Top thyroid medication, according to 3,665 hypothyroidism patients

Top thyroid medication according to 3,665 hypothyroidism patients

I’ve been asked numerous times to share the results of a poll that I posted on the Hypothyroid Mom Facebook page, titled “Which thyroid medication works best for you?”

Over 4,000 people cast their votes and I’ve gone over every single comment individually, which has taken me more hours than I ever imagined all for this one post. I must say that this vote was far from a perfect method to determine the top thyroid medication. There are many important factors that make it unreliable including my hunch that the majority of voters have not tried every single type and brand of medication listed. Knowing that you feel well on a medication is not the same as trying every single one and determining the very best. We can feel well, but perhaps we could feel even better on another type. Many voters indicated clearly in their comments that they had only ever tried one type of medication, most often T4 only levothyroxine medications like Synthroid, and felt awful, often for decades, so I decided to include an additional section for these votes called “Unsure”. Other people did not provide an answer to the question, in which case I could not count their votes.

Despite all the clear limitations of this vote, however, there is no doubt that the results provide very helpful information. Not only are the votes useful, the actual comments made by fellow hypothyroidism patients provided very important insights. For this reason, I will start by giving the numbers and then share a number of word-for-word comments from Hypothyroid Mom followers that I feel are particularly salient for each section.

Let’s begin.

Vote for Top Thyroid Medication

Here is the vote that appeared on the Hypothyroid Mom Facebook page on November 15, 2018. I counted each vote made in the comments section.

3,665 people vote for top thyroid medication

Drum roll, please….


891 A. Synthetic T4 Levothyroxine ((Synthroid, Levothroid, Levoxyl, Eltroxin, Unithyroid, Euthyrox, Thyroxine, Tirosint…)

347 B. Synthetic T3 alone or T4+T3 (like Cytomel or Synthroid+Cytomel)

1,241 C. Natural Desiccated Thyroid (Armour, Nature-throid, Westhroid, NP Thyroid, Erfa…)

80 D. Compounded (NDT, synthetic T4, T3, time-released T3)

158 E. Other (please give name)

192 F. None

756 G. Unsure


Top Thyroid Medication, According to Patients

891  A. Synthetic T4 Levothyroxine (Synthroid, Levothroid, Levoxyl, Eltroxin, Unithyroid, Euthyrox, Thyroxine, Tirosint…)

I feel fantastic on generic levothyroxine.
I have done everything else and Tirosint is the only one that works.
I finally found the right dose and the difference was like night and day!
A but only Synthroid, levothyroxine made me feel like death, C almost killed me.
I’ve tried B, C and D but A alone works best for me.
Levothyroxine works best, after trying Synthroid and NP Thyroid.
Brand name Synthroid works for me.
Tirosint but it’s expensive as hell.
Tirosint. And for those who don’t have success give Tirosint a try.
Levothyroxine works for me.
A. I feel wonderful now. It took a long time to find the right dose.
Levothyroxine. Feel great, normal, and energetic.
Levoxyl. Synthroid makes me sick.
Back on Levothyroxine as it works.
Synthroid…Generics don’t work as well…I had all thyroid removed.
Only ever been on levothyroxine. Doctors act like that’s all there is.
A. I feel better than I have in about 10+ years.
Synthroid. I have tried generic but it does not work for me.
Synthroid is the only one I can tolerate.
A. Tried Armour and it was terrible for me. I actually gained weight.
A. Only Synthroid, no generic here.
Euthyrox for me.
Unithroid works for me.
Levothyroxine didn’t really work until I started taking it before bed.
My son has been taking levothyroxine since his birth. No problems.
Levoxyl is my vote.
Tirosint changed my life.
Tirosint!!!! It’s a gel pill.
Levothyroxine works well. Armour & Nature-throid made me sick.
Synthroid only. I insist that generics don’t work as well for me.
Tirosint changed my life. Plus my insurance pays for it.
Last 3 years I switched to Euthyrox and I’ve lost 25kgs in a year.
Super groggy on Synthroid. Now eltroxin and it’s way better.
I was on Nature-throid and it made me so sick. I love Tirosint.
Tirosint. Tried NDT, but felt worse with it.
A but I take but my dose is split and I take it twice daily.
A, at a very high dose, but at least it works.
Levoxyl has been the best for me.
Eltroxin is great. Zero side effects.
Oroxine is best.
Synthroid. Thyroxine gave me severe joint pain and heart issues.
A. But it has to be increased when I’m super stressed.
Levothyroid worked best and then it was no longer available at the pharmacy.
A. I have hypothyroidism because of an operation I had on my pituitary gland.
Tirosint – But insurance stopped covering it, so back on generic and feeling like crap.
A. Tirosint. Synthroid was horrible. Armour was better. Tirosint beat them both.
Unithroid works great for me at a certain dosage.
Tirosint! Took every pill version available for 30 years.
I had severe side effects from Tirosint and Armour. I like levothyroxine.
A. Amour did absolutely nothing for me and it took a year to recover.
I’m on A. It works when I remember to take it.
My daughter has been on levothyroxine since diagnosis, and so far no issues.
I take Levoxyl. Leothyroxine doesn’t work for me.
Synthroid is the one I can take without immediately having terrible symptoms.
A works for me, but my main fight was to get an adequate dosage.
Only Synthroid name brand. Generic makes my heart race and flutter.
Switched to Synthroid from levothyroxine and getting my life back.
Levoxyl specifically for me.
Thyroxine for me.
T4 levothyroxine works better for me than T3.
Levothyroxine and it works great!
Synthroid. Armour was a colossal waste of money and time.
Now I take Levoxyl and I feel better than I have in years.
I haven’t had a problem with generic levothyroxine since I started taking it at night.
My doctor has me on tirosint but when I run out I’m not going to be able to afford it.
A, but took almost one year to get the right dose.

