Do you have hypothyroidism? Look at your hands

Do you have hypothyroidism? Look at your hands

Our fingernails (and toenails actually) say so much about our health. It is mind-blowing when you look at the references listed at the bottom of this article the number of conditions of the nails associated with hypothyroidism including Alunula (absence of the Lunula, the little white moons of the bed of the nails), Onychorrhexis (longitudinal ridging of the nails), Beau’s Lines (transverse grooves or depressions of the nail plate), Koilonychia (spoon shaped nail plates), Onycholysis (separation of the nail from the nail bed), Pterygium Unguis (thinning of the nail fold and spreading of the cuticle over the nail plate), Onychomycosis (fungal infection of the nail), Yellow Nail Syndrome, brittleness, slow growth, and thickening.

I first heard Dr. Peter Osborne describe the following common symptoms of hypothyroidism he notices in his patients’ nails and it got my mind racing. I dove into studies and books to figure out how low thyroid can affect even our nails. What the heck! Not even one part of our body is safe from hypothyroidism.

Written by Dr. Peter Osborne

The symptoms of thyroid problems often manifest in the hands and fingers. Some very common physical abnormalities can present in the nail beds and fingernails. If you have these types of findings on your hands and also suffer with fatigue, hair loss (especially a thinning of the lateral eyebrows), low libido, dry skin, and unexplainable weight gain, visit with your doctor to have your thyroid evaluated. If you are being treated for hypothyroidism and have these symptoms, please too see your doctor in case they are an indication that you are not well treated for your condition.

Paronychia & Hypothyroidism

Here I have a nice image of the classic fingernails of a patient who had been priorly diagnosed with a hypothyroid condition. Now there are a number of classic things we can see here.

Hypothyroid Fingernails

The first is around the cuticles. You can see the really jagged and rough edges. You see it on both sides here. The formal name for this is Paronychia and it is a very very hallmark sign of hypothyroidism, meaning low thyroid condition. This type of symptom nutritionally is often times also linked to a protein deficiency. Interestingly enough, one of the major forms of amino acids (amino acids are the building blocks for protein) responsible for helping thyroid function is Tyrosine. Often times we will see a protein deficiency, and particularly Tyrosine deficiency, in patients that have low level of thyroid and it will present in the cuticles looking just like this, called Paronychia.

Vertical White Ridges on Nail & Hypothyroidism

Another classic example of the thyroid fingernail is this white vertical ridging that we see on both sides in the nail beds.

Hypothyroid Fingernails

This is often times indicative nutritionally of a selenium deficiency. Now why is that important in someone that has a thyroid condition? It’s important because selenium is a mineral absolutely essential in the conversion of the INACTIVE thyroid hormone T4 to the ACTIVE T3 thyroid hormone. T4 has to be converted into T3. T3 is the thyroid hormone that communicates directly with your DNA and speeds up your metabolism and has all the wonderful effects we’re looking for in thyroid hormone health. Without selenium we don’t convert T4 to T3 very effectively and it will look like this often in the fingernails. So look at your fingernails and if you find these types of white spots very well it means you have a selenium deficiency. It also might mean you have an undiagnosed thyroid condition. If you are treated for hypothyroidism, it might mean you are not well treated for it. I would advise you if these are present on your fingernails to visit with your doctor and have your thyroid evaluated.

Nail Splitting & Hypothyroidism

One other thing you can see here in this image is the splitting at the tips of the nails. This is also very very common in people with a hypothyroid condition.

Hypothyroid Fingernails

Look at your fingernails and see if you have these types of findings. If you do, follow up with your doctor and have your thyroid fully evaluated.

About Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne is the clinical director of Town Center Wellness in Sugar Land, Texas. He is a doctor of chiropractic and a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist. His clinical focus is the holistic natural treatment of chronic degenerative musculoskeletal diseases. He is an expert in the relationship that gluten sensitivity and food allergies play in chronic inflammation. He has helped thousands of patients recover from chronic painful conditions.


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  1. What if all your numbers are within normal range but you still suffer from all these symptoms? My doctor always thinks I’m just looking for a reason why I can’t lose weight, brittle nails, fatigue. Instead he orders a sleep study and low carb diet. So lost.

    • Your T3 and T4 numbers can be normal and your Antibodies levels can be high. Be sure your doctor checks both. They don’t automatically check antibodies, which is ridiculous.

      • Yes! Daughter’s test results came today and it’s the antibodies number that has Dr thinking she needs thyroid treated despite “just enough” level of T3. Cheryl, find a new Dr if current won’t do further testing.

    • Cynthia Garcia says

      My hormone levels were within “normal range” but skewed (TSH high side, T3 low side). BUT my Dr also checked for thyroid antibodies (TPO) and they were very high. She started me on medication a few days ago.

  2. Hi Ash, hope u’r well. Initially when I was put on 75mg (and previously from 25mg to 50mg) I too had palpitations for a while. As an underactive thyroid affects every bodily system incl ur heart, so would it be logical for u to experience palpitations as the meds are trying to help the body achieve a balance. The important factor here is Time – ur doc has to prescribe u the dose after testing , which u then take for at least 3mnths, then it’s time for retesting, and so it goes until ur ideal dose is determined. The thyroid meds are the best we can get to finding some balance, and it’s a fact that we can never be 100% how we were before. I’ve gained some calm after accepting this, I know I was slowly dying before beginning meds. I know the Almighty has his reasons for creating illness, and I know there are people with way worse illnesses than mine. I’m grateful for alot now – my comfortable home, good doctors, a medical aid I can at least afford, and so much more. Im also very grateful to those who are sincere and kind to me. All the best from me to u.

  3. Continuing on my previous post, I forgot to mention I take Amitrypilene nightly for the Fybromyalgia and a daily dose of Multi-vit, Calcium and Omega3 supplements . I have Yoghurt thrice weekly, and a small amount of lactose-free milk daily. I’ve had acupuncture and physiotherapy for pain, mainly musculo-skeletal associated with improper sleep postures, now I keep up with the exercises myself. I’m in better shape than before thanks to an improved diet, but still have bad (slow and painful) days. I’m a full-time mum; ideally I’d like to while away the days mostly eating, sleeping and reading books, with a pause for some moderate physical exercise, which would be most conducive to my health; realistically we have to just get on with it!

    • With reference to previous 2 posts: Due to recurring duodenal ulcers I not only take Nexium, but also a Probiotic supplement daily.

  4. My lonely thyroid journey:
    I’m 43. Have a family history of allergies/ sinusitis/ other respiratory illnesses. After my second child at age 30 my immune system went into overdrive: nonstop allergic reactions incl to toiletries, unusual hyperactivity, anxiety, and getting ill often. 8 yrs later (2015), I was v ill, mostly with these symptoms:
    severe fatigue & no energy, burning and painful all over (ironic since I usually have a high threshold for pain???) , burning feet, severe sweating in summer esp from face???, constant allergies and rhinitis/sinusitis like colds lasting 6-7wks at a time, sore sensitive itchy eyes, hair loss, severe mucous build-up even with no ‘cold’ causing me to ‘sleep’ bolt upright, (ha ha) insomnia day and night, lack of concentration, focus and bad memory, gastric symptoms (burning painful gums, mouth and throat, seemingly excessive acid esp at night, lots of painful ‘growling and biting’ sensations, burning pains on taking any meds), indigestion, diahorrea a while after every meal, lots of bloating as the day progresses ending with looking like a baby whale by bedtime, slow weight gain, anxiety and depression; all this with no outward symptoms, and others telling me it’s in my mind & I’m a complainer. On taking my daughter for iron check I implored my doc to help. After a continuum of visits to Gp, ENT, Endocrinologist and Gastroligist I was finally putting together the puzzle: I have a Deviated Septum, (started off Hyper first and now) Hashimotos Thyroiditis, Fybromyalgia, Coeliac Disease (as well as Lactose Intolerant), more ongoing tests leaning towards Zollinger Ellison Syndrome, and adding to the already present varicose veins is Pelvic Congestion Syndrome.
    Daily treatment: Levothyroxine 75mg (suitable as I’m Muslim), Nexium 40mg, Loratadine at night. A very low sugar diet, gluten free foods, no caffeine – only water and Rooibos, addition of seeds and nuts (yes the 2Brazil nuts a day), well balanced meals (always incl vegetables – cooked &salad) minimal ‘nightshades’, as well as low impact exercise like yoga. I’m not 100% ‘cured’ – my conditions are manageable, often dependent on life’s daily stresses and routines; side-effects of meds (as per my doc) are ever-present so by weighing the pros and cons I’ve tailored my present treatments. Mostly I’ve changed my mind-set, constantly coaching myself to stay strong, shut out negativity from others and focus on myself. I hope this has been helpful to somebody.

    • Thank you, it has been helpful to me. I feel sick all the time with a lot of fatigue. Thyroid #’s are super high so my Dr changed my dose to 175mcg. Seems like a lot to me. Only issue is I’m loosing weight not gaining, ok I’m fine with that but the fatigue is what really gets me down.

    • Shanaaz Suleman says

      Wow Fathima, I see myself in your description, I have the fibro, duodenal ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis, etc etc etc……. does it ever end⁉️Hashimoto life hey

      • Maggie Clark says

        Have you ever been checked for h pylori? A stool test can confirm diagnosis. Ulcers are caused by this bacteria, which is very common. H pylori is carcinogenic and can lead to stomach cancer and gastritis.

        • Hi Maggie, hope u’v been well during the Pandemic. Yes I’ve had lots of testing (endoscopies, biopsies, etc) done. I’m a Coeliac & have Zollinger Ellison Syndrome, hence the excess acid production & recurring duodenal ulcers. Prior to this I was on ongoing H Pylori tretment, which I abhorred cos of the side-effects. I’d already had a reasonably balanced diet coupled with good chewing & digestion-aid techniques & a little exercise regime etc in place. I researched alot & I was clear on my case, so I kept pushing my Doc to conduct further testing. To my relief there was no H Pylori present, yay! I was relieved & of cos I didn’t tell my Doc ‘I told u so.’ It’s great to know exactly what’s wrong with me. Whatever happens is from the Almighty & I’ll deal with it as best as I can, with His help too. Thanks for your post.

      • Slms Shahnaaz. It’s great to know there’s others like u who understand. Hope u’v been well during the Pandemic. Actually this is a good time to bring this topic up – research is still ongoing regarding the Coronavirus, & how differently people react to it, eg: the elderly, the chronically ill, Hiv patients etc. Here’s how I was:
        I have a v poor immune system. Tho I take the seasonal flu shot (I’ve yet to take the gd advice of having it twice during season), I do get ill if there’s contact with an ill person. Mostly I keep socialsing to a minimum at those times. My family was entirely safe throughout, until we went for holiday in December. Two family members we went to vacation with were ill, & we weren’t aforewarned. Needless to say I was ill the very next day after 1st contact. I had almost every symptom except for vomiting ie: sore throat, cough, a cold, flatulence & diahorrea, loss of taste & smell, headache, difficulty breathing & chest pain. As for the body pain symptom, I usually deal with nerve pain on a daily basis, & this was like being electrocuted. It was amplified to 100times worse, into all my ‘bodily endings’ so to say ie: right up to fingertips, toe tips, ears, my genital area & under my feet- I cud not bath nor wash properly/ sleep on the bed/ walk without resisting the urge to scream. Strangely I also had severe pain in the breasts, particularly going rite thru the nipples (last time this happened was in puberty, so I kept checking if the girls were gonna get perky again!). Whenever I’m fghting a bad (often bronchial) cold I have accompanying vag discharge, like my body is trying so hard to heal. This time it was like thick clear gel in abundance & tho it was around ovulation time this was most unusual as it’s never happened like this! A cough & chest pain persisted long after, and I haven’t been able to regain that balance where my strength is concerned. My throat remains more sensitive to any changes eg: dust entering when vents/windows are opened, a passing whiff of cigarette smoke, the aircon coming on etc.
        I hope this has been informative to others.
        Take care Shahnaaz, stay safe.

    • Omg u sound so like me ever part of my body aches or doesn’t work properly feel like all I do is moan rRheumatoid arthritis osteoarthritis fibromyalgia Spondylitis Sjogren’s desease sciatica depression anxiety restless leg and now Carpal tunnel but as you say people worst of than me take care hope you feel better very soon

    • Linda dabulewicz says

      Why on levo? Goon natural thyroid. If I were you , I would donate test. I did, I have a mitochondrial mutation which cause my similar issues.

  5. Helena Bravo says

    My issue is blood pressure spikes originally attributed to excess levothroxine Ce prescribed by doctor, I was having what they called panic attacks but I’m a pretty well balanced contented person ,eventually it showed up in my bd wk and he reduced my dosage to 75 mg ,attacks went away , I never had any thyroid symptoms, hair fine nails fine energy good diet good but still on thyroid meds 2 yrs ago started to have spike s again ,p pretty bad landed in ERr few times , doc reduced my dosage down to 50 mg , improved for 6 months now back again , my cardio doc said all my heart tests are fine but put me on a beta blocker any how , still having high BP spikes 3 or 4 times week ,my endow says my they tests look good but I’m suspicious that I have become sensitive to meds ,I want to stop them for a month and then see how tests results are ,endow not happy with that but spikes are scary ,,I try to treat with controlled breathing and relax but they can last several hours then ok for another day or 2 then will have another ,when not spiking I’m fine and BP is ok , any thoughts on if my thyroid meds are the culpit???

    • If an endocrinologist did the correct tests (based on the info u provide as well) then the meds would be suitable for you, as well as testing levels every 3 months (TSH, T4free, T3, PTH, Calcium, etc whichever’s applicable to your case).
      Being a generally fit person I was devastated by my thyroid diagnosis and my doc indulged me by allowing me to try alternate/natural treatments. I’d also given up the Pill in my attempt to reduce chronic pain, so that change in itself (after about 11yrs) threw my system into a spin! I did have to return after just 3mnths and begin treatment. I trust my doc, and with his help and wisdom I accepted that all meds have side-effects because they’re man-made; by making sensible lifestyle & dietary changes together with the meds, I realised I could regain some balance in my life. I have in most ways: pain is down by 70%, I get a few hours sleep on most nights compared to ‘never’ previously, and (even tho I can’t run /do much cardio like previously) I am exercising again. Most of all I’ve had a change in mind-set.
      Keeping a diary of your history & symptoms is handy. Be informed – do research, and sometimes even changing your doctor could be better for you.

  6. Helena Bravo says

    My issue is blood pressure spikes originally attributed to excess levothroxine Cecily prescribed by doctor, I was having what they called panic attacks but I’m a pretty well balanced contented person ,eventually it showed up in my bed wk and he reduced my dosage to 75 mg ,attacks went away , I never had ant thyroid symptoms, hair fine nails fine energy good diet good but still on thyroid meds 2 yrs ago started to have spike s again ,p pretty bad landed in ERr few times , doc reduced my dosage down to 50 mg , improved for 6 months now back again , my cardio doc said all my heart tests are fine but put me on a beta blocker any how , still having high BP spikes 3 or 4 times week ,my endow says my they tests look good but I’m suspicious that I have become sensitive to meds ,I want to stop them for a month and then see how tests results are ,endow not happy with that but spikes are scary ,,I try to treat with controlled breathing and relax but they can last several hours then ok for another day or 2 then will have another ,when not spiking I’m fine and BP is ok , any thoughts on if my thyroid meds are the culpit???

    • Hi I got blood tests done 18 months ago and my iron was low and thyroid was showing under active doc put me on iron for3 months and said she would check my thyroid in a year as I had no symptoms, went back after 3 months for iron check and it was a different doctor my iron came back fine but thyroid was still low so she started me on Eltroxin 6 weeks later got bloods done again and she increased my dose from 50 to 75 after 2 weeks on higher dose I started getting awful palpitations and a feeling of needing to get out with shaking and trembling went back to doc sent me to A&E did all heart tests which were fine, thyroid was fine too came away being told I had anxiety, then awful headaches started went back to doc and said I was stopping tablets after a few weeks I felt fine again, then 8 weeks ago went to doc with kidney infection and she did bloods a thyroid came back still under active so she said she would put me on Armour I still haven’t started taking them and am reluctant to do so as I still have no symptoms, all I’m saying is I’m fine when not taking anything and the medications don’t seem to agree with me all I do know is I never want to feel like that again, best of luck to you I hope you are feeling well.

    • Hi I am currently having the same issue. blood pressure spikes. the endo has reduced my dosage several times. everytime I get to the 4 week mark on new med dosage, the same symptoms come back. I have had so many test done between endo, cardiologist, rheumatologist etc. I also believe that I have become sensitive to synthroid. I have been taking the meds for 20 plus years.

  7. Omg the mono, yes i have stories too. And i likely have fibro (my grandmother had it, along with lupus on that whole side of the family). Interesting that thyroid medicine and adderall are around what 4th and 5th (? something near to that) most widely prescribed medications here in the states. Hello brain fog. Hello vitamin deficiencies, local viruses and or local pollutants. Who knows? Interestingly i became very familiar with Indians here on work visas through my work, and it was standard that every single one of them in a few years had a vitamin D crash. Now you may say lifestyle. Yes they went from farming to I.T. work. Haha i kid. No they didn’t, lol. Something is going on here. Maybe a common pathogen maybe an environmental(pollution/pesticide) or food factor, who knows? Good thing is low vitamin D is fixable! I personally recommend Carlsons liquid fish oil. You will also get your vitamin A. And I’m also taking iodine right now. No macro dosing. Just a standard drop a day. I’m a 41 yr old woman and i highly recommend anyone but especially women at my age to get their iodine.

