Weight Loss Tips for Hypothyroid Moms

Weight Loss Tips for Hypothyroid Moms

“Help! How do I lose weight?”

“Am I the only one who can go to the gym 5 days a week and actually gain weight?”

“Everyone tells me to exercise more and eat less. It’s BS. I never had a weight issue before hypothyroidism.”

I receive these types of statements at Hypothyroid Mom all the time. I too struggled with weight gain that didn’t make sense. There I was a healthy eater who exercised regularly yet the pounds were packing on.

The thyroid helps regulate metabolism so you bet that weight gain is a common symptom of hypothyroidism. Optimal thyroid treatment is essential for maintaining a healthy weight for people with hypothyroidism, but there is more to it.

I reached out to holistic health expert and thyroid specialist Jen Wittman for weight loss tips.

Before you dive into the article, I’m excited to share that Jen is offering a digital download of her book, Amazon #1 New Release, Healing Hashimoto’s Naturally, as an exclusive FREE gift to my Hypothyroid Mom community! This offer is so popular that Jen extended it another week for us.

Written by Jen Wittman, Thyroid Loving Care

For those of us living with a thyroid disorder, keeping the weight off can be a frustrating endeavor. If you have Hashimoto’s, it’s even more of a roller coaster ride with your weight fluctuating up and down ceaselessly.

So what’s a girl to do?

Well, first, it’s important to understand what stands between you and long-term weight loss. Let’s take a brief look at the 5-major players and culprits that could be keeping you from a mirror-friendly figure.


Sugar is pervasive in our American diet and shockingly, it is 4X as addictive as cocaine. When it comes to your body, sugar is pretty much just as bad if not even worse for you considering the inflammation it creates in addition to helping you pack on the pounds. All kinds of foods that you would not associate with sugar have been processed with this other “white powder.” Did you know that everything from taco seasoning to tomato sauce contains added sugars?

Even if you only eat “natural” sugars from fruit, honey, agave nectar, you could be ingesting an enormous amount per day. I am not saying to cut sugar out of your diet forever. Fruits definitely have some health benefits as does raw honey but by eliminating sugar from your diet for a short period of time, you let your body learn to regulate your blood sugar levels, get a better sense of when you’re actually hungry, increase your immune system’s ability to fight off illness and ward off Candida infections.


Who doesn’t love a buttery croissant, a piping hot piece of pizza or a comforting piece of chocolate cake? I know I do. In fact, my last meal on this planet will be a steaming plate of biscuits and gravy, this I know for sure. However, your waistline does not like grains and in fact, your body converts grains to sugar as well. SUGAR! Argh.

When you’re struggling with thyroid disease, eating grains can put unnecessary strain on your digestive system, inflame your system and create an endless cycle of weight gain.

I really dig this food pyramid and the info on grains and weight loss. There is a lot of serious, scientific research and resources on this topic but I love this simple, easy to understand graphic and explanation. I also love this recipe and this other recipe too for a grain-free pizza crust – yum, yum.

Stress & Cortisol

We all know that stress releases cortisol but how does that affect your ability to lose weight? Well, cortisol sets off a cycle of releasing glucose from your tissues. This, in turn, signals your body to store fat – not cool! When you’re chronically stressed, you’re releasing a steady stream of cortisol into the system. This makes your body think it needs to protect itself so it directs the body to store fat in your abdomen (good lord!) and around your organs. Also, when cortisol signals the body to release glucose, your insulin levels will begin to rise. After repeating this cycle over-and-over again, you could develop insulin resistance which brings me to my next point….

Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance just really stinks all around. It is a signal that your body is not processing sugar well and that some of your cells do not have the ability to respond to insulin – a key factor in how glucose gets stored as fat.

