, multivitamin, B12-sl, progesterone and bio-ID testosterone.

      Thyriod tests
      Iron, D3, Selenium, B12, Ferritin, Folate, DHEA, Estrogen, Progesterone and testosterone

      You need a complete panel: Total and free T3 and T4, TPO and Tg thyroid antibodies, T3 uptake and reverse T3.

  7. It is relief to read your experience. I am recently diagnosed Graves’ (hyperthyroidism). I was also told anxiety and depression with no bloodwork, here is fluoxetine and alprazolam. Then when my vision started going, see an ophthalmologist, then headaches, see a neurologist, then heart racing, shortness of breath, see a cardiologist, then 2 ER visits and finally someone did a simple blood test and viola. I have since been treated with thyroid suppressing drugs, spent 2 months hypothyroid and now am leveling out. I never realized thyroid hormones controlled so much, especially regarding mood. I know what it is like to not feel yourself and no one really understand. I cried for months just to feel whole again and then one day the clouds parted the sun came out and I’m myself.

  8. Anyone know of a good endocrinologist in LA/SoCal?
    Been on the same roller coaster and sooo ready to get off this ride & get my life back!!
    Blessings and health to all of you!

    • Delilah Tunnell says

      I need a good doctor for my thyroid, help!!! I live in Louisiana, I don’t need a quack, I need someone to help me with my thyroid!

      • Pamela Patterson says

        I’m so relieved to hear that I’m not going crazy (well,maybe, lol)! I have been going through all of this for years. The worst part is getting treated like I am CHOOSING to be fat, treated like I eat a ton of food, I eat less than a 1000 calories, per day, the doctor told me to stay at 1200 calories or less per day, weight has now climbed to 350 lbs on my short 5’4″ frame! Trying to get doctors to LISTEN, finally found one that would do the t3/t4 which came back low. The doctor prescribed sythroid but it’s really not helpful. I live in the suburbs of Detroit. Anyone know of a good doctor in this area? Also could someone please tell me what the name of all the tests are so I can be sure I’m getting ALL of them?

      • Loena Bruce says

        I live in Louisiana as well and haven’t found a good thyroid doctor either. I was born with hypothyroidism. Diagnosed at 11 months of age.

      • Dr Timothy Gilbert
        Imperial Health Endocrinology Ctr of SWLA
        Bldg #2
        1727 Imperial Blvd
        Lake Charles, LA 70601

        He is the best! Diagnosed and treating me for hypothyroidism and Type 1 Diabetes for 15 yrs.

    • I’m looking in the area as well – have been battling this since 2001 & after moving to SOCAL 4 years ago, my lack of access to good docs has really taken its toll. If you find a doc, I would be grateful if you could share with me ♥️

      • Desirae, if you haven’t found someone yet, see my comment below. Hope you have found some better help though!

    • Nikki – If you are still looking, try Dr. Sarah Kim at UCLA Santa Monica. She really listens and is open to different types of treatments that work for different people. Also experienced with Pregnancy and fertility treatments with Thyroid disease. I’ve been through 23 endocrinologists between moving and firing unhelpful Endos. She is one of the best I’ve had.

  9. I live in Winnipeg, Canada and it’s seems impossible to find a doctor here who will refer me to an endocrinologist to do a full thyroid panel on me. I’ve had Hashimotos about 30 years ago and have struggled with depression and anxiety and all of the other symptoms that tell me my thyroid treatment doesn’t work, even though lab tests are normal. I know this is a U.S. website, but I would sure appreciate hearing from anyone in my city who might be able to help me find a compassionate and open-minded doctor.

  10. Heather Chase says

    I realized something was wrong when I looked in the mirror on Thanksgiving Day 2019. One side of my neck was swollen. There was no pain but I thought it was strange and went to my dr. They diagnosed me with a blocked salivary gland and said there was nothing to do but let it work itself out. But as December turned into January I knew there was something more going on. My period started coming every two weeks. I was angry all the time. I went from multi tasking to just sitting all day. My dr said I was probably premenopausal but the year before when I told her about my insomnia and draining fatigue and a heavy cycle even with an IUD that I was too young. When I went in my physical in February we were at the beginning stages of COVID. I told her the lump hadn’t gone away. My period went from every two weeks to every day for a month. That I felt I could punch someone right in the face and not even need a reason. She told me I had high anxiety and depression and prescribed me an anti depressant. My labs were normal. At this point my heat intolerance was so bad I was sweating all day and soaked every night with night sweats. I stopped doing house work. I had trouble remember names, appts, words and my sentences never came out right. As an educator I was scared. At 41 I was beginning to think I was suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s. Finally my dr noticed a mass on the other side and ordered imaging. I finally had my thyroid removed July 2. What was diagnosed as a multimodal goiter ended up having three micro carcinomas and a tendon needed to be removed because one off the masses grew into it. My dr never followed up after my surgery. I’ve been placed on Synthroid by the surgeon but have not heard from the endocrinologist. The only symptom to change is I haven’t had a period since my thyroid was removed. My brain fog is worse. My anxiety is worse. I buzzed my hair off to a half inch because of the clumps that came out in the shower, while I cooked, on my pillow. If I hear this is normal this happens all the time from my dr I’ll scream. I’m beyond frustrated. This is the first time I can verbalize my feelings without feeling like a hypochondriac or a complainer. Thank you,

    • Dawn Peters says

      I can so identify with every feeling you’re having. You need to find an endocrinologist! A surgeon doesn’t specialize in thyroid. Your medication has to be adjusted. I had my thyroid removed in August and I see my endo every 4 weeks with blood work done several days before. We’ve adjusted my meds every time I see him. It’s a process – thyroid hormones don’t come in a magic bullet. Everyone is different and you need meds that work for you. Please find a doctor that listens and see him/her ASAP1

  11. Does anyone know of a good doctor in Wichita, Ks? I’ve been dealing with hashimotos for 18+ years now.

    • Veronica Wolfs says

      There is a lot more information on Hashimoto’s in this new world of the internet. I only found out about it when my 15-yr old daughter was diagnosed; followed by my 18-yr old daughter. They say it runs in families, so next time I got myself checked and sure enough I have it too. You are your own best advocate – i got educated about the correct tests to get, and i insisted my doctor test for them. What you also may not know is that as Hashimoto’s is an auto-immune disease, it often doesn’t only come in one form, often you will have 2-3 or more auto-immune diseases. I had vitiligo and raynaud’s since I was young, and recently (at 55) have been battling to get rheumatoid arthritis under control. Diet can help (removing gluten, corn, soy, and dairy), but getting your levels under control is key. Good luck!

  12. Martha Dittmar says

    I need a referral for a doctor in the Northwest region. Also, is sensitivity to light a symptom? I really need help. Thanks so much.

  13. MaryLynn Williams says

    OMG you dont know how much this has helped me… FINALLY I know I am not crazy lazy psychotic and FAT… That is the way drs have made me feel for years and getting them to do a thyroid test at all is a huge hurtle let alone any test besides the “normal” T4. I have been to multiple drs and physicist given a ton of medication that hasn’t worked it has been a nightmare. I am on disability because I cant work due to depression and anxiety. I am with you it pisses me off to know that the majority of drs dont understand the thyroid even endocrinologist dont understand the thyroid completely. As I sit and write this I am crying like a baby because I found your blog not tears of sadness but frustration with the medical community but also relief to know that maybe there is hope for me. THANK YOU

  14. Valentina Thoele says

    I have brain fog….which is not helpful being a nurse. I’d love to find an endocrinologist that would be willing to work with all of my symptoms: weight gain, anxiety, brain fog, tired all the time, insomnia to name a few. No one understands. Any connections for someone in central IL? Great post!!!!

    • Rebecca Hayes says

      +Valentina, I’m Becky and I’m in Arizona. I had brain-fog, hair loss, anxiety, depression, weight gain, insomnia — everything associated with hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s — and I couldn’t get a regular doctor to listen to me. They put me on Synthroid, a whole 45 mg, which didn’t do anything for me. They don’t even know that a regular thyroid test is less than 30% accurate, but they insist on going by the numbers. If you even HAVE a positive number, you have a problem.

      I see a Naturopath (NMD) who is open to a lot of stuff that regular doctors aren’t. I’m taking NatureThroid at a dose that really does my body good — finally. My body chemistry is a mess and always has been, so it’s impossible to balance it and my dose has to be changed almost every month. I muscle-test (see Applied Kinesiology and learn how to do it for yourself) for everything and my doctor listens to me.

      I also take testosterone, but my body converts testosterone to estrogen, so I also have to take Chrysin, a natural supplement made from the pollen of the Passion Flower, and that prevents the conversion. And I take Progesterone to shut my brain down and let me sleep at night. Otherwise, my brain never turns off and I’m awake for hours.

      I fought with all of this crap for my whole life — I’m 67. I started having to wear deodorant when I was just 5 years old because my body chemistry was such a mess. I’ve been in menopause and having hot-flashes since I was 39. Progesterone helps with the hot-flashes. Testosterone helps with energy and libido. But NatureThroid has been my savior. I was up to 205 pounds, and right now, I’m down to 150.

      Find a good natural doctor — a Naturopath — and keep doing research online regarding your symptoms. If there are no Naturopaths in Illinois, you may have to go out of state to find someone who can help you. Don’t give up.

      • Hi Becky,

        I live in MesaAz and I have all the symptoms you did. May I ask who your Naturopathic doctor is in Arizona?

        Any help would be greatly appreciated.

        Jennifer Woody

    • Valentina, there is a doctor in Southern Wisconsin just outside of the Northern Illinois border named Dr. Geoffrey Bouc. He is an AMAZING thyroid doctor and has helped SO many people struggling with thyroid disorders. After having so many tests run saying that I was “normal” I finally went to see him and was told that I have had a thyroid issue for a very long time. He is in Beloit, Wisconsin and his website is iwantmyt3.com. Hope this helps!!

    • Look for a Functional Medicine doctor; I wasted much time seeing an Endocrinologist and got zero help. FM doctors are pricey but SO worth it!! I am so thankful there is one close by me!!

  15. OMG I am so glad that I just read this. I was beginning to think I was going crazy, and my doctor hasn’t helped. I have been living with brain fog, joint pain, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and I went from a some what fit 108 to 164 lbs. for over 20 years. My doctor performs basic tests and tells me that Im just getting old, need to watch my site more, need to lose weight ect… Pleas tell me what kind of doctor did you go see? I need help.

    • Rhonda Stamps says

      So sorry you’ve had to go through all this. I’ve had the same problems. What helped me was bio-identical time released T3 & T4 . Your endocrinologist probably won’t prescribe it because it isn’t produced by the pharmaceutical companies; they can’t give it a name, market it, patent it and make money on it because it’s an already existing or naturally occurring substance or hormone. Money is what matters not concern for us. So most doctors will not prescribe it… despite the research that it works. The best way to find a doctor that will prescribe it, is to go on the internet and locate compounding pharmacies in your area. Call the compounding pharmacy and ask for the name of doctors that prescribe the time released T3 & T4 thyroid hormones. Then make an appointment. Some people – like me – cannot use synthetic hormones. When I try I get worse. Hope this works for you.

  16. I was wondering if anyone has experienced shortness of breath since starting on Levothyroxine? It has been 8 months now and I can’t walk far without stopping to catch my breath. I have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and evaluated by a cardiologist and pulmonologist. The CPAP caused a Central event, now I am awaiting an implant to help with my tongue blocking my airway when sleeping. I am 69. I had half my thyroid removed in 2018 due to two benign goiters. I have developed palpitations as well. My PA is trying a Levothyroxine capsule in higher dose without fillers or dyes to see that helps. Tell me if you’ve experienced any of this.

    • Debbie Davis says

      I just started experiencing shortness of breath when im doing nothing but sitting im also experienced skin problems , anyone else?

    • Hi Sandy, from my experience only, you may be getting to much medicine. Are your labs being done every 6 weeks? I’m 68, have been fighting Hashimoto thyroid since I was 45. As we age we, usually, need less replacement. If your TSH is low, you will have trouble breathing, heart palps and all the other fun stuff!

    • Lori Fritzenschaft says

      I had shortness of breath and a rapid heartbeat. We had to reduce my Levothyroxine by a small amount and that worked for me.

  17. I found out I had hypothyroidism almost 20 years ago had went from 110 lbs to 190lbs before they would do anything so after that I was put on synthroid and took it for well I’m still on it today but 5 years later I had complete removal of thyroid on left side and half on the right side the sent it off and found I had thyroid cancer it killed me to know that I couldn’t do anything and Drs act like it’s nothing to have thyroid problems but they are not the ones suffering from this now I’m older and have had 4 heart attachs 8 stents placed and my thyroid levels get checked maybe 1 time every 4months because Drs still think your thyroids couldn’t cause so many problems because they say you have to be obiese to have thyroid problems well good news I weigh 123 lbs today and still going through thyroid problems with no end in sight and depression yeah it gets to you after a while when you don’t feel like getting out of bed or doing anything most days but you push yourself until you can’t go anymore

  18. I would love to connect with this doctor. Seems all the ones we see, just blow it off as normal, write a script for medication and send you on your way with yearly check ups to make sure the levels are right.