    • How do I go about finding the iodine? And how do I know how much is needed? Also, I’m gagging thinking about taking fish oil capsules 🤦 what other way/forms of vitamin d? Currently i am taking 50,000Btu of B12/weekly to get my calcium levels back up to a higher than normal range. I’ve been at 23 for a good long time and back in February I injured my knee while at the gym and was having SOO much trouble walking and standing little did I know, its a calcium deficiency

    • We need to get the halides ( Chlorine and Fluoride) OUT OF OUR WATER SUPPLIES IN USA as the heaviest halide is IODINE but it gets DISPLACED by the CHLORINE and FLUORIDE. I wish a bunch of hypothyroid ladies or ladies with breast cancer would take over Every City Council and replace the Chlorine and Fluoride in our city water with IODINE. Japanese women don’t get breast cancer or PCOS ( even prostate and stomache cancer is lower in general)like USA women ( and men..prostate/stomach) bc they get at least 10 times the Iodine. Also, USA put BROMINE in our Flour until just a few years ago. Bromine is another Halide ( also displaces Iodine) that is Very Toxic. I bought a house in 2014 and got into my new hot tub all chemically dosed up with the Chlorine and Bromine tablets left by the previous owners….I was in the soup for 30 minutes and IT CRASHED MY THYROID GLAND. I COULD BARELY WALK FOR TWO WEEKS FROM FIBROMYALGIA EXACERBATION. I started taking T3, Iodine tablets ( New Iodine), MAGNESIUM GLUCINATE(500 mg) , MAGNESIUM L-THREONATE (500 mg) and a few Brazil nuts for Selenium. The crash made me gain 10 pounds almost immediately. I went to hell and back with Severe hypothyroid symptoms back in 2010 when I was 49. I gained 60 pounds in less than six months. ( I was always athletic…played college basket ball and ran cross country). I had my first child at 35 and my last at 40 yo and started having Fatigue and Fibro about six months after last child was born. I had 25 out of 25 hypothyroid symptoms in 2010 but couldn’t get (4 different doctors) to Treat me bc I measured “ NORMAL” on the thyroid tests. I was having sleep apnea and could hear the wheezing and fluid on my lungs plus Pitting edema Of ankles….called an old friend of mine that went from Preventative Medicine into Ophthalmology who immediately said “ OF COURSE YOUR THUROID GLAND HAS CRASHED DIANA” and got me on some compounded T3. I’d done a residency with him years ago and he knew my 5 ft 7 lean body and my running 10 miles daily that it just wasn’t like me to suddenly balloon up to 199 pounds in a few months. We knew my body wasn’t converting T4 into T3 so I started taking T3 only.
      I don’t take it all the time now. I do take a good Plant based multivitamin and add my Magnesiums as they aren’t in the multivitamins ( take up too much space). If I get hold of MSG ( hidden as yeast extract) etc it really bothers me. Also, NO ASPARTAME or it will cause me to have a Raynauds attack and a Migraine. I keep a good water filter on my frig to filter out the Chlorine and Fluoride. I use a fluoride free toothpaste and mouthwash. Eat organic. I’ve now been injured twice ( car hit me riding my bicycle and busted my writing wrist/hand) back in 2009 and then a 17 yo ran a Stop sign and injured my back in 2015. I can’t run anymore. Have meralgia paresthetica from my first pregnancy which never resolved. I do get outside and Mow the lawn with a push mower ( electric which doesn’t rattle the titanium plate and nine screws in my right wrist) for exercise. However, I still have a phobia about being Hit while walking or riding a bicycle on the bike path again…..but need to get off my butt and get more exercise at…almost age 60.
      A lot of people are Vit D deficient because they are Magnesium deficient. I dare you to look up Magnesium Deficiency symptoms and you’ll see many of your Hypothyroid and Fibro symptoms. I almost Died and hot shot internal med Doctor was just ignoring me going into myxedema stages because I measured “normal “ on thyroid tests…but he Did send me for a Brain MRI when I started having Seizures a week after he Rx’d Lisinopril ( for the new HTN) and HCTZ ( diuretic for the edema)…THEY STRIPPED WHAT TINY BIT OF MAGNESIUM I JAD LEFT IN MY BODY! Lisinopril strips Magnesium and Potassium. Diuretics Strip all minerals and vitamins because you Pee out everything. I was so fatigued and depressed that I honestly didn’t have the energy to RESEARCH THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM…but the sleep apnea scared the crap outta me. I honestly thought I was going to die but I still had two school age beautiful daughters to keep fighting and figure out my illness. ( one doctor laughed at me and told me Fibro was all in my head back in 2007…I weighed about 118 pounds then). After the hot tub crash I can definitively say that my Fibromyalgia is directly related to my Thyroid gland function. MINERAL and Vitamin IMBALANCES ARE A BIG PART OF THE PUZZLE. Lobbyists for big chemical and big corporations pay off our Senators and Representatives to Allow TOXIC SPRAYS/CHEMICALS IN OUR FOOD AND DRINK SUPPLY. So yeah, why was tRump and republicans hating on Canada for NOT wanting Milk and other Toxic food from USA? If I lived close enough to Canada, I’d be shopping there for my groceries instead of USA. The best I can manage is buy Organics and try to eat as clean as possible.

      • Does your fridge water filter clear all of the fluoride and chlorine out? We have one but I’m not sure it does that. I think reverse osmosis is the only way to get rid of most of fluoride and chlorine from tap water. Once it’s added in, it’s hard to get out.

  8. This is all very interesting. I’ve suffered on and off with Hypothyroidism since my 30’s, sometimes my levels are low and I need Levothyroxin other times normal so not needed. My mum is Hypothyroid and is on 100mg Levothyroxin, her sister had it so bad they removed her thyroid gland and my youngest sister is hyperthyroid. So it runs in my family. I’ve been so wiped out recently, have taken some leave from work this week but all I seem to be able to do is sleep, anywhere between 10-16hrs maybe only getting up once for bathroom. I have no get up and go which is frustrating as have so many things I need to be doing. My feet are shocking they hurt when I stand up and are so dry and flaky. sometimes I feel like I’m going to fall over and stumble like a drunk without drinking. My skin has always been a problem as have 4 out of 5 types of eczema which I’ve never grown out of like the doctors said I would, i’m 51, I have to keep my fingernails so short to stop causing more damage to my skin, but that’s not foolproof. I get pins and needles in my hands and feet and they get extremely cold. I know this means going back to doctors to get bloods done again, i’m supposed to every 4mths except the docs don’t remind me, it’s not been checked for a couple of years. I just thought i’d check my symptoms and had them all and found this thread, so thank you as I really appreciate this post. I thought it was my Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue playing up but believe it’s been my thyroid all along.

    • I developed Mononucleosis at age 30 . Since then my body went down. I became very fatigued during mono.. . I was very ill. I’ve noticed a lot of changes during and after Mono. I developed chronic fatigue syndrome. My body went into a state of fatigue shock. My hair fell off. I was looking at my hairbrush always full of clumps of hair falling. My family member found the shower clogged up. He showed me all my hair. My body hurt all over during. I couldn’t sleep , I suffered from insomnia. I took sleeping pills to help me go to sleep at nite. Everyday I took 1000 mg of Ibuprofen. For the next 3 to 5 years I suffered . I had severe diarrhea, then constipation. I gained a lot of weight . I had high fever and all my lymph nodes were infected. I had the worst Mono . I broke out into a whole body rash and all my bones and joints were in horrible pain. I wanted to just die. My body was being attacked . The cause of the Mono was the EpsteinBarr virus. Somehow I contracted that whole in College days. 3 to 5 years , That’s about how long it took me to get better. I became very weak. Then I went to see a psychologist and he gave me many tests. I was a mess basically overall. During that times as my body went through all these chaos , my dr told me that my thyroid is unbalanced and not working as well as it should. Now today 2020 , I am still having lots of problems with my libido and my stomach. I cannot go to the bathroom right bc all nerve conduction and electrolytes have slow down. I did research and since my thyroid is called hypothyroidism, it means that all metabolic reactions inside my body are working slow not normal. I recently discovered that today in doing my research. As I researched I discovered that I will need Tyrosine for my Thyroid to function better at optimal. I will be seeing my Endicrine doctor and take a thyroid tests to find out I am now 60 years old. I suffer from something called Gastroparesis due to my thyroid malfunction. I’m glad I discovered this on my research.

      • This sounds exactly like my history. Forward from Mono/Epstein Barr at age 30 to age 65 with a drawer full of prescription meds for conditions like renal failure, hypothyroidism, chronic pain, fatigue, spinal stenosis, arthritis, hypertension, venous insufficiency, weight gain…
        I feel for you. I know your distress.

    • I thought that you shouldn’t stop it ever.. I do testing every year and it’s always been steady, last year’s tsh was 3.4 this year it jumped to 10.31 not sure what is going on with me. But I really don’t want to take medication for the rest of my life.

      • Sandrella Bible says

        Have you been tested for Hashimoto’s Disease. I have it and it always fluctuates making it difficult to maintain because sometimes I need medication, Synthroid or NP Thyroid.

    • Debby Gwyllt-smith says

      You should maybe be checked for multiple sclerosis

    • Linda Corbett says

      One thing I do know is. I had an IODINE drink to Kill my thyroid. Then have been on 1mg/100 mcg Levithyroxine for over 20 years. I understand your thyroid can start acting up around pre menopausal. I remember one week getting my meds mixed up and thought I’d been taking them and had been taking folic acid instead. I had been having a nasty week not being able to stay awake through daytime. On the 7th day I woke in the night my brain was doing a number on me. I checked my weekly pill bottle and realised I had not had thyroid meds for a week. Once back on meds regularly I got back to my normal cycle.. much better,

    • Michelle Schlosser says

      I am having same symptoms as when I was originally diagnosed with bad thyroid but 2 docs now say my levels are in range. I feel like I’m losing my mind & sick as a dog. How can I get T3 to see if that would help?

  9. Greesh Joe says

    I’m a 22 year old woman, I suffer most of the hypothyroid Symptoms (constipation and bloating, hair fall, brittle nails with ridges and absence of moon, delayed menstrual cycle, mood swings, cold sensitivity etc.) except the fact that I’m underweight, no matter how I try to put on weight it never works. The best part is my TSH, T3, T4 are all on normal range (TSH slightly on hypo range but still normal), every physician I approached said I’m perfectly alright and now my loved ones says it’s all in my head. I know I’m not “perfectly” alright, it’s just that I need them diagnosed the right way. I have no history of PCOS, calcium and HB are all normal. Any comments??

    • I would also get your Vitamin D checked. My was very very low and I had a lot of your symptoms. After building it up again I feel a lot better.

      • Cassie Tomme says

        I also had the same symptoms and I was told I had a vitamin d deficiency!

        • Tina Marie Julig says

          I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism back in 2010 but suffered with it sense 2001. What my problem is my primary put me on lyvothyroxin and i haven’t had a period sense 4 yrs ago. I accidentally took 2 of my meds because i got it mixed up with another med and i am having some bleeding. It makes me think that my dosage has been wrong this whole time. Has this happened to anyone else? And what should i do?

    • Toni George says

      I can relate. Those were my exact symptoms. My TSH level was on the low side. So I could not be prescribed Synthroid. I just started talking Iodine drops and it has changed my life. I get iodine from my organic market. I feel like telling every woman with these symptoms to try Iodine and vitamin D3. I have more energy now. I feel anew. I hope my hair comes back! My nails are better.

      • Ms Martha says

        Thanks, Toni George, I am definitely going to try the Iodine drops. All my labs are perfectly normal despite my laundry list of symptoms.

      • Hi there
        If u do t mind me asking your tsh low why couldn’t you have synthroid?

    • Diane M Rangel says

      Sometimes these ranges they come up with are not the ranges that should be there for one as everyone is different. These are average ranges according to the average in the world. Even close to out of what they say it should be should be considered. These ranges are changed sometimes as well. You should listen to Dr. Robert Morse on you tube whom is a naturepath who really understands the body
      Sometimes it’s actually even pituitary related, a throid problem that is, as it is the master gland that tells the others what to do or controls how they function. He has these wonderful wild crafted herbs thay will help your entire endocrine system or all glands perform properly, individual ones for pituitary related thyroid problems or specifically low thyroid function. My case was hyperthyroid brought on by a gluten allery which then developed into Celiac’s and the I developed Graves disease which is hyperthyroid with a goiter. I started eating fruits and veggies which opened my kidneys filters which got my lymph system moving which detoxed my thyroid. Goiter gone and thyroid symtoms gone. They said I needed my thyroid removed in the regular medical community which would mean depending on synthetic hormones for the rest of my life. I still have my thyroid it just needed a detox. The lymph system was backed up which was the goiter. After listening to this guy I understood the problem. Thyroid problems ate sometimes a genetic weakness but it does not have to show up if your kidneys are filtering out your cell waste from your lymph system. The lymph system is poorly understood in allopathic medicine but it is 3 x larger than the blood system and is basically a waste management system. Just like if your toilet is clogged but you keep using it. The waste will go all over the house. Waste is acidic and toxic and your glands which apparently have a genetic weakness are breaking down first. Listen to many videos by this man, change to a no protein diet which includes most grains meat. Like gluten it is a protein. Proteins are sticky and that is what clogs the body including your kidneys filters and the waste floods your house, or your body the breakdown begins usually in the genetic weaknesses. I have cured arthritis pain even with 3 herniated discs from acids just chewing them up but without inflammation because my kidney filtration is so high now at 126 when I was in kidney failure when I developed hyperthyroid I no longer feel pain from these as my inflammation is so low now. I had my bladder fall into my vaginal canal from weakened connective tissue at 39 and then the same area in the low back started breaking down to a bobne on bone hernia and worked up the spine then came leaky gut and then found out I genetically cannot breakdown gluten very well which became toxic to me and so and so on till Graves. I had had it by then I was so miserable. After much trial and error I found doctor Morse and all my issues are gone and I feel like a child again. Pain free and sleeping like a baby. Outr world is so full of chemicals too. Our med system is designed to cover symtoms instead of getting to the root issue. It’s about pills and money. God gave us the medicines we need and this guy knows his stuff. Give s listen. It will take time but you will go in the right direction and feel better and better. He says thyroid is easy to fix. I had much more than thyroid but I know how crappy it can make you feel. My point is you should feel better much faster than I did and be healthy from now on and can share this with your family. Dr. Robert Morse nd on you tube. Listen to him. Good luck

    • Sandrella Bible says

      You may want to be tested to find out if you might have Hashimoto’s Disease. We have a lot in common and I have it.

    • Get your thyroid antibodies tested as well

      • Why are we to have thyroid antibodies tested? What does it tell us if they are high and whats to be done?

    • Ask the doctor if it would hurt them for you to feel better I don’t believe everyone’s numbers should have to be in there range. Omg 😱 can’t they let you try a small dose to see if it helps. It’s not like you can sell it. I DONT understand doctors that won’t listen blood 🩸 work is not always right.

    • Go read my comments up above under DIANA about minerals. Especially MAGNESIUM. The cheap kind from local Mart or grocery ( 100-200 mg of mag citrate will help constipation) but try getting another 800-1000 mg day of cheated Magnesium glucinate or gluconate and also get a 98-99% pure form of powdered Mag L-Threonate. Take a PLANT Based multi vitamin ( synthetics are a waste of money). If you stay Cold a lot then I would also buy some New Iodine capsules and take one in the morning…can add more accordingly. Your thyroid gland tells metabolism and thermostat how to work. Need Magnesium ( also trace Selenium…I eat two or three Brazil nuts daily), selenium and a few other trace things to convert your natural T4 into the Active T3 thyroid hormone. Stay away from Diet drinks. The aspartame is neurotoxic and will crash your thyroid. So will MSG. Eat organic and as clean as possible. Stop eating out….prepare your own meals.

    • Jane louise mutton says

      make sure your blood test is early in the morning eg 8.30. and try and get more than just TSH , T4 and T3 as well.

  10. Morning!

    I haven’t had time to browse all comments, so apologies if this has already been written here. I just wanted to add that for those who are suffering low energy, painful muscles & joints, among other symptoms, it may be worth getting checked for HperPARAthyroidism – it is not a thyroid problem but a parathyroid problem, it causes to much calcium to be released into the blood stream, affecting every part of your body.

    Calcium is not a check that is often carried out in a general blood test – I was undiagnosed for at least 15 years and only discovered it when I paid for private blood tests.

    If your doctor keeps telling you your thyroid levels are normal please ask to be checked for calcium and parathyroid hormones.

    • Thanks I have all the symptoms and health issues pile up and I believe they at this point just write me off as I have chronic deg disc disease myofascial pain arthritis my neck is so bad my arms go numb burn shoot for weeks morn til night from the trapped nerves in neck lower back as well sciatic is a constant 5 out of 10 and I just live with it. I have gained 30 pounds the last few years and wrote it off to the pain and inflammation and age turning 54 and nursing accident was in 04. Thanks will push to be heard again. I also ha e cmv so immune system is nil and constant trying to bring it up. peace

  11. Just this last week I watched Ty and Charlene Bollingers “the Truth About Vaccines docu series and Dr. Mikovitz was talking about how vaccines have had some really strange effects on our immune systems and linking them to MS and chronic fatigue syndrome and others.
    Years ago doctors only prescribed thyroid for short time periods. I think they knew it would stop it from working at all. They also used to prescribe Lugols for short time periods. They knew there was a deficiency in soils in some areas of the country. I don’t think they’re being taught this any more.

    • Hi Elaine I was told
      7 years ago
      That I have hypo thyroid and honestly those
      Thyroid pills don’t
      Do me any good I don’t see any difference in it whether I take it or not
      I have been researching for a while
      Now because I know there’s a way to
      Fix this problem and our bodies are meant to
      Naturally heal
      Can you send me
      More info
      On your research? I would like to
      Read it and look into it
      Because it’s very interesting to me and I know there’s gotta be some
      Sort of
      Answer to

  12. I’m a 77 year old woman on no meds currently. Never taken anything but thyroid and some antibiotics a few times. Wish I’d never, ever taken Levoquin but doctor made me think it was a life or death thing but it wasn’t at all – he never even tested for a bacteria and it was just a clogged up sinus infection caused by clarintin.
    I’ve been on and off thyroid meds most of my adult life. One doctor told me that it was either Synthroid or kelp for the rest of my life.
    Wish I’d just stuck to kelp and other supplements. Problem was I could only find grayish kelp tabs back then and I had to take a lot just to keep from gaining. I think we need the dark greenish brown powder but I don’t know where to find it now. I still have a couple of months of it left but don’t know where to get it then. My nails have improved tremendously along with my horrible callused feet since stopping my meds and doing this and a few more things.
    I’ve been taking now brand magnesium citrate for years and that helps with sleep and the bowels. I’m eating more fruits and Brazil nuts and other nuts. I gained a lot of weight my first year off westhroid. It and naturethroid would give me awful anxiety if my dosage wasn’t right and I didn’t know that the dosage is weight dependent so when I lost 40 lbs. my doc should have lowered it. When overdosed she says you can actually stop losing and maybe even gain. I just stopped losing and dealt with really weird sudden anxiety attacks in my gut that I couldn’t stand. I did manage to start losing again after she lowered my dose and it was summer and I was out mowing three times a week. I feel like maybe you should have your levels checked often and really good frequent communication with your doctor and Medicare doesn’t really allow that. Westhroid is Naturethroid without the coating and there’s something in that coating that bothers me so when they quit making it for about two years , I was up a creek, anyway. Amour had never worked for me as it caused me to gain weight very quickly. Synthroid used to work but didn’t any more and levothroid was the worst. So I threw up my hands and went back to natural stuff but the supplement I chose wasn’t enough. So after learning that it’s actually the liver that’s responsible for completing the whole process of conversion, I decided to work on slowly cleaning it. I’m very slowly losing some weight now (much better than gaining a lb. a week). My nails have gotten really strong but I still have some longitudinal ridges in my thumbnails and a little bit of numbness in them and my big toes. The kelp seems to work better when I add aloe Vera gel right from the leaf to it. (Most commercial aloe gel is worthless). Bill Coates brand is not but it is in plastic. Aloe works synergistically to aid absorption of whatever you’re taking or eating so don’t take it with pharmaceuticals or other harmful things. It’s really great for inflammation and many, many things. A friend of mine was healed of chrones years ago with Bill Coats whole leaf gel and her scar tissue was gone, too. (We didn’t have Roundup in our food and environment then, though.) I bandaided a leaf on an incision from knee surgery on my knee in 1992 and it healed rapidly and left no scar.
    Now, when I got disgusted with armour, back in 2011, I decided to do kelp plus Lugols iodine using one drop in water and after maybe 9 months, my feet at 67 years old looked and felt like baby feet. Before that my feet had thick callouses on the sides of the heels with splits in the callouses every 1/2 inch and some times I’d even peel on them and then they’d be raw. Those babies were completely gone. My heels have never been that bad since then but meds don’t keep them completely at bay and I can’t help but wonder if that’s not a really good indicator of the overall health of your metabolic health. (Getting ready to google that). I’ve been a little concerned about taking Lugols internally so when I bought more about 9 months ago, I decided to just apply it topically as you do when you do the skin patch test for it. I think it is very helpful but my feet aren’t as good as they were before when I took one to three drops in a glass of water. I think my need for it is much higher now because I’m holding my iPhone for maybe several hours a day, now. I nearly always turn it off at night but I need to get a device to make it not as harmful. Any suggestions on that? (Search for Dr. Bill Rea’s writings on this. )
    One thing I am wondering about the natural form of thyroid is whether my body might be just that allergic to pork. I’m trying to stay my course with really good kelp, aloe and diet (mostly organic foods, mostly gfree and raw goats milk and very little healthy sweetness – almost no white sugar – I might splurge two or three times a month when out with friends on a cupcake or a piece of pizza.
    One of the reasons I’m posting this is that I learned something on this site I never heard before. Someone posted that thyroid meds deplete your minerals. Is that true? I’ve never heard that before. I knew that about high blood pressure meds. They’re notorious for that but most patients are never told that – they actually deplete the very minerals your body needs to balance it. Those meds should have to have a huge bold warning on the bottle itself. Statins are awful and since the patents are about to expire on them, they have produced a “new improved one” that is actually going to be worse. Alzheimer’s drugs are awful and all the anti psychotic ones are reprehensible. My nutrionally oriented internist warned me back in the mid 70’s about pharmaceuticals. He told me Synthroid was ok but not it’s generic form. I think maybe it’s just too difficult to hit the right dosages with Synthroid or maybe they’ve changed the formula or ingredients.
    Also, I don’t use any chlorine bleach, Lysol or artificial fragrances in anything in my house or clothing. No pesticides or herbacides, either. I make all those from natural things like borax and vinegar. I’m convinced that if you want to be well, you have to get these things out of your environment as Dr. Rea advised. It’s so difficult because of what’s in our water supply and air but baby steps can help. So I suggest getting your diet much improved and your house and clothing free of toxins. Getting a little air and 30 minutes of sunlight without anything between your eyes and the sunlight (can be indirect like under a covered porch between 9-6 std time everyday – your pineal gland has to have this in order to stimulate your pituitary gland (Courtesy of my very dear nutritionally oriented MD, the late Dr. James R. Hill. Dr. Hill used to teach a course in this at SW Medical University in Dallas and he used to require all his patients to read it eliminate soft drinks and sugar, including fructose, artificial sweeteners and alcohol.)