347 B. Synthetic T3 alone or T4+T3 (like Cytomel or Synthroid+Cytomel)

B, cytomel+synthroid
B synthroid + cytomel if you can afford the name brand take it.
Sythroid + Cytomel
T3 alone, but my doctor now won’t prescribe it so I am on NDT Armour.
I take liothyronine twice daily which has made a ton of difference.
Low dose of T3 liothyronine only due to reverse T3 issues.
B is best.
B. C didn’t work well, lots of highs and lows.
Levothyroxine and liothyronine.
Synthroid and Cytomel and never felt better in my life.
Tirosint plus cytomel combo
T4 + T3 but took 3 years to get the right dosages.
Levoxyl plus cytomel. I have tried the others.
Triostat (T3)
Synthroid and liothyronine works best for me.
Liothyronine. I had to switch doctors a few times.
Synthroid and Cytomel. Best thing happened to me.
Synthroid and Cytomel and I’m finally in a good spot. Listen to your body.
B. Synthroid and Cytomel combo. Been so much better adding Cytomel.
Tirosint & Cytomel. My doctor is always on my case about the suppressed TSH.
Synthroid and Cytomel. I tried to use Armour but never felt better on it.
TSH at the lowest level of normal. Took me years to find what works for me.
T3 only. What a journey it’s been to get here but so glad I advocated for myself.
T4+T3. I have issues with heart flutters. NDT was just too up and down for me.
B. Tried Armour but it gave me anxiety.
Synthroid + Cytomel, but oh man is the cytomel expensive.
Cytomel alone. I went to a doctor who listened to mean and I feel like a new woman.
I didn’t start to feel kind of normal until the cytomel was added.
I take levothyroxine and liothyronine, the generic for Cytomel.
Levoxyl and cytomel has been the best combo so far.
Brand name Synthroid with a T3 chaser.
Armour sent my thyroid antibodies through the roof.
T3 has changed my life.
T3 alone. No question.
Just T3. On it for a few years to fix my reverse T3 problem.
B is the only way I don’t feel like I am walking through wet cement.
Tirosint and liothyronine.
B. I will never go back on A as long as I have a breath in my body.
T4 & T3! I had to fight for T3 though.
B. I’m in the UK and had an 8 year battle to get it.
Diatroxin, which contains both thyroxine and liothyronine.
T3 alone has been my lifesaver for the last 17 years.
Tertoxine (T3). Nothing else really worked.
T3 alone.
B works but my insurance company keeps giving me A.
B. I’m very thankful my endo just doesn’t go by numbers.
Unithroid with generic Cytomel

1,241 THE WINNER C. Natural Desiccated Thyroid (Armour, Nature-throid, Westhroid, NP Thyroid, Erfa…)