  19. Tina hartung says

    I have had the weight gain.foggy mind. Stress. Body aches. Headaches. Swollen hands and feet.constipation. you name it… just want to get better can anyone please recommend me where i need to go to get fixed!!??

  20. I’ve been want to post my story so people are aware off hypothyroidism I’ve been deal with this since January 2019 ,I lost the will to live I was so toxic it took my GP to send me to hospital after 6 months off hell to be told my T4 were 39.9 and T3 were 10 I couldn’t understand what was happening.
    In July 2019 I had I really bad fall I had fallen 15ft broke my left knee ,broke my right wrist and burst my chin opened inside and out ,I’m still living with this a year later and waiting to have my thyroid removed I cant wait to start to feel normal.

    • Victoria Divodi says

      I have had hypothyroid since 2000. It has literally ruin my life, from mood, weight, hair loss, sex drive, energy, the pursuit of happiness, I am so frustrated that there is no cure just treatment. I have tried everything. It is a constant battle overcoming this disease. Please I wish there is some approach to rid the effects and help improve my quality of life.

    • Debbie Davis says

      Omg i have been thinking i had some type of parasite the doctors DOP me delusions of parisites . All these 5 years ive complained thinking the doctors were being sarcastic and come to find out its my thyroid and of coarse menopauseb..i swear i feel toxic like im going to die and im not a dramatic person ty so much for your post

  21. You just said everything I could ever want to tell people about this disease. Mine started as Graves’ disease and I eventually had an ablation so now I’m hypo. I don’t know how many doctors said well of course you’re tired and your brain is foggy bc you have 3 young kids. My brain still hasn’t fully rebounded as I constantly forget little things but I’m so much better than before.
    Thank you for being a resource for others so they don’t have to walk this path blindly to find answers like so many of us have.

    • It drives me absolutely insane that all my doctor will do is take labs and say “well keep taking the medicine all of the levels are within range.” Yet I have every single symptom described here.

  22. Thankyou for this Article! But I do have a Question, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and did have my Thyroid removed, I am on Levothyroxine but feel horrible still, cannot lose weight no matter what I do and my life is at all time high of “Standstill” if my Thyroid has been removed and I’m on meds are my symptoms still from this disease and what can I ask my Dr to do to help me because no one is listening to how I feel! 😭

    • Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune condition. It does not “live” in your thyroid gland, but rather in your immune system. Therefore, removing your thyroid doesn’t do anything to address Hashimoto’s. There are dietary and lifestyle changes that have to be made in order to put this into remission.
      A normally functioning thyroid gland produces a number of hormones, not simply just T4. There is little wonder, then, that you are still experiencing symptoms – the cause hasn’t been addressed, and you’re more than likely under medicated.

    • Marty Clines says

      Ask your doctor to put you on natural dedicated thyroid. I’ve been on armour thyroid for 40 years. I try to use Synthroid once in my throat was swollen up for a total year, then I tried to go out for medicines for two years and do natural methods and I got up her for sale add a noma on the right side of my thyroid. It was then that I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s after having hypothyroidism for 40 years that was 10 years ago, and right now I’ve had the other half of my thyroid removed and my doctor just barely put me on a cytomel (T3) tablet in the afternoons.If your T4 is not converting to T3 then Cytomel might help. I am starting to feel a little bit better after the last half of my thyroid was taken with the Cidermill in the afternoons. Good luck

  23. Diana Chapa says

    I was never diagnosed with Thyroid problems yet I had all the symptoms for years . Then I lost a great amount of weight and was literally dying I couldn’t swallow and vitamin deficiency.
    I wrote all my symptoms down doctors wanted me to take antidepressants. I wrote very organ down and its function I wrote all my symptoms down .
    I refferred myself to an Endroconlogist .
    He did all the labs and nothing came back abnormal . I had to be aggressive. He almost dismissed me . His PA stepped in and she said I believe you . She ordered and MRI and ultrasound of my Thyroid . There was a pappalary carcinoma malignant . I had T Cancer . I refdeeed my self to MD Anderson CANCER CENTER.
    I became HYPOTHYROID after surgery.
    Fight be your own Health Advocate . Doctors don’t know what you feel . Write your symptoms down . Keep a journal . It’s been a very tough ride since 2013 .
    I wish you all the very best .

  24. Maria Prast says

    Yes! I was diagnosed with congenital hypothyroidism at 3mo. of age. As an adult, I’ve struggled to find a Dr who will take a look at ALL thyroid levels (T3, T4, Free T3, etc.). I’ve been struggling with weight gain and brain fog since college…when my brain “suddenly” broke and I could no longer recall what I had studied as well as I used to in HS. Going gluten-free has helped but maybe I should try Paleo again to get some energy back

  25. Maxine Shields says

    I have hypothyroidism. Some thought it was dementia. On Thyroxibe I am much improved. Brain working again. Christmas was difficult but my daughter in law cooked for twelve of us. Now feeling very much better and brain working again!

  26. I live in the UK, and doctors here seem to have a blindfold on when it comes to hypothyroidism. I have been suffering now for around 18 years with the symptoms described above and I have tried but failed to obtain NDT. I just exist in a miserable fog of forgetfulness and overweight. Like Andrea I am not in a position to go elsewhere for treatment and have lost the will to fight.

    • AJ , just know there are hundreds out there even millions who get your suffering , who walk the walk with you .. please continue to reach out to these supports on social media .. we are all our own healers & knowledge is power . Big hugs to you xx Sharon ( mother of a daughter with Hashimotos) 💕

    • Tressie Smith says

      I have hypothyroidism too and fixed mine without the help of a doctor or medicine! I was allergic to levothyroxine and another medicine we tried and I couldnt afford to go back to the doctor for the same issue all the time. I was also significantly overweight, was hypoglycemic, depressed, had moderate to severe pain in my back and neck, and had a host of other issues. To lose weight, I began eating a strictly Paleo diet–fruit, low starch veggies, meat, and nuts. That was it. Not only did I lose 50 lbs in about 5 months, I also experienced relief with all of the medical issues listed above. I went back to my doctor and had my thyroid checked again. She was very upset that I had gone 6 months with no medicine and said my thyroid was probably all out of whack, but my levels came back normal and she actually started following Paleo diet because of it.
      Try it for 30 days. You will not be disappointed.

      • Diana Chapa says

        Please let me know what diet or a copy I need to lose weight

      • DJ Harrell says

        Can you share what was included in your paleo diet? I’ve had hypothyroidism for nearly 30 years. My labs are normal, but I am anything but normal. I can eat like a bird, and still not lose weight. Thank you.

  27. Very informative. Thanks.

  28. Shupikai P. Mukuyu says

    I thank God for showing this article. I am living without my short term memory and I am being stigmatised as people are aware now of my condition of my forgetfulness. I have so much to do in my life and yet my brain let’s me down. I am not functioning fully at all I am like a zombie and some days are even worse. I am hurting but now when I saw your article I now know the situation can change. With the little knowledge I have about this disease I am now doing research to help others who are worse off than me in my country Zimbabwe. I was diagnosed hypo thyroid In 2010 but I do believe I have had it since I was born. Everything I did was slow. I crawled late I learnt to talk late. In school it was difficult for me to grasp anything my mind was always fogged. Please help me.

  29. I don’t even have a diagnosis…Metabolic X Syndrome is what they call it. My symptoms started after the birth of my 4th child 13 years ago. Endometriosis and then hyperthyroidism without the weight loss. Now my tsh levels are normal, immunoglobulins are 3x what they should be, but they say my T3 and T4 are good, too. I’ve gained 50+ lbs, my hair is falling out by the handfuls, anxiety and irritability is at an all time high. They don’t do anything. I’m in no position to drive 3-4 hrs to another dr. I’ve become the suffer in silence type because it just doesn’t do any good.

    • My T3 and T4 were within range. My hair was falling out terribly and I could feel the fatigue. I have been hypothyroid since 2009. I decided it was time for an endocrinologist. He tested and the immunoglobulin number was ridiculously high. At this point I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. I recommend you see and endocrinologist. Someone who can test your hormones as well as thyroid. Keep fighting, you are the only one who can advocate for you. 🙂

  30. I have Hashimotos. Endocrinologist said my readings were the highest he has seen.
    Take eltroxin. I have had years of been over weight from about age of 7, struggling with fatigue and brain fog. Thyroid checked always within the parameters. I have thicker tendons than the average Joe. When I informed my GP he said I was to fat to have Hashimotos. Who do you believe. It’s cost me dearly. Health wise.

  31. Yes, so me…. brain fog, Fatigue to the max, depression, weight gain, insomnia and the list goes on! I just want to feel Well. More than 2-3 times a MONTH 🤷‍♀️

  32. I still haven’t found a good endocrinologist. My thyroid was off last year and I felt terrible. They finally checked my thyroid and adjusted my medication. I am still exhausted, beyond exhaustion that I’ve ever felt before, my scalp is dry, my skin is dry, I break out into itchy blisters on my hands that burn if I scratch them and I ache. I’m 44 and sometimes I can hardly move. I had bad brain fog the other day. I couldn’t spell anything right, honestly thought I might of been having a stroke or something but no, just the joys of hypothyroidism.

  33. I have had hypothyroidism for 15 years. I have had unbalanced levels once or twice but right now my TSH level is 20 and my T4 is low. My doctor just keeps upping my synthroid prescription. I’m gaining weight. My throat feels thick, dry skin, broken brittle hair, breathless, tired all the time etc…. I am fed up. I feel broken.

    • need to check your ferritin, your b12, d3 and make sure they are all optimal and you need to take a thyroid support supplement with selenium and other thyroid supporting nutrients, also estrogen dominance can suppress the thyroid , you need to find a new dr, and I would definitely find a new dr and ask for a natural dessicated thyroid medication with t3 in it…and make sure they test FREE T3 FREE T4 REVERSE T3 TSH AND ANTIBODIES….you may want to try a bioidentical hormone dr that is more open

      • I have had Hypothyroidism since 1998. The Endocrinologist I use to see ordered Radioactive
        Iodine. I didn’t feel it was right for me (to burn my thyroid) next day I bleed like crazy. He didn’t believe
        It was the two big capsules of Radioactive Iodine. Since then my kidneys don’t work as they should.
        He then, prescribed zynthroid. My face swollen , double Chin, all of me was swelling! He told I was fat! I cried and cried explaining it was the zyntroid. I stopped taking it ! My son looked up in the internet
        And found out we were almost 600,000 people in US
        with bad reaction to the awful zyntroid. I found
        Armour thyroid. It’s natural . My family Doctor prescribed Armour for me ! It has been 21 years since
        I started. It’s not cover for the insurances. Of course not! They believe only zyntroid existed. So I pay my medicine. I hope this situation may help somebody else.

  34. I have all those symptoms unfortunately. I now take thyroxine & i know when its starting to play up..i get anxious..my hair falls out more..my skin gets extra dry & i cant sleep even on sleeping tablets.. so i now take an extra half a tablet as well for a month then when i see the extra symptoms start to dissappear i go back to just one tablet a day. It works for me as it settles the symptoms down. I also take selenium. Magnesium. B12 & biotin.

  35. Your lucky you didn’t also have 14 years of heel pain that caused you to lose everything on top of all these other symptoms like I did begging drbafter Dr for help knowing I had THYROID issues yet they’d only test tsh and or say the other labs are normal. I found a Dr who gave me t3 and ndt and it cured my pain in my heel and other pain at least for now. I can’t find anything on google about this and wonder why.

  36. Diane Finley says

    Weight gain, constant fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, hair loss, depression….doctors don’t listen. Synthroid for 12 years and still feel like crap every single day. Your article inspires me to look for a new doctor.

  37. I’m a mother of a 18 year old with this condition in the uk thankfully was diagnosed after a infection put her in hospital still trying to understand it and read all I can

  38. I, too could have written this exact thing. I have never had a miscarriage but my issues always happen during and after pregnancy. I am 10 months postpartum and still am not back to my old self. The anxiety and panic attacks is what is so difficult for me among all of the other fun symptoms like fatigue, hair loss, etc. I recently had blood work again and it is in the normal range. However, it has fluctuated all over the place since I’ve had my baby and I know that contributes to how I’m feeling but since it’s technically “in the normal range” they just leave it the same. It is so frustrating and wish so badly I could find someone who would truly get to the root of my issues and fix me.