    Now, that’s my advice along with good water and sleep.

    I would certainly appreciate any insight or advice from any of you.

    • Thank you so much I enjoyed your comment very much

    • Thank you for your post. Very informative.

    • Thank you, very interesting!

      • Karen Tompkins says

        I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism approximately one year ago. I decided not to take any drugs. Instead, I decided to take Thytrophin PMG, which is a Glandular by Standard Process. Dr. David Williams at recommended this for any type of Thyroid problems for the whole 15 years plus that I received his monthly newsletter. He also recommended Formula II Iosol which is iodine meant to be taken internally. Recently, I doubled the amount I was taking to 4 drops. As a result, my TSH has gone from 3.2 to 2.6. Not dramatic; however, it is going in the right direction.

        I get my lab work done through utilizing LabCorp for my blood work, then discuss the results with a Doctor from LifeExtension. I get a lot for information regarding what is going on with my body this way than I ever did by going to the Doctor’s office. I get the tests done that I need then pay for them myself. My health is worth every penny.

        Hope this helps.

    • In reading your note, I wondered if you are lactose intolerant? The natural thyroid medications were recently redesigned and now includes some form of dairy, to my best understanding. Their is a newer thyroid medication that might be worth discussing with your doctor…. tirosint. It has no additives and is a bit more expensive but some people that have problems do find this works for them because it is so clean. Good luck

      • I was wondering about Armour. It used to work so well for me. For over 15 yrs I have never been ill. All of a sudden I’m having health issues. I thought it was I needed an adjustment. But this sounds very plausible since the adjustment didn’t work. I’m sicker now.

  13. I am so tired.
    I have tested positive (2x) with ANA.
    First round, WBC was marked high.
    Second round, WBC returned to “normal” but still ANA present. 2 months apart – BUT my VitD dropped drastically.
    Also – My thyroid – was looked at a year ago – enlarged. one node needs to be re-examined (but due to covid19-can’t go just yet).
    Also – I have an IUD that could not be removed (times up) because my uterus is shut. (yep. shut).
    Also – I am constantly constipated now. (have up to about 6 months ago, always been just fine in this area). but now, pellets and bleeding. (hemmoroids now)
    Is my inside going crazy??
    My doc? says it’s age. WTF.
    I’m 49.
    I did have h-pylori.
    Anyone have any idea what in the “””” is going on??

    • I would get tested for other autoimmune diseases – Sjogrens syndrome in particular

      • Lois Shew says

        I’m a 84 year old female and tested Positive For Sjogrens 16 years Ago. At that time my Rheumatologist wanted me to start taking a pharma drug but I Declined. Blood work and regular office visits every 3 months revealed antibodies suggesting Sjogrens. According to the doctor my last 2 tests showed my Sjogrens is now Dormant.
        Has anyone else on this site ever heard of having it and later showing Dormant?? Thanks and stay safe🥰

    • Angela Barry says

      You should see a Naturopathic Doctor. Very likely you have thyroid concerns and low stomach acid (the two are often interconnected)

    • With h-pilori it’s likely you have high acidity, perhaps with more heartburns.
      Have you tried to rid off those guys?

      • Marie Grenier says

        Wrong, h-pylori can not live in an acidic environment. The stomach needs to be very acidic as to digest. H-pylori will work it’s way in producing something that will lower the acidity in the stomach in order to live.

    • Charmaine, Get the IUD out! Especially if it is copper! Maybe a hysterectomy will be the only way to get it out. See a homeopathic doctor and make yourself get sunshine, exercise and clean water!

    • I would have your calcium and pth drawn at the same time and look for hyperparathyroidism. Low vitamin d that won’t come up even with supplementation can be a sign. Its different then hypothyroidism. I know you can have both because I did. One surgery later I just have hypothyroidism to deal with now. H. Pylori is highly contagious so not concerned about that, just happens. The IUD, I second getting that out asap. Never trusted those things.

  14. I have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism but my doctors only look at numbers. I need to lose 20 pounds and cannot. I also suffer with RA and treat my ailments holistically. I watch what I eat but I am still sensitive to something but have not figured out yet. Since I refuse to take medications the doctors have no answers. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    • Ask them to check your Antibodies too.

    • Because you also have RA, it’s likely that you have autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s), and your doctor can test for this by looking at TPO antibodies and other labs. I also suffer from both of these, and I have lowered my inflammatory markers and need for meds significantly through diet—gut dysbiosis can exacerbate autoimmune disorders. My endocrinologist put me on an AIP elimination diet to help with my treatment.

      • Mary Murphy says

        Could you explain what gut dysbiosis is and also AIP elimination diet? Maybe give some references? I have low thyroid but like others, my docs up until now have only looked at my #’s. Also have gut issues so am interested in this possible connection. Thanks!

        • Angela Barry says

          The Automimmune Paleo diet removes all common food sensitivities to help with immune system function in autoimmune concerns. Gut dysbiosis means you have the wrong types of bacteria growing in different parts of your intestines. Often nutrient absorption and elimination are key to balancing out autoimmune issues, such as thyroid ones. You should see a Naturopathic Doctor

        • AIP is often referred to as Autoimmune Protocol.

    • Have them check Reverse T3 and T4 Also, try nature thyroid or armour…

    • Check for gluten intolerance. I was diagnosed for 16 years with a multitude of problems, anything from Lupus to RA to you name it. Took a lot of medicine for those ailments for a lot of years. I ended up being gluten intolerant and as soon as I switched my diet, all symptoms disappeared.

      • I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidsm. Doc prescribed synthroid. What is a good diet? I eat all the veg types and fruits, nuts and grains, yet i am reading that some vegs, grains,beans and fruits not good. I am confused.

    • Lizzie smith says

      Cut folic acid out of your diet. It is the synthetic form of folate and is used to fortify many processed foods.

    • Michelle Gellman says

      Try going gluten free and also reduce or eliminate processed foods.

  15. Jeanne Hogan says

    You are SO right about doctors under treating thyroid issues. I have battled with doctors for thirty years after having the right lobe of my thyroid, and para thyroid removed. I was put on synthroid to suppress the left lobe. Over tbree months, I had all the symptoms of hypothroidism and had gained 30 pounds. When I went back to my doctor, given a T3/T4 and told my levels were in “normal range”. I have been telling people for years, you CANNOT go by only numbers, but symptoms too. Thank you so much for this article.

    • Marie Grenier says

      I follow you… I say the same things to doctors but they do not hear us… they are so ignorant, I get angry and frustrated. They treat lab tests instead of people! They always overlook symptoms, they do not even ask for your symptoms. I have them all for years and I still have to fight as to get treated. Finally, I treat myself… I seem to lack manganese that is involved in making the thyroxine. Manganese is also involved in sugar metabolism and I have a problem with that. Purchased some thyroid tissue… along with a more complete formula. Can’t wait to see the results.

    • Hello, I had my parathyroid removed and right thyroid lobe removed as well. I currently went to do lab work for results on thyroid function. Are you saying to make sure he give me meds for thyroid in case lab work come back normal. I do have brain fog and weight gain since my surgery.

    • if hypothyroidism is a thyroid gland hormone deficiency and your thyroid hormones are measured and found to be sufficient, then why do you still feel your symptoms are hypothyroidism and not something else? If you were prescribed something like synthroid, would it not raise your thyroid hormones and result in hyperthyroidism?

      My thyroid was determined to be just a titch low and my doctor prescribed a low dose of thyroid. I still have fatigue most of the time and am moderately overweight and no matter what I eat or how active i am, it has no impact on my weight, not a single pound. I’m even on a fairly strong stimulant(for ADD) and my weight has remained constant. It’s made me wonder about my thyroid, but my doc says it is all good now. Most of the meds I take should, in theory be activating, that is to say, give a persona boost and make them feel more energetic, more motivated. But I am tired all the tine, i can nap frequently, I feel lethargic and have difficulty motivating myself to get up and do much of anything unless i absolutely have to, and sometimes even then, whatever it is doesn’t get done. so fed up with it.

      • Sounds like you are taking T4, but it isn’t getting converted by your body into T3. If that’s the case, you can ask to be put on T3 as well. For some people, it makes a world of difference.

      • Hi Robert, just curious. Have you been checked for sleep apnea? Daytime somnolence is a very frequent symptom of sleep apnea. It is also frequently found in individuals who are overweight and can lead to many other health issues such as hypertension. Your PCP can refer you for a sleep study.

  16. Shaik nazeema says

    I have heard ace tomuch.legs pain and water growing in my face.

  17. Hi, my family is getting treated for an h. pylori infection of the gut. In researching about this nasty bacteria, I have seen it connected to thyroid issues especially autoimmune (hashimotos and graves), diabetes-reactive hypoglycemia, ms, back pain between t6 &t7, headache & migraine, vision issues, and the list goes on. The intestines have hormone ducts that the bacteria get in to, including thyroid producing ones, and keep the hormone from being manufactured properly. The body attacks the bacteria and maybe because it’s in the thyroid hormone duct then attacks anything making the thyroid hormone including your thyroid resulting in your becoming autoimmune. I read about a pharmacist who had Hashimotos and her thyroid antibodies were very high. A few years later she found she had an h pylori infection and was treated for it. Then she had an annual test on the antibodies and found they were extremely low. Get the h pylori stool test. It is more reliable than the breath test and don’t get the blood test if you’ve ever been treated for it. You will still have antibodies. Many people have to get treated more than once. It’s hard to get rid of, and communicable by body fluids so you should have your whole household treated.
    I’ve been hypothyroid for at least 13 years. I’m now doing the h pylori natural protocol (the antibiotic regimen no longer works well even according to regular drs) hoping this will help my symptoms. I have used Armor-it is only porcine, not bovine, and when they changed the formula a lot of people had issues with it. You can get the dessicated bovine online. Check out “stop the thyroid madness” website for where you can order it online. No script required but start low and stay there for several weeks. Don’t jump in with a high dosage-you could give yourself a heart attack!
    You should be supporting your thyroid with selenium, iodine (oral form not the red liquid you paint on a cut)-again start low on the iodine-250 or 500 MCG (not mg!) and go up from there SLOWLY. It will impact how much of any hypothyroid meds you’re taking so after a while you may need to lower what you’re taking.
    There are thyroid tests you can do at home without a drs request but they will probably not be covered by insurance. Educate yourself and be your own best advocate. Most drs are hugely busy and just go with what they’ve been taught. If you have symptoms and fall outside of their range, you are normal. No! Give your dr the example of two patients taking Advil. One may need a half a tab to get pain relief and another need 1000mg motrin. Everybody’s different.
    Good luck, and blessings.

    • Stacey Jamison says

      thanks so much for info. I was about to try a supplement that has 12mg iodine and 50 mcg lithium. & 150 mg of thyroxin free bovine and

      • Claire Newport says

        Hi Stacey,
        How did the supplement work? Have you lost any weight and can you give me details,

    • Dandona214 says

      Hello so you think if you have h pylori it might be the cause of the thyroid symptoms? I have h pylori and sibo and am going to treat them naturally and my thyroid numbers are all normal but not in the optimal levels and I thought if I fixed my gut problems that should improve my levels??? If you could help me I would really appreciate it

  18. KATHY Abramovitz says

    In 1971 a goiter appeared. I was 23 years old. The benign tumor and the right lobe of my thyroid were surgically removed. I did not require levoythyroxine until 1984. I have been on 100 MCG tablets until now, 2020. My thyroid test is ok, says MD. However I have vertical lines on my fingernails, my skin is so dry that it hurts. I often can’t sleep if I don’t get up and apply body lotion. I am always tired. Sleep an inordinate amount night and day. I have trouble getting myself to do things… clean up my room, practice my violin, things that I like to do, if only I wasn’t so tired. The worst, possible low thyroid problem is 30 pounds of extra body fat. I’ve tried every diet. I’ve tried everything. I can’t get this weight off for good. I’m 73. Maybe that explains it. I would appreciate all comments. Thanks for listening.

    • Tina pool Flint says

      I know it’s so hard to lose weight and keep it off when we get older but 30 lbs isn’t so bad it’s more important to have your thyroid working good.Have you ever thought about getting a second opinion from another Dr?Just a thought I know it’s not any fun going to the Dr let alone one you don’t usually see.I can relate with you wanting to lose weight just don’t focus on it.I hope you feel better soon you seem like a real sweet lady.

    • Kathy, Your MD is probably basing their opinion on your TSH and not considering how important your T3/T4 labs are to you being optimal on your meds. Seldom does someone’s meds requirement stay the same for 35 years. You may need more now. Suggestion: Have a serious discussion with your doctor about how you feel. If they don’t suggest a change, you need to find a Functional Medecine doctor who can work with you. If there isn’t one in your area, there are many who will work with you over the phone. You need to digest the information in this site Hypothyroid Mom. There is a ton of great information to help you understand how to work with your doctor. Best of luck to you! You can loose weight, have more energy and regain your life once you are optimal on your meds! I know first hand. 🙂

    • Hey ladies,

      I have thyroid issues as well and ended up making my own lotion because nothing worked. I Take a cup of beef tallow and melt it with 1/4 cup olive oil, let cool and add lavender essential oil. Been a life saver! I went through every kind of lotion on the market, not to mention all that lotion is toxic. :O)

    • It may be that the T4 you are taking is not being converted by your body to T3. You can ask your doc to prescribe T3 in addition to T4.

  19. Matilda chisley says

    I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism 4 years ago and was put on methimzole 10 mg 2 times a day now I have shortness of breath cant swallowing half of the time don’t have any symptoms of hyperthyroidism but have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism what is going on could my doctor be wrong I am not going to take my medication anymore it makes me feel worst please help me with this

    • Matilda, you probably have Hashimotos disease, which eventually causes hypothyroidism. Mine started with hyper symptoms and it seemed like overnight went to hypo! (It was actually a few years, but when it hit, it was all at once). My goiter has gotten so large with three inch nodules, that it is pushing all around my esaphogus. My surgery was delayed due to covid19, but I will be having it removed next month. You should research Hashimotos. Good luck.

      • If you can keep half of your thyroid try no to take it all out, I had mine removed and I feel terrible every day so tired, depressed the weight gain is so bad i blew up like a balloon, my face looks like the full moon, my doctor says everything looks fine, such bull my medication is levothyroxine I cannot loose weight at all, and no energy. HELP

    • Mariah Williamson says

      I have been brought to this page by googling my symptoms because I can’t get any doctor to tell me what is wrong with me it’s so frustrating I honestly don’t know what else to do I have been hoping from doctor to doctor all my blood work is coming back good stress test good but something is truly wrong with me and I’m hoping the right person sees this and can maybe put me in a direction I haven’t went yet on what it could be so some of my symptoms like having freezing hands but a red sweaty face this symptom increases tremendously around my cycle time and I’ve also gained so much weight I thought maybe I was pre Menopausal or going through it I’m 35 doctors say I’m to young that’s not the problem all my other symptoms include very dry skin around my finger nails and recently I’ve started to notice severe dryness in my feet atleast 2-3 days out of the month maybe more I lay in my bed with no interest in anything like I struggle to get the energy to go to the bathroom I sleep pretty much the whole 2-3 days I’ve had unexplained swelling in my knees which are now popping and hurting I sometimes experience shortness of breath and just about every night in the middle of the night I’m in the kitchen eating, most of the time not remembering it (husband mentions it) and eating so much that it starts coming up my throat when I lay back in bed which causes me to kinda choke cough kinda like having heartburn which I use to eat about 3 packs of rolaids a day until I was finally put on a medication for that which is the only symptom I’ve been able to get rid of I’m so tired of feeling sick and tired and having no answers I’m starting to fear that this is going to be my life until the end and so I cry and cry I have 3 boys and me bring me isn’t fair to them I’m missing out on so much and they are teenagers so I don’t have much more fun time with them if anyone could please give me any advice or have any ideas on anything please let me know I don’t know what else to do thanks

  20. Have any of you had hair loss from taking Levothyroxine. I’ve been put on this medication due to a T4 Low/Normal blood test result.
    Have been experiencing fatigue and hair thinning. I have read that hair loss is a side effect and don’t want my hair to thin even more.
    This is all new to me and I’ve not seen any comments about thinning hair from taking this drug from anyone.

    • Hi Maggie
      I’ve been on Levothyroxine 75 for cover 4 years and I’ve slowly lost my hair at the front I get upset about it but my doctor just has the attitude thats a side effect I would love to stop taking it but the consequences are not good
      I don’t want to worry you but I’m also tired all the time my facial hair is very peachy and my eye brows are sparse My skin is so dry it peels off my face spent a fortune in creams etc My mum had it and so is my daughter but again my GP it’s not hereditary I got fed up with not being taken seriously so I take repeat prescriptions My hormone levels must be way out I first noticed my hair thinning around the same time I start on Levo but once again GP didn’t bother I asked to see a dermatologist who confirmed that thyroid was the cause Go back to your GP Maggie as I shall as soon as this virus has gone and we have got back to wherever were
      Good luck

      • Hello Maggie,
        Yes, I too have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism 17 years ago and have been on Levothyroxin this whole while. Started on 25mg and now I’m taking 75mg for the past 7 years. I too am losing my hair in the front and it seems to be getting worse. I’ve come to the conclusion I’ll probably will be eventually bald on top and will have to wear a hair piece. I gained 37 pounds and with losing my hair and weight gain I certainly don’t feel good about my appearance and just want to hide. None of my family has this and was diagnosed when I turned 50. Unbelievable!

      • Mary Murphy says

        I definitely have thinning hair – very upsetting to me – but always thought this was a symptom of the low thyroid itself, not levothyroxine.

        • Yes same I ve been taking Levithoroxine for past 8 yrs 150mg but lost of hair and eyebrows was because I have thyroidism Not medication, haven’t had hair loss while taking meds. Had goitre when I was 13 I’m 57 now and not taking meds during late teens until 8 yrs ago has caused a lot of problems through my life, helps to have a Dr that can explain TSH t4 t3 and how and what makes them work.

