Causes of Hypothyroidism

What causes hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid)? One of the most common causes of hypothyroidism worldwide is a thyroid autoimmune condition called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Other causes include thyroid destruction (from radioactive iodine or surgery), iodine deficiency, congenital hypothyroidism, pituitary or hypothalamic disease, environmental toxins, food sensitivities, blood sugar imbalance, infections, sex hormone imbalance, nutrient deficiencies, and poor adrenal function.

Understanding the True Cause of Autoimmune Disease

Understanding the true cause of autoimmune disease

Dr. Amy Myers is a former autoimmune patient who has empowered thousands of people to reverse Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Graves’ disease, and other autoimmune diseases. [Read more…]

When chronic fatigue is caused by a hidden infection

When chronic fatigue is caused by a hidden infection

Since starting Hypothyroid Mom over 5 years ago this topic has been the one to intrigue me the most. I have the good fortune of connecting with many of the world’s leaders in thyroid health and one topic comes up time after time. Infection. Often times chronic and so silent and difficult to pinpoint, these infections go undetected for decades with disastrous results. [Read more…]

Is everyday stress causing havoc with your hormones?

Is everyday stress causing havoc with your hormones?

It’s all about tigers. Tigers? Yes tigers. [Read more…]

My Battle with Postpartum Thyroiditis

My battle with postpartum thyroiditis

A Hypothyroid Mom reader named Jenny contacted me with her story of postpartum thyroiditis and it felt so familiar. I have lived through postpartum thyroiditis after the birth of both my sons. At a time when a mother is expected to be filled with joy at the miracle of her babies, women with postpartum thyroiditis struggle feeling alone, often misdiagnosed with postnatal depression or anxiety, all while their thyroid is left unaddressed but wreaking havoc on the mother’s mind and body. But no one really wants to hear that. We are hushed and dismissed or carelessly misdiagnosed with mental health issues.

It is well known in the medical world that there are 3 times in a woman’s life when she is most vulnerable to develop a thyroid condition or worsen an existing one, known as the 3 Ps: Puberty, Pregnancy/Postpartum, and Perimenopause. With over 700 million people with thyroid issues worldwide, and over half unaware of their condition, postpartum thyroiditis is more common than anyone can imagine, yet thyroid testing is not part of routine screening at a woman’s first prenatal visit when she is newly pregnant (and it should be!)  nor at the first postnatal checkup around six weeks after giving birth (and it should be!) .

Jenny wrote,

“I write to you Hypothyroid Mom not to complain or grumble, but to raise awareness. To be a silent friend so that other women can read and feel someone understands. During my harder days, I felt so alone.” [Read more…]

The Secret Poison That Drives Hashimoto’s

The secret poison that drives Hashimoto's

Hashimoto’s. It’s the number one cause of hypothyroidism, yet few of my Hypothyroid Mom readers have heard of it. Hashimoto’s. It’s more than a thyroid condition. It’s an autoimmune condition, yet thyroid medication is often the only treatment offered. Hashimoto’s. It’s a sadly common health condition that can come with all sorts of symptoms that doctors may mistakenly attribute to mental health issues. Hashimoto’s. It’s not all in your head. If you aren’t feeling well, it’s because thyroid hormone replacement medication doesn’t address the autoimmune component. Hashimoto’s. It’s possible to determine the root cause. It’s possible to reduce thyroid antibodies. It’s possible to feel well. [Read more…]

How is this normal? Diagnosed with hypothyroidism at age five

How is this normal? Diagnosed with hypothyroidism at age five

I hear from parents of children struggling with symptoms that look a lot like hypothyroidism and they wonder, “Does my child have hypothyroidism?” I also hear from parents of children already diagnosed with hypothyroidism trying to determine if their child’s seemingly unrelated symptoms could actually be a red flag that their hypothyroidism is not being well treated. Hypothyroidism is wrongly assumed to be an illness only found in “older” women. This is far from the case. I hear from women of all ages, men, as well as parents of children and adolescents with hypothyroidism every single day.
[Read more…]