  39. I feel like I could have written that post myself minus the miscarriage. Every other symptom is me. It’s so frustrating to go to doctors that only care what the lab values are and not how you feel.

  40. Rebecca Welton says

    I was diagnosed way too late with hyperthyroidism, which then caused my heart to permanently go into AFIB. Consequently the only action to rectify the problem long term was radiation therapy which has killed my thyroid and threw me headlong into hypothyroidism!! The exhaustion, mood swings and brain fog are so incredibly difficult to manage as well as raising 6 girls and a hubby that works non stop!!

    • Karen Moodie says

      I know how you feel I too was hyper had radioactive iodine and now hypo. I live in the UK and only get tsh checked and always is. OK or drop down 25mg or add 25mg. I am so tired, don’t sleep great, now brain fog, depression, anxiety then started the foot pain told its plantar fasciatis, angina, high blood pressure now sleep is even worse as I now have terrible pain in my shoulders and down my arms, making it difficult to sleep. Wrist that hurt, swollen hands with numbness and numbness and tingling in my feet. If I don’t feel in pain somewhere on my body I swear it I must be dead. Dr’s don’t listen to you and I feel that my body is just falling apart one piece at a time. Then to top it all off I have now been told I have type 2 diabetes. I would so love to be pain free and have some energy


    You saved my life by giving me the information I needed to heal myself. I am eternally grateful. Thank you <3

  42. Julie Hardin says

    Hi! Thanks so much for sharing your story! I became Hypo after a botched surgery to remove one parathyroid adenoma. This has completely “broken” me both mentally and physically! I’ve been pretty much fighting for my life since 2013 because of being hypo in both thyroid and parathyroid areas! Would really appreciate any info you could share about your dr.. Pretty much willing to try anything at this point. None of the endocrinologists I’ve seen want to allow me to try the NDT way and my potassium, calcium, magnesium etc are outrageously out of control! One minute I’m ok, next minute I am being ruched to Er with stroke (tetany) like symptoms because my calcium has tanked. All these systems play a huge role in allowing your body to work the way it’s supposed to. I’m just numb and ready to take a leap of faith and have a dr that’s not only concerned about filling their pockets with the kickbacks of the #2 selling drug on US markets…Synthroid! Black boxed medicine that helps keep a lot of people alive and yet, will ultimately kill you! I do follow your blog and am so appreciative to folks like you for sharing your journey and sharing life changing medical info for those of us still struggling. God Bless You!

  43. I found out I have Graves about 5 yrs ago.On the same day I was diagnosed with CHF.I already had a enlarged heart.They said the Graves attacked my heart because it was already weakend.I was told I may have to have a pace maker.I wore a difeb.vest for 3 months..heart funtion improved..graves was getting worse.I had iodine radiation done.Im now hypo and have gained lots of weght.I still work 40 hrs a week although I need a nap after.Brain fog happens ..like I forgot my locker combo at work same one ive had for t years.I take 100mg levo a day,,and my heart meds.I feel blessed.

  44. I’ve just discovered your page and boy, does it resonate with me! I met my second husband in 2002 and following our wedding we decided to try for a baby. I had two grown up daughters from my first marriage and he had a son and a daughter from his! Plain sailing, or so I thought! I had three miscarriages before anyone thought to test my thyroid function and guess what.. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism… as soon as I started on Levothyroxine, I fell pregnant and managed to have our son. Fast forward 12 years and I take 125mcg thyroxine daily. I have all the symptoms you describe even on that dose! Our GP doesn’t test for T3, and if your range is in the ‘normal range’ they don’t want to know! Weight gain, hair loss, carpal tunnel, brain fog, tiredness.. the list is endless! Any suggestions, advice and support is so truly welcome. It makes me sad that we should be left to struggle in with this condition x

  45. So what exactly did you do to fix your brain? What medicine and did you change your food? Did you add T3? Does just a T4 medicine work?

  46. I need help

  47. I’ve never had depression. I have two kids and they were 9 & 7 when I found out I had hypothyroidism. I thought I was dying. My right side of my body from the scalp tingling to my right arm a heavy brick it took 3 different doctors to come up with the diagnosis. I started Levothyroxine (Synthroid) a d with two weeks I was back to normal. I can never go without those pills. I remember how bad I was hurting. I do em wish it were a natural remedy but I’m too afraid to stop the meds.

  48. Margaret Smith says

    I just found out catalase is supposed to help break down the peroxide in our bodies, (better than selenium) going to give it a go and see if it will bring down my TPO levels, and also a liver enzyme mix for the digestive system….. had to try to search this out alone, no Dr. seems to want to even address the Hashimoto’s

  49. Wow i have had hypothyroidism for 12 years and it is the first tims i find someone who understands that my thyroid made me stupid and struggling to study or live a life free of depression. Thank you. Where are you from?

  50. Would you share the name of the doctor that agreed to dig deeper and get to the bottom of the issues? I feel so alone. The doctors just keep saying that everything j feel is due to depression, anxiety, or obesity!

  51. Hello finlay
    Please can you help pass me the contact of the Alzheimer’s herbal foundation in johannesburg
    Thanks and waiting to hear from you

  52. Halima k Ahmed says

    I’m happy to have found those i can share about my hypothyroidism issues i’ve lost so much hair my facial skin most especially i’m not pleased with coupled with the fatigue most times mood swings etc i’ve had my thyroid gland removed over ten years ago on thyroxine tablets to take for life had sleeve gastronomic surgery 3+ years ago lost over 30kg but gained some weight back even though i don’t eat like i used to

  53. Please let me know what this herbal remedy is?

    • Heather says I have been to my Dr many times Have had no help at all I am in Christchurch New Zealand and I need help! So tired all the time am on anti-depressants for Depression and anxiety Still have mood swings and
      am in my 70 s Can someone help please,

  54. Mine is hyperthyroidism. Please I need help, does it have a natural cure. I suffer from skin rashes, weight loss, fatigue even after just waking up from sleep. Anxiety and tremor. Pls I need a genuine help from a doctor in the house

  55. Alison Harr says

    I’m on armour thyroid my doc says my number is fine but I still feel like horrible, crippling fatigue, can’t sleep at night, my kidneys are functional but low, my LDL is high, blood pressure low, constipated and extremely bloated, there’s more but can’t list it all, I need help I don’t know where to go and my insurance won’t pay for anything!

  56. Hey girl you know that horrible heavy deep sleep that feels like you are in a hibernation type sleep a sleep you hope to wake up from. Well synthroid definately has some sort of effect like uppers. How else would it be possible to wake us from that deep sleep. Anyways Benadryl works for me.

  57. Bridgette says

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism is 2005. Since I have married and had two kids. I am having a hard time losing weight. I am on synthroid as most people are. I am wanting to know if there is something else anyway took it used to help manage their condition better and/or lose weight. Any help is appreciated.

    • My doctor prescribes synthroid and liothyronine . It has helped so much with my tiredness and weight. I don’t sleep during the day anymore and I’m down 10 pounds! You just have to find a doctor that actually listens and that have the new scale range for TSH! The majority still have old ones!

  58. 2009 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.I have chronic pain for the last five years.been going to doctors and doctors for the last five years and the doctors won’t change my meds.They think because I have bi pilot I’m just crazy.im under a lot for stress and I really think that my pituary glands are burned out.my kidney some times trob .I fill like I’m wired and have a hard time sleeping.The doctor took my female hormones away and I had a hysterectomy 2003.The doctor s doped me up on tramadale and tomamax.Had melt downs daily.Had me on 800 mg gabapin I felt horrible Got off from all that stuff and now I’m on herbal supplements ashawanda great stuff.

  59. Finlay Cedar says

    My husband has been diagnosed with Alzheimer in 2016 there’s a herbal foundation in Johannesburg they cured my husband  Alzheimer’s disease . Pm me i will give their details. People can search about them on Google or youtube(total cure herbal foundation). My husband faced many difficulties and was in several depression, Trouble understanding visual image, aggression ,so many,. This thing happened to him in very crucial stage of our life. PM if someone needs info or buy direct from them totalcureherbsfoundation. com they cured 100% of Alzheimer with their herbal formula .

  60. Bernadette says

    I feel like I am listening to myself reading your article and all the comments!! I am also Iwant to know how to help my kids if they, God forbid, they get this family inheritance!

  61. Jodi Rae Faulkner says

    It started in 1991 before my youngest son was born. I started noticing the dehydrated skin, the brain fog, standing up and forgetting what I was going to do, brittle nails, weight gain, at times when I would lay down or wear a turtle neck shirt I felt like I was being choked, mood swings. As the years went on and the symptoms kept getting worse and new symptoms emerged.
    Each doctor visit I would mention my symptoms, and the doctor would order a blood test and tell me I was within the normal range. Then they would say to me to “Watch what you eat” when I never brought up the weight gain. They would also want to test me for acid reflux and put me on anti-depressants. Fifteen years would go by with the same responses the same blood test and the doctors only seeing a fat woman sitting on the exam table.
    Finally, in 2006 I went on a liquid diet for three months. That’s all I had — no food of any type. My goal was the doctor’s appointment with my new OB/GYN. I refused to weigh myself until my office visit, sure that I had lost some weight after three months of drinking the liquid. I stepped on the scale only to discover that I gained 15 lbs. I broke down sobbing. I knew then that I would spend the rest of my life on a diet that would never work. I was going to be obese for the rest of my life.
    The nurse got me into an exam room, and the doctor came in concerned that I wasn’t calming down and was ready to give me something to help calm me down. Thankfully she didn’t have too. Once I calmed down, I explained all the symptoms that I was having and that a blood test would only show that I was within the “normal” range.
    She came up with a game plan. She ordered a thyroid ultrasound and a nuclear MRI. The results came back that I had “thousands upon thousands” of nodules across both right and left side of my thyroid. The right side was larger than the left and that I should have a fine needle biopsy done. The blood test… well, it came back within “normal” range. My OB/GYN sent me back to my primary care doctor with notes that I need a referral to an Endocrinologist for proper treatment.
    The first doctor refused to do a fine needle biopsy instead just gave me medication and sent me on my way. A month later I received a letter that he was retiring. So, I found another doctor who became my lifesaver. He sat down and went over the test results, and we made a treatment plan. He changed the medication increasing it. When I went back in three months, I reported that I started feeling like someone was pulling a small rope. Since I was going to be on medication for the rest of my life, we decided that I would have a complete thyroidectomy.
    Two weeks after the surgery we went in for a recheck to discover that not only did I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Hypothyroidism, Thyroid Nodules, Thyroiditis, and Goiter. I also had Papillary Thyroid Cancer. A year later I would change from Synthroid to Armour thyroid. I feel a lot better with the switch and highly recommend it.
    For those of you who do not know what Armour Thyroid is, here is the scoop. Armour Thyroid hormone is used to treat underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism). It is a natural product made from animal thyroid glands (usually a pig’s). It replaces or provides more thyroid hormone, which is usually produced by the thyroid gland. Low thyroid hormone levels can occur naturally or when radiation/medications injure the thyroid gland or removed by surgery. Having enough thyroid hormone is essential for maintaining normal mental and physical activity. In children, having enough thyroid hormone is necessary for normal mental and physical development.

    This medication is also used to treat other types of thyroid disorders (such as certain types of goiters, thyroid cancer) and to test for thyroid function.
    I take 1 120mg and 1 15mg every morning before jumping in the shower to get ready for work. By the time I’m ready for work (yes, I take my time) an hour has passed, and I can eat and take the rest of my medication. Except for the calcium which must be taken no less than four hours after the Armour Thyroid medication, so I take it when I get home from work. It’s important to follow how you should take your medicine. Even with the other thyroid medications, you need to take it alone and an hour before eating and taking other medications or two hours after you have eaten and other medications. The only medication that needs to be spaced out longer is the calcium.

  62. I had my whole thyroid removed due to possible thyroid cancer which ended up negative. I’m having trouble with my med levels. I’ve been on synthroid for 5 years. I’ve even tried dye-free because of allergy like symptoms. Now my md states my levels are with in normal range. I still feel like hell, I’m gaining weight, I’m hypoglycemic, irritable bowel from one extreme to the next, my hair is shedding more then my dog. The joint pain is horrific, I have no energy for anything. Brain fog to beat the band. I’m not sure what to do anymore.

  63. How do I find out what you did to correct your thyroid? I’ve been dealing with thyroid issues for 20 plus years and still don’t feel good. I am on Armour thyroid and that’s it.

  64. I recently had two surgeries for thyroid cancer, taking 31 lymph nodes and entire thyroid gland. I then healed for two months, followed by stopping iodine medication for a month, followed by radioactive iodine infusion. My entire life has been affected. I am 1 month post infusion, have foggy mind, lethargic, starving, loss of taste, sleep countless hours, itchy skin, gained 15 pounds, gained gut fat, wears of changes, just not the same person. Any suggestions for a turn around to healthier days.