    • I had the same problem. I switched over to Armour Thyroid which is a more natural form. No synthetic. It’s dedicated bovine or pig. I’ve been on it for years with no issues. Be sure to get your regular blood tests as it took awhile to get the proper dosage. Good luck

    • Selena Sheets says

      When first prescribed I lost an unbelievable amount of hair, being only 21 it was very scary. The dosage was causing hyperthyroidism effects once I got the right dosage everything got better but still recovering my hairline 🙁

    • Tish Reiver says

      Hi, Maggie…. My doc told me I´ve apparently had Hashimoto´s for decades now. I´ve had hair loss, sudden weight gain of 30 lbs in a month, no outer eyebrows to speak of, fatigue, and brain fog since after the birth of my second child. Last year, my skin got so dry that even with exfoliation and heavy duty moisturizers, I looked like a lizard shedding it´s skin. I also kept falling. I would have to get up very slowly and hold onto furniture and walls just to get to the bathroom. At several points, we thought I had had three or four mini-strokes. I became very weak, was slurring my words, and found movement of my leg was next to impossible. More falling. I do not remember being taken out my back door on a gurney and put in an ambulance. Don´t remember the hospital, etc. My doctor said that the Hashimoto´s (which is a separate autoimmune disease completely) triggered the second autoimmune disease–hypothyroidism. At the time the doc put me on synthroid, I was close to being bald and had been wearing a fall. Ever since I´ve been on the synthroid, even my husband admits that he sees that my hair is growing back! I´m still wearing the fall, but the completely bald spot I had that was approximately four inches long (from front to back) and three inches wide (side to side) has now got all kinds of hair growth. Although it is still sparse, it is filling in. I still look like a chemo patient, but it is much better than it was. I´m going to cut it short all over my head as that always makes it look a little thicker. Don´t know if any of this helps you, but my advice is to talk to your doc and even get a second opinion. I talked to so many docs about it possibly being low thyroid and everyone pooh-poohed me. Get a third opinion if you have to. No one knows your body better than YOU!! Good luck!

  21. What is the cure for Hypothyroidism???

    • There is no cure. The treatment is to overcome the body’s lack of thyroxine production with a supplement.

    • Karen Tompkins says

      I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism approximately one year ago. I decided not to take any drugs. Instead, I decided to take Thytrophin PMG, which is a Glandular by Standard Process. Dr. David Williams at recommended this for any type of Thyroid problems for the whole 15 years plus that I received his monthly newsletter. He also recommended Formula II Iosol which is iodine meant to be taken internally. Recently, I doubled the amount I was taking to 4 drops. As a result, my TSH has gone from 3.2 to 2.6. Not dramatic; however, it is going in the right direction.

      I suggest you go to to learn how your body works and what you should be eating. He has helped me a great deal. Hope this helps.

  22. I have been diagnosed recently with having under active thyroid issue by my OBGYN. I have other female issues as well such Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. I have also been diagnosed with a second infertility issue, now I am wondering if my thyroid could have been the second issue. But when I have to get blood work, which is not often for my PCOS, they say my TSH is good. But I have always had this lump in the bottom of my throat and it made it hard to breathe. I have been on different breathing medications and have been told that I have had COPD to different breathing issues. I start taking medicine for my thyroid and the lump is gone and no problem breathing. What gives?

    • I need thyroid meds so bad

    • Diana Rogers says

      Have you ever had the HPV (Gardasil) vaccine? It’s been linked to PCOS and infertility as well as many other issues.

    • Andrea Schumacher says


      I’m 38. I have PCOS. My thyroid levels have been tested a few times – all normal. Twice because my doctor’s feel my thyroid looks enlarged. I was 18.5 BMI until about 2 years ago. I have gained about 20+ pounds in a very short time. I constantly feel like I’m starving. I get light headed and black outs. I’m also very sensitive to cold. My finger nails split and the top layers peel off.

      Anyone have any suggestions of how I can be treated? I don’t want to feel this way anymore.

      • Mariah Williamson says

        Our symptoms seem to be shockingly similar but with a lot more and all blood tests come back fine I barely can stand myself anymore from feeling like crap 2 weeks or longer out of a month it’s been almost a year I’ve been going through this with no answers at all I’ve gained so much weight I know that has to be some of my problems but I would like to know why I’m having all these problems and what is causing the weight gain 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Hopefully this group can help us both out good luck

    • Tamara Wojcik says

      Hi… just wanted to say when my thyroid was undiagnosed..also had a hard time breathing.. among many other issues… does anybody have experience going from synthroid to armor?? I really would like to see if it would help me feel better.. but it so bad if out a wack..kind of scary…

  23. My doctor says my TSH is normal, but i feel i have symptoms are like hypothyriod for example; anxiety, eczema on fingers, constant bloating, weight gain around the belly only, constipation, vertical ridges on thumb nails. Do these symptoms sound like hypo thyriod to you?

    • Could you have milk intolerance – specifically intolerance to cow milk protein (casein)?

    • Please look up subclinical hypothyroidism. There are other things they need to look up besides regular TSH. Look for low vitamin D, and low B12 as well. Read articles and learn to read your bloodwork. I’m still figuring out mine– they don’t know what is wrong but I have the above issues plus iron STORES of 5. Also I went from a semi steady weight of 130ish to 170 over a year and a half, but diet and exercise didn’t change much. I maintained 124-135 weight past the age of 30 and 4 kids without much effort. Now my weight has climbed so far up I don’t recognize myself . And I’m always cold, tired, and my body hurts constantly. I’ve tried exercising more but I have a host of health issues including mild asthma and I’ve fixed my diet (I eat mostly organic food, tons of veggies and almost no red meat. I do eat cheese but I limit it. And drink non soy non dairy milk. I eat semi low carb as low carb helps me get fitter but recently I feel sick doing this (also have GERDS and carbs can be the only thing that helps sometimes. GERD meds limit B12 absorption which I get extremely low on). Currently taking vitamin D2, iron pills (which constipate me and make blood vessels in my arms and legs pop but are necsssary) and B12 shots. I also have ovarian cysts, my old doctor diagnosed PCOS but the new one says no. I’ve had my left breast enlarged 2 years ago with pain and no one knows what it is, I fear IBC but try to stay positive. I also suspect IBS in some form. I moved to a more polluted area and some of these issues began after that. The iron problem is lifelong, sometimes my hemoglobin was fine but I still felt weak/cold and bruised easily. My new doctor was the first one to check my iron STORES and find that they were dangerously low. I also had cysts that ruptured before moving. All other symptoms are new. My son also developed ALL leukemia after moving here, and is currently in remission. I’m planning to move in the summer. Research and ask more questions and demand new and different discoveries. The doctors need to work for you and not vice versa. Good luck everyone.

      • Get your parathyroid checked by someone who knows what they are doing. They should tell you to abstain from from calcium rich foods and all suppliments for at least 5 days before any blood work.

    • Kimberly Martin says

      I have the same issues. Each time my doctor says well you are getting older. No! My thyroid meds are never correct. I just got the ridges a month ago. Have been on levothyroxine for years.

    • Margaret Wilson says

      You can’t go just by your TSH! Although tgats what most GPS go by. You need to find a doctor or naturopath that will test your Free T3 and Free t4 and fully understands thyroid disorders!

    • Michelle Coirier says

      Are you gluten and daIry free. Those effect RA. Can’t be part time. Either your gluten free or not..Also, most people who have thyroid conditions, have a allergy or sensitivity to certain foods. Should get a food allergy done. And know your foods that are bad for the thyroid like nighttime shade foods. High histamine foods too. And if you have a thyroid condition, you need to be on thyroid meds. Thyroid controls a lot of things on your body.

  24. My doctor doesn’t discuss my thyroid issues with me. I’ve been treated for my thyroid since I was 12 & yet have had any Dr. Work with me on my symptoms. If I’m being treated shouldn’t some of my symptoms get better?? My last visit she informed me that my thyroid completely stopped working & left the room. Are they all like that?

    • Beth Price says

      No….. find a new doctor ASAP

    • Fiona moran says

      Get a new doctor for your own health and well being! Actually that’s not how a doctor should behave!!

    • No- they are not all like that. I switched to a new OBGYN because I have PCOS and my doctor was trying to get me to get a birth control that I did not want. She did not listen to my concerns or what I was telling her about my body. She was telling me what she wanted me to hear and was telling me that it was normal for what my body was doing and if I wanted it to stop then I should do what she wanted. I had already been through what I was going through and knew what I need done, but no she did not want to listen. You know your body, they do not! And besides it does not hurt to get a second opinion when it comes to your health. Go get checked out by another doctor and see what they say. Your doctor reminds me of a nurse in the town where I used to live, the nurse scared the mess out of me and my ex husband. I was hooked up to a heart monitor and was getting the results and before she left the room, she goes oh, yea your heart stopped 4 times!! I have heart disease in my family and I have a high pulse rate even when I am seating down doing nothing. But, everything is good with me, on medicine for it, get checked once a year unless something major changes.

    • Get a new doctor!

  25. Suzanne Cornell says

    I work with a Dr. for my Hypothyroid condition & have been on a compounded RX with T4 & T3. My Dr. orders Lab work for me every 6 months. It has really helped my condition except my nails….I have every one of those fingernail symptoms. Up until 3 yrs ago, my nails were great (except for the cuticle issues). I’ve been on compounded Thyroid RX for about 10 yrs. Thinking it was post-menopause & hereditary……I also take Biotin & Collegen daily & a multitude of natural supplements.

  26. Angela R Burch says

    I have hypothyroidism and my nails look amazing.

    • Linda Kwarciany says

      You may have other symptoms. For me, I always have ragged cuticles. It is especially worse in cold weather.

  27. Anita Grimm says

    Sounds suspicious for MS. Loss of taste and smell and numbnes are common symptoms.

  28. Paronychia is an infection of the side or base where the nail meets the skin. It’s not what you described, and not shown in the photo you used to discuss it. This information is easily researched and I suggest you do so, as to not spread misinformation.

    • I just learned the same thing. Honestly made me question the whole rest of the article.

      The nail picture in question that was improperly labeled paronychia appears to just be improper proximal fold care which is fixable over many months of moisturizing and not cutting the proximal fold away. The nail proximal fold will grow back normal over time.

  29. Uh oh, looks like I may be a candidate for a thyroid check! I have too many of these symptoms and I can no longer ignore them or just say I have a terrible diet (I do). Plus, I have a sister who had her thyroid removed several years ago, and she is an otherwise healthy person – watches carefully what she eats. Thank you for your enlightening article! I found it be chance (is there such a thing, really?) as I was searching for information on toenail fungus, though I don’t really think I have that. Now I think my toenail issue is really part of the thyroid problem as stated earlier, I have really all of the symptoms!

  30. Very good article. I never think that the thyroid could be that dangerous.

  31. My sense of taste has been lost for over a year now. Exploring the causes…fell and hit my head..had a left ear stapedectomy in 2000, two nodules on thyroid biopsied in 2017…all is “good” doc’s say. Have had peripheral anterior neuropathy for many years..toes feel numb on right foot at times. Should I go back to endocrine doc? Taste reappeared for five months in 2018, only to be lost again in November of that year to present…tired of going to doc’s…no answers!

  32. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism since December 2016. I will be 46 in May of this year. My nails are like paper, I have gained 5 lbs in the past 3 weeks, my hair is falling out, eyebrows thinned. I am allergic to Synthroid. Stopped Tirosint, because of constant headaches, am on Nature-Throid, but it doesn’t seem like its working anymore. I live close to Orlando, Florida and can not find a physician that will take the time to make sure my TSH, free T3, free T4 levels, and thyroid meds are okay. I am very frustrated with the process of not being able to find a doctor or have a doctor that does not perform regular blood work or notify you when lab values are abnormal. I eat healthy and have food allergies, so no eggs, dairy, wheat (Celiac disease), or tree nuts. I wish that I could say that I am living life, but tearfully can acknowledge that I am not!

    • Dara Gunnell says

      I am so sorry you are dealing with all of this, I too have unexplained illness, that they can’t figure out and quality of life gone down, it’s hard and sad, but there is always HOPE. I keep searching and Hanging on to God, He’s a miracle working God and we can trust Him.

    • I too am allergic to Synthroid…and Nature-throid does about the same thing. Have you tried Armour Thyroid? It is helping me a lot, but I still can’t take the full amount I need to get my numbers in line or my symptoms totally gone (or I have same reaction as Synthroid). Being gluten and dairy free (and as much sugar free as I can) has really helped me also, but I see you are already doing that. I am praying that you will find a good doctor and the answers you need to walk in divine health.

    • caryn mitchell says

      I had no idea what was causing all of my issues, every doctor I saw said the same thing ( your getting older) I have been experiencing the symptoms (many) for over 4 years. Finally my OBGYN, on my yearly visit ran my labs checking my thyroid. BOOM….that wast it, one person that knew about Hashimotos . I have been working on my diet for the last few months, and my numbers are dropping. I am hoping I will not need meds, but wow…such a long journey.

  33. Hi. 49 year old female here, thyroid cancer and removal in 2007. Fairly healthy (naturethroid, eat well, etc) but symptoms like dry skin, nail ridges, and more always make me wonder if there is more I can do. I’m seeing so many comments from those of you who have had their thyroid removed. Do you know of any support groups? Facebook maybe? I feel like we’re a small group who kind of get ignored in the thyroid discussions.

    • Dara Gunnell says

      That’s a great idea, although I don’t go on social media, like FB! Hope you’re able to find or start a group, we need support during our hard times, sometimes family and friends don’t understand and we need like minded hearts.

  34. I was 44 years old and I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I had my thyroid gland completely removed. I am on the same medication as you are Lara. Yes, my weight went down to 100 lbs but I am now 66 years old, grandma of 4 lovely grandkids of now 5, 6, almost 8 and 9 years old. I suffer from anxiety for many years but try my hardest to fight it out and I have better days than bad. (Thinking positive helps a lot). I still enjoy ice skating, walking every day with my dog, clean a lot in the house, do crafts and trying to be very active. I do not believe in anti depressant pills. Yes, I get tired but I try to fight it. I take vitamins D, B12 and omega and occasionally toms which are high in calcium. I feel bless every day and still enjoy life.

  35. Thank you,for finger nail of information,of Thyroid ,how to read, its good to know about evry information we can get,all the benefits of education to every one, thank you,again,jh

  36. Hi do you know if there’s a clinic for thyroid screening in Australia? In Queensland or Victoria

  37. I’ve had thyroid problems since I was 20 I was always very skinny to the point people made fun of me,at 34 and she age of 38 I went from 105 lbs to 190lbs I was horrified the only way mine could be treated was surgery they removed the whole left side and over half of the right I finally dropped my weight back down to 120 lbs were a size 0-4 and halve to take levothyroxine for the rest of my life but the thing is make sure your Dr is checking your T-SHIRT levels every 6 weeks because like mine did when they took it out it had turned cancerous and saved my life as far as the being tired it’s all part of it never goes away unfortunately but to help relax check with your Dr about anti depressants or melatonin it works great in now 50. And living life

    • Why did they remove the whole left side? And half the right side?
      I was always small, and like you, I jumped up in weight, and was shock, but no one
      In the medical areas was helping find out why! Still on thyroid meds.
      Thyroid was low functioning, inactive, etc., was what I was told.
      My body is falling apart.

  38. Debbie Sigsbee says

    I had My thyroid removed 12 years ago I now still have some symptoms so of the same things go on. I take levothyroxine 137mcg. I put on alot of weigh. And now I have Perennial Neuropathy. I was told it was from Diabetes but my A1C is below 6. Did so Research and found out that it’s one of the side effects of having your thyroid removed. Not that I could of done differently just wish I would of known

  39. I just turned 41 and I was diagnosed 10 yrs ago that I had hypothyroidism, I was taking levothyroxine, but I lost my insurance. My main issue is I’m very forgetful, ALWAYS tired very moody but my weight has pretty much stayed the same for the past few years! What are some good otc supplements that i can take and if I can go to the dr soon what are good medications to talk with them about?

  40. I had my thyroid removed in 2012, i had Graves disease n a cancer scare, so now i have hypotheroidism. Im on altroxin
    Highest dosage. My nails are brittle but thats not my main concern… I get bad anxiety attacks n often forget what was just said to me and just so tired. I am 54yr female from Cape Town, SA. What can i use to boost myself please.

    • i was on eltroxin as well.. didnt work well with me, doc changed it to tertroxin and euthyroxs., i get anxiety when i skip my meds for a couple days. so i think just let your doctor check to see if your meds is working with u, and if your symptoms get better

  41. Had an underactive thyroid for 20yrs to start with i was seriously in trouble it tried to kill me twice so i recovered was seriously over weight so i upped the game a little low sugar low salt low fat and moved my ass now i am 6 stone lighter and keeping it off everyday is the same a fight to keep it on an even keel

  42. I was diagnosed w thyroid disease about 19 yrs ago when I lost alot of unexplainable lbs & it was very pronounced on my neck! But for the past 8 yrs I’ve struggled major weight gain!! I stopped seeing my endocrinologist few yrs back cuz U didn’t like him but then I started working out & dieting & lost 45lbs _ was so happy but in the last few months while still doing that I packed on 20 lbs & my Dr said my thyroid was hyper & my T3 levels were way up! I’ve found a new endocrinologist & I like her but now I working out twice as much to no avail!! I can’t stop gaining weight & I’m getting super depressed what can I do????

    • Cindy Hamlett says

      I don’t know why I’m posting because I don’t know. I just want to tell you I’m 67, and was diagnosed at around 42. I have doubled my weight! I have no energy, if you find out let me know. Good luck ♥️

      • I’m 55yo. Lost y thyroid to cancer on my 50th Birthday. Had hungry bone syndrome, exhaustion and many other hypo symptoms for a year after surgery plus major weight gain. What I found that works best for me is a dietician who understands and specializes in the endocrine system. Nutrition is a BIG key and supplements to help close nutritional gaps so we can absorb the medication, hormone replacement and the vitamins and minerals we need. Also, exercise. Even if it’s just walking. Good luck ladies.

  43. My doctor diagnosed me with hashimotos hypothyroidism 7 years ago now and I was taking 150mg Levothyroxine daily…my hands and feet were always cold felt numbness in my toes and weird feelings of discomfort in my eyes and brain…Weaned myself off of Levothyroxine and no longer have any of those symptoms I now only take a thyroid supplement….

  44. joan Edelman says

    Most of the people who have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis do better on Armour thyroid. because it has T3, and T4 in it. I did. Insurance won’t cover mine, but I have been on Armour for so many years. I never did well on synthroid. They tried to add synthroid and I didn’t feel well again.

    • Armour or Naturethroid is affordable out of pocket. I use the app Good Rx and get a coupon and pay just about what my copay would be in the US. I realize our healthcare sucks compared to most other countries. I have Hashimotos and take Naturethroid.

  45. I’ve had terrible problems with my nails breaking, vertical ridges were very evident and I was told it was a sign of aging. A few times the nail split from top to bottom (not too far below the nail bed but uncomfortable nonetheless.) I have fat pads on the front of my shin bones, no doubt from a previous period in my life when I was totally stressed out and nothing was working right and a student doctor diagnosed me as having been hypo-thyroidic at some point.
    Over the last year, I noticed that my diastolic readings were always in the 80s. Nothing i did would bring it down Evenings, before bed the BP would be higher than during the day. Regular exercise did not change things. However, overnight the BP readings changed for the better by 10 points Systolic and Diastolic when I started taking one iodine drop per day 625mcg.. To test this I stopped the iodine and the BP went back to 130s systolic and never below 80 diastolic. I’m leary of taking too much iodine but will continue taking my one drop a day because the Blood Pressure is so much better. I have moderate tricuspid regurgitation so need to keep the BP down.
    Note: when I was testing my BP I took readings every hour (except while sleeping) and they were consistently very, very good.
    Oh yes, my hair had been thinning for 6 months. Now I am not shedding anymore.
    Hope my personal experiment results will help others.

    • I was also told the same nail conditions were due to aging by a dermatologist.
      I was diagnosed as having hypothyroidism in 98.
      I have recently been diagnosed as having Hadhimotis Thyroiditis.

  46. Elise Collins says

    I have hashimotos. I was diagnosed by my gynecologist 19 years ago after a blood test. Please note that blood test results that are “normal” can be anywhere between 1 and 5. What is normal for one person may not be the same for another person. You should see another doctor or endocrinologist if you don’t feel healthy. Don’t eat gluten. Eat healthy and exercise every day. It took over a year to find the correct dosage of synthroid or the generic levoxin.