Basically, insulin allows the cells to open and take in glucose to store as fat. This fat is then converted into the energy the body needs to function properly. When cells don’t open the door to allow glucose in, your body is signaled to create more insulin to help prop that door open. The big issue here is that now, your body has too much insulin in the blood and it has nowhere to go. So glucose has no option but to sit on your front stoop (your abdomen and organs) as fat until your cells decide to open the door….which won’t happen if the blood sugar imbalance cycle continues. This makes it hard for your body to burn fat as fuel for energy. It’s busy burning the sugar in your body but not the pesky fat sitting around your waist.

Chris Kresser and Dr. Mark Hyman provide some of the best and most thorough info out there on insulin resistance. I encourage you to peruse their sites.

Leptin Resistance

Leptin seems to be all over the media these days but what is it? Leptin is a powerful hormone which tells your brain what to do – it signals whether you should be hungry or not, need to eat to produce more fat or if it’s time to maintain and repair the body. Leptin starts the conversation between your fat stores and your brain to discuss energy levels and where the energy should go. It helps regulate hunger signals, tells the body whether to store fat or if it’s time to burn some.

Like insulin resistance, leptin resistance occurs when there is too much continuous exposure to leptin itself. This happens when you eat a diet high in sugar, grains and processed foods. When all that sugar gets metabolized in your fat cells, the fat will release a surge in leptin…and the cycle continues. Sugar – again! This is why following an anti-inflammatory, low-sugar, low-grain/carb diet is important for overall health and weight loss.

Steps to use to stop the cycle?

Honestly and lovingly look at your diet

After taking a thorough health history and reviewing blood work, one of the first things I do with my Thyroid Loving Care clients, is perform a diet assessment and have them complete a food journal. Looking at all of these factors paints a pretty clear picture of what might be stalling weight loss and exacerbating symptoms. Without knowing your unique set of symptoms, there are some basic things that all thyroid sufferers can do to help keep the pounds at bay.

Say sayonara to your sweet tooth

You will not believe how fast the weight can come off when you limit your sugar intake. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever eat anything sweet again. It just means you can help your body recalibrate your taste buds to enjoy more of the foods that nourish you and less of the sugary foods that leave you heavy and inflamed. Although, I tailor sugar detox plans for some of my clients, I heartily recommend Diane Sanfilipo’s 21-Day Sugar Detox or Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar. They work!

Take the Paleo Plunge

By far, I’ve found a Paleo or Paleo-like diet to be the most successful in helping my clients lose weight. While there are other diets I use to repair the body and balance hormones, the Paleo diet is effective at helping a person balance blood sugar and reverse insulin and leptin resistance. It’s also quite delicious and easy to do.

As with anything, a Paleo diet can be taken to the extreme. What I have found that works best for general weight loss and overall health are meals consisting of 75% – 80% vegetables (a mixture of cooked, raw and fermented), 10-15% protein, 10% high quality fats (from olives, avocados, coconut oil or olive oil) and a small portion of nuts/seeds or even rice. This is a Paleo-like diet and it’s also quite Mediterranean. There is a lot of conflicting information about what is and isn’t considered Paleo so I just use my common sense and eat meals that are balanced for me and works for my clients. My body knows if it needs some grains and I honor my body’s natural intuition. You can too!

Here are just some great resources for adopting a Paleo or Paleo-like lifestyle. There are loads and loads of fabulous websites and cookbooks out there on Paleo/Grain-free/GAPS living. Type in any of those search terms and you’re sure to find many more.

Against All Grain

website http://www.againstallgrain.com/

cookbook Against All Grain

Paleo Mom

website http://www.thepaleomom.com/

cookbook The Paleo Approach – Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body

Mark’s Daily Apple

website http://www.marksdailyapple.com/

cookbook The Primal Blueprint

Nom Nom Paleo

website http://nomnompaleo.com/

cookbook Nom Nom Paleo

Deliciously Organic

website http://deliciouslyorganic.net/

cookbook The Grain-Free Family Table

Autoimmune Paleo

website http://autoimmune-paleo.com/

cookbook The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook: An Allergen-Free Approach to Managing Chronic Illness