  65. Cristina DeHart says

    Several months ago I was diagnosed with a Hypothyroid. I was very hesitant to take the medication because anxiety was one of my major symptoms (along with many others characterized by perimenopause) and everything I read said that Hyperthyroidism caused anxiety. I was afraid the medication would make me more anxious. After I read your article it made me think again. The first part of your blog sounds exactly how I feel. I have been suffering… So you felt anxious too? Any additional info you can provide would be very much appreciated!

  66. I went to a new doctor this week. He has two first appointments free. That is when he talks about Hashimoto and orders tests for high antibodies. I had already had tests ordered so I shortened the time waiting on tests. I had been on synthyroid for a few years. And I stopped taking because of a few things.

    This man is Dr Raymond Benedetto in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. He has a YouTube channel also. He said there are reasons that the antibodies are attacking the thyroid and I have more tests coming to take. Neurotransmitters, and hormone and gut health. If anyone wants to watch his videos I think you can find some help.

    I feel for all of the ripple writing these comments. I also felt terrible for years before I got helped by an herbalist. It was years of cleaning up my diet and lifestyle. No chemical anything. Not in food or cleaning things or perfume

    Some where along life’s path I am in a low thyroid and I was tested for thyroid antibodies. I have high antibodies. He said h can get me straight. I’m hoping

  67. I’m giving it all of my energy to stay on this planet. Every morning feels like I have the flu and I literally have to roll out of bed because ot the pain in my joints and back. My story is too long to tell.

    • Sandra Bennett says

      Hi Kate, have you looked at your gut health? I had all sorts of issues including low thyroid and very high inflammation levels. One Dr simply gave up on me, he wasn’t in the least interested when l mentioned gut health, told me instead that l had bowel cancer. Tests showed l haven’t. So l started to research myself. Turns out l have a lot of intolerances to foods. Also found what can help.
      A chiropractor may help with your back. I feel flue like when my back is out.
      A major reason for many bone and joint problems is bad shoes. I found the right ones and back issues have disappeared. Here in Australia a new shoe brand that is brilliant is Foot Bio-Tech. As soon as l put them on my feet did a jig! It took 20 years and thousands of dollars of chiro. visits before l found the answer. It’s out there now. These shoes are the result of foot research at the University of Newcastle in NSW.
      I do hope you can find the answer to you issues. We really need to do our own research, particularly with gut health because it is a new study. The gut brain connection is very strong, so eating food that is wrong for us really messes us up. And we are all different, what l might find a problem could very well be fine for you.
      My very best in your health journey,

    • Cara Zuklin says

      I had a lot of pain in my legs and back. Turned out I was vitamin D deficient.

  68. Bridget Williams says

    Hi I’m 41yrs old and I have hypothyroidism. Was diagnosed 2yrs ago. I am now on 100 mil gram of synthroid and on anxiety medication. And I still don’t feel any better. I go to bed tired and wake up tired. I have no energy to do anything. I have no sex drive, I’m always forgetting things, I feel like I’m about ready to crawl out of my skin, and I have a sick feeling most of the day. If anyone out there can give me some ideas of what I can do on my own I would love the help… Thanks!!!

    • Rhonda Stamps says

      Hi I’m Rhonda, see my reply dated 09/29/2020. When everything is working properly our Thyroid gland produces T4 then our body converts it to T3 which is the usable/active form of the hormone our body can use. Synthroid is T4 only (a synthetic version) and not everybody can convert it into the useable/active T3. Without this conversion, we get the symptoms you are describing. Have you tried Armour Thyroid? It is a combination of T3 and T4 and some people do much better on it. Or you may need the time-released T3 I discussed in the response shown above. (Do a search for Rhonda and you’ll locate it) I also suffered for years with this until I found a doctor that would prescribe the compounded T3/T4 combination. Now I’m back to normal and able to function. The only problem is that insurance will not cover it and it can be expensive. They start out with a low dose and increase it until your they find your optimum dose. Then a 3 month supply can be compounded and it will cost a lot less. But it has allowed me to work and function so the cost is worth it. Hope you find a solution!

  69. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos when I was just 14 years old, my freshman year in high school. I have taken Synthroid my whole life because that is what I was given and as a kid, I didn’t question anything. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-40’s when I really started researching, changed my diet, started learning more about my condition. The truth is, at 50, I probably don’t know what “good” feels like. I have always had these Hashi’s symptoms, and to me that is normal. How frustrating is that?

  70. I have Hashimotos. It has affected every part of my being. I feel as if I’m dying a slow death.! I never wake up feeling well, and that’s if I sleep at all. I push myself to stay active and it dimishes all my energy. I continue to work, but can barely make it home to make dinner. I would even settle for an ok day, but don’t ever experience an ok day. I’m tired of blood work, ultrasounds of my Thyroid, changes in meds, an no answers! I follow a Hashimotos diet faithfully!!!!! I eat organic. And I continue to suffer. I’m losing the battle!

  71. Hypothyroid over 30yrs med does no good but I take it. Now type 2 diabetes 12 yrs. And again no amount of med does any good. I’m told it’s me! Really fed up bc I’m using money my family needs. Been through several doctors, some claiming to be the best! I just feel lost and no one understands.

    • Sandy Stirry says

      Nearly 40 year here with a stagnent thyroid.I’m done.Life is herd
      recent dosage drop but 4 not ghts awake.What the heck.?

  72. Thank you for this. Well said. I was diagnosed 18 years ago following the birth of my son. I too was told I had postnatal depression and a “negative body image”. anyone would if they were gaining weight at the rate I was. It took 8 months for them to diagnose me. I work in the medical profession and many people I come across believe that “thyroid” is very easy to treat as it is so common amongst the population. Most have no clue on how it affects every aspect of our lives. Thank you for this article. Many of us can relate and continue to be thyroid/hashimoto’s warriors. Keep the faith all.

  73. I would love to know how you found the right doctor! Any advice? What should I be looking for? I’m so desperate to have my broken brain fixed 😩

  74. I awoke today feeling like shit. As a Hashimotos person it is always a challenge to know if I am truly sick or just dealing with the flux.

  75. Thank you for this article. It is helpful to know I am not alone. I am not fixed yet though.

    • Jennifer says

      Yes! I love this article! I understand these feelings and this article gives voice to my own thoughts! I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 18 but I didn’t take care of it then! I was on my own and didn’t understand. Later in life I begged 2 different doctors to test me and they always said I came back within in range. But barely within! They wouldn’t do anything for it though. Then things began to quickly get much worse. I gained 30 lbs in 4 months… While dieting! I was devastated. My doctor tested me and found that I was OUT of range. He put me on generic synthroid. The next month I still felt bad, exhausted, joints killing me. Couldn’t put my shoes on by myself. He told me to only take the name brand synthroid. 2 months go by and I still feel like crap and nothing changed. He then told me that I just needed to try harder and accept that I was getting older. I found a new doctor. He put me on armor thyroid. The name brand not the generic. Within a week I can feel a difference. I lose a little weight. I feel patient again. I feel compassion again. I had felt like I was full of stress inside my very being. That’s begun to taper off. I can smile and mean it. I’m in the third week now. I still am struggling to concentrate and my elbows still hurt. Not like it was though! I highly recommend anyone who has a doctor that isn’t willing to listen to switch up. It won’t hurt their feelings! They probably won’t even notice! Find a doctor who will consider other options. There is not just one answer for any treatment for anyone! You don’t have to suffer!

  76. Denise Cizek says

    I dont know where to go for help anymore. suffering so much

  77. Cheryl Pitts says

    My brain has been broken ALL MY LIFE, I learned when I was 35 that I had Hypothyroidism but my brain was broken long before that, and still is as each day goes by it gets worse, I am 62 now and I don’t feel any better now then I did decades ago, about 5years ago I finally got a doctor to listen to me and got another thyroid medication liothyronine to go with my levothyroxine, together the two medications helped me to lose A LOT OF WATER WEIGHT, but that’s it, I Am Still Broken In My Brain and my physical self with no energy what so ever, I have been like this for DECADES BEFORE I FOUND OUT I HAD HYPOTHYROIDISM at 35 years old, what I would like to know about is, could this be because of a birth defect, I wonder because when my Mom was pregnant with me, my mother drank EVERYDAY AND I suspect she was drunk when she had me, she was an alcoholic, my birthday is at Christmas time, so I know she was drinking during that time of year, back then they didn’t know alcohol was a problem for pregnant women to drink alcohol while pregnant?

  78. Cynthia Rice says

    i too have hypotyyroidisum, in which i dont feel im getting proper testing at all !! When i lived in Va, My Doctor stayed on top of it. now i’m living elsewhere and only the significant test is done !!! I do believe this has alot to do w/ some issues i’m dealing with, no one wants help ~~~

  79. Lydia Bourn says

    I am so saddened to read these comments and to know that women still suffer with undertreated or undiagnosed hypothyroidism a quarter century after I diagnosed myself. My daughter was only a few months old when I realized, in 1995, that something was not right with me. After reading an article in Parents magazine about symptoms of thyroid problems, I immediately knew, not only that I had a thyroid issue, but that I had been having undiagnosed thyroid problems for well over a decade. When I approached my OB-Gyn with my concerns, I could almost hear him roll his eyes as he told me, in a condescending tone, that I was just a new mother and that what I was experiencing was normal. I had to INSIST that he test my thyroid levels. A few days later his nurse called to tell me that my TSH was 51! After being referred to an internist, I was put on Synthroid and told that all I had to do was take this little pill every day for the rest of my life, and I would be fine. A decade later, after three miscarriages, major depression, brain fog, inability to focus or to carry on a conversation, no libido, and extreme fatigue, I began my research. After reading several books about hypothyroidism, I realized that the Synthroid I’d been taking religiously for over ten years was not working for me. I spent the next six months trying to find a doctor who would take me seriously, and who would prescribe what my BODY needed and not just what the lab tests told him it needed. Luckily,
    I found a GP who listened to my symptoms and prescribed Armour Thyroid to give my body the T3 hormone that it needed (and wasn’t getting with Synthroid). Within two weeks I could already feel the difference. Within two months my life had significantly changed for the better. Ladies, listen to your body, to your intuition, and educate yourself about your options. If you don’t FEEL good, and your doctor isn’t doing anything to improve your situation, then find a new doctor! Don’t stop until you find a doctor who will consider your SYMPTOMS and not base your treatment solely on the lab numbers. Lab tests can be misleading. DONT GIVE UP!

  80. Bella Rose says

    Living In NY Do you know a good Enco can refer me to. I have changed about 4 endocrinologist in the past 10 yrs. They all do, say and prescribe the same things. I need my hair back. I need this weight gone, even weightloss surgery hasn’t really helped much. I need my mind and life back.

  81. Cheri Shimp says

    My Doctor doesn’t test me more thouroly for my hypothyroidism, she just has me on levothyroxine & I am exhausted & cannot lose weight no matter how hard I try! I guess I need to go to an actual endricrinologist, maybe there I can get help

    • Mindy Elias says

      Endholes have been the worst in my experience, unfortunately.

    • Not an endo. They are not thyroid doctors. An environmentalist, naturalist, any doctor who cares. Ask a pharmacist. Call doctors and ask if they run a thyroid panel or just the tsh. There is links on hypothyoid mom home page, Thyroid sexy, many good thyroid sites on fb. Good luck. I got better by studying hypothyoid mom blogs. Don’t give up. I have lost 150 pounds, and feel great.

    • Tessa Weisgerber says

      Yes! So much Yes to this! Same boat sister! So frustrating, we live in a very rural area and doctors are so stuck! I have fired multiple.

  82. Deborah Bennett says

    I would love to find others to talk to about after the thyroid is removed and what we go through. The Drs. say I should feel fine, but I don’t. I can’t even tell the difference of how I feel before and after surgery. What complications do others experience after surgery.

    • Lisa Jones says

      My thyroid was removed in 2014, following an abnormal biopsy. I was already on Levo. My grandmother had been diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and I wasn’t willing to take that chance. About a year later, I found out that two of my Dad’s brothers, my granny and I were all on the same medication. I used to wonder why she spent so much time in her room by her self. Now I know. I’ve tried Nature Thyrod and I love it! My Endo doesn’t really want to prescribe it and my insurance won’t pay for it. And, at times it’s not available. It’s a vicious cycle. Don’t wanna stop living to stay alive…

    • My question too…I had my thyroid removed two and a half years ago. I was told I would feel a lot better but that hasn’t happened. I tried to get a referral to an endocrinologist but was told I didn’t need one because my surgery *cured* my Hashimoto’s (according to the ENT who removed my thyroid and my internal med doc). But I disagree because I know how I feel.