    • I feel somethinb wrong with me, im blood test shows normal but when i see my eyes i feel there something inside me, i have no focus jn everything that i do, i just want to sleep and feel depressed ag times😌

      • Paulina Giao says

        Dear Maris, visit your doctor again and explain that you still aren’t feeling well. How old are you? did your doctor check your hormones? Doctors are there to help us and if at first they don’t find out what is wrong they can do other tests. There could be other reasons for your feeling the way you do. If that doesn’t help then go see a good nutritionist. Don’t give up there is always hope that you will find out the reason why you are feeling depressed. Good luck.

  47. I had Thyroid cancer. My thyriod was removed 2003. I am on 100mg synthroid not being checked since 2003. I am depressed, over weight, leg cramping, my nails are a mess. dry skin, fatigue, I have ask my Dr. to check my thyroid levels he says it is ok. What can I do?

    • I had my thyroid removed 24 years ago…and I’m on 112 mg of levothyroxine. But I get tested through blood work every year. Not having been checked since 2003, is unacceptable. The doctor (that gives you synthroid refills) should check your blood every year! They actually recommend every 6 months. Mary – please change doctors.

    • Find a new endocrine doctor. I had one that wouldn’t listen to me and told me I would feel better if I would exercise. If I had the energy I would exercise. I changed doctors and explained everything to the new one. She changed my medication from synthroid to Armour and put me on plant based supplements. I’ve lost about 35 lbs, exercise 4 days a week and no longer have horrible brain fog. Hang in there and stand up for yourself. It’s sad but we have to be our own advocates to be heard.

  48. Isabelle Li-Chretien says

    My hypothyroidism started 2 yrs ago. Docs prescribed METHIMAZE made me very nauseous had to stop. Now taking THYROZOL 5mg twice day, getting it from FRANCE.
    Am no longer nauseous anymore but have skin rashes and itching… I have a friend, her sister cured herself naturally. im going to call her today to find out what she did. I don’t even know how I came on this chat.

  49. Monica Valenzuela says

    I gain like 80 lbs since I stop taking my meds about 9 months ago don’t know if it’s because of that also am now experienceing muscle spasms on the top right corner of my spine am very weak don’t know if it’s cause of that as well will be going back to the doctors sad thing is my stomach is staple I had the y done 18 yrs ago and now am gaing back weight

  50. Waple Jones says

    Hi I have been living with hypo thyroid for 9year . My doctor put me on synthroid 75mg i still get tried figtiue. My weight up and down I started at 135lb and I went up to 180lb I excise watching what I eat so I. Down to 157. Also I have the left one taken out . If u don’t get the answer you need go to another Doctor. Like I did. Good luck.

  51. Should your symptoms go away once you begin treatment? I was diagnosed as having Thyroid Antibodies in my 20’s but my blood tests always came back normal. My doctor put my on medication when I was 36 when I was having difficulty becoming pregnant, but my levels were still “normal”. I have been taking Synthroid for 5 years but still have Beau’s Lines on all my nails. I recall that I first noticed these ridges on my nails in my late teens. Will I always have these, or should they go away with proper treatment? And since I still have them, does that mean the Hypothroidism is not being treated properly?

  52. Do blood tests always show up a thyroid problem? I believe I have a hypothyroidism but tests show nothing, what can I do?

  53. Hindsight! My thumb nail split at the cuticle. A term doc put off the cyst that formed. Never said a word about why my nail would of split. My hands look just like Dr. Osbourne’s photo above. I went for a general physical yesterday and the doc put my on meds for hypothyroidism. I have been living with these classic symptoms for over a year. Started on levothyroxine. Wish I had read Dr. Osbourne’s article sooner.

  54. I was always small 5”2 tall and between 42/45kg. Well from 16-46 i was, and very energetic. This last year im beyond fatigued …. irritated….. bloating …. and gaining ….. now 56kg and hating it. No change in diet or exercise.

    Doc put me on 100mg eltroxin …. 4 months ago, no change. Help

  55. I have taken this for years and have had no problems and I have adverse reactions with some medicines. Maybe you should go to another doctor and get a second opinion. I will tell you that if your thyroid levels get too low you can have heart failure.

  56. Jenny Haskins says

    I find some of the comments here very hard to understand. I was feeling very very tired with dry dry skin and a maddening scalp itch and my Doc insisted my thyroxin levels were fine. Only when my orthopaediatric surgeon suggested it, did my GP check for Hashimotos. I felt like a new woman one I got the thyroxin supplementation. Lately I have been having problems with aching muscles, and my dog insisted that I didn’t need my thyroxin increased. so I upped my own dose and can now walk as well as my bad knees allow.

  57. Hi,
    I was diagnosed with hoshimotos after a blood test. I really didn’t attribute feelin exhausted or constipation to any5hing because I have always felt this way. I was put on 50 mg of levothyroxine, wow my head didn’t feel as if it was mins, lethargic and exhausted. Upped to 75 mg and my head felt worse, I said no way can I handle this! So now I instantly stopped taking this via my nurse till Monday when they call me back with what to do. I couldn’t even move this morning I hurt so bad, never happened until I took that medication.. No guidance on diet or anything, from what I am reading I am panicking and lost!

    • CARLA J CRAIG says

      Hi Anira, you definitely need to talk to another physician if you are not getting the results you need… i have all the symptoms of Hypo, but tests have not came back yet… still waiting… and hoping for the best.

      • Rosemary park says

        I take carbizamole for an over active thyroid, I have lumps on my thyroid gland, I appear to be OK taking these tablets, so can’t understand why my consultant has given me 3 options, surgery, radiation, or Co tinue with carbizamole if everything is OK. Could it be I have a high risk of cancer and not told me or i have cancer already, he says the options are up to me, so I’m very confused

    • Maybe all you need is a smaller dose? Everyone is different. If the medication helps your symptoms at 50mg then perhaps it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to stay at that dose?

  58. After being g on 100mcg Eltroxin for many years, I felt very faint one day.Went to the doctor who ordered full blood tests.Apparently the TSH was too high so he asked me to take half the dose. My weight went up immediately.Went for another Thyroid test about a Mont later because I was feeling very tired. My TSH was still high so the doctor suggested I decrease it to 25mcg.Feeling worse than ever.I’ve been gaining weight steadily,my face is getting rounder,.I’m so exhausted, seems like my glands under my jaw are always swollen and sore, my right arm feels heavy and I can’t seem to do much work before I’m totally exhausted.I can fall asleep throughout the day. I do have some thinning of the latter part if my eyebrows and my hair is still thick and full. Feel worse than ever.Did a third blood test to check TSH and T4. I feel I shouldn’t have dropped the dose of Eltroxin???I was very active when I was taking 100mcg and now I’m so lethargic.the back of my tongue feels funny.

  59. Diagnosed with Hashimoto several months ago. I was taken off Natural Thyroid because my dose was too high, making me Hyperthyroid— according to this new doctor. He put me on 100 mcg of synthetic thyroid meds two months ago. Was also told that my TSH is still elevated very high, they changed me to a lower dose.

    Although My meds were adjusted again a month ago. I’m still experiencing all the symptoms…
    Weight gain
    Hair loss
    1/3 eyebrow loss
    Numb and cold limbs
    Brain fog
    Mood swings

    My current meds are 88mcg synthetic and 5mcg cytomel (spelling), unfortunately my TSH is still reading too high, my T3 and my T4 numbers have not adjusted in two months. No change in symptoms either, except some mood swings.
    Completely frustrated. Changed diet 2 months ago to a whole plant based diet (to reduce inflammation), and I exercise 5 days a week (both strength training and cardio), still not feeling “normal”. Weight still gaining. Low energy, but not as low as if I am without 5 mcg cytomel.

    Thank you for listing nail symptoms. It never occurred to me that I may have Selenium deficiency. I’m going to Suppliment with that and see how I feel and how my numbers are next month.

    • Sonia Brookhart says

      Brazilian nuts is loaded with selenium. Make use of this

    • In a nutshell. If your tsh is high that means your dosage should be increased not decreased. High tsh equals thyroid dysfunction or hypothyroidism. A very low tsh may also indicate thyroid dysfunction but as hyperthyroidism. Sounds like you should Clarify your medication dosage with your physician.

  60. Carol l Frazier says

    Is anyone on levothroxin only on for to weeks for the past two days I couldn’t sleep at all, tired all the time, sweats for sure, just feel awful.

    • Virginia Moseley says

      You need to let your doctor know about your reaction to the medication. Same reaction for me. Now trying NP Thyroid.

    • Virginia Moseley says

      Speak with your doctor. I had same reaction. Doctor change meds so now I’m on NP Thyroid. Hope all goes well for you.

    • Yes! Same happened to my, slept bad and very tired all day! Switched to NP Thyroid and feel totally normal and better.

    • I can say to you that taking medication causes vitamin and mineral deficiency which is essential to life. As far as sleep look for a good brand of magnesium . Look at the benifits of magnesium.

    • Im Here because I am taking 75 mg levothyroxine and not feeling good. im having heart palpitations went to the ER few days ago came out with a high bill and not results?
      I think because I add natural Iodine productos and also selenium pills.
      I think from Hypo I am Now in Hype

    • This Heart Palpitations aren’t good at all. Means I am overdose .
      but when I asked Doctor he said I need 100 mg? I won’t take this med any longer today I cut it in half tomorrow I will see a holistic Doc instead.
      Im taking Magnesium powder made me sleep good now.
      How I am diagnosed with hypo if I am very active never take naps I hike 6 hours not problem im am 135 pounds? Don’t you think the diagnose are wrong?

    • Natalie Phillips says

      I am on leveroxine and have been for 14 years. My dose use to be 125mg for years. Then recently i started to suffer with really bad shoulder n hip pain. It was that bad a couldnt even throw a ball for the dog. I went to the docs and my thyroid levels were really low and my thyroxine was incresased to 200mg. Things improved and i was back to normal then months later my pain started again went to the docs and my levels were too high so they reduced my throxine to 175mg. Its.constant lately up n down. I have shoulder pain again and all the symtoms like hot sweats, itchy scalp…when does it stop….im also diabetic n have coeliac disease so its hard to put my finger on what is the problem as they are all autoimmune diseases. I am very active and not very often can i say i feel tired but when i get aches n pains its normally down to my thyroid.

  61. Sandra Monroe says

    I have been to so many doctors about my thyroid. They do nothing. I put myself on iodine, & Thyroid Complete from whole foods. Feeling better and the iodine actually helped flush kidney stones out that i had had for 3 months. And my Barretts Esophagus has been healed. Seek the Lord for understanding, knowledge, & wisdom and He will shew you what to do. God bless the broken road.

    • where l can get the Thyroid Completed?

    • I am also suffering from sub-clinical Hypothyroidism (basically my T3 and T4 are within normal range but my TSH is relatively high. This means doctors disagree on whether to medicate me). They don’t know the cause of my hypothyroidism so I’m not going on meds without an answer. If you don’t have a physical goiter, didn’t test positive for antibodies that would point to Hashimoto’s, and do not have a family history, there are a few other possible explanations you could explore. You could have high estrogen, post-birth control syndrome, vitamin deficiencies, high cortisol levels, or a low functioning gall bladder. I’d recommend seeing an integrative Doctor rather than a traditional Doctor because they look at ALL of your symptoms.

    • Hi Sandra….. After a xray CT scan because of a cough and shortness of breath the hospital report said my thyroid was enlarged…. I had blood test report came back it was normal… Have you any idea why its enlarged please

    • Amen, yes. Thank God there are some faithful believers out there that are not afraid to speak up. God does give you wisdom and direction. He uses anyone or anything to speak to you. Thank you for the encouragement. I am also going to follow your recommendations as I have the same symptoms many have posted. I believe the Lord guided me here today, He knows what I’m going through and how I constantly seek Him for everything in my life.
      Thank you Sandra for sharing!!!
      God bless you🤗

    • Yes, Amen🙏Thank God there are some faithful believers out there that are not afraid to speak up. God does give you wisdom and direction. He uses anyone or anything to speak to you. Thank you for the encouragement. I am also going to follow your recommendations as I have the same symptoms many have posted. I believe the Lord guided me here today, He knows what I’m going through and how I constantly seek Him for everything in my life.
      Thank you Sandra for sharing!!!
      God bless you🤗

  62. All of the symptoms on this forum are surreal. I’m 56 and 1.5 years ago I began with the temperature sensitivity having major embarrassing sweats both summer and winter I thought it was hot flashes “although” deep down I knew it couldn’t be that since I had a total hysterectomy in 2000 so about this time I began feeling so very tired I would fall asleep every time if I was sitting on the couch or while reading sometimes I could hardly drive or do anything my eyes felt so heavy. Well I too hurt from the top of my head to my feet, I’ve had three spinal fusions and continue to suffer from arthritis, ddd, neuropathy migraines and the most unexpected and unusual condition was essential tremors which started in July 2017 that started from having cervical epidural injections. No explanation on anything other than the obvious that our general aging process is causing arthritis which causes joint pain and everything else is fibromyalgia? My overall spine symptoms began in my early 30s in my 20s a doctor advised me I had a thyroid goiter and should keep an eye on that. Over the years it may have been mentioned once or twice but nothing more because my tsh and all other labs have always been within normal ranges. I have no earthy idea why I can’t sleep through the night yet could fall asleep at other times without thinking about it or why my joints hurt all over my body get multiple headaches have days I can’t walk or do my hair. I certainly wish someone could figure this out. It seems to be so common yet science can’t figure it out?

  63. Carol Ramirez says

    I am a LJ so experiencing the same symptoms. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism one year ago and was on carbimazole now I’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism two months ago. The doctor has not prescribed any medication to treat this hypothyroidism until my blood test again and my visit next two months . He says he doesn’t want me to become hyperthyroid again . Is THIS correct or should I see a different doctor. Presently I’ve gained a lot of weight, depressed at tines, severe sweating, always tired and feeling to lie down and sleep, I’ve also developed superficial thrombosis three weeks now so I’m on Xarelto 15mg and I’m now experiencing muscle pains in my arms, elbows, neck etc. What should I do, I’m very confused.

  64. Why is it so hard to find a doctor to treat how you feel and not just the numbers???? I am so beyond frustrated with Endocrinologist and the way they related everything to your TSH! I was down to almost non existent TSH and I felt great. Now all of my meds were changed, I feel like crap again, gaining weight and getting depressed! I see my daughter going through the same thing and it just sickens me. There has got to be a doctor out there that would actually treat the way you feel!!!!!!!!

    • Deanna Hughes says

      I’m having the same problems.. My GYN has taken blood several times because of all my complaints and always says everything is fine. But I know it’s not. I’m extremely depressed. I have gained so much weight that I can hardly move. I’m EXHAUSTED from the time I wake up.. My hair is so thin you can see my scalp.. I know something is wrong but it’s like I cannot find any help. It makes you feel like giving up.. I’m emotionally exhausted. I’ve lost my insurance now so I cannot even go anywhere to find help. If anyone has found an answer, PLEASE HELP! I feel HORRIBLE!!!

      • I’m in the exact same boat. No insurance, don’t feel well, had labs done at lab fair, my TSH went really high and I’m on synthyroid! I’m exhausted , I have sever DDD with spondylosis. I have sciatica and I’m a diabetic and I’m 61. I had to retire early because I could not keep up…

  65. I’ve been trying to isolate the cause of an elevation in my heart rate which obviously is horrible for great sleep which is a top priority. I’m starting to believe it could the Nature-Throid I’ve been prescribed for hypothyroid. Seems like 30mg daily is a pretty small dose but I’ve eliminated all other supplements and still I’m having difficulty getting and staying asleep. The logical thing is to eliminate this now and see what happens. Is this a common side effect?

    • I take 65 mg of Nature-Throid and was having sensitivity to heat but diagnosed hypo per numbers, and my heart races, diagnosed supra ventricular tachycardia …. all HYPER symptoms.. one ER doc said to check the lab to see if the Nature-Throid has added T3 and the lab said in a 65 mg it has 38 T4 and 9 T3… so taking half a pill now… plus a beta blocker, but my heart rate goes below 55 into the 40s and often the upper number of BP is below 100 so not suppose to take it when it does , and even taking HALF the lowest dose of Carvedilol 3.124mg pill my heart wants to skip a beat and take off.. I too think they go by numbers and not by what the body is doing, something is not diagnosed right.. I do have missing outer 3rd eyebrows, and a few vertical minor grooving nails, and 2 chipping nails I have to keep cutting but have to have ice and air conditioner, I am never cold…. but my temperature has been 97.6 for years… so what is going on.. I have autoimmune MS ( comes and goes ) from a tetanus shot as an adult. I am not fatigued, sleep great, only gain weight if I eat ice cream a lot, which I did and am over weight but stopped and weight gain stopped, stopped all sugar and lost 12 lbs,. HYPO says slow heart beat, get cold, depressed, can’t sleep, but I am opposite of all those.

  66. Linda Mazza says

    I have almost every single symptom you have mentioned, and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease in my neck. I also had a thyroid associated eye disease about 5 years ago and my eyes were dry, gritty and bulging and my peripheral vision was affected. It lasted 2 years after which I needed minor surgery to snip some scar tissue pulling on the muscles. Now I need prisms in my glasses and a new prescription every year. The cold hurting! Unable to take the heat. No one listens to me! I’ve also been told I had MS in 2004 & took MS injections for almost 2 years until they started to destroy fat cells. I have a blood clotting factor and have had a couple TIAs and I have a multi-module thyroid goiter. I’m a 63 year old female. I’m constantly depressed, so uncomfortable with temperature changes and in constant pain. Oh, and I gained weight after having lost it.

    • Linda,
      A friend of mine had very similar symptoms, and found out they were being caused by her breast implants. Around the same age as you. I’m wondering if my exposure to make up and hairspray??? could be affecting my thyroid as well. I”m so sorry you are hurting, I hope you find the cause!

    • I am a LJ so experiencing the same symptoms. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism one year ago and was on carbimazole now I’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism two months ago. The doctor has not prescribed any medication to treat this hypothyroidism until my blood test again and my visit next two months . He says he doesn’t want me to become hyperthyroid again . Is THIS correct or should I see a different doctor. Presently I’ve gained a lot of weight, depressed at tines, severe sweating, always tired and feeling to lie down and sleep, I’ve also developed superficial thrombosis three weeks now so I’m on Xarelto 15mg and I’m now experiencing muscle pains in my arms, elbows, neck etc. What should I do, I’m very confused.

    • Jenny Haskins says

      I believe that the symptoms of Hyperthyroiditis and hypyothyroiditis are similar. Which is why you do need blood tests.
      I’ve also recently read of the trouble with certain vegetables. Cabbage, Kale Broccoli, etc can cause hyprythyroisms.

    • Isabelle Li-Chretien says

      Hi Linda I also had a bulging eye, dryness act…from hyperthyroidism were you able to
      find a cure ?

  67. Christine w says

    Right here goes. Low grade stage 1v non hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer which comes under B-Cell. Two types, marginal zone and follicular. Present in my bone marrow my groin also armpit and I think near my spleen. No treatment as yet needed as still low grade so on watch and wait. Constantly Fatigued when doing slightest thing. Nails exactly like pictures above, especially the grooves and always breaking as so thin. Hair constantly falling out even though not noticeable as in bald patches. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 8 years ago and degenerative spine and neck. Not forgetting arthritis in the knees and right hip. Always feeling dizzy and different moods, up and down very easily over slightest thing. Hyper sensitive to light and smells when what I presume is my fibro flare ups. Feel like the cold actually hurts my skin. Weird I know but it actually does hurt. Then when the summer is here I 24/7 have sweat dripping from me literally running down me to were I try my upmost to never be out. Then theres high blood pressure so now on 3 different types of bp medication a day to keep it down. Always lacking in vit D. I apologise in advance to anyone if I have done this wrong as I can’t find my glasses. And NO am not a hypochondriac. This is my shitty life. Everytime my thyroid gets checked I just get told it’s not exactly throidism . “Christ” I feel like a bloody hypochondriac I really do. Bet this Doc couldn’t help me. Oh yeah have goitre and nodules too.