Elana’s Pantry

website http://www.elanaspantry.com/grain-free-recipes/

cookbook Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry

Organic Spark

website http://www.organicspark.com/

cookbook Back to Butter

Paleo Plan

website http://www.paleoplan.com/recipes/

cookbook The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Paleo

Paleo Non Paleo

website http://paleononpaleo.com/more-paleo/paleo-autoimmune-protocol/

cookbook The Modern No-Nonsense Guide to Paleo

De-stress on a daily basis

This is one of the most overlooked methods for weight loss. When you’re stressed, you are sending a continuous stream of cortisol into the body which as we learned above, is a major no-no for weight loss. It’s imperative that you build in time for you to just breathe and relax each and every day. Your body deserves it and you do too!

Sample Menu Plan

I wanted to show the breadth and variety of a Paleo or Paleo-like menu plan so the daily menu samples below are quite diverse. When I create a custom-menu plan for a client, it involves the efficient use of all ingredients throughout the week for time-friendly, budget-friendly recipes and grocery lists.

Day 1

Breakfast: Smoked Salmon, Avocado, 2 brazil nuts, handful of seeds, fresh fruit

Snack: Veggie Medley, Baba ganoush, Green juice

Lunch: Tuna and Egg Salad over Greens

Dinner: Crockpot BBQ Brisket, Veggies and a Salad

Day 2

Breakfast: Almond-Banana Pancakes, bacon, 2 brazil nuts

Snack: Olive tapenade with seed crackers, Green juice

Lunch: Savory carnitas with kimchi over salad and a side of sautéed vegetables

Dinner: Warm chicken and root vegetable soup with avocado

Day 3

Breakfast: Egg, veggie and sausage frittata muffins, 2 brazil nuts, choco-banana smoothie

Snack: Power-packed Morning Glory Muffins, Green juice

Lunch: Grilled Salmon, Roasted Butternut Squash, Salad

Dinner: Italian meatballs in tomato sauce over yellow & green zucchini ribbons and a salad

Learn more about how you can lose weight with hypothyroidism and more with this special gift for Hypothyroid Mom friends – free digital download of my popular book, Healing Hashimoto’s Naturally.

About Jen Wittman

Jen Wittman, CHHC, AADP, is a Certified Holistic Health Expert, Chef, Author & Vitality Coach, who teaches people how to heal thyroid and autoimmune conditions naturally. She’s helped hundreds of people feel great despite thyroid disease.

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About Dana Trentini

Who knew that little butterfly-shaped thyroid gland at the base of my neck could affect my life so completely? I founded Hypothyroid Mom in memory of the unborn baby I lost to hypothyroidism. Winner of two 2014 WEGO Health Activist Awards: Health Activist Hero & Best In Show Twitter. *Hypothyroid Mom includes Affiliate links. Connect with me on Google+


  1. Hi,
    One thing I learnt about weight gain and thyroid problems that I have had is that genes are the problem in the weight gain. Unless the genes are re-programed to the youth gene clusters dominance, no amount of dieting and exercise prevents regaining the weight lost unless the genes are reset. Gene research has now proved this and I have been on a 3 month program that has reset my gene clusters, I have lost weight, and being menopausal many of my mood swings have ceased. I now use this companies supplements and age reducing products regularly and am very happy with the results and decided to become a distributor. I am not trying to sell this to you, but if anyone wants to know more I can point them to the sites and data. If they want to buy, I can help them in as their referee.

    • Gaylen Kirby says:

      I would like to know more about this. Email me.

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      • Hi Brandy, the writer of this guest post is health coach Jen Wittman. She created a 6-week program called The Radical TLC Solution. Here’s more information here. I have many readers who have lost weight and feel better thanks to Jen.


        • DO NOT WASTE $497 for this “Thyroid Fix in 6” program. If you do the research just like I have and read lots and lots of blogs, medical info and about peoples insights of what works and what doesn’t then you will be able to follow your own program and not to spend and waste $497 of your hard earned monies. PLUS, in addition all of the costs associated with following this program.