      • Lydia Bourn says

        OMG! Are you not on any thyroid replacement meds? I suppose that technically speaking, having your thyroid removed did get rid of your Hashi’s since there was no a thyroid gland to malfunction. However, it certainly did not solve the problem of your body not having the thyroid hormones it so desperately needs to function properly. Don’t stop looking until you find a doctor who will listen to you and treat your SYMPTOMS, not just your TSH level. In my case, it was a general practitioner who listened with wisdom and compassion and prescribed the Armour Thyroid that changed my life. Good luck to you.

  83. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! YOU made a REAL difference in my life. I found a voice, stood up to being ignored and labeled “CRAZY” enough to finally be treated despite obvious blood tests many years earlier that were ignored. THANK YOU for the information so I could SCHOOL each doctor and when they denied help – brave enough to move onto another. Thank you for encouraging me to KEEP TRYING. It’s finally starting to look less hopeless and maybe there will be a day where I finally feel better and just maybe “normal” again.

    • I had this done and it made me feel soooo much better. And believe it or not, they took out my thyroid and within a year I was in remission from my kidney diseases it truly is not as bad as it sounds. My was so large and had grown around both carotid arteries. It took 5.5 hours to remove but I would do it again in a heartbeat!! I will pray for you .

  84. Erin Ridout says

    I’ve recently switched to a new endo who took me completely off synthroid (had been on 50mcg for two years, but was never diagnosed with hypothyroidism- only hashimotos. Antibodies high, but all levels normal). I was also told from the beginning (almost 3 years ago) that I had a nodule. After my last ultrasound my new doc says there was never a nodule and that my ultrasounds have been misread for years. The “nodule” is actually a small pocket of swollen tissue from the hashi.

    My new doc has me on 4,000 units of vitamin D daily and 200mcg selenium. I have been doing this for almost 6 weeks and will have labs drawn again soon to see if my level are still normal.

    I feel like my anxiety is slightly worse, but that may be work related/situational. I am hoping that I can begin to feel less foggy and hope the number on the scale will begin to trend downward. Has anyone else had an abrupt medicine change like this?

    • Stephanie says

      Erin, I would get a second opinion. Vitamins do not replace the thyroid hormones you are lacking. This to me seems to be a dangerous decision.

      I have been living with Hypothyroidism for 13 years. I take my synthroid every day, no side effects and am healthy and happy. My doctor had to increase my dosage after I had my second child and again I was fine in two months. It’s never immediate; however it is the most dependable treatment. I urge you to get a second opinion!

  85. Nicole Neunie says

    I’ve been battling this disease since my freshman year in college. I haven’t recognized the girl in the mirror for over 25 years. My life is one emotional ferris wheel. As soon as I think I’ve reached the top everything starts going right back down. My emotions have been all over the place for over 20 years. I have mood swings that are unbelievably depressing. I’ve turned into an introvert. I feel like I am trapped in someone else’s body and no one can hear me trying to get out. My doctor tells me that the weight gain doesn’t have to do with the thyroid, ha! They try to get you to believe that there’s no connection. Sometimes it feels like I spend five years trying to accomplish what I could in one of it were not for this condition. I fight through it everyday because I refuse to let it win, but this battle has been so detrimental to my emotional state of mind.
    It’s so hard. People just assume you’re a “stand-offish” type of person. I’ve been going through this for so long that there are times when I don’t remember the girl I was without it. I would love to see her again.
    I wish I had your doctor.

    • Please look up iodine protocols. I had my thyroid removed in 1975. Knowing what I know now, I have no doubt I could have cured myself with Iodine. Currently I take armour thyroid medication.

    • Nicole reading that was like reading my own thyroid journey! I don’t know what to do anymore

  86. Is there a connection between Hypo/Hashi’s and kidney stones? I’m wishing because I’ve now got both. Thanks!!

    • Hi Holly, I can tell you there is a definate connection with hyperparathyroid and kidney stones. I don’t know about being linked to Hypo/Hashi’s. I have Hypo/Hashimoto’s AND Hyperparathyroid which are two different things. I recommend you tell your doctor you want a parathyroid test/labs…they should be testing it automatically once they knew you had kidney stones. Also, your calcium levels will be high if you have hyperparathyroid and possibly low Vitamin D.

  87. I swear this is my story. Although I’m still only taking levothyroxine. I know that more needs to be done. I have absolutely no energy, no memory, brain fog so bad I want to cry, can’t lose weight and have gone through the steps to have bariatric surgery, my hair is so thin I’m embarrassed, I am exhausted yet when I go to bed I can’t sleep…I could go on for hours. I need help!

    • I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2000. I had your have the radiation idione which made me hypo. I thought I was going through menopause because hyper carried the same symptoms. My periods came when they wanted to and when they did they made up for lost time and I had to wear diapers .

      Today, I am all ways fatigue and can’t do my job effectively because of brain fog. I wish I could get disability or early retirement. Everyday I have to fight to feel good. I did have bariatric surgery in 2016 because I was all most 400 pounds. I’m 180 now feel better about my weight.

  88. I was found with my thryoid nodules and goiter when I was 19 just barely 19 my birthday had just past 3.5 weeks prior. The doctor sent me to an endocrinologist he called me crazy and said everything was fine and that I was making it up and my thyroid levels were normal. I was completely infuriated because I had gained 65 lbs in 3 weeks. I went to 2 other doctors before I found one who had done more tests on me including a biopsy. The biopsy came back inconclusive for cancer. The doctor didnt want to repeat it even though all 3 doctors who were in the room completely disagreed with her. Then I went to 2 more doctors who didnt do anything but laugh in my face and ridicule me as well as praise the first doctor because he was well known and they used to be his student. Now onto my thyroid doctor who did more exams on me and actually listened to me. I have so many symptoms Unfortunately I had a miscarriage in 2017 with our first pregnancy. But my doctor listened to me and made sure I was on the right dosage of levothyroxine for my entire pregnancy. 9 months later I havent gone back to work because my body just kills me. I have issues with my muscles, muscle weakness, spasms , hair loss, weight gain, insomnia, anxiety, difficulty making small decisions, depression. I was not diagnosed with PPD thankfully. But this is just crazy and my daughter is about to be 1 and I’m only gonna be 23. I just want some type of relief.I’m currently on Levothyroxine 88mcg.

  89. Jody frain says

    All this happened to me right after I lost my mom almost 6 yrs ago. Doctors said I was depressed(which of course I was) so I listened and took their depression meds. Then I needed sleeping pills and of course synthroid. But almost 6 yrs later still balding still gaining weight now I have fibromyalgia as well and all the fun stuff that comes with a chronic illness. I have several doctors with no help. Very frustrating. Glad you found help. My brain is broken as well and my body feels like a dead slug. Uggggh.

  90. My MD refused to adjust my meds because my levels were only off by a few points. (I had a Total Thyroidectomy done years ago) 8 months later my levels are way off and my meds finally adjusted. So it will take me a while to get back on point.
    My Chiropractor ordered a complete panel. My MD refuses to.
    Ready to find someone who will listen!!

  91. Oh please Julie continue taking your meds, especially with you having no thyroid. Don’t give up on yourself, my thoughts and prayers are with you

  92. I’ve only just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and found this article and omg. You have literally just described my life. I was doing my PhD after sailing through uni with high grades, and then six month ago after a build up of feeling like a failure, being told I had adhd, not being able to leave the house from crippling anxiety, starting therapy, leaving my PhD and struggling with so much fatigue and feeling so overwhelmed, getting constant infections, being told by one doctor that I was ‘catastrophising my sore throat because of my anxiety’ which upset me so much I went to find another just to get antibiotics who straight away sent me for tests and within three days diagnosed my thyroid as the problem. I was sceptical but have been on medication for the last two months and have already seen my anxiety almost disappear, I’ve re enrolled in my PhD and can actually do it again! And now that I know what is going on I’ve been reading and reading and adjusting my diet. I thought I was going insane, I can’t believe this one part of our bodies can control and affect so much! I’m definitely going to start following your blog ❤️

  93. I have so many of these symtoms. I feel fatigued, the brain fog, eyesight is getting weaker. Repeated UTIs, weak muscles, tremors, hair loss and trouble concentrating, dizziness, heart palpations and mood swings. My endocrinologist is not helpful after hearing these symptoms. Synthroid is not helping. Any suggestions. I’m struggling with years of this, and it is only progressively getting worse. The supplements that you have suggested look like something I would like to try but they are expensive.

  94. Christine says

    What is the supplements that helped your hypothyroidism so much?? Please tell me!!!

  95. Ihave had cussibgs dease doctors tell me round face bufflo hump anda non active
    Tumor on the pituatary and inflamation
    On the pituatary. I am 54but feel 80
    There seems to me no way out for me
    But maybe someone knows what iam
    Going through

  96. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 1999 and was treated by that Dr with armor thyroid…..when I got a divorce and lost my job I lost my insurance and the VA will not treat me for this….and my new Dr will not treat me. I’m now double my normal weight and having other issues due to this…..how do I convince my Dr to reference me to an endocrinologist?

  97. I am in tears reading all of these posts. I got my whole thyroid out about two years ago. I can relate with everyone of you in a different way. I have never weighed this much in my entire life. My face is the size of a bowing ball. It is so swollen I cant feel it in my eyes and mouth. If that makes any sense. I have three chins now. My stomach is so big , I can’t tie my shoes. The depression and brain fog has practically killed me. Im on meds but nothing helps me. I am so desperate for help!!!!! I have stopped taking my meds cause they don’t help me.
    I know I should still take them . It’s like I don’t care anymore. I was not like this before I had my thyroid out. This has literally ruined my life. I don’t want to sound like a complainer, I just really don’t know what to do.

    • Can someone take you to the mayo
      Clinic also can those that can pray
      Out there pray for this lady and
      The rest of us that are going through
      This silent hell iam praying fo you

  98. Having my first baby broke me. My thyroid completely quit. I take the highest dose of levo you can before mixing your own cocktail. I now have 2 kids and have gained so much weight. My body hurts my pride hurts and I felt terrible all the time even on meds. I have been doing a lot of my own research because none of the Drs I saw ever explained diet for hypothyroidism. Turns out you CAN LOSE WEIGHT WITH THIS DISORDER. anyone suffering, watch what you eat! You will need to do a calorie deficit diet only. No weight watchers or other fade diets you will gain weight with them. Do your homework about what hypothyroid folks can and should eat. Don’t stop taking the meds! You can lose weight! Keep on your meds and eat right for your disorder, you got this!

  99. WOW! I saw the title on Pinterest aand knew I hsd to read!! Every single one is me except miscarriage since about 3 years ago. I’m 47. I talked to my doctor. I kept getting interrupted and was told I am getting older and believe her your body starts to change the mind starts to not work as well. I told my husband I felt like I’m rotting from the inside out for lack of better words. Out of 3 children I’m still raising one and feel like I’m failing her miserably because I can’t think straight and have a granddaughter that I help with! I NEED to feel good. Even without that who wants to feel like this!!! Maybe that’s what’s wrong with me, maybe not, but something to look into!

  100. Thanks for sharing your article. I was diagnosed with having hypothyroid. I was in the early thirties and lived in fog, forgetful, no energy, weight gain, or sex drive. My most horrible symptom was depression. I went through such a horrible time it was like I was outside of my body looking in I knew something was terribly wrong but thought it was all mental. It lasted for about 6 weeks. What was even more terrifying is after I got to work I could not remember if I dropped off my 18 month old baby at the babysitter. Finally I found a regular MD that notice nodules on my thyroid six months later I had half of it removed. For 25 years I was taking Levothyroxine thinking I was doing great. While taking this medication my neck always looked swollen and I never could lose the weight that I had gained prior to being diagnosed. 5 years ago I asked my position to put me on regular Synthroid not a generic and it has made a world of difference. The swelling in my neck is gone and I’m 20 pounds from my ideal weight. I feel like a new person. I still have bouts of fatigue but my physician has given me a very high dose of vitamin D that I take once a week. I couldn’t live without it.

    • Wow. I’ve been struggling with depression, weight gain, thinning hair and joint pain for years. I’ve been on generic synthroid for 18 years but my now doctor refuses to listen when I say I need a change. I can not find a doctor that actually understands this condition. My thyroid doctor passed away 13 yrs ago and its been difficult to get the proper treatment since.

  101. Allyn Harad says

    WOW Ladies, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and had my thyroid zapped a year ago. Some positive things is that through extensive blood tests and now medication, my hair is no longer wavy but curlier.
    The flip side is that my eyes are totally different, bulging, pained and baggy. I am embarrassed to go out with friends, at work, and there is no understanding as to what to do.
    “Sleep sitting up”. (haha). “Put cold water compresses on your eyes” (sometimes that works for a couple of hours). “Use a cream for hernias”. (Haven’t tried that one yet).
    Surgery is out because I am not “that bad”. Just my face has changed, my eyes hurt and my vision is compromised. Nothing major (sarcasm). Anyone have ideas or information?