    • Did they not put you on thyroid medication? I had been telling my Dr., for a few years now that the outter third of my brows were gone and that my nails had never been the way they are now, EXACTLY like the picture!!
      My joints hurt and I have weight gain. I also have sleep issues. Well low and behold after my physical last week they call to tell me on labs were back and my cholesterol levels were up and my thyroid was slightly lower than it should be. So Dr., prescribed thyroid meds starts with an L(bottle downstairs). After reading the side effects I’m not sure about taking it. I was diagnosed about 4 years ago with Afib. I take a blood thinner, a low dose blood pressure med and one that helps with rhythm of my heart.
      We talked about coming off two of those meds and staying
      With the blood pressure med. if this thyroid med could mess with the rhythm of my heart why would I take it!! Oh and possible hair loss. It’s all confusing!!

      • DO NOT TAKE THE GENERIC Synthroid it will cause even more issues in your life. I have ankylosing spondylitis arthritis, degenerative disc, no vitamin D, my thryroid is swollen it’s very enlarged in one side. Thyroid cancer runs in my direct family but every blood test I take shows my blood work is in range however when I do the thyroid uptake with the pill then scan 24 hours later it shows my thyroid doesn’t produce enough. So both men and women in my family show In Range bloodwork but it’s incorrect. Had to really push to get the intake test now wondering how I will ever
        Get it regulated bec my bloodwork always show in range. But pls do not take the generic synthetic Synthroid I had to make one phone call as I’m allergic to fillers in the synthetic that starts w “L” but please beware. I have no eyebrows they are so thin. I can’t even draw them. My joints I am in constant pain. Cold is worse but hot is also hard to deal with and the excessive sweat. I’m so sorry for you guys. I’m off to have more bloodwork tomorrow. Good luck to all but find a way not to take that synthetic Synthroid and it’s not that expensive for the difference in your health. Many many days I feel like giving up. I try to push on it’s just miserable. Most people don’t understand if ur not bleeding nothing is wrong. I pray everyone here find some comfort they can live with. The constant fatigue and weight gain have been the worst and I’m a very small frame woman. Just seeking relief.

    • Deborah Hall says

      You sound like me. I have hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia,lupus & osteoporosis. 3 pills a day for high blood pressure. No you’re not a hypochondriac. It’s real. I can feel your misery. Stay on top of your health. Doctors don’t like it when we figure out what’s wrong with our own bodies

      • I’m 73 & just diagnosed w/hashimotos thyroiditis. A year ago my doc said my t3 was low & t4 was normal & gave me an rx for liothyronine (cytomel)…never took it. I have most of the normal symptoms that others here have described…tiredness, low energy, morning headaches, hair loss body aches & weight gain etc. I wear a t-shirt & it describes me perfectly…”I can sleep all day. What’s your superpower?”
        So…I started to take a vitamin E 400 IU daily supplement along w/selenium… 100mg from Natural Health & doc did a cbc test (complete blood count) a few weeks ago and checked my t3 & it was normal! What?? Good thing my gut told me not to take that Liothyronine(Cytomel) last year eh? I already have heart palps p & I need my sleep at night. Even though I get 6-7 hours, I wake up super tired every morning & ache all over. My daughter says there’s a clinic with docs who treat Hashimotos Thyroiditis specifically, in SLC Utah…going to check it out. Regular docs have no clue I swear. And that’s why it’s call ‘practice’! I am going to get well no matter what. I have gained 20 lbs this past year & I’ve never been over 105 lbs in my entire life. I’m 4’10” & a small frame & carrying a 20 lb (bag of potatoes) say, around daily, would make anyone very tired. That’s all for now. Thankyou!

    • Christine,

      I had all the typical symptoms of low thyroid, and even an enlarged thyroid gland, but because my test results were in the “normal range,” no thyroid medication was prescribed. I finally wrote down all my symptoms on a piece of paper and took them to my gynecologist who actually listened. She agreed to put me on a trial of medication for six months to see if it helped. The difference was amazing! I’ve been on it ever since, (15 + years) and recently had the dosage increased. Moral of the story: “normal” range numbers may not be adequate for you. Take your list to a doctor who listens. I felt like my old self moved back in to my body! Thyroid hormone is essential to so many things!

  68. carla d west says

    I dont see where anyone has mentioned T3. Synthroid (T4) is the usual prescription and lately doctors are fessing up that you need more than that. I know since I am one of those people too. If you are not getting liothyroxine (T3) along with the synthroid, you most likely will never feel really good. Talk to your doc about T3!

    • My TSH blood work showed I was hyperthyroid but I gained 50lbs in 3 months about 2 years after my son was born. I had 2 small children and multiple jobs so it wasn’t poor diet and lack of exercise. There would be times when I could drop 10-15lbs within 2 wks and then gain 5-15 within weeks. So FRUSTRATING! I was diagnosed at age 18 with fibro. It was a complete mystery at that point. Doctors did all sorts of tests and watched my thyroids for a couple more years as they were filled with goiters and nodules. I was 26 at this point. I finally couldn’t take the pressure in my neck, I felt like I was being choked. They told me it was anxiety and depression! Fibro was blamed for EVERYTHING! They even sent me to a shrink because I could not control my moods and emotions. It was my shrink who finally pushed for thyroid removal (haven’t seen him since). When they were removing my thyroid they had one heck-of-a-time. It had actually grown around my throat and multiple cysts were evident, which was causing the choking sensation when it was inflamed. It was fused to just about everything in my neck. My vocal cords were nicked (I was actually a good singer being pushed to try for American Idol, but now I cant sing happy birthday without choking but I can still talk) and I am down to 2 parathyroids (the calcium control centers in your body). At first I tried just the T4 with small trace of T3 medication, which is most often prescribed, but it wasn’t enough. I was so fatigued I could barely move. Everyone with fatigue issues knows what I’m talking about, but holy cow, just opening my eyes was rough. My blood pressure skyrocketed. After 6 months of constant increase of meds into dangerous levels, my doctor finally backed it down and added the T3 med. My TSH levels are basically non existent. My brain registers all the thyroid enzymes in my blood so my body isn’t transferring the T4 to T3(the one your body actually uses as fuel). Thanks to Hashimoto’s (which doesnt disappear after thyroid removal), My body still doesn’t uptake T3 the way it should. My ANA is high without inflammation. which doesn’t make any sense because you can feel the heat off my spine and joints. The inflammation within my muscles actually raises through my skin. Even doctors are confused. I have given up on tests. they lead nowhere and cost too much(currently 40,000 in med debt) I never know if my heart is going to beat normal or go into A-fib. It seems to react with menstrual hormones(hysterectomy is soon, I hope). At this point, I guess I feel lucky to be alive and mostly functioning. I would at least like to make it for another 10 years, just to see where my kids make it as young adults. My dad has PPMS (has gone downhill quickly this year), my sister has gone legally blind and her liver, kidneys, and pancreas are all slowly failing. We all have a DNA mitochondrial defect not allowing for proper metabolism. so add thyroid disorder on top of that, YEY!! some days I wet myself without feeling it, some days I cant control a limb, someday’s I cant spell my name without serious effort, some days my body twitches so bad I look like I’m having a seizure. Every year there are few more unexplained symptoms. I’m fully aware of my problems but try not to dwell on them. I only get one life to live. Everyday, I’m alive and grateful my family is too. My A.D.D. makes message typing difficult and lengthy, sorry. Good luck everyone, I absolutely feel your pain and frustration. Just remember, your not alone.

  69. I have hypothroid since i was 25 yrs old so 38 years i took synthroid med from .05 to now .2( did hit higher was .3 ). I gained so easy. Plus also i have crohn’s disease and didnt make me skinny and what more predisone made me gained lots more. I tried on diet various but always gained back. My nails never get longer and my three sisters have pretty natiral long nails

    • I have had Graves disease since I was 18. steadily gained weight and can’t lose much. I take synthroid. Very depressing.. I understand how you feel. Keep trying.

    • I dont see where you mention T3. Synthroid (T4) is the usual prescription and lately doctors are fessing up that you need more than that. I know since I am one of those people too. If you are not getting liothyroxine (T3) along with the synthroid, you most likely will never feel really good. Talk to your doc about T3

  70. Rebecca Wade says

    I thought this article was about a thyroid friendly ketone diet???? Wheres that at? Disappointed

  71. Barbara Shinholster says

    At 30 found out I have grave’s disease. I took radio active iodine to slow down my hypo. thyroid and lost most of my hair with the treatment. Now suffer with polyp bleeding in bladder. Help me

  72. Wilma dean drake says

    Have had tonail fungus for 2o year . got cured with listerment. Sid of tonail is not solid to skin . loose at side where fungus was. What do i need to do?

  73. Hello, Im a mom of two where thyroid runs rampid in our family. My daughters toe nails where actually lifting and separating and this happened on both of the same fingers in each hand. It hasnt happened since. My son showed me his hands a few weeks ago- both where completly peeled over (only the hands). No itching or anything. He bites his fingernails like crazy but does have a white mark across the bed. Maybe time for them to see a doctor. They are 11 & 12. Both track runners and eat like crazy.

    • Sorry-happened to her toe nail, and then again on both of her fingernails on both hands.

    • My son was diagnosed a couple of years ago at the age of six. His first doctor kept saying he just kept getting viruses so we got another opinion. This doctor checked his thyroid levels based off his horrible fatigue. My mom’s levels never showed “off” on testing but her symptoms were obvious and sure enough she is sooooo much better.

    • Hi, I have same thing happening on both ring fingers! I have hashimotos & was being treated for hypothyroid but my numbers stabilized and was taken off synthroid. In meantime, I’ve been diagnosed w lupus & rheumatologist notices my nails & wants me to confirm it’s not psoriasis. But I just came across this & now thyroid is making more sense. Did your daughter start treatment of any kind and/or her nail issue resolve? I also have celiac.

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  75. Martha shelton says

    I have gone from hyper to hypo. Hate it. Took radioactive capsule in my 30’s but in my late 70’s it turned to hypo. Now can’t even loose an ounce of weight.

    • Lisa Rogers says

      Me too!!! I wiah I was more informed about the treatment back then, would have opted for surgery instead. Now I investigate everything. Beleive my thyroid disease was a side effect of taking statins for years. No more, removed gluten and most grains, got my cholesterol down 40pts in 4mths. Gluten controls cholesterol, NOT FAT!

  76. Change Dr’s
    Keep going until you find someone who will listen, it’s your body, you know when your car is not quite right…same difference. Err on the side of caution. Listen to your body.

  77. I have noduals on the thyroid. One easy to feel by Dr. Had ultrasound. Then biopseys. No cancer. Easily chilled but not freezing cold as is past years. Have tiny whit spots on nail that have come and gone but ridges always there. Nails always brittle. Break easily. Cuticals look like the picture accompanying this article.
    Blood tests fall in normal so no treatment. Muscles weak. Always tired. Diagnosed with periferal neuropathy, and fibromialgya. Don’t sleep well. Brain fog seems to come and go but never completely gone.
    Voice getting hoarder. Swallowing getting harder and chocking more frequent. Throat uncomfortable most of the time now.
    I’m not happy with how my nurse practitioner if managing this.

    • Deborah Cross says

      You sound exactly like me. I’m sitting in my chair with bandage on my neck from having my thyroid removed. The did biopsy’s on my growing nodules and said no cancer. Now, thyroid biopsy came back after removal.. cancer. No treatment necessary because the thyroid was removed and it had not
      Spread to other organs. The thyroid communicates with many other organs. I am happy to be rid of it, never worked right anyway.

      • When I was 17 years old, the doctor diagnosed me with Graves Disease, and I had the Radioactive Iodine. Since then I have been on Eltroxin daily. Iv always been tired and in need of a nap. Things started to get much worse a few weeks ago when I started feeling really bad. Lump feeling in my throat, uncomfortable to swallow and a whistle sound when breathing. Test results came back normal. I have to go for a scan this week. If anyone can fill me in on what the chances are of cancer in the thyroid OR a different disease popping up please let me know. The glands / tendons in my neck also feel stiff and a bit sore. There is no lump BUT I know that the treatment I received does shrink the thyroid too, so im guessing that my “lump” just isn’t protruding.

      • Hello. I do have questions. I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroid. Recently have some swelling on the side. Plus it is hard to swallow and my throat is always so dry.
        I pray I do not have cancer. .can Anybody. Assure me these are normal for hypothyroid

  78. I too suffer with the horrible disease.
    Originally I suffered with the overactive thyroid, this must have been 15 years ago.
    My doctor wanted me to have the gland removed.
    I took beta blockers and a medication beginning with B, sorry it was a while ago.
    Eventually it disappeared. Now 4/5 years ago I end up with hypothyroidism!!!
    Wow. Complete reverse.
    Always tired and cold, extremely poor concentration levels, after a few hours of being awake I felt knackered! I drank coffee constantly But this didn’t seem to help either. Anyway… one day of the blue, I was talking to a friend of mine who suggested not drinking instant coffee.
    I didn’t think this would make a blind bit of difference, but tried filtered coffee instead.
    3 hours had gone past and I felt fine, still watching the clock thinking this cannot be right, I went all day, not feeling tired and worn out.
    It appears the process of making instant coffee, the freezing of the beans, was not at all good for me at all. It’s been 3 years and I don’t think I need the dose I’m on anymore.
    I suffer with terrible concentration levels and very cold hands and feet.
    The nail problem are with the toe nails.
    Not at nice.
    I currently take 100mcg levothyroxine daily.

    • I am taking the same medication
      Make sure you go in every 6 weeks and get your results. The beta blockers are a concern because when your thyroid is off your heart rate and cholesterol change.
      If your test are off be sure to evaluate the issues and check and see if they will
      Go back to normal when your levels are in range again. No sense in taking extra things you have to withdrawal from

  79. June 28, 2019
    Yes, thyroid cancer is real! There are four kinds of thyroid cancer and two are very aggressive. I had follicular cancer. Was told this is “the treatable good kind”?? Please be your own advocate. Full panel tests; ultrasounds; biopsy if needed and above all keep all follow up appointments.

    My purpose for post has been said above.

    Reading any further not necessary.

    My story:

    The growth in my thyroid was detected in an unrelated pre-surgery x-ray. Wait and rechecked in one year. Once second ultrasound confirmed more growth, a biopsy was scheduled. In two weeks an unreal journey began.

    Left thyroid contained a 4.1 cm malignant tumor. Left gland, tumor and isthmus removed March 2018. Cancer cells had leaked into the gland and into two veins.

    Right gland removed June 2018.
    In August 2018 full body scan showed remaining cancer cells; Radioactive Iodine Treatment of 150 (mcm?) given the next week. A week later another body scan showed that treatment had killed remaining cancer cells. Throughout all of this, and currently, I have been have been on a thyroid roller coaster.

  80. I had Hypothyroidism for 15 months but after giving up artificial sweeteners, my thyroid is now back to normal.

    I don’t have anything to sell but her is a link to my story.

  81. Jamie Day says

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism nearly 30 years ago. The cause was different from most; my mom treated every sore throat with iodine swabs or strong iodine-water gargles. Strep? Iodine was her treatment, no need to go to the doctor or take antibiotics; Mama knew best. She destroyed her own thyroid and did some serious damage to mine. In 1990 it turned out that synthetic medications were out of the question for me, so Armour’s Thyroid has been a part of my life all this time. Now I am about to move into nutritional remedies and get off the Armour’s also. Wish me luck, and say a few prayers for me please!

  82. Greetings! I had an ultrasound done because my PCP really didn’t know what he was doing. He insisted that it was all related to perimenopause. I knew better. The ultrasound showed inflammation of my thyroid (Hashimoto’s). All of my symptoms we’re consistent with this autoimmune disorder. The ultrasound was done by an independent company with board certified physicians reading the results. It certainly was worth every penny to have peace of mind and the correct diagnosis. You may also want to find out what your TPO level is with a blood test. That will tell you if you have inflammation. At least you will have a starting point.

    • My sister had an almost identical experience as you.You are not alone in this.Our entire family has issues with thyroid and auto-imune disease.

    • Adrian Micelle says

      Exactly. Over time I have progressed to all the symptoms as mentioned in this article. When I mentioned the symptoms to my GYN (my PCP), he touched my neck and said, said my thyroid is fine. He then, too attributed to “perimenopausal” …I too knew otherwise. I have yet to find knowledgeable (and affordable) doctor to assist. I located an endocrinologist however, she will only accept patients that have medical proof from their primary care doctor. Thank you.

  83. Change doctors

  84. Has anyone experience like a lump in their throat when swallowing food? I have been like that for years. Pills and supplements get stuck in my throat too.I read that sometimes nodules can grow inward towards the throat?

    • I’ve been experiencing this for the last 3 years and no one knows why. For a while, I thought it was just me but everything gets stuck. Just glad I’m not alone with this issue.

      • I had to go to 4 different doctors before the did radioactive is top scan and found I had thyroid problems. Goiter was growing inward. Biopsies of it several times and finally removed the right lobe of my thyroid. Suggest you see endocrinologist that specializes in thyroid issues.

        • Adrian Michelle says

          Okay- this might be the answer to why at times when I swallow it either “goes down the wrong pipe” or it comes up through my nose. I pass all of these related symptoms off as something else. Thank you.

    • Hi, this is what happened to me, it was growing into my throat causing to wake up vomiting at night. Had trouble swallowing also. They removed my thyroid in 2 weeks after biopsy, which was negative . Good luck.

    • I had this symptom of food getting stuck in my throat for about a year and a half. My doctor told me it was my esophageal sphincter…..I had to have a procedure where they go down the esophagus and stretch out the sphincter muscle that opens up into the stomach. The condition is supposed to get worse with time if left untreated….I know mine was.

    • I have. Turned out to be a benign tumor that had to be removed. The doctors could not separate the tumor from my thyroid, so they had to remove one half of my thyroid. I would not let them take it all.
      Better get it checked out.

      • I know I have this for sure, but my parents don’t realize what it’s done to me. (Phisically and emotionally) over the years. Parents, am I right? 😅😒

    • Beverly Stadler says

      I had the same problem with pills getting stuck in my throat about 14 years ago. I had a goiter!

    • I suppose they can. Are you having any other thyroid issue symptoms?

      I wasn’t having issues swallowing and nothing was visible externally, but my PCP felt them. When I paid attention, my swallowing was a little “one-sided”. I had ultrasounds and biopsies, but eventually referred to me to an ENT (who was impressed that my PCP felt them!). Unfortunately, the nodules were larger than “acceptable” and my ENT did a full left and partial right thyroidectomy in 2012. Luckily, everything was benign. Oddly, afterwards, I did notice my swallowing was not feeling as one-sided.

      Since then, my thyroid test levels have been “in range” so no meds, but I’m tired all the time and easily cold. I keep my home thermostat at 70-71 and still under a blanket, sometimes to my chin.

      Ultimately, you know your body and what doesn’t feel right…. ask for an ultrasound at least to start with, that would rule out nodules or goiter.

      Good luck! 🙂

  85. I have every symptom of having low thyroid and because of the blood test results my doctor will not prescribe me anything. It is so frustrating knowing there is something not right with yourself and having a doctor who will not even try something to see if it helps.
    Any suggestions?

    • Try the supplement Thyrotrophin by standard process

    • Glynis Wall says

      Have you considered having a private blood test with report? Where they test everything unlike the GP’s. Ive had the same problem for years, ive just paid for my own blood test I’m waiting for results now.

      • Where can this be done?

        • Direct (you can order your own labs at a much discounted rate) or go to a natural path in your area and ask them about having bloodwork taken they are usually cheaper than the doctors.

    • Iodine or kelp

    • I have the same issue and they found my antibodies are really high. But won’t do anything.

    • Greetings! I had an ultrasound done because my PCP really didn’t know what he was doing. He insisted that it was all related to perimenopause. I knew better. The ultrasound showed inflammation of my thyroid (Hashimoto’s). All of my symptoms we’re consistent with this autoimmune disorder. The ultrasound was done by an independent company with board certified physicians reading the results. It certainly was worth every penny to have peace of mind and the correct diagnosis. You may also want to find out what your TPO level is with a blood test. That will tell you if you have inflammation. At least you will have a starting point.