          Again, someone has their own 5 minutes of fame to sell you short. They are on the right track but their monetary gain is ridiculous to pay when you can get the info for FREE and only pay for the supplements and extra’s on your own like you would have on that “Thyroid Fix in 6” program. LOOK at their WEEKLY 6 Intro about this program and do your own research online for FREE and you will be able to follow your own program. Again, it is just putting common knowledge into place and to get off your butt and to do the work. This program is still going to make you do the work, it’s not like getting Jenny Craig in the mail. Every program demands that you do the work right? So, no matter what you are going to do the work so why pay an additional $497 when the knowledge is out there on the internet for FREE. Another Example: WEEK 5 is about Gluten Free — Ok, then read online for FREE about cutting out Glutens in your diet (Paleo is a way of slowly decreasing the harmful foods that affect you in your daily eating) (Go to the Book store and get the Paleo book (there are so many) and read for an hour a day at a time if your limited to time). Also, the biggest and worst factor of Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism is your sugars verses your insulin. You need to balance out these levels. So how do you do that? Stop eating those doughnuts, candy, white flours etc. Seriously, most of us with these illnesses get a major flare up within 2-3 days after we have indulged in sugars. It is all common sense once you start doing the math (by reading what is out there on the internet). DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY on another “PACKAGE PAY FOR PROGRAM” and then your just going to sit back and think that this is the easy way out. There is no easy way out. It’s all in “process of elimination” and by also journaling you will begin to understand foods, stressors, etc. Find out what makes you sick with symptoms, what doesn’t make you sick with symptoms and what actually works for your body. There is NO QUICK FIX and not even in 6 weeks. When you begin to change your eating habits and lifestyle is when you will begin to reap the healthier benefits of a clean body. TO BEGIN: (you definitely need to cut out sugars to balance your insulin vs blood sugar). Check your Vit D levels (for gut absorbtion), you might need a RX from your doctor for (50,000iu weekly to help your gut to be able to start absorbing medications and foods). I also get out in the real sun to get the real Vitamin D (just be careful of not over doing it due to the cause of cancer rays). Take Biotin 10,000iu for hair loss, good skin and stronger nails. Take a probiotic (recommend Accuflora, 2 tabs a day, it is the least costly out there and effective) (it is to clean out the bad bacteria vs good bacteria in your gut). Take Selenium 200 mcg (has antioxidant properties and may help protect cells from damage). Stop the coffee caffeine. Take Vitamin E, (not to exceed 800iu) (a fat-soluble vitamin, is an essential nutrient). Owing to its antioxidant property, it is mainly used for skin care) (because of Hashimoto’s you will also get these skin breakouts that usually keep coming back to the same areas and take forever to heal – they are annoying and sometimes increase in size) (why this happens is because of possible Leaky Gut Syndrome – They believe that undigested food particles, bacterial toxins and germs can pass through the “leaky” gut wall and into the bloodstream, triggering the immune system and causing persistent inflammation throughout the body like skin break-outs. This, they say, is linked to a much wider range of health problems. Take Magnesium, Magnesium’s benefits can include reduced symptoms from conditions such as chronic pain, fatigue and insomnia. Magnesium’s benefits can include reduced symptoms from conditions such as chronic pain, fatigue and insomnia. (Google your age and male/female level/dosage requirements) Magnesium may also provide protection from a number of chronic diseases, especially those associated with aging and stress. Take Vitamin A it plays a vital role in bone growth, reproduction and immune system health. It also helps the skin and mucous membranes repel bacteria and viruses more effectively. It is essential to healthy vision, and may slow declining retinal function in people with retinitis pigmentosa. Suggested dosage supplement that provides 15,000 I.U. of mixed carotenoids. While that does not excuse you from eating tomatoes, carrots, fruits, and greens, it is useful insurance against failing to supply your body with all the antioxidant protection it needs. Read labels carefully to make sure the product you’re using includes lycopene and lutein, and does not contain pre-formed vitamin A, Take Curcumin 665 mg is a naturally occurring compound found in the spice turmeric that has been used for centuries as an Ayurvedic medicine treatment for such ailments as allergies, diabetes and ulcers. Anecdotal and scientific evidence suggests curcumin promotes health because it lowers inflammation, but it is not absorbed well by the body. Most curcumin in food or supplements stays in the gastrointestinal tract, and any portion that’s absorbed is metabolized quickly. Curcumin powder was mixed with castor oil and polyethylene glycol in a process called nano-emulsion (think vinaigrette salad dressing), creating fluid teeming with microvesicles that contain curcumin. This process allows the compound to dissolve and be more easily absorbed by the gut to enter the bloodstream and tissues.