    • I, too, have been through Graves’ disease with radioactive iodine treatment. I suffered for years until I asked my general practitioner if I could try a different drug approach. I asked him for levothyronine combined with synthroid. I even told him the dosage. I have been on this drug combo for years and I am so much better. Still have vision problems and I need to lose 20 more pounds. But my face looks normal again and my hair is no longer falling out in handfuls. I feel myself again. My advice is to do your research and ask for the treatment you would like to try.

  102. Angela Latham says

    I take synthroid only for hypothyroidism; not surprisingly my doctor never discussed any supplements with me. Which ones have you found most beneficial? I’d really like my Magna cum Laude brain back.

    • I’ve been digging into all the articles I can about hypothyroidism. I found that tumeric and magnesium help w the inflammation. Iodine,selenium and vita D are important too

  103. First, I am so sorry for your loss, I too know that heartbreak. I had my thyroid removed years ago and armour thyroid was the drug that worked well for me until it didn’t. I had everything go wrong at once, ending up in the hospital and still no one could figure out what was wrong because my levels were normal. No one knew what to do with me so I was sent to see a heart doctor who just happen to be a personal friend and when I told him I felt like I was going through a “thyroid storm” he sent me to , I hope, the right place. We have to always fight and learn but must of all share what we are going through and I thank you for starting.

  104. I am 47 years old and was officially diagnosed little over a week ago. I so need help. Trying natural meds and hormones until I test again, if no improvement I will be on meds for hypothyroidism for life 🙁

    • Christina C says

      I know it sounds scary and it feels like a big piece of you is being pulled out from under you, but please don’t think of it that way. Once you start your medication be it vitamins or synthroid/levothyroxine you will feel better and be able to think clearer. I’ve been diagnosed with hypo since I was 14. I’ve been there so many times. I also know that I would be dead if I gave up. So meds for life isn’t that bad. Keep your chin up and don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

  105. Wow. I’m still fighting to get the correct dx. I am so tired. There are so many things going on. I am on my second doctor in 10 years. I thank you for giving me the courage to continue to fight.

  106. O-M-G…
    I thought I was reading my experience the past 30 yrs!
    I have been dx sooo many disorders, diseases that it fills up page after page! And all them symptoms on them pages come down to mostly hashis.
    I totally relate. Im going to look up the suppliments you suggest. I already take d3, methyl b12 for 1 MYTHEL GENE..and armour thyroid.
    Had food allergies tested knew I was in trouble..confirmed eggs, wheats, rice few others have come to a hault. Scoped up and down..totally inflamed and tummy erosive was the word used on report ugh
    Antidepressants adderall for so called ADHD..now I get it.
    All started at 16 started gaining weight like crazy..to fibro, lupus, MCTD, to sjogrens, then fast forward to last baby at 25
    Then what I was told PPD..
    It has just spiraling. 25 yrs later thyroid biopsy..hashis confirmed. For crying out loud!
    This is aggrivating irritating and exhausting. I stumbled on your post. Thank you for sharing..gigi

  107. Wow. Amazing to be able to relate with all of your posts. I know that we all feel alone in our bodies. You have hit the nail on the head. Lazy, figgity, tired, hives, irritable…it goes on & on. Scared that my job asks more than i have the strength to give. Of too much coming at me at once. Of doctors not working together with naturopaths. Of spending so much money in health stores. Its a struggle and we should not tolerate shitty doctors who dont care. Keep up the good fight to feel better ladies.

  108. Alicia Wohler says

    My 15 yr daughter has had congenital hypothyroidism since birth and the more I read the more I am interested in the T3 meds. she is currently on Levothyroxine and her endo dr. says she is one of her harder patients to keep a steady level but has not suggested anything else. My daughter has terrible, skin, nails, hair and depression. do the T3 meds really help? I called her dr and she didn’t seem to think she needed to try anything different. What other options do I have?

  109. Abby Bishara says

    Hello!! My story started when I was 12. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and a year later hypothyroidism. Doctors said all I had to do was take a simple pill everyday and ill be normal which is alot better than adding more shots. Everything was fine and working till I hit 19 then all of a sudden no hair, brittle nails, gaining weight even when I went days without eating (don’t recommend this), brain fog so bad I couldn’t remember my name (awful when you are in college), sleeping long hours but still feeling tired, and awful mood swings. Kept going to the doctor where all they did was raise my medication, at one point I was taking 300 cmg of levothyroxine which is way too high. But I kept having the same issues. At 23 I got pregnant with a healthy daughter but my thyroid kept having issues!! High and low and out of control and the doctors said I have to remove my thyroid altogether!! I said no!! I had to find another way so I went to a nutritionist. The nutritionist told me about how food affects the thyroid. How certain foods help the thyroid and how others destroy it. Things like salmon and seaweed and coconut help it and soy almonds broccoli and kale destroy it. Ive come along way but hormones still play a role in thyroid. Which sucks because as a woman I run on hormones and one week its this way and next its another level. But I feel better.

  110. Wow, this is such a good read. My story is like yours in the beginning, shortly after giving birth to my fourth child. All though I was loosing weight, like nasty looking. Not the good looking way of loosing weight. Lol. I was anxious, moody, couldn’t think or process anything, angry and severe insomnia. Me too, placed on antidepressants, told I had ADHD, and anxiety meds. Four years later I still don’t feel the same. This opened my eyes and I thank you so much, I am definitely going to look into this❤️

  111. Theresa, from Montana says

    Hi I have struggled with Hypothyroidism for 38 years. The 1 st diagnosis I had was when I was 22. I went to a Dr and told him what was going on, with weight gain, hair falling out, dry skin, horrible cracked fingernails, sleeping all the time. He gave me literature on women and nervous breakdowns. When I left the office, I thought I was truly losing my mind and was going to end up in a mental himospital because of what he said. After 3 months I went to a different Dr and he did all kinds of labs and that’s when I found out it was hypothyroidism. I struggle constantly to keep my thyroid in check. A few months ago I had labs done and they came back normal. I begged my Dr to increase my medicine to see if it made a difference. Reluctantly he did, and I feel so much better. We know our own bodies. I was having issues with my hair falling out and my fingernails cracking and being tired so I Insisted on increasing my meds. Many people have told me that you can have “normal” blood test results but still have all the symptoms. I am fortunate that I insisted the increase because I am feeling so much better. I know there can be issues from taking too much so I do get my thyroid tested regularly. Just wanted to share my story and I hope it encourages people to let your voice be heard. Dr’s are smart, but we are the ones who know how and what we are feeling.

  112. Michelle A. says

    Lord where do I begin? I am 51 years old and this blog ,Hypothyroid mom, is my sanity. I have no idea how long I have been hypothyroid but I have had several miscarriages and a stillborn at 38 weeks in March of 2002. Last year, July 21 2017, is was when it all came to a head and I had what I call, “a crash”. I was sitting on my porch drinking my first cup of coffee, enjoying the morning when out of nowhere I started having these weird hot and cold sensations travel up and down my arms. I begun to get dizzy and then I panicked. I tried to walk it off, keep my routine flowing. I made it to the kitchen and suddenly my heart took off like a bat out of hell. I was convinced I was dying and I was experiencing a heart attack. I called 911.

    The emt’s arrived and hooked me up with electrodes. Apparently I experienced something called “tachycardia”. After that my brain became a complete fog, literally, just minutes later, in which I battle to this day. I had a trip to ER and all they said was I needed an echocardiogram, a visit with a primary care physician and that whatever happened won’t kill me. but they had no idea why I had tachycardia. A friend of mine who’s an oncologist got me in to a primary care physician at her clinic as mine was on leave. The physician tested for several things including my thyroid, my TSH was 7.7. I was also referred to a cardiologist who found a hole in my heart, a small aneurism and an enlarged chamber. The heart is doing good but it’s the thyroid that won’t stop fighting me.

    As I sit here, over a year later with a TSH level of .95, I am on 112mcg of levothyroxine, I still have a head fog that plagues me. Some days it’s better, some days it’s worse. My dear sweet doctor is trying to help me and she does listen but she is stuck in this old way of thinking. She does not understand the fog at all and I can’t describe it properly. She says that Armour makes it harder to control T3???? She did start me on a gluten free diet a month ago and I will say I have had some good days ever since. I am trying hard to focus on gut health because I feel like I have to take matters in to my own hands. I am sure I have Hashimoto’s but have not been tested even though my doctor does agree with me. I have gone as organic as I can. I have stopped using chemical cleaners and only use natural products and essential oils. I hike 4 days a week with my dog. I do strength training, yoga, record my food on my fitness pal. I even quit smoking. I can’t lose any of the weight that has crept up on me.

    I am not sure if I am doing enough and if anyone has any advice they would like to share with me. I do take magnesium, calcium and zinc. I am considering ashwagandha. Ugh. I don’t know. I just FEEL alone. I have so many clients (I’m a hairdresser) who treat thyroid issues like it’s nothing because they have been under control for years, or maybe they are ok with feeling like crap. I dont’ know. I just want to feel better. I want my old life back. I WANT MY BRAIN TO START WORKING LIKE IT USED TO.
    Anyway, if you have read this far, Thank you.

    • Hi Michelle, I’m sad reading all that has happened. I can’t imagine the pain of losing your child to stillbirth. Our brain like our entire body requires thyroid hormone for proper functioning and the truth is some of us just con’t get well on T4 only levothyroxine. I know it’s such a struggle to find a good, open-minded thyroid doctor but it’s well worth the search.

      Here is a list of resources to help you locate a good doctor in your area: https://hypothyroidmom.com/30-online-resources-to-find-a-good-thyroid-doctor/

    • Hi Michelle I have been in a similar boat. My doc teated me for Candida and since doing that diet to kill the Candida I have felt better. Also maybe look into the Autoimmune Protocol diet. It helps as well. Just ideas on where to go from here

    • Michelle,
      I was in a huge mess, not unlike you. I’ve gone through diets, thyroid meds, supplements, etc. I truly believe this is all connected to gut health. Try betaine hydrochloride with pepsin. Do a search on line to find the protocol for increasing stomach acids. Once our bodies start producing the right amount, everything falls in place.

  113. I can’t even remember if I had already sent a comment or not. I need help, I too have been to many Dr.s including an endocrinologist. When I asked my present physician if she gives me a full work up on my thyroid panel it’s like how dare I question her. I need someone that listens and I mean really listens, I am hypothyroid & hypoglycemic, depressed, anxiety, stares into space, foggy, iam60 yrs old, I scare myself, I know my work I have been working at this place for 28 yrs, I know my job, there are times where i find myself saying ok what is next.
    I feel at work they now double check my work, I’m not stupid I’m no scientist but there are times I question myself, I babble on and on. I take synthroid daily (112 MCG) when my Dr. Changes my meds she doesn’t up the dosage she takes it down. I was taking 125mcg & 150 mcg. I need to find a Dr who can really help me, because I am not getting off the couch anymore other than to go to work. I don’t do much of anything anymore.

  114. In 1992, at age 26, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Partial removal and synthroid or levothyroxine for the past 26 years. I’ve been living thru hell ever since. So many doctors who don’t give a damn, who have absolutely no idea how to care for thyroid disorders. Can someone recommend a doctor in Chicago or nearby? Thanks

    • BettySaletto says

      Linda I suffer with the same,only they had to take my THYROID OUT and I told my husband,my two Daughters that inside me was changed from the day they took my THYORID out it has changed my life from that moment and that was 5years ago.they don’t believe me BECAUSE they can’t see it of coarse THEY can’t but I live every day feeling like I do BECAUSE I suffer in silence. I go nowhere and when they invite be over or out to lunch when that day comes they blame me BECAUSE I can’t go,knowing I would love to go but can’t. I don’t no what to do,sometimes I wish I was no longer here BECAUSE I have nothing.thank you so much BECAUSE I finally found someone else going through the same thing. BettySaletto

      • Betty,
        I had a total thyroidectomy when I was 17. I am almost 31 now. I know how terrible the roller coaster is. Have you tried a T3 medication yet? I am on the search for an endocrinologist in Northwest Arkansas that will prescribe something other than Synthoid/Levothyroxine. Don’t give up hope. There is a good combo of meds, diet, and lifestyle that can make you feel good again!

  115. So I’ve had all these test done (i have Hashimoto) and on synthroid for a year now with no really change. Still have good and bad days and an Endo that tells me most of my symptoms aren’t Hashimotos. I am allergic to pork and can not take the natural thyroid meds.