    • TSH can be fine but find a doctor who will check your T3 and T4.

      • Marilyn Gillis says

        I turned 65 in March 2018 and went to my first doctor’s appointment in a very long time (Medicare). My assigned PA (close to my age) felt my neck and throat and told me that I had to go for an ultrasound as she had felt a lump. I was skeptical about doing the ultrasound so she untied the scarf from around her neck to reveal a large horizontal scar.

        Sixteen months later, I have a smaller version of her scar where they did a complete thyroid removal. Turned out it was malignant – I was told by anyone and everyone that it wasn’t a big deal and it was the “best kind” of cancer to get if I had to get cancer. It still sucked !

    • I had the same results for yrs until I switched doctors. Apparently there are 2 things they
      typically check for when testing your thyroid if that falls in the “Normal” range even if it’s on the high end they won’t treat you. There is a 3rd test that can be done but you usually have to ask for it. Thankful my doc requested it. That one showed that my thyroid level was way off. It was frustrating because I told the prior doctors about all of my symptoms they acted like I was making it up. and they said sorry can’t do anything for you. Hopefully you can try to get this test

    • Don’t give up. Doctors miss thyroid issues because they only runTSH test not full thyroid panel. Go to as many as you have to. One will finally listen. God Bless and good luck.

      • I went to endocrinologist nurse practitioner on my own bc frustrated my PCP would not order all the thyroid tests to determine if had diagnosis beyond “hypothyroidism”.
        After diagnosis of Hashimoto’s was prescribed Cytomel and began feeling less fatigued almost immediately (was taking daily naps and sleeping through weekends for the better part of 6 months).
        We have to be our own advocates… easy for PCP to blame current meds, stress, depression, and not address the root cause. Keep seeking the doctor that will order the blood tests needed for accurate diagnoses.

    • Find a functional medicine DR. they are M.D but trained in finding actual causes of health issues and using natural remedies rather than treating symptoms only with pharmaceuticals.

    • Get another Dr. Perhaps an endocrinologist.

    • My doctor told me that I didn’t need medication either, even though I feel terrible. The same doctor told me my hashimoto’s was mild. He then requested a thyroid scan. It came back as thyroditis. The paper clearly stated, “follow up with your doctor”. Did his office call me though? Nope……
      Fatigue, itchy skin, brittle nails, easily cold. No meds offered!

    • Carrie, I have hypo thyroid disease however, I also suffered with this issue as well for a long time. It seemed every first bite of food I took it felt it was logged in my throat and nothing I did relieved it except except making myself vomit. I had an Endoscopy and found my esophagus was narrowing and needed to be stretched. Apparently this is very common procedure and it worked
      for me! Talk to your doctor

  86. Sripriya V says

    Dear Doctor,
    I live in India. My endocrinologist has diagnosed me with thyroiditis and have been taking 250mcg of eltroxin everyday.
    My nails have become brittle and I have lost all my toe nails. The toe edges hurt. The thyroid gland seems to be quite visible now.
    I am worried as both the doctors that i had consuled so far have prescribed varying doses of thyroid medicine.
    Please guide me on what to do.
    Thank you

    • Dr Berg is an amazing Doctor he has helped so many people for over 25 years. Dr Berg has hundreds of videos on you tube!! I believe he also has an email that you can ask questions.

      • I love Dr Berg! He has saved my life!
        I had thyroid issues and adrenal issues. I started listening to him and doing the ketogenic diet. It has helped my quality of life in so many ways. Too many to list!

    • Condition can develop into a severe life threatening case of Myxedema Coma of hypothyroidism is left untreated.Ask to have free T3, T4 & TPO ( indicates inflammation) tests to be done.

  87. Bridey Gstalter says

    I’ve moved between having hypo and hyper, I’ve truly appreciated this site because people simply do not understand things they can’t see. Just remember to be patient and kind to yourself.

  88. Thyroid Dr in Spring/Woodlands Tx area?

    • I see Dr Nguyen Phan. In Spring on Spring-Cypress. He authored one of the chapters of the STTM (stop the thyroid madness) book and trests with NDT, diet and supplements.

  89. I was born with a nonfunctioning thyroid gland and from the age of 2, I took Armour Thyroid until they messed with the formulation a few years ago. It was no longer effective for me, so I had to change to NatureThroid, another brand of desiccated thyroid that seems to work, though I don’t think I’m getting the right dose. I was doing well on 113. 75 mg., but that and other dosages have been on backorder since the hurricane in Puerto Rico, where the factory is located. I can still get 65 mg., but to get the needed dosage I have to split pills in halves and quarters, which is a pain and probably not exact. I have never been able to take Synthroid with any success. Even with the Cytomel to get the T3, it was terrible. Strangely, most doctors insist that’s the only option for hypothyroidism. It’s not. In fact, when I was 9 years old, my pediatrician took me off any thyroid medication completely for a year. He knew my history, so I have no idea why he’d have done that. My parents didn’t know any better than to question his advice, and I lost an important growth spurt. I was one of the tallest kids in 3rd grade, but now I’m much shorter than I should be. Both my parents were tall, so I should be much taller than 5’ 1”. When I heard Dr. Holly died a while back, I hoped he was buried in a short coffin. You can also go to formularies for the desiccated thyroid, but it’s costly. It’s all very frustrating for someone who has lived with this problem her entire life. Doctors should make it easier, not harder. You have to shop around for one who is willing to work with you to get your best quality life with this disorder.

  90. I was born with a nonfunctioning thyroid gland and from the age of 2, I took Armour Thyroid until they messed with the formulation a few years ago. It was no longer effective for me, so I had to change to NatureThroid, another brand of desiccated thyroid that seems to work, though I don’t think I’m getting the right dose. I was doing well on 113. 75 mg., but that and other dosages have been on backorder since the hurricane in Puerto Rico, where the factory is located. I can still get 65 mg., but to get the needed dosage I have to split pills in halves and quarters, which is a pain and probably not exact. I have never been able to take Synthroid with any success. Even with the Cytomel to get the T3, it was terrible. Strangely, most doctors insist that’s the only option for hypothyroidism. It’s not. In fact, when I was 9 years old, my pediatrician took me off any thyroid medication completely for a year. He knew my history, so I have no idea why he’d have done that. My parents didn’t know any better than to question his advice, and I lost an important growth spurt. I was one of the tallest kids in 3rd grade, but now I’m much shorter than I should be. Both my parents were tall, so I should be much taller than 5’ 1”. When I heard Dr. Holly died a while back, I hoped he was buried in a short coffin. You can also go to formularies for the desiccated thyroid, but it’s costly. It’s all very frustrating for someone who has lived with this problem her entire life. Doctors should make it easier, not harder. You have to shop around for one who is willing to work with you to get your best quality life with this disorder.

  91. Mitzi Hammond Perkins says

    For YEARS!!! I have tried to get physicians to listen. I am 70 and my hair has thinned so much my scalp shows through on top. My eyebrows are disappearing. I am SO FATIGUED! My mother (took) and both of my daughters take thyroid medication.
    The information, here, matches my symptoms completely.
    I am done being told it is all in my head!
    Thank you.

    • I have the same issues. I’m getting relief with high.

    • Jan Forrest says

      Even while taking thyroxine for years the symptoms remain the same – nails crap, hair thinning (still), mood up/down, weight heavy & rising, fatigue worse, sleep interrupted and so on and so forth.
      See doctor tomorrow and will ask about Armour which apparently many find a better medication. We will see.

      • Nicole Leah Cormier says

        Jan – Armour works great for me…synthroid did not…all it did was falsely alter my number to make it look like they were ok. Armour thyroid medication has made the world of a difference…I’m not always feeling 100%, but much much better.

      • You may want to get your blood sugar levels tested as well. Also have the doctor test your liver and Vitamin D receptors. All these can effect your thyroid. If the meds aren’t working there is more work to be done.

    • Roberta Askew says

      Mitzi, you need to see an Endocrinologist for your thyroid problems. I hate it when doctors ignore our complaints. Several years before I was finally diagnosed with thyroid problems, my regular doctor said my thyroid levels were a little off but he didn’t want to do anything about it. His excuse was that if I started on medication I would have to take it the rest of my life. It’s one little pill and I wish that I had known better back then and gone to someone else. It isn’t always easy getting regulated but after your endocrinologist gets your meds squared away then your regular doctor can take over. I would suggest seeing the endocrinologist though at least once every year or two just to make sure things are going right. There are several tests to determine thyroid problems and most doctors tend to just check your TSH and that doesn’t tell the whole story. Keep pushing until you get the answers you need.

  92. 👍🏼❤️ Thank YOU For Sharing!! 😊 VERY informative!!! I Also Was Losing Hair Massively BUT It Happened my Gp HAD put me on thyroid And it was TOO much!!!😱I WENT to an Immunologist after Someone Suggested it AND he told me to bring in ALL the Meds And OVER counter supplements I take. HE Did test AND found out I was on TOO much !!! WHAT a BLESSING!!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 😊

  93. Hello Ladies,
    As I assume the majority of everyone here is female. I find it interesting, yet very troubling, that so many have had to endure a doctor ignoring pleas regarding symptoms, and knowing our own bodies. Though my diagnosis of Hashimoto’s came some time ago I can never forget the anguish it caused me dealing with a physician who was callous and wouldn’t listen.
    I remember crying as I lay on my bed, believing that I must be sick with a very serious illness, knowing something was wrong. I had had repeated bouts of a flu like illness and was severely depressed. The Dr I was seeing told me there was nothing wrong with me except that I was just fat. With every visit my TSH always came back within normal limits, on the low end, but still within normal parameters. After the repeated experience of being humiliated, and told I wasn’t really sick I left in tears, knowing this wasn’t right. Next when I could gather my bravado I made the decision to call back to the Dr’s office. I wanted to see my Dr, and not her partner, who also happened to be her husband. He was the Dr who wouldn’t listen to what I was telling him and I said I would find another doctor rather than see him again. This is when I had the realization that doctors are offering a service, period. If it’s not meeting your needs find one that does, because they are not gods, though some do have a God Complex! That’s when everything changed.
    The doctor was immediately angry when I shared with her my experience of dealing with her husband, and partner. She quickly apologized, saying he had been her resident and thought she had taught him better than that. Then upon examining me she called for a TSH and an antibody test. Part of my medical records included that my Mother and Grandmother both had thyroid disease, which I reiterated. The antibody test results came back off the chart, they were so high. She told me she thought I had thyroid cancer and to take heart because it was one of the most curable cancers. I was immediately scheduled for an ultra sound using a radioactive isotope marker. I left feeling stunned, but relieved that finally someone was hearing me. The results were diagnosed as Hashimoto’s with no cancer present. I’ve been on Synthroid, with occasional adjustments ever since.
    We are our own best advocate. Finding a doctor who will listen is a challenge often times. You know your own body and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Good luck to all this New Year, and here’s to better health for us all.

    • Audrey Burns says

      Thank you for your words of wisdom and experience,thanks to me reading your post,I’ve decided to go get a check-up to see if something like this could also be wrong with me.Ive not felt like myself in a long while.Thank you and God bless you and yours. Sincerly, Troubled..

      • Hi, I just want to remind you to get all 3 types of thyroid tests. My daughter was only deficient on one of the tests. Her t3 wasn’t converting to t4. Her tests kept coming back normal but she knew something was wrong. Eventually the gave her the other tests and figured out what was going on.

    • I am so happy you finally were diagnosed! I was just recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I knew something had to be wrong with me Nothing felt right. Weight gain aches pains no energy depression. Within 4 pills I was happy and laughing again. Im just into week two and feel hopefull!

    • Gloria M.Haywood says

      I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Well, I learned of it just today, actually. My doctor wrote a script which I will be picking up tomorrow. I am assuming it is for synthroid. He said I only needed to take half a pull a day, since I had low-level hypothyroidism. I am going to ask him for my actual TSH numbers. I see some people saying tbis medication works great for them, and others saying Nope, it is synthetic and doesn’t help. I guess it depends on the individual? I will be having my levels checked again in one month. Unlike so many others with this disorder, I have actually not been feeling bad. Sooo, I was surprized by the diagnosed. Didn’t even know I was being tested for it. Just thought it was a regular blood panel test? I have recently recovered from cancer, and chemotherapy probably had something to do with messing up my thyroid! But it’s a small price to pay when I stop and think about it!
      Anyways, hoping this medication does the trick!! Thanks for all the info everybody!!

  94. Susan Hadden says

    When I gave birth to my first child, the civilian Dr. who we paid cash to in order for me to get better care than from an old military hospital, turned out to be one of the worst excuses for a obgyn I could have gone to! My baby was born on Dec. 22, 1968, which must have been a busy time for him, as he did not remove the afterbirth and caused me to be sick for most of the years since! I was 21 1/2 yrs old and didn’t question why I had brown smelly discharge after the delivery of my first child! Three months later my beautiful hair started falling out by the hundreds! I called him and had blood work taken to check my thyroid, which he said came back normal! I had put my health care in the hands of a Dr. who had no respect for military members, I found out much later! He had the nerve to ask me why I hadn’t told him that my husband was a green beret?!! He said he would have spent more time with me!! Guess maybe he would have removed the afterbirth! Said his nephew was a green beret too! Because of this awful man, Dr. Jerome S. Weingarten, my life and health became hell— with no help from the many Drs I sought care and diagnosis from! My blood work and even a scan were all said to be “borderline or within normal range! Finally at age 33, my pulse began beating at 120 beats a minute, so a new scan was done showing severe Graves’ disease! Surgery and many years of trying to determine a correct dosage of Synthroid insude!! For a while I had less loss of hair until the dosage no longer worked. I will go to a new endocrinologist in a few days in hopes of saving what’s left of my hair and mind! I pray for an answer!

    • Please consider naturally dessicated thyroid, it is natural and not a synthetic thyroid hormone replacement. Check out StopTheThyroidMadness website to learn more. Many people do NOT respond well to synthetic T4 but do really well on this other source. Good luck!

  95. Wow, learned so much. My nails have not looked good for years. I have Hashimotos and take Synthroid . I fired my endocrinologist and now see a homeopathic PA. She ran extensive labs and I’m now taking Iron, prescription Vit D, and Berberine.
    I also did a sleep study. Apparently I don’t get enough oxygen while I sleep. I now wear a custom mouth piece which keeps my jaw forward and allows higher oxygen levels. I have Fibromyalgia , Raynauds and RA. I feel so much better since I changed doctors.

    • Lots of hashi people are deficiency in B12 too. Youll need to take the subligual B12

      • Linda Kenley says

        What dosage recommendation for Seleniim would you recommend? I do hv mild vertical nail ridges.
        I had left lobe removed Wednesday and do not yet hv CA diagnosis but University Endo surgeon didn’t believe it was CA.
        I do not hv Duabetes at 69 but it is in family. I hv NA fatty liver with ok blood test numbers.
        I hv an adequate healthy diet and weigh 165 at 5’[email protected]
        My metabolism and adult daughters as well is practically non existent. We both take 100mcg Levothyroxine.
        What is your opinion about taking Selenium.

        • Karla Fabel says

          You can get selenium naturally by eating Brazil nuts.

        • My daughter and I drink Bai unflavored water with added selenium. I think it helps. She had major vitamin D deficiency as well. I’ve noticed new hair growth since starting vitamin D sublingual

        • Eat 2 Brazil nuts a day, according to my Naturopath. We don’t need more than two, he said. I’ve heard others say the same thing.

  96. I’m an RN and believe I’m hypothyroid. My T3, T4, and TSH are always within normal range. However, I have several signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism. I’m able to tick every one of the nail signs you mention!!! My neck has even been swollen for years, and an ultrasound indicates no problems. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any natural remedies?

    • I had half a thyroid removed in 1995 my thyroid level were in the normal range since then. In 2014 I was having tests for a colon surgery and during those tests my Dr. saw something in my lung xray so he ordered a pet scan. My thyroid lite up with cancer but my thyroid blood tests came back normal. So, if I were you I would insist on an ultra sound, CT scan with Contrast, I would be persistently get your Dr. onboard.

    • Have you had your anti bodies checked? For five years various doctors told me my tests were fine. I thought I had Alzheimer’s My husband and I are preparing for the worst, when my friend recommended a “kinda crazy” doctor who diagnosed me with Hashimotos.

    • Hi Elaine

      Like you I had symptoms and my tests were fine until I convinced my endo to to a thyroid antibody test which was positive; he still refused to do anything. I went gluten free and changed endis. My antibody test dropped to zero, I lost weight, and I felt 100 percent better.

      Hope this helps.

      • Nicole Montez says

        Hi – I am new to this Hypothyroidism. Twice I had labs run and they were normal, the latest doctor I went to checked my antibodies and caught it. Actually he was pretty certain with all my symptoms even before my bloodwork came back..He suggested a gluten free diet. I can tell the difference in how I feel when I stick to gluten free and I am losing weight without really trying.

    • My labs also were within normal limits, but I have too many symptoms of hypothyroidism to ignore. I had requested a full thyroid panel but internist only ordered TSH, T4, and T3. Should I go to an endocrinologist now? I tried to schedule with one before but couldn’t without a diagnosis, so I had labs done, but I still don’t have a diagnosis. Suggestions for next steps?

    • I have found most endo to be useless in helping with hashimotos and or hypothyroidism. I would look for a naturpoath, or a functional medical doctor. I suffered for years because my doctor only tested my TSH. I found a naturpoath and she ran the antibodies for hashis and I was positive and also hypo. The first thing I would recommend is a change in diet. Cut out gluten, dairy and soy. Paleo is better and AIP Paleo is the best step. It helps tons for many people. I would also recommend self education. It has been key to my recovery. There is a great face book group hashimotos411 check it out tons of great information.

    • Visit a natropathic Dr. , mine were always normal also. They do more accurate testing. I take a supplement and it seems to help. Good luck!

    • See a functional medicine doctor for your thyroid issues. They actually treat YOU not just read a piece of paper. My life is SO much better after switching 2 years ago.

      • Amanda Terry says

        Not always the case. I went to a functional practitioner and they nearly killed me twice due to complete lack of caring. They run all kinds of labs but mine still went by the TSH. Had she actually paid attention she would have CLEARLY seen my low TSH was because of a pituitary issue, not from being over medicated as my FT 3 and 4 were also low. Don’t depend on a particular type of physician to figure you out. Figure it out yourself and find a doctor that will unknowingly allow you to guide them.

    • Have your doctor check your vit. D levels, and keep checking your T.S.H. Every 6 months. It took 2 years of checking mine after I had symptoms before my lab values changed but when they did, they were very bad. I have been taking synthroid for 10 years now, I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and thought I would die before it was found.

    • Have your antibodies tested

    • You can try Thyro Gold.

  97. What do I do?!? I was diagnosed with Graves Disease 3 years ago and had RAI. (My endo said “once may not be enough”). He released me to my internist who documents both hyper AND hypo thyroidism. I’ve been on a very low dosage of name brand Synthroid for 2 years. Lately, I feel as though I’m falling totally apart! I’m stressed — but NOT depressed! — gaining weight despite dieting and my body is quickly showing signs of issues. My labs say I’m “in range.” In January of this year, I had a softball-sized growth removed from my ovary. I’ve never been on hormones (I’m 59) and I just feel like NOBODY in the medical field is listening which only adds more stress and anxiety. I know something just isn’t right but what I don’t know. Soon, I’m sure I’ll be developing headaches from knocking my head upside the proverbial medical brick wall!