          It has taken me 15 months since I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Hypothyroidism, Vitamin D Deficiency, Alopecia, Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), Leaky Gut, Some Celiac Disease and who knows what else is lingering out there for me.

          ABOUT THE SUPPLEMENTS: The supplements can even be by “Spring Valley” which I found at Walmart to be the most affordable and useful. Spending a fortune on a highly expensive product does not guarantee that it is good for you and works any better.

          As far as the WEIGHT ISSUE: you must begin your own program that works for you such as weights to build muscle, walking for cardio, home floor exercises etc. I have my own little routine of 22 minutes every other day done early in the morning so that I know after a busy day at work I have already done my exercise for the day. No more GUILT because I have made sure that it was already performed that morning. I would highly recommend one exercise that Dr. Oz says “that this is the best overall one exercise for your body in order to make a quick difference”. It is front lunging squats with 8lb weights in my hands. I do 20 for each leg but then bump it up to more as you keep working out and feel that your body can handle it. Your legs will begin to change very fast. Watch from your knees looking upward to in between your thighs and notice the V shape begin to take effect. Also, your buttocks will become firmer and your all over body will feel a little sore but that is because it’s working. You are burning calories and that is what your metabolism needs. I also make sure that I wear a good pair of support sneakers to balance my body out. Don’t work out in bare feet.

          Listen, everyone will figure out what works for them but what I have found out from so much of my research and reading is that most of us are suffering the same issues, symptoms and stressors. Start with these basics that I have let you in on at “no cost to you from me” (except what your products themselves will cost) and keep reading online if something doesn’t seem to work for you. ALWAYS JOURNAL so you figure out why you had a good day and then maybe why you had a bad day. You have to be like Inspector Clouseau.

          BY THE WAY:
          1. My medical doctor has me on Levothyroxine 50 mcg, Crestor 5mg, Lasix 40 mg, Xanax 1 mg (for anxiety), Vitamin D 50,000 iu (deficiency), a periodic Vitamin B Injection (for energy).
          2. Then I take the above Supplements on my own. (These are my recommendations for myself from research).
          3. I stopped sugars and coffee (BIG DIFFERENCE)
          4. I work out every other day for 20-22 minutes. Once you start it begins your drive.
          5. I cut back on some Gluten Foods.
          6. I stay away from Ibuprofens as they can stir up inflammation.
          7. Become aware of what happens to your body after you eat something and you have a side affect such as your stomach begins to swell and seems inflammed. Was it dairy, sugars, pasta etc.? This is the key to eliminating those bad food triggers.

          PLEASE ALSO BE PATIENT! I’ve just finally set up my basic lifestyle plan and have been following it now for about 4-6 months as I keep adding or subtracting something new to it as I go along. These diseases are just becoming popular because people are finally opening up and reaching out. “Hypothroid Moms” is a lifesaver for me and I know that there is so much more to bring to the table through the internet research or good old book reading. I hope that I was able to help and to give you all some encouragement of hope again.

    • heather lewis says:

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      I would like to Know about it… Please send me more information on the same.


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      Please send me this information. Thank you

    • I would like to find out more about this product.

    • Robin Anderson says:

      HI, I would like to know more about the Gene therapy?

    • I would like to know more about resetting my genes. Please send me the info. Thank you.


    • Barb Agin says:

      I would like to learn more please.