My doctor put me on natural desiccated thyroid and it works like a charm.
NP Thyroid changed my life.
Armour but you have to TELL your doctor you want to switch.
C but apparently there’s a huge shortage.
NDT is the only thing that doesn’t make my body ache.
Armour or Nature-throid split in 2 doses per day instead of once per day.
C. I drive 2 hours to my doctor and it’s worth it.
Armour. Night and day difference.
I thought levo was as good as it could get until I got on Nature-throid.
Armour. I had to fight my doctor to give it to me.
C. Not going back to anything else.
From Levo to Armour, I felt like a fog was lifted.
Armour now, but I miss Westhroid. Not available in local pharmacies.
C but I gained too much weight on it.
Armour taken twice a day  works so much better than once a day.
Nature-throid. I’m so thankful to have found a doctor who listened.
C, and specifically Nature-throid. I had issues with NP Thyroid.
C all the way for me! Took 30 years of feeling like pure death to get here.
C Armour. I pay a higher price but worth every penny.
Nature-throid was a game-changer for me.
Desiccated thyroid by Erfa
Armour taken at bedtime.
I felt great on Armour, that is until my doctor reduced the dosage.
Armour. I had to fight my doctor for it.
First time I felt human in years was a few days after switching to NP Thyroid.
Tried Levo and combo T4+T3 but only Nature-thyroid worked.
C but only NP Thyroid and WP Thyroid, which I’m struggling to find in stock.
Nature-throid. Since their recent shortage it is not working as well as it used to.
Armour, but the problem is insurance won’t cover it.
Nature-throid but took years to find the correct dosage.
C. Waiting and praying for my WP Thyroid to come back.
C I’ve lost 25lbs in 3 months.
Armour all the way.
C. Erfa
Erfa desiccated thyroid in Canada.
NP Thyroid be Acella works well for me.
C. I’m on a combo of Armour plus NP Thyroid.
Our Yorkshire Terrier uses C (holistic vet).
NDT but it’s all about getting to an adequate dosage for me.
C but my TSH is suppressed in order to feel good.
C. You just need a physician that’s experienced in dealing with alternatives.
C for 19+ years. Had to change doctors to find someone to prescribe it.
ERFA. I used to take Armour but it’s not as effective as it used to be.
I’ve tried a,b, c, and d. Nature-throid is the only one I can tolerate.
C Nature-throid, when it’s in stock.
NP thyroid has given me my life back.
C but my dosage keeps increasing.
Armour took the bloat away.
Nature-thyroid takes away aches and pains.
C as long as my doctor doesn’t think to play with the dose. I take it at bedtime.
Nature-throid. I’ve lost 40 pounds this year.
If your doctor won’t prescribe the other options, find a new doctor.
Ever since starting Armour, I have felt like a new woman.
C. TSH is in the lower range but I don’t have any negative symptoms.
Westhroid for me.
My wife switched to Armour 3 years ago and it was a world of difference.
C Nature-throid. I accidentally got Armour and felt horrible.
C. I fought my doctors tooth and nail for 6 years.
I’ve been on Armour for almost a month and feel like a new person.
NP Thyroid. Not as good as the old Armour however.

83 D. Compounded (NDT, synthetic T4, T3, time-released T3)

Switched from C to D and noticed a difference
Only D has helped.
D. Had to locate a naturopathic doctor to get the prescription.
D! Compounded all the way. Will never go back.
Bovine compounded T3 & T4
Compounded T4 and T3 all the way.
D. It’s the only thing I haven’t reacted to.
Nothing was working until compounded bovine thyroid.
Compounded but the ingredients are on shortage.
Compounded desiccated thyroid works best for me.
Compounded thyroid medication but I couldn’t sustain it due to cost.
Compounded combo T4 and T3. I can’t believe how good I feel now.
Compounded desiccated thyroid but it’s been on backorder.
Compounded T3 is pretty amazing.
Time release is the key.
Now on compounded and never felt better.

155 E. Other (please give name)

Armour plus Synthroid
Nature-throid and T3 (liothyronine)
I take Nature-throid and Cytomel.
Armour along with Cytomel.
Levothyroxine + NDT. NDT alone causes my free T4 to tank.
Small dose of NDT and higher dose of T3.
Armour + Cytomel. I feel completely normal now.
NP Thyroid + Cytomel
Levo + Armour
Armour + Cytomel
NDT and occasionally top up with liothyronine.
Armour & Cytomel. Adding the Cytomel was a lifesaver.
Armour plus Levoxyl.
Nature-throid and levothyroxine.
NDT plus T3 has changed my life.
Nature-thyroid & time-release compound T3.
I do my best on Armour with a pinch of Cytomel.
2 kinds of A and 1 kind of C! My magic cocktail.
Synthroid + Armour.
I finally found that Armour and Cytomel were my lucky combo.
NDT and levothyroxine. Haven’t felt this good in years.
NDT and Cytomel is my “Goldilocks” formula.
T3&T4 compounded and Armour. Unfortunately it costs me about $180 a month.
Armour and Synthroid.
NP Thyroid + Tirosint + T3 gave me my life back.
Levothyroxine and NP Thyroid
Tirosint plus Nature-thyroid.
I take a combo of NDT and T3.
I take Nature-throid plus a small amount of levothyroxine.
Armour and levothyroxine together work the best for me.
I take Nature-throid in the morning and T3 around 1PM.
Nature-throid morning and afternoon & compound time-release T3 at 10AM.
Erfa’s NDT and levothyroxine. I take them together.
Levothyroxine and I add NDT on occasion.
Cytomel and Armour together twice a day.
Nature-throid and compound T4 = MY LIFE BACK
I love my combo of A+C!