  116. What kind of doctor are you seeing for your thyroid? A regular doctor or an endocrinologist?
    My regular doctor has been really good with treating my hypothyroidism, but even as my numbers are going down I still feel fatigue, fog brain and “lazy”

  117. Hello,
    I wondered if you take the supps with your levo? I’m pretty much on my own, my dr says levo is all I need and I’m in NORMAL range but I want OPTIMAL. I’m not on a T3 with the T4 so I know she’s not doing this right but wont add a T4. I will try with an endo but who knows. I’m open to supps to help but wondred if you take them w/ other meds. I may have missed that info the reading. please advise. thank you for sharing your story and offering hope.

    • Normal. What is that? It is the average of all people tested in a study. What if all the people in the study had non or low functioning thyroids? Normal is now skewed. Do your research. Levo only affects T4. The drugs that affect T3 work so quickly that current test can not measure its effects on the body and you must rely on how you “feel” which is not considered “good doctoring”. Do your research and find a doctor that will treat all of you, not just the portion that can currently be measured on a test.

      • Jennifer Bryant says

        I got told that myself this morning when my doctors nurse called and said “your TSH, is normal” my response what is normal , than I said what is my number she said 2.8, than I said that’s not my Normal. I went on and said do you know woman of child bearing age thyroid level should be below 2.5.

        Than I told her, tell my doctor I want my referral to endocrine or he can call me and I will discuss with him or I can make an appt to request the same thing.

        Well he called alright. He asked my rational to being .3 below.

        I said I know my body, I’m symptomatic at the level I am at right now hence my 30lb weight gain, my fibromyalgia acting on overdrive and me feeling crappy. I know the standards you use is the standards that is set for the nation not an individual, and I am an individual therefore I want my thyroid to be treated for me and how I feel… needless to say got my referral. Next step is to request for Armour (my doctor opposed this as well)

        On another note: what medicine combination are you on? Cytomel and Armour?

        Do you do both supplements as well?

  118. Do you take all the recommended supplements listed?

  119. Gretchen Bebko says

    I lost a good job because of Hypothyroidiasm. I was an excellent worker got all excellent reviews at work. Was often complimented on being the best at multitasking. Suddenly I became exhausted and couldn’t remember things. My doctor didn’t understand what my problem was and said I needed to eat better and get more sleep. Eventually I ended up getting fired from my job. I couldn’t believe it and either could anyone else. I was a mess for quite awhile. Then I decided to find a new doctor. This new doctor was great and thorough. He diagnosed me through blood work testing and started me on medication for my thyroid. It’s had to be adjusted a couple times but I feel and think so much better. That part was one of my lowest in my life.

  120. And when you can’t afford those expensive self pay tests or supplements? I’ve been dealing with this for 10 years. I’m too tired to play with my babies. 😭

  121. I am also very broken. However with my hypothyroidism and hashimotos, I lose weight. It’s not until my thyroid is closer to normal functioning that I gain weight. Earlier this year I was so broken I was only 68 pounds. I know right! Scary. And my brain, its like I don’t have one. I feel stupid. Like you, I went to university and graduated with a degree only to now not even remember my own name most days. That’s just a few symptoms. My thyroid has never been normal, just close to normal or incredibly bad. Even when it is close to normal I want to sleep all the time still. I see a naturopath. I receive intravenous vitamins and other things in it. For non hypothyroids it would last at least a month. Mine, lasts three days. Here, it costs $120 each time. It helps but hasn’t solved all my problems. No one around me understands at all. So I’m glad there’s people out there like me to share with.

  122. Kim H from Michigan says

    I was diagnosed and was prescribed lexothyroxin. Took a while to get dosage right, but still didn’t feel better. Had muscle and joint pain, depressed, hair lose, brain fog, constipation, no energy and everything seemed like an effort. Found out I was anemic and vitamin D levels were low. I changed my diet, stopped eating fast food, no pop, reduced sugar intake and tried to eat health foods. Taking vitamin D and iron to get my levels right and Started feeling better! My last change was exercise.
    I was in a bad place, and almost lost my marriage! I did my research and found what worked for me. It took a long time but now my marriage is the best it has ever been in our 27 years. I pursued a promotion at work and finally in a good place!!

  123. Hi Valerie. I live in Ontario. From my experience, the best way to go is to find a naturopath. They can prescribe the full Thyroid testing for a fee of around 80 dollars and in Ontario naturopaths can prescribe natural dessicated thyroid Erfa… I have seen many doctors and endocrinologists, but because most people do well on Synthroid, they offer no option for those like ou and me… and so many others who don’t.
    A good naturopath will listen to you and believe you. Don’t give up! Good luck!

  124. Valerie Slawich says

    I am broken. I am from a small town in southern Ontario, Canada. I need a good thyroid doctor, but can’t find one or get a referral. I need someone to listen to me, Believe in me, someone who can help me.

  125. I was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I feel the same way you felt! Please send me advise on treatment. Thank you for sharing your story. I feel hope because of you.

  126. Anyone with thyroid issues have a loss of taste?? Sense if smell is fine

  127. I finlly.broke down and cried last night. I am so tired and…not myself. My family.still.sees me.doing so much that they just DON’T understand my struggle to get through 1 day. Thanks for this and suggesting the specific labs be done.

  128. Is there a male version of this story, or does it just affect women? My hubby’s thyroid was irradiated several years ago.

    • Arlene,
      Yes! It does affect men. Exactly the same way it does women. Have your husband get checked.

    • Hi Arlene, This is Dana Trentini from Hypothyroid Mom. While women are more likely to develop thyroid disease, men as well as children can get it as well. I have many Hypothyroid Mom readers that are men with thyroid disease including those who are now hypothyroid following RAI.

  129. What did you do about normal thyroid levels, but symptoms still present?

    • I would like to know this also. So many symptoms but tests are negative, thyroid nodules biopsies negative… weight is climbing, hair is falling out, exhaustion is debilitating. If I cannot get a diagnosis and treatment, what can I do?

      • Caroline Devenney says

        This was me. Finally they put me on a low does meds. Makes no difference I gained 40lbs and starve myself and still gain weight. Doc say my levels ok and they dont seem to care. I have jointbpain etc. I am lost

        • I’m in the process of being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia because of the pains, the headaches, the IBS, the “broken brain”, the mood swings, the… everything :'(

    • I feel the same way!!! I have never been diagnosed but have all the symptoms. My daughter that is now 19 was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, had half her thyroid removed because of a large tumor when she was 16 & put on levo. still has major problems!!! Can anyone help us find a good doctor in Colorado??? She’s had 2 and they didn’t help at all!!!

      • Hi Julie! Try Dr. Andrea Salzberg with New West Physicians in Golden CO. Pair that with nutrition therapy from Sara Peternell in Denver. Sara had Hashimotos and put it in remission, now is a professional helping others.

    • Hi Katie, The first thing is to get a copy of your lab results and check them. There is a chart in this article that includes the important thyroid lab tests and optimal ranges. Normal doesn’t mean the levels are optimal, especially if you have symptoms.


    • I was finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few years ago after about 10 years of doctors telling me that my les where within range! I went to a doctor who tested a 3 levels and yes, although my numbers were within range they were on the very extreme high side( may be the low end, can’t remember). So she put me on 30mg of Armour thyroid and I feel alot better!! So find a doctor who will actually listen to you and realize that the ” normal” range is so drastic that it is not right for everyone!!

      • Hi Erica, I was diagnosed this after lab and have been recommended the same rx & dose. Glad to see you feel much better. We were testing for Diabetes & anemia & she added the thyroid panel. Natural cholesterol is high too which she says goes hand in hand. Best wishes.

    • I had to beg my doc for 3 other tests than TSH, which fluctuates so much. Perox was so high he finally had me come in, felt my enlarged thyroid and now I’m going for a sonogram on it. We’ll see from here. I don’t know what to do first. Cut out gluten? No clue.

    • My Dr put me on Armour Thyroid meds. I feel better.

      • I can’t get Armour here in town anymore. That and Naturethroid are back ordered. The one medicine that helped and I can’t get it 😥

  130. Any recommendations for doctors in Wisconsin? I’ve heard it all as well, ADD, depression, anxiety, “hair has a natural life cycle”, “my hands are cold and I don’t have a thyroid issue”, or natural meds are too difficult to regulate. I’m seriously not impressed with the sheer lack of knowledge in recognizing and treating the root cause of symptoms and base everything off off a darn test that tells very little if anything. I did have a doctor that told me your body will react far before these numbers will ever show, yet not willing to treat the symptoms, made me feel like I was making things up or exaggerating the situation. I now am at a complete frustration point and I just need answers!

  131. Emily Heare says

    I was just told by my endocrinologist YESTERDAY that I have Hashimoto. My mind is in a fog over this and I don’t know what to think. The phrase autoimmune disorder… it sounds so bad!

  132. I am angelica.i have hypothyroid. I feel my brain is braking. Is there any supplements I can take?

  133. I feel the same way and I’m so tired of it! I just wanna feel better😭

  134. Sonja Walker says

    I feel like I wrote this myself. I worked for a group of Dr’s that I told my symptoms to, probably, everyday. I would cry to them and tell them that NO, it was not depression…it was severe fatigue, my hair falling out, MY BRAIN WAS BROKE, etc. I even had some fainting spells that they wrote off to stress. Sure….stress from never feeling well and letting my family down. My OB/GYN refused to test anything other than my TSH, since it was normal – it had to be something else. After 5 years of suffering, I found a Nurse Practitioner that was willing to listen. I had symptoms I didn’t have a clue that were related to Hypothyroidism. She told me within 10 minutes that she believed that is what was going on. A week later, I have a diagnosis and I have started on meds. I am feeling better, my sleep is still a little off and the habit of taking my “power” naps may talk a little bit to escape. My mood is level and back to normal. Im super glad I found this site because I still have a lot of questions and I have even found answers to questions I did not know I had.

    • I’m so happy to hear you found a health care practitioner that is helpful, Sonja. What is the name and location of your nurse practitioner? We need more of them in the world. Good to have you at Hypothyroid Mom.

  135. Please help me I’m desperate for anyone who has experienced anything like this please let me know! can I be allergic to all of thyroid meds? How is it possible?
    Had thyroid radiated and need the meds. I’m desperate for answers please help.

    • Hi Paula, Every once in a while I hear from a reader that has this same issue reacting to every thyroid medication they try. One, it may be that your doctor hasn’t tried them all and another is the possibility of having a prescription to a compounding pharmacy that can make thyroid medications without the fillers, dyes, etc normally found in brands.

  136. Paula jestice says

    Has anyone taken levothyroxine for years and then all of a sudden one day it starts blowin your head off and you develop an horrible auto immune reaction to it where it’s hits your brain and gives you shortness of breath and horrible side effects?

    • I’m finding that at the moment been on it since my son was a year old he is now 21! Just recently I’ve had back ache & shortness of breath & feelings on anxiety, and feelings like I’m not really here if u know What I mean! The doctors here don’t really listen and maybe don’t understand either I just don’t know where or who I would go to to talk about it . I have my yearly blood tests but always come back “normal” jeez what is normal ☹

      • To Tracy – I was on Armour thyroid for 20 years and then it started to raise my blood pressure due to the company changing it. I went on NP thyroid and T3 and am doing much better. What are important, as you might already know, are your Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3. Try to get Free T3 above level of test range, Free T4 midline of range, Reverse T3 below 11 of range. Do not go by the TSH. When my thyroid is too low I get shortness of breath and fatigue. Too high thyroid, I get lower back ache, shaking hands and anxiety.

    • To Paula – I was on Armour thyroid for 20 years and then it started to raise my blood pressure due to the company changing it. I went on NP thyroid and T3 and am doing much better. What are important, as you might already know, are your Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3. Try to get Free T3 above level of test range, Free T4 midline of range, Reverse T3 below 11 of range. Do not go by the TSH. When my thyroid is too low I get shortness of breath and fatigue. Too high thyroid, I get lower back ache, shaking hands and anxiety. I really think your levothyroxine is just not the right dose anymore. I don’t know how old you are, but when I became older, in my late 50’s, early 60’s, I needed a whole new program and had to go on NP thryoid and T3.

