Causes of Hypothyroidism

What causes hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid)? One of the most common causes of hypothyroidism worldwide is a thyroid autoimmune condition called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Other causes include thyroid destruction (from radioactive iodine or surgery), iodine deficiency, congenital hypothyroidism, pituitary or hypothalamic disease, environmental toxins, food sensitivities, blood sugar imbalance, infections, sex hormone imbalance, nutrient deficiencies, and poor adrenal function.

Thyroid Disease And Your Cervical Vertebra C7

Did you know that thyroid disease may be connected to your cervical spine, your C7 vertebra specifically?

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Stop Saying Thyroid Cancer Is The Good Cancer

Stop saying thyroid cancer is the good cancer

This is for the thyroid cancer warriors all around the world whose stories have not been heard, believed or understood. This man’s advice to the world is raw. It is uncensored. And it needs to be heard.

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Is mold making you fat, depressed, forgetful and tired?

Is mold making you fat, depressed, forgetful and tired?

Hurricane Sandy, October 2012.

I was living in a condo directly on the Hudson River. When the hurricane passed, I was relieved to be safe from harm, or so I thought, until the severe fatigue, massive hair loss, weight gain, and rapid visible aging began. My body suddenly shifted into perimenopause with abnormal cycles. What was it?

Black mold. A black mold infestation discovered in the heating/air conditioning unit under my window that faced the river.

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How Your Spine Is Connected To Your Organs (Including The Thyroid)


I saw this chart of the connection between the spine and specific organs, including our thyroid, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

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Hashimoto’s thyroiditis: a case of immunological mistaken identity

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: A Case of Immunological Mistaken Identity

The immune system  serves as a defense system to eliminate foreign invaders like viruses, bacteria, and cancer. Yes, that makes logical sense, but where things get complicated is when your immune system makes mistakes and attacks your own body parts as if they were the enemy and that includes your thyroid gland. [Read more…]

What doctors don’t say about the birth control and thyroid connection

What doctor don't say about the birth control and thyroid connection

I was 17 years old. I went to my doctor about my painful, irregular, extremely heavy menstrual cycles. I was not sexually active. The answer. Birth control. No thyroid test, by the way these symptoms are typical in hypothyroidism, which would have saved me from decades of undiagnosed hypothyroidism. [Read more…]