192 F. None

Allergic to all
Felt sick on them all.
Out of hospital for not taking my thyroid meds. Please stay on your meds.
None unfortunately, and I’ve tried them all.
I’ve tried B & C and now on D. My levels are never right.
All of them at one point or another and I am still tired all the time.
Too many side effects from all the thyroid meds.
Thyroid meds don’t work for me. A lot of all-over pain.
Nothing works for me and I’m allergic to all forms of synthetic T4.
I had a doctor switch me from levothyroxine to Armour and it was pretty bad.
They all don’t work. I feel that I will never feel normal ever again.
None of them.
Changed drugs 14 times.
None. My doctor doesn’t want to hear it.
They all fix my thyroid levels, according to my doc. None fix my symptoms.
Tried them all. Doc says we are out of options.
Nothing works. It’s hell.
For over 30 years. None of them work. I am tired of being tired.

756 G. Unsure

Never tried anything but levo but feel awful.
I’m in the UK and only ever been offered levothyroxine.
I feel like the goo on the bottom of someone’s shoe.
Asked about C the doctor refused.
I never knew there was another option other than A
Been on levothyroxine for 8 years and usually fell like a zombie.
I didin’t know there was anything out there other than levothyroxine.
I’m in uk had a total thyroidectomy and only ever been offered levothyroxine.
My mom was given C and had tremendous allergic complications.
The best, who knows. That’s all the doctors will try.
Did A for years. Switched to C no real difference. Haven’t tried the others.
Only levothyroxine was offered.
I take levothyroxine and liothyronine, not helping me at all.
NDT didn’t do it for me. Haven’t yet tried the others.
Don’t know. Symptoms persist. I don’t know why I even bother.
I didn’t know there were so many different types of thyroid medications.
I wish that I could find a doctor who would let me try these other options.
Don’t ask me. My lot won’t let me try anything but that synthroid stuff.
Can’t find a doctor who will prescribe the other options.
My doctor refuses anything but Synthroid but it does nothing.
Exhausted all the time. I blame it on being a mom of three, but…
I thought A was the only option!
Wait, I have a choice?
WHAT? I didn’t know there were any other choices available.
Doctor says my thyroid is normal but I still have chronic fatigue.
I’ve tried begging my doctors to try anything other than levo and they refuse.
I don’t feel any different when I take levothyroxine or not.
I’ve  tried every avenue with the NHS but they refuse to offer anything else.
I’m on Erfa currently and I’m still not sure it it’s doing anything different.
Textbook doctor always says that I’m “in the normal range”.
I’ve only been given Synthroid and I’ve been saying that I am not right.
Won’t give me anything but levothyroxine even though my hair is falling out.
I didn’t know that I had a choice.
Levothyroxine is the only thing that my insurance will cover.
Only levothyroxine offered here, take it or leave it.
Asked doc about the other options and she said they don’t work.
Thyroxine only choice given in Australia.
My doctor in Canada will only prescribe A.
I’m in Ireland and I’ve never had any other option but A.
I am only offered thyroxine in Australia..
In Malta, we are only given levothyroxine.
In India, I have heard only of A.
Euthyrox is my only option in Kenya.
No choice in the Philippines. Nothing but levothyroxine.
In South Africa, you usually only get offered T4.
I’m in the UK and the only thing I have ever been offered is levothyroxine.
In my country the only treatment is T4.
I wish I knew about these other options.
My doctor won’t even consider Armour.
I have only taken Synthroid and it sucks.
Doctors treat me like I’m stupid for suggesting anything other than A.
Doctor says bloods are fine so I’m fine. Well buster, I’m not.
I was told by my doctor that she would not offer follow up with other options.
No physician has ever offered me anything else besides levothyroxine, period.
My primary states that my levels are great on A. I still feel like death warmed over.