    • DO NOT GIVE UP SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS. Doctors don’t listen to women who know that something is not right because we know our bodies. They simply don’t. I’ve asked for years about my thyroid because all my female relatives have been on Synthroid for issues. My TSH was always “fine.” FINALLY a new doctor, new PA listened. She sent me for an ultrasound of my thyroid….I have Hashimoto’s, multiple nodules, a goiter (doesn’t show on the outside…I always thought they did!), and cysts. Referred to an older endocrinologist who told me I’d probably had all this for TWENTY FLIPPIN’ YEARS!! Am now on Synthroid and will have another ultrasound in October.
      I also see a cardiologist for MVP and arrhythmia. He wanted to implant a monitor in my chest to monitor my arrhythmia…I declined. Since I’ve been on Synthroid, that has greatly improved. I’d asked the cardio about my thyroid, too. Change doctors if you need to. Find someone who will listen. I am so grateful that I finally did!

      BTW, thank you for the info on fingernails. Now I know why mine look like that! All my previous doctor’s PA would do was take a clipping biopsy and send it in to check for a nail fungus….which, of course, was negative.

    • DO NOT GIVE UP SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS. Doctors don’t listen to women who know that something is not right because we know our bodies. They simply don’t. I’ve asked for years about my thyroid because all my female relatives have been on Synthroid for issues. My TSH was always “fine.” FINALLY a new doctor, new PA listened. She sent me for an ultrasound of my thyroid….I have Hashimoto’s, multiple nodules, a goiter (doesn’t show on the outside…I always thought they did!), and cysts. Referred to an older endocrinologist who told me I’d probably had all this for TWENTY FLIPPIN’ YEARS!! Am now on Synthroid and will have another ultrasound in October.
      I also see a cardiologist for MVP and arrhythmia. He wanted to implant a monitor in my chest to monitor my arrhythmia…I declined. Since I’ve been on Synthroid, that has greatly improved. I’d asked the cardio about my thyroid, too. Change doctors if you need to. Find someone who will listen. I am so grateful that I finally did!

      BTW, thank you for the info on fingernails. Now I know why mine look like that! All my previous doctor’s PA would do was take a clipping biopsy and send it in to check for a nail fungus….which, of course, was negative.

      • Rebecca Browning says

        I also have hypothyroid, and a large nodule. I started reading everything i could, and found that diet and reducing toxins ste two very important things we can do . And we have control over that.
        There are minerals that are lacking in our diets ,when you balance them things start functioning better.
        Selenium was one that helped me a lot. My Hair quit falling out and has filled back in . My nails have small moons now where there were none.
        Being encouraged by the successes I was having
        I decided to learn how to help my body heal itself. I found a whole food vitamins mineral supplement that boosted my energy, kept me functioning and getting things done
        My hit was out of balance and I started taking a enzyme supplement and probiotic
        This was huge for me
        I am feeling so much better. You can take your health in your own hands and ,get the testing, find what minerals are out of balance . ! Change your diet to whole foods as close to nature as possiable, clean and pesticide free
        Keep natural cleaning products in your homr to help reduce toxins


        • Thank you for the information. I’m in the same boat n I’m tired of being misdiagnosed.
          My dr told me that I have hypothyroidism n prescribed Levothyroxine n left it at that.
          I’m slowly learning to take matters into my own hands.
          Your knowledge is so appreciated!

        • Could you please give me your brand name of your vitamins and minerals you are taking

          • Gerlynn ROBERTS says

            Please give me the name of the vitamins you are taking. Thank you.

          • Please test before supplementing with most vitamins. Selenium can become toxic and you need to do a selenium RBC test before supplementing. Some vitamins like C are fine in high doses and we just pee out what we don’t need.

          • Denise you can overdose on C too. Honestly I feel like there’s some underlying reason the body isn’t absorbing vitamins in most cases. My daughter takes supplements and still tests with deficiency

    • Linda Reynolds says

      Read Dr Steve Gundry’s book the Plant Paradox I have found it is a revelation for my health. At first you this guy is nuts!!!! Then he starts to explain band it all comes together.

    • Ask your doctor to do a fasting insulin blood test to see if you are insulin resistant that goes along with the cystic ovaries and can cause weight gain and you to be apple shaped and no matter what you do until you fix insulin resistance issue nothing will help.Insilin resistance is not diabetes but can be a precursor to getting type 2 diabetics when you are older.

    • Get your antibodies tested. Sounds like Hashimoto’s to me. I had low thyroid but would have “Storm” episodes where I was suddenly high thyroid- weak with heart palpitations- felt like I was dying. I’m not “there” yet but I finally began to feel better when I left gluten behind & started taking Armour Thyroid which has T4AND T3. Synthroid which has a synthetic T4 only is never enough.

      • Kristin Barrera says

        For about 10 years now I will have 1 to 2 unexplained episodes a month or heart palpitations. I have 10+ symptoms of Thyroid dysfunction but labs come back within “normal” range. My TSH was 1.5 something and my T3 and T4 in the lowest percentile but still within what they call normal range. No heart Dr could ever figure out what’s wrong and I’m seriously feeling like what you’ve said could be it!

        • This sounds exactly the same as me. I don’t know where to go from here.dont know if worth paying £696.00 for reverse t4/3 blood tests privately.not sure if that will show anything if The other bloods are doctor said my T-shirt was 0.78 and if anything I should be closer to hyper than straw was yesterday when my hairdresser came to cut my hair and decided not to as hasn’t grown in five months! Don’t know where to go from here😢😢😢

          • Have you had your hormones checked? After having a full historectomy my hair fell out by the hundreds everyday for weeks. I got on hormones and it stopped in 6 wks from falling out.

      • I have experienced heart Palps too. I am 30 w hypothyroid and pcos taking Armour Thyroid. Is it possible it is anxiety or due to my thyroid??? It is very scary When it happens. Please let me know what you think. Xo

        • I’m hypo and had heart palps for years. I rarely get them now but wasn’t given meds until I was 46 or so. At 38 my tsh was high, but not high enough. Dr Carolyn Dean for heart palps. She is on the net.

    • I had a thyroid border had surgery took right & half the left. I went to eye Dr for years have graves but hadn’t gotten worse .this has been 25years. Was 10 years before I started on medicine Synthroid didn’t do anything for me finally a friend told me bout Armour been on it since. But I have to watch bout medicine took for colds or any sickness had 2 thyroid storms & the last one come from a Zpack for sinus infection. I have a great Dr that knows bout i can just take anything & she is on it

  98. I am pretty sure I also have un diagnosed Hypothyroidism, health care is an issue. However I found this stuff for my nails, they are much better, stronger and less splits. it is called “Mane’n Tail HoofMaker Hand & Nail Lotion”. Apparently it was made for horses but the people taking care of them saw a noticeable change in their hands from applying it to the horses. I cover my hands, but mostly my nails each night before I go to sleep and let it soak in overnight. Difference is amazing,

  99. What is the proper diagnostic test to show if I have a thyroid problem or Hashimotos? My blood levels have come out normal from the regular doctor, but I have read that special tests need to be ordered sometimes because the liver or horomones can be preventing the absorption of the thyroid horomone and it would show up negative for a thyroid problem. I also am 52 and hit menopause at the age of 50. In addition I have gained about 40 pounds and my back is itchy alot and I think I have those ridges on my nails. I also have Raynaud’s where my fingers sometimes turn white, low circulation and often feel cold. What diagnostic test and type of doctor would you recommend?

    • Hi Kim, There are two thyroid antibodies to test for Hashimoto’s – Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies & Thyroglobulin Antibodies. Good to have you at Hypothyroid Mom.

      • What can you take to help smooth the fingernails? My thumbs have ridges and they are growing now that I have switched to the methylated B vitamins. And they have started to smooth out and flatten down like they should be but what is reccommended? I am in the thyroid healing process of course but is there anything extra?

    • You need to see an endocrinologist.

      • Only if they are progressive and do some reading on thyroid conditions outside what they learn in Med school. My experience has been that they only want to get you on Synthroid and send you on your way. Tell you you’re fine if your THS is in the range THEY find acceptable. Find a Naturopath who will take all the appropriate tests and deal with your whole body balance.

    • Kim,
      Just stumbled upon this website now. If you have never been tested for celiac disease (CD), please ask to have it done. CD, like thyroid disease is autoimmune (AI) and it is not unusual to have both. Raynaud’s also is AI. AI diseases go in groups. Most doctors think only those who lose weight can have CD. Wrong. Over 50% of CD patients are overweight. Why? Because they are not absorbing the nutrients from their food and are starving to death, so they eat and eat and eat to satisfy their hunger, so they GAIN weight. Find a good gastroenterologist who will do a celiac panel blood test who knows that sometimes the test can still be negative and will suggest an upper GI/small bowel biopsy to confirm whether you have CD. A great book to learn more by Dr. Peter Greene is Celiac Disease: The Silent Epidemic. How do I know? I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease at age 15, but unfortunately was NOT diagnosed with CD until age 56! The sooner you get diagnosed and get the gluten out of your diet, the better off you are so you can avoid developing more autoimmune diseases.

    • T4 T3 make sure your doctor is testing your parathyroid if not your test will come up normal on a thyroid test this is the way it was explained to me parathyroid is like the brain of clans and it will force the thyroid to work so the test comes up if you get the parathyroid check it will be exhausted and worn out .

  100. You might look into the ketogenic diet by Dr Eric Berg on youtube… This diet helps many women with this disease.

    • Agreed. I have Hashimoto’s Disease and have been on a ketogenic for 6 months and I feel worlds better than before. My TAG still bounces around all over the map, but my aggravating symptoms have diminished greatly.

  101. I used to look at my grandmother’s ridges on her thumb nails and she also had a Dowager’s Hump. Now, today, teaching Thyroid Madness and authoring a book: Detox & Heal Your Thyroid (Amazon), I figured it out. My brother is dying of thyroid cancer, young adults males in my family are diagnosed with GAD, anxiety is an all time high.
    Our thyroid gland was poisoned by 5 primary ways. I cover that in extensive detail, as I helped people to heal for the last 34 years naturally. My business Naturally With Karen, is Original Medicine, a Shaman is far different from the doctor. Our people run to the doctor to have blood pulled out of their arms, and to the pharmacy for the next promising drug; most of which do nothing but complicate and produce further problems. There must be a Way of Life, which is what I have taught for many decades now. If we get off track, we get back on! All of us have times of self sabotage, feeling lower than usual, or more stress, we may impulse grab and eat, or not drink enough water, get enough sleep, but the American culture is suffering as a whole with a thyroid epidemic. There is no mystery, it’s all right before our eyes and written in our history. It’s in my book. I served real people with real problems and brought real solutions! I also solved my own, from Asthma, allergies, endometriosis, infertility, miscarriage, and finally, a diagnosis of Ovarian Carcinoma. I healed them all. I had one surgery in my life when with what I know today, I would not have had to do that either. I was taught by the Grandmothers and today, at 56 I teach, guide and feed people! We just needed the ingredients to be well! Often, it is minerals, a detox, and all of that is provided in my book!

  102. Kelly Keki says

    Yes! Diet is a good place to start to reduce the antibodies that are attacking the thyroid. I have been on synthroid for a few years and began to read about Paleo diet. After trying Paleo for about a year, my antibodies went from >600 to 16. They are supposed to be below 35 from what my blood report says. I
    am still on synthroid but am feeling much better when eating well.

  103. Becky Porter says

    I Have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism when I was in Tech College going for Associated Degree as Pharmacy Technician. I had tumors on ovaries removed 2 times the last time I went to my doctor 3 days after surgery said I have major pain on other side? I had a tumor hooked to my Uterus & ovarie. So had hysterectomy month later. That was at 39 at 42 was diagnosed now at 53 it’s a hassle with new doctor to even have her check out my TSH levels when having blood draw anyway.? So guess it’s time for new doctor. She doesn’t seem to understand what I deal with, No energy 0!!,weight gain, nails, ect!! Thank you for this site I don’t feel alone & great information. Sincerely Becky WA☺

    • Lynn Gulick says

      I have hypothyroid and my mother was hyperthyroid who’s thyroid was destroyed with a radioactive drink the year she got pregnant with me in the 60s so she had no thyroid left. Myself and daughters and grandchildren all have symptoms of thyroid disorder. One big one is low body temperature , a whole degree or more . Mine is usually around 97.3 and so are my kids and grandkids. I too had a long struggle to get started on levothyroxine around age 30. Recently my youngest daughters illnesses have lead her to a natural hormone clinic which I started going to. I take a combined all natural hormones that are like a gummy bear. I am sleeping better and feeling better. I also changed to armour thyroid which is pig hormone. What you have gone through at such a young age is horribe and Im so sorry but you need to find a place like we go where they will test your hormone levels and put back what your body needs. I recently took my grandaughter because she had started her menstral cycle at ten years old and just turned twelve but goes months without a period. She has always had weight issues but girls usually grow out of that too after starting but she had gained 30 lbs. We couldnt let this go so we took her to the family dr. and he thought he felt something on her thyroid and did a throid panel and sonogram. The tests all came back normal ? Well that makes no sense does it so I said to her mother we cant let her suffer its time to take her to the clinic. This was this week and they felt something on her throid as well and believe she has P.C.O.S. Polycystic ovary syndrome which causes cysts on the ovarys and effects the way your body metabolises sugar and risks diabetes 2. Major weight gain and acne , depression are just some of the symptoms. She explaned to me that our Drs arent taught in medical school about hormones and testing . That 70% of people with this go undiagnosed. We just started and have to change her diet totally with no sugar and starches so its going to be hard but well worth it. Its all the other children and people suffering I pray for. I hope you find the help you need . God Bless You

      • Kelly Keki says

        Yes! Diet is a good place to start to reduce the antibodies that are attacking the thyroid. I have been on synthroid for a few years and began to read about Paleo diet. After trying Paleo for about a year, my antibodies went from >600 to 16. They are supposed to be below 35 from what my blood report says. I
        am still on synthesis but am feeling much better when eating well.

        • Kelly Keki says

          Sorry… autocorrect changed synthroid to synthesis

        • Does everyone have some antibodies or only those with hypothyroid? My doctor recently tested me for antibodies and my results were in the “normal” range. Does that mean normal for everyone or normal for someone with hashimotos? He said I don’t need to come back for a year….

          • Hi there, there is about 5 % of the hypothyroid population that never have anti-bodies that are measurable. You can be one of those. Did you have both antibody tests done?

      • Hi Lynn,
        My daughter is experiencing the same kind of health issues. She got her period at 13, and is now 15 but has only had maybe 5 or 6 periods in that time. She’s gained about 30 pounds also. She too has bad acne and is struggling lately with her attitude.
        I am hypo but doctor did a panel on her and it all comes back negative. He doesn’t know and seems to not be too concerned. When you said you took your daughter to the “clinic” are you talking about a naturopath? I wonder if there would be more of a sense of urgency with a naturopath?
        Ia glad to hear you have figured out the issues with your granddaughter and hopefully she’s on the mend soon.

        • My regular OB doc says my levels are within normal ranges too. However I found a NP that has put me on natural supplements. (GTA) it’s Porcine. I only take a half per day. Feel better. I have changed my diet as well. If you read TSH “normal” levels have changed to accommodate the public’s dietary habits. Certain Food disrupts the thyroid. For instance when I started my journey a year ago my TSH was 5.75 my T3 and T4 were out of whack and I had gained over 30 pounds in just a short few months. I wasn’t eating anything either I just kept packing on the pounds. I started searching and searching…. I read about candida. (Yeast overgrowth) candida at an overgrown state can disrupt EVERYTHING! I started the candida diet. I thought….. “great this food will Taste like cardboard”. But to my surprise the recipes are great! There are herbs and have lots of flavor. I stayed on the diet for about 2 months and had levels checked again…. my TSH had come down to 3.75! Work in progress. My cortisol levels were VERY low as well. Too much stress typically. So just to give me that extra boost I did start on the GTA at that time. My TSH kept coming down. From what the NP says the level should be below 2 for a person to feel their best…. I was at 2.15 recently. I have been through aches and pains, joints hurting, I had stomach and esophagus ulcers, my immune system dropped and I ended up w H Pylori in my gut. The list goes on…. So with everything I was healing the gut and I am still doing that. I don’t think I will ever stop that just bc all foods we eat have something in them unless you grow your own and I don’t have that ability. I will not sit here and say that this is an easy process because it’s NOT at all! But there is support numerous places. The candida diet helps tremendously and they have diets for kids as well. I
          Have also invested in essential oils. Just make sure they are kinda to ingest. I mix mine with coconut oil and mix it in a smoothie or in some unsweet coconut milk.
          Anyway, there are lots of expensive programs out there I know and it can get very confusing. If you have a NP in your area look them up. I was fortunate to find one and love them. But the ultimate candida diet is a start for those who want good recipes that help to heal the body. I love the diet, the natural supplements and the essential oils. There is also an elixir called tyovu. It is for thyroid and adrenal. I have read that some take this with their supplements or synthroid or whatever they are on. Most start with 1-3 drops. Yes that’s right 1-3 drops that’s it. It’s an energized water but I am here to say that I have taken a toxin cleanser and a parasite elixir that’s energized water and it works! My entire family have been on the parasite elixir and all have done great and have killed some critters! The same place with tyovu has all of this as well. The people are in Alaska but they are wonderful with customer service. Any question or symptoms at all they answer questions promptly. Anyway, that’s my two cents. An NP can help more so than me! Just wanted to share my experiences.

        • She probably has PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). I was diagnosed at 14 when it was a fairly new condition (in my 30s now). I was overweight, had acne, insanely painful periods that were sporadic (and then doubled to two a month). It’s easy to diagnose. She would feel so much better with a diagnosis.

    • You need to request to see an endocrinologist.

  104. Angie Norris says

    I had papillary thyroid cancer, along with parathyroid cancer. My nails are destroyed, they are flaking, won’t grow, ridges, I have waves on my thumb nailbeds and my big toes also. Cuticle are a mess and my Doctor hasn’t acted as thou it a problem. But it’s not her body coming to he’ll in a handbasket either. Don’t know what to do now. Any answers for me? I take both Liothyronine and Levothyroxine daily. I’m losing hair so fadt its crazy and gainj ng weight too. Plus I’m diabetic and have a degenerative spinal disease. Falling apart at 5r yrs.old trying not to lose my mind in the process. HELP

    • I feel ya, I have had Hashimoto for yrs now. I also have degenerate disc disease with pinched nerves, my fingers feel like a constant bee sting, I fell apart at 40.. I had been on Levothyroxine for years still had no motivation, wanted to sleep all the time I finally about 4 months ago ask my doctor to put me on Armour Thyroid and I can honestly say I feel so much better still tired at times but not like I used to be..

      • Hi Kat does the Amour thyroid help you more than say Synthroid? I’ve been on levothyroxine and now I’m on Synthroid. I’m losing weight and hair and generally feel like doing nothing at all. I also have fibromyalgia. All this garbage started with hormones and starting my period at 11 yrs old. I hate it.

        • Hi Lee,
          Please Don’t feel like you’re alone.
          I too have thyroid and fibromyalgia and levothyroxine didn’t work for me. synthroid was the only thing as for my nails, they look the same as the pictures.brittle, cracked and just terrible. I hope you find help with your meds.

        • Look into Thyrovanz. There is a facebook group as well to help you. I switched last march from levothyroxine to thyrovanz. Best thing ever. So far i have raised my basal temp a full degree. I feel so much better.

    • Check out eating/drinking organic raw eggs daily. I couldn’t imagine consuming a raw egg but it really isn’t so bad if you break it into a cup and down the hatch:). It’s helping my skin,hair and for the first time ever the ridges are smoothing out I take one a day at least but I am increasing to one in the a m and one in the p m. It has to be raw bc cooking it at all destroys it the very nutrition we need. Good luck

  105. My fingernails fit all of your descriptions. I am 79 yrs of age. I was finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism at age 38 after suffering for many years. I think I need more than the usual tests.

  106. Barbara Fetzner says

    What do you do to correct the nail symptoms if you had you thyroid completely removed?

  107. I can’t find the link to enter the contest. I can really use these supplements as I am struggling with hypothyroidism and the non ending medial related bills. I am sure anyone who is on your blog is also in similar situation as I am. I still would like to take my chance and enter. I don’t know how because I can’t find the link and the 29th us around the corner.

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