      • Hi Barb, I’m happy to provide more information. Is there specific information you would like. The websites and books that Jen has included for both reducing sugar and Paleo are fabulous resources. I found it hard to figure out what to eat and turning to these websites and reading their books with tons of recipes helped me a great deal

        • Amanda Gregory says:

          Hi Dana,
          My issue is this. I have lost almost 20 kilos just changing my medication and walking regularly as well as cutting out heaps of processed foods and sugar to a large degree. I have hit a wall. I cant get past 91 kilos. It has become really depressing. Can you help me with any info I could take to my doctor and discuss or ideas I could try myself??? Many thanks

        • Amanda Gregory says:

          And I follow a Mediterranean diet because its the best diet I can fit into my family life right now. Many thanks

      • Hi Barb, I’m happy to provide more information. Is there specific information you would like? The websites and books that Jen has included for both reducing sugar and Paleo are fabulous resources. I found it hard to figure out what to eat and turning to these websites and reading their books with tons of recipes helped me a great deal

    • I would like your information.

    • I have tried to loose weight and just can not do it. I had my thyroid removed due to cancer. I also have fibromyalgia and just feel tired and miserable most of the time. I do have good d at a of course. But would you please email me your information? I would love to hear about what you have. Thank you so much..

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    • Would love to know more about “the company” products you’ve used that have helped so much. Hope I’m not to late noticed these are comments from 2014. But feeling a little desperate here and hope to here from you.

    • Terri Nolte says:

      I would like to know more about re-setting my genes. I am menopausal and trying to lose weight. I tried Atkins – actually gained weight because my system is so upset.

    • Hi Marissa, I would like more information about re-setting my genes.
      Thank you, Sandy

    • Hi Marissa , I am interested in the program to reset your genes.

    • How do I reset my genes? Please post resource sites and degrees of researchers. I do not show as having a problem w thyroid, but I have most of the symptoms. I was sick and barely ate for two weeks, but gained 20#! Cant get it off and I’ve been so good walking and eating diabetic/ heart healthy white flour/sugar free.

    • I would like more info pls

    • tracey harrison says:
    • Hi I would love to know more about these products .

    • more info about the supplments please

    • i need help, i’ve tried every diet you can think of and have not lost a pound…come to find out i have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism

    • I am interested in this product. I have gained 20lbs since over a year now of being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism. I just barely lose 4lbs and then I gain it back. I have tried everything and I pledged that I will not gain anymore weight other then this maddening 20lbs that I am not used to having on my body. I know there are people who would think that 20lbs is nothing but if you had been as weight conscious as I have been all 56 years of my life and taken care of my body then you would know that I am extremely serious about my health and vanity. Please send me the information to review. Thank you

    • I suffer from hashimoto,hypothyroidism. I am currently about 20 lbs overweight. I suffer from fatigue among a host of other things. Please send me info. Of what you have learned. Thank you

  2. Sharyn Crothers-Wilcox says:

    I don’t know if I have hypothyroidism… After have my 4 child I went on the deproprivera injections I was on it for 4 yrs and in that time I put on over 40 kg and have not be able to lose it . I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 10 yrs ago but have had all the test done under the sun and no one can tell me why I’m not losing any weight . I hope you can help me please

    • Victor Harris says:

      I have been a practicing Natural Therapist for over 20 years before retiring as I couldn’t find anything in medicine or natural treatments that actually worked against disease or stopped weight gain after weight loss by traditional metods. Eventually I gained more than I wanted to and so did my partner who had her thyroid removed.Now we have both lost considerable weight and it is due to a remarkable product that targets the genes in our body. Because there is so much info on this, perhaps you should contact us through this website somehow. V&M

      • I would love to know more about the products that target the genes in my body. I have issues with weight loss and would love to lose the weight. thank you!