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Dana Trentini founded Hypothyroid Mom October 2012 in memory of the unborn baby she lost to hypothyroidism. This is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for consulting your physician regarding medical advice pertaining to your health. Hypothyroid Mom includes affiliate links including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.


  1. That’s your choice for getting off a medication that was working for you.

  2. Mary Kopp says

    Before I found out I had Hypothyroid, I thought maybe I had Alzeimers because the brain fog was so bad. I was 40 at the time. Nature-Throid changed my life. When there was a shortage they put me on Armour and the brain fog came back really bad. I am now on NP Thyroid. It seems to work ok and no brain fog. Losing weight is still hard, but I am menopausal now, so that may have something to do with it as well.

  3. Katherine says

    To us Moms,
    I am so saddened to read all of your posts regarding the struggles we face with thyroid issues. I have had HYPOTHROID problems since I turned 50. Perhaps due to ageing or just my propensity. There is a distinction and I have been through most of it. Each of your experiences are unique and significant. I am 70 years old. Full of life. (Still modeling and waiting for my first grandchild.) I know a lot of my symptoms are thyroid-related. Some age-related. (Some due to emotions after losing three sons.) I do not know the answers. I was in the ER for HYPERTHROID last summer. Now I am on a heart monitor and heart medications. Yes, I now have a cardiologist!!!! I was switched from Armour to Unithroid as of late and the dose was continually lowered by a new endocrinologist putting me in severe HYPOTHYROIDISM. Unithroid makes me sick every day. Armour caused me to have heart palpitations and now I am on heart medication for my heart rhythm for the rest of my life. Be careful. I am ageing. We all do my friends. Take care.

  4. I felt horrible on both levothyroxine alone and Armour alone. I suggested to my doctor that I add some levothyroxine to the Armour, and that’s when I got better. I currently take NP Thyroid plus levothyroxine.

  5. I had one year in 30 of feeling good and like my old self. Then my doctor lowered my Synthroid from 150 to 100. I’ve gained back 30 of the 50 pounds lost, and I’m miserably cold, fatigued, stressed out, depressed and hostile. I was finally off statins, depression meds, and was sleeping. Now I’m up at three am every morn, wondering if, how, when will I ever be back to normal. I don’t eat anymore. I’m gaining an average of ten pounds every two months. Anger at him for lowering my Synthroid and now putting me back at 150 after begging him to have not lowered it. Nothing working. Just threw my whole system into a state of shock. I hate living like this. I had one good year…couldn’t leave things alone. So angry.

    • Ask him to put you on Cytomel…it’s T3. It’s the active hormone that your med doesn’t have. You’ll be a different person.

  6. How do you know if your med is working or not. Is the medicine supposed to cure all symptoms? My levels are fine but still fatigued, muscle aches, carpal tunnel should I ask to switch?

  7. Jenny Thomson says

    I’ve put my email address in why are you not accepting it what is wrong with it?

    • Hi Jenny, I stopped the Hypothyroid Mom e-newsletter several months ago for various reasons. I will be restarting it in a few months time with a new approach that I think will be more helpful to my subscribers. When it is ready I will make it easy to join and noticeable that it is a new list.

  8. Can anyone tell me why!!!!! Are the doctors so quick to tell you your levels are fine. Find an endocrinologist they know more about thyroid problems then just your family doctor’s.

    • My endo was only slightly better than my primary. She ran 3 more tests but still has nothing of value to offer. Trying a functional DR next.

  9. Sara Jones says

    I was diagnosed with hypo when I was a teen and I was put on medication. I think I took it for about three months straight. If my memory is correct I felt better there for a while. But I have no idea what it was called and I have moved around a lot since then. When I had my first child at 20 they said my baby bounced my thyroid levels to normal! But after having my second child everything got worse! I now have several horrible symptoms that has made living extremely difficult! And I have state insurance so I haven’t been able to find a doctor that gives a crap! My doctor tested me once for Thyroid problems and said I came back normal. But I have most of the symptoms that comes with or have been reported by thyroid patients. My doctor has done nothing but put me on Tramadol for the pain and Adderall for my foggy head due to my Fibromyalgia and ADD/ADHD. (Was diagnosed with both!) Needless to say I haven’t been having a good quality of life for a number of years. I’m desperate to figure out how to make things better so I’m health enough to be around for my kids! I’m only 34 and I can barely walk, I’m in so much pain!