  137. If you find a good thyroid doctor, you are very lucky.They are far and few between.

  138. Stephanie says

    The way you articulated this feeling of brain brokenness resonates with me so much at this moment. I am in tears. Diagnosed with thyroid cancer 2015 with a total thyroidectomy, I feel like a shell of my former self. At the height of my career & knowing how much of an asset I can be I am flegiling at a position I FAUGHT HARD & STRATEGICALLY to obtain, & im sucking at it. Missing deadlines can’t seem to focus, I’m screaming & suffering in a complete cerebral silence that no one can see because I look like my self. Reading self help books & trying to ignore my symptoms away, because I KNOW the 7th doctor I am currently seeing will just tell me my tag levels are normal or question ME on how to adjust my meds. It makes me want to cuss in frustration. Thank you for this & writing it CLEARLY ONE LINE AT A TIME.. I am hopeful that I won’t live a life time if this however, right now I’m too tired & too scrambled most times to fight for this & keep my job. One Day I too WILL be an outspoken advocate for treatment, improved medical knowledge & more research, support & understanding. Mark my words!!! 💪🏾❤️

  139. Rochelle says

    I understand your struggle. I was lucky enough to have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism fairly early into my “crazy” that it caused. My struggle was getting the testing and medication I wanted. For years I was given only the synthetic medication (T4). Again my doctor(s) were good about listening to me about not feeling right on the dosage. But still as I researched ad knew I wanted to try natural medications that would provide both the T4 and T3. I finally paid to go see a Holistic doctor who listened to me and prescribed me Nature Throid. I still take a small dose of levothyroxine with it but have found the balance I need. Good luck to those who are still fighting their mainstream doctor.

  140. Is there anyway to treat Hashi naturally?

  141. Hi everyone, im so happy to find this post from pintrest. I am going through the same symptoms. My brain is just not working right. I am so embarrassed,I had to change my kid doctor cause I can’t seem to remember their appointment. Any appointment as a matter of fact. My doctor try putting me on antidepressant and anxiety medicine but I refuse to take them cause I’m afraid of getting worse than it is now. My question is, how do I get off levothyroxin to try some nature food that can help me.

    • OMG this is me! Two of my kids had gone to the dentist like 3 weeks earlier but I scheduled their cleaning again for the current week. The dentist didn’t catch it either. The morning of the appt I was like “wait, i know those 2 kids went recently b/c i got the flossers for braces they recommended” then yes, it turns out they had just gone. embarrassing!

  142. Thank you for sharing your story. I am in a never ending cycle of doctors without any answers. I am meeting a doctor next week, so I pray that they can help get rid of my brain fog. It is frustrating when you meet with other doctors because they just want to chalk it up to your memory.

  143. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism back when I was 11 or 12 and am now 56. I currently take armour thyroid but was at my best when on proloid which is no longer available. This is a challenging life and triggers so many other health issues.

  144. Wow!! This was me for over a year! I thought I was going crazy because I didn’t understand how I went from running marathons to feeling sluggish and brain fogged all the time? My body started shutting down on me and I felt like I was slowly dying. No one can understand what a person with hypothyroidism really goes through. I’m still in the process of getting back to being myself, but all of the health issues I was experiencing have slowly started to disappear. Thank you for sharing your story!!

  145. Wow! Your story is nearly identical to mine! Except I was hospitalized with a blood clot vs kidney stones and I knew I was going to die from whatever was happening in my body. My diagnosis with low thyroid came shortly after my daughter was born, seven years ago. I told my doctor that I have never felt so fatigued in my life! I was put on levothyroxine and told I was good to go. Except I wasn’t. I had HORRIBLE symptoms, the list is too long for here. I went to the ER about twelve times. Finally I had a nurse practitioner who listened to my crying story and told me to keep a symptom journal. I did and she was quite perplexed by my huge list of symptoms. I told her, I think it’s my thyroid. She suggested testing for Hashimotos Disease since none of my previous doctors had done so. Within 24 hours I had my diagnosis. She immediately switched me to name brand synthroid because she felt my symptoms were related to the reliability and efficacy of the generic from dose to dose. Happily, a lot of my symptoms that I had had for years disappeared! But I was still not functioning at what I felt was a good quality of life. I fought for the next four years to see an endocrinologist. WHY is it so difficult for doctors to do this? I was told “”NO”time after time. FINALLY I saw a new NP who reluctantly agreed. Wow. The first day I saw my Endo, he said he wished he had seen me seven years earlier because the treatment I was getting from my doctors was as if I had never been treated at all. I sobbed with relief in the office that day. My synthroid dose was doubled and I was put on very high doses of Vitamin D and B12. I am on a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free diet. I finally have my life back, and while I am sad looking back on my long struggle and how it affected my life and that of my family, I rejoice that I persisted and am thankful for the stories and blogs and experiences of others to know I am not alone. I will re-post on my Pinterest board for others searching like myself.

  146. Anna Kesikiadou says

    I am from Greece. Iwould like to thank you for this article.I had a lot of the symptoms that yoy had and I really believed that I was getting crazy, and loosing my brain.I have diagnosed with Hipothiroidism Hashimoto desease.I want to learn more and more for my desease and I also want to know the connection between Hashimoto and Nutrition.

  147. Chris Blevins says

    I have had Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disease, for 25 years. One major change that I have found to be essential for me is to eliminate gluten from my diet! Any person with an autoimmune disease should avoid gluten at all costs! I wish that any doctor over the years would have told me this. It really makes a huge difference with brain fog, joint pain and many other issues. It is a hard thing to do but is worth it. I dont know if they check your thyroid during pregnancy but if not, request it. My thyroid was completely burned out with no function by the time I went for my 6 week check up after my 2nd child (25 years ago). My daughter was born with Down’s syndrome. I firmly believe there is a connection.

  148. Omg, It makes me sad to read this. It’s like you are here with me writing my life. I also have celiac so some symptoms are doubled. My drs just blow everything off, it’s either the thyroid or celiac. It’s sometimes frightening knowing it’s neither, like gallbladder that they kept ignoring. Thank you for blogging.

  149. Tiffani Buss says


    I would like to know a good thyroid doctor here in Texas? Any recommendations?

    Thank you

  150. Diane,
    I love reading your blog!! It’s helped me and my daughter so much!!! Are you familiar with Standard Process?

  151. I have had an over active and now.an under active thyroid, I take levothyroxine, for many years but feel awful. I have blood tests every year and my dose has never changed, but.I have a vit B and D deficiency, high cholesterol, high liver function test came back positive and I have a constant infection showing up.in my blood test, but no symptoms. My question, in the UK does anyone know can I ask for a different thyroid medication, or is levothyroxine the only choice.

    • Lisa wykoff says

      I was on Armour thyroid for many years with much success

      • That’s wonderful to hear Lisa. Thank you for sharing. It reminds my readers here at Hypothyroid Mom that there is hope to find wellness even with hypothyroidism.

        Dana (Hypothyroid Mom)

    • It depends on your Gp and their location. I’m in Scotland & have one friend who gets the desiccated animal thyroid treatment & finds it makes a huge difference. I have another friend who cannot find anyone who will prescribe it

  152. It’s unacceptable that so many doctors could not treat my hypothyroidism, a disease that is so common. And that no-one holds them responsible for it. It’s unbelievable. Their incompetence or carelessness cost me several miscarriages , most of my hair, my job, relationships, years of my life. I finally feel better on NDTs but still struggling to reverse years of decline. Your blog has been one of the first sources of useful information that I found, which led me to reading several books, and eventually finding a better doctor. I am paying out of pocket for the new doctor, and it’s a lot of money, but at least she listens to me and I am slowly getting my life back. And it is not a scam; I could finally get out of home and do things, my hair loss and weight gain stopped, although neither ever recovered to my original and normal, and I even became pregnant again and is currently much further into my pregnancy than any of my prior losses, fingers crossed… Even with the new doctor I have to be the one who knows things and demands tests and asks about supplements and solutions. Thank you for doing this Dana. I hope I can one day say I am back to my normal brain. It is definitely a journey.

    • THANK YOU! I basically accused my doc of dropping the ball on this with a TSH of 6.12 last December and then I miscarried in March. Yes, I am an older mom, but never had problems before .. 5 healthy term pregnancies before that. I am not blaming old age on my miscarriage LOL I am blaming thyroid. After the 6.12 result would it have killed him to send me for a super fast and easy blood test to check my high antibodies? So why wouldn’t he just do it? He looked me in the eye and took no responsibility, of course. Not even “I’m sorry you lost your baby”

      • PS It took my DENTIST feeling my throat to detect the enlarged situation. Shaking my head. Otherwise I would have had ZERO CLUE and not gone back to the doc til December, wherein he would have tested TSH again like every year, and told me AGAIN “tell me if you’re more tired than usual” … duh, I told you like 6 other symptoms of hypothyroidism over the years and you did not put the puzzle together.

  153. Debora Garcia says

    Getting my doctors at Kaiser to run anything other than the standard tests has been impossible. I am infuriated! I have Hashimoto’s thyroid, as well as lupus, diagnosed in 1991. Lately, my hair, lashes and browns are falling out like crazy, and I just feel awful. So, you’d think… But NO!
    Anyone have any advice for pushing these imbeciles into more proactive care?
    At my wit’s and….

    I really look forward to this series!

    • Let them know you’re leaving reviews for them. They’ll test. Go to a lab for independent testing if they won’t.

    • Tell them you are filing a report on them. I fought and fired doctors at kaiser for years! Just to see an endocrinologist! No you cant try natural desiccated that wont work for you. I finally told them to F- off and walked out. Switched insurance so i could get decompression surgery on my eyes by the doctor i wanted to do them have a great endocrinologist.. he’s a puppy! Fresh out of school! I asked can i try the desiccated meds? “Sure,” just like that! I feel a 1000 times better.

  154. Debbie Paris says

    Diagnosed with Hashimoto/hypothyroidism about 30 yrs ago and have been on synthroid/levothyroxine ever since. I’ve had an ectopic pregnancy back in 1975. Was put on clomid to help get pregnant afterwards. Miscarried that baby and have 3 grown children now. However my oldest daughter has a kidney condition she was told she was “born with” that overproduces kidney stones. Clomid related? I wonder. About 2001 I almost bled to death and had to have a uteral ablation and a major blood transfusion. Lately I’ve developed hives on my hands and arms that itch like crazy. I need to find a good endocrinologist ASAP

  155. Reading this article is like reading my current life story…Im at a complete loss. I can’t get diagnosed with anything other than depression/anxiety. Here take these pills so you will.still have symptoms but just won’t care…Cant get a doctor to test anything other than TSH…it is beyond frustrating…diagbised with major hyperthyroidism while pregnant with my 1st child. Had RAI 7 years ago…Endo dropped me after my 2nd pregnancy…no follow up-nothing…at a compete loss…feel awful…exploring all options on my own that I can afford…this is such a long and frustrating process…

    • Get the test straight from the lab. Then take results to a doctor. No reason they shouldn’t be testing you seeing as you have a history. You need new doctors for sure.

  156. Sue Waters says

    I am now 63 and was diagnosed when I was 34 and life has been terrible since, the fog horrible and I have struggled to work and function, with memory not the best, and not being able to concentrate, losing my thought process. Studying has been impossible, not being able to absorb information, only the simplest. I will certainly ask the dr for those blood tests for sure, thanks so much.

  157. so most of the time no one understands me and think I’m either lazy or can’t be bothered.
    my brain is frazzled and feel like I’m in a constant black fog.
    I feel down and I get moody quite frequently so after reading all your blogs,I’m looking for advice on how to get myself out of this pls k hole I feel I’m in ☹

  158. I have had problems with my thyroid since my early 20s, and Have been diagnosed with hyperthrodism as well. The thing is the drug to help only stops your little gland from working, it does not help get it working again.. that’s why I’m choosing to see a natural path on using the right dose of iodine and take protandim to work with my cells to kick start my cells again:)

    • Astara Ariel says

      Hi Deborah,
      Thank you for your post.
      I have Hashimoto’s disease and currently take 2 grains of natural desiccated thyroid medication and 50microgram of T3.
      Works very well… I noticed you take Protandim which I am about to start taking. Do you know if it affects thyroid medication and if so, do I reduce the dosage of med?
      I would appreciate if you could share your knowledge.
      Many thanks

  159. Kathy Smith says

    Love your blog! What medications/diet/etc. eventually worked for you?
    Thanks so much,
    Kathy Smith

    • I am just seeing your site. Im very concerned! My health is declining to the point i was in the hospital with infection which they couldnt tell where or what it was. I am 52. I have been taking levoxol for yrs now, I Think it worked …for a while. Now in the last year I feel all the usual symptoms and brain drain so bad. I’m desperate, because I don’t look normal anymore, I don’t act normal and people who know me can tell. I have severe sjin disorders that dont go away easily and are ready to erupt at any time. 125mcg thats my dose. But ladt blood work up showed my t4,t3 just on the low side ofnormal. So no problems not my thyroid. Then the this shows 8.5. That’s 2 times the hormone but it’s not going to the low t4,t3. I’ve never had a reverse or any other test done. Do not know if insurance will cover it. My hair started coming out by the handfuls, I started a period this month-after almost 2 yrs of menopause. I’m scared. I feel like I might have cancer but they say no. My liver is already compromised hep c, but took a treatment and it is negative for 2 yrs. But recently it’s been a fight to just get up other than to go to the bathroom 100 times. I need a list of the tests I can take please. Any info about vitamins what to take /not to take. I’m scared and confused. Not alone looks like I found help. Ty,sherry

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