  10. I took Naturethyroid for two years.I had switched from Armour thyroid because of the rising cost I started getting bad leg cramps and chest pains after being on Naturethyroid. Also my eyesight kept getting very blurry. It was scary. I read that they were putting different fillers in Nature. I talked with my doctor and asked to be switched back to Armour thyroid. I have been on Armour for almost a month now and I am still having chest pains. So I went and had a cardiac stress test to see if I had heart problems. Test came back normal. I still feel like it is the Armour causing my chest pains. I dont know what to do. My dr has prescribed synthroid in the past and I was so fatigued I couldn’t function. I dont know what to do. I just want to feel better.

  11. There used to be a link to dr.’s that will prescribe all types of thyroid medication. The link appears to no longer be active. Is there a different link now?

    • I, too, am looking for a list of doctors who are patient-focused, open minded and “scientifically curious” rather than those who are creatures of habit and/or solely slaves to pharmaceutical companies and want to prescribe T4 to everyone.

      Is there a list somewhere?

      Sending heartfelt appreciation for your blog, Dana.

      • Hi Chris, I have received many messages from Hypothyroid Mom readers over the near 10 years since I started my blog searching for good thyroid doctors. I decided to bring together a network of thyroid doctors for the Hypothyroid Mom Centers in March of this year. Here is information about the services in case this may be of interest to you:

        All the best, Dana Trentini (aka Hypothyroid Mom)

  12. For about 25 years I took Eurotirox (T4 thyroxene, and standard treatment in Italy, where I live), but was never happy with it. I kept gaining weight (even with a dietician’s guidance), and other symptons kept getting worse. A couple of years ago I finally found a doctor who had me test more than just TSH levels and who asked me how I felt. He also gave a physical exam, and concluded I had difficulty transforming T4 into T3. He switched me to Natur-throid for a year. I did well with that, but then there were supply problems, so he put me in contact with a pharmaceutical laboratory near Florence (Italy) that makes fresh essicated thyroid medicine (they only supply 5 month’s dosage at a time). My last check-up saw me doing much better (he keeps my TSH levels almost to zero, so antibodies no longer attack my thyroid). This, plus diet, have made a huge difference. I am glutenfree, and stata away from cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, etc), soy, and cow dairy products (goat milk and ewe milk products are okay). And I have stopped gaining weight, and am able to lose some (gradually). My doctor says Natur-throid doesn’t seem to be as good as it used to be, and that his patients who continue to take it have had problems. He also has me take B12 and vitamine D, and I also take selenium supplements.

  13. shirley Donak says

    I have taken cytomel since 2002 synthroid did not work at all for me and i had all kinds of problems.i finally found a doctor very knowledgeable about underactive thyroid and hasimoto disease.I have taken cytomel 24mcg three times a day since 2002.It works for me.The problem is that first doc retired then i went to his associate and he retired now i am left with no doctor familiar with this med.How do I find a doctor in my area who knows about cytomel.I eben called the manufacturer of the drug and they would not tell me.Help.

  14. I started taking 15 mg of NP at the end of August 2018. Love everything about I‎t except the hair loss..lots of Hair loss. Dr upped the dose to 30 mg at the beginning of this month…hair loss still a big issue. What can be done to help this?

  15. Thank you so much for this post. I am diagnosed with CFS/ME but my thyroid blood tests suggest some evidence of Hypothyroidism (which shares a lot of symptoms with CFS/ME).
    Like Amy I am wondering about peri-menopause too as I am 43. I have been recommended Biotics Research GTA for my thyroid and some other supplements by a nutritionist. However I take Beta-blockers and Amitriptyline daily and was worried about any interactions with the GTA. Can anybody please give me some advice or share their experiences if in a similar situation? I would be very grateful as I am completely scared of feeling worse than I do now or ending up in A & E with heart problems, if I start taking this GTA.

  16. Ok, I’m a 42 year old woman I’m so confused about all this. Is it my Thyroid, perimentaposal?? Mental health, are the symptoms all pretty similar?

  17. I am on Naturethroid for the last 7 months. There has been some improvement but I still struggle with my weight. Nothing seems to work. I have 10 pounds to lose. I began LDN last Sunday. It is still to early to note if this is the miracle drug my body needs. I cannot say I am not hoping it is, but reality is it won’t be. Is it possible to have hypothyroidism & get to a healthy weight or do we simply accept the fact we’ll be fat forever?

  18. I take armor thyroid, however, I have other endocrine issues. Would you recommend an iodine supplement in addition to the armor? I’ve been looking at a liquid iodine but I wasn’t sure if both is recommended or would hurt anything?

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