      • Kathy Johnson says:

        I have hypothyroidism, I take synthrod once a day. please send information

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been diagnosed in the last year with hypothyroidism. Typical symptoms, weight gain, fatigue, hair loss and I have a mass on my thyroid (I go back to my endocrinologist next month for a check up on it) Im 26 and getting married in November and really struggling with the weight. Its been less than a year and I’ve gained 30 pounds. I’ve always been petite and this weight gain was incredibly difficult for me. I’m on levothyroxine and i work out but it doesn’t seem to matter the scale and pants size keeps going up. Im going to try to limit my sugar before I try the paleo.

  4. Marisa Harris NZ says:

    Right now, the Paleo diet is pretty right, with limiting of certain foods and as much as possible, processed foods, and anything that contains wheat in it\\\\\\\’s modern form, and white sugar, saturated fats, and genetically modified substances. Brown, unrefined sugars and molasses used in limited manner or Stevia sweeteners are O.K.I suggest you look at Rob Ngato Needlemans You Tube videos on Nu Skins genetically altering supplements and TR90 diet kits, and research their R2 and Lifepak products that are designed to change world health. Forget the sites that claim it doesn\\\\\\\’t work. If you follow the program and walk as we do, 20 kms a week, and follow the dietary regimenyou will lose weight, but remember it will take effort and be slow because the thyroxine causes weight gain due to the T3 and other associated hormones not being present in the medication. Currently TR90 is a limited time offer in the US on 10th March, and to get it has to be through an executive sales person, who you can contact through the Arunaki website. This has worked for us and my wife who has no thyroid. Any further questions should go to Nu Skins massive scientist base, someone will know the best approach. This company has the biggest genetic data base and scientific team in the nutritional industry. Let them know we referred you. love and blessings

  5. Hi Ms. Dana!
    I wanted to thank you for this blog and all you have contributed to the thyroid community. I want to tell you some of my story. I am 38, have had ‘bipolar’ since I was a teen, have had major swings in mood, rage unbelievable rage that would probably label me as psychotic. I am surprised I have not ended up in a hospital as of yet. I still have some major rage and I have children. It is scary for all of us. I am awaiting for a doctor’s appointment this upcoming Tuesday after begging for an appointment. The best in town has a wait for five months. Yes. Really. I can only have a strand of hope as my mental state awaits in his answer. I need a diagnosis that doesn’t label me crazy. I know I have something wrong. When I sleep at night I must sleep on the couch or I feel that I might choke to death. Something is pushing on my throat. I have over 90+ symptoms you listed on the 300 symptoms. I am so sad that I have had this issue for so long and without a diagnosis? There must be more research to be done. I will be a rabbit if I have to.

    Do we know if we need to get our children checked at what age? (providing we have hypothyroidism)…

    Thank you!!

  6. Hi, someone please advise me. After taking cytomel mcg for 3 weeks my TSH significantly dropped, along with T3 and T4. My T4 probably came into normal range but T3 dropped even lower this is not good, do you know why this is so? Also I suffer from chronic constipation, yet my magnesium levels are fine. Initially fermented foods helped me but not so much anymore. Also I’ve seen that over the past year my white blood cells, platelets, and lymphoycytes have consistently been low. That is another of my issue, very low immune system making me susceptible to infections. Anyone have a idea what I should do now? I’m very confused.

  7. Knasinski says:

    What about the use of natural iodine supplements ?

    • Annemaree says:

      I use iodine supplements being sub clinical hypothyroid but having all the symptoms.. I’ve been taking it for 12 months and I think my thyroid nodules have decreased in size and my symptoms have dissapeared. I have taken my last iodine tablet two weeks ago and already getting symptoms return. I truely believe if I don’t continue with iodine I will end up developing hypothyroidism. Trouble is my order is coming from America and takes 4 weeks for delivery. I am easily tired now, my thinking is not clear, hairs falling out and itchy skin.. We get increase. I need iodine ASAP

  8. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.Too cool!

  9. Hi, my weight gain started in my mid to late 40’s and although I did not get obese, I was suffereing with weight gain, lethargy, anxiety and depression. I finally found a Dr that helped ‘The Rensburg Clinic’, specializing in nutrition and hormones. Within 12 weeks I had reduced my weight and after 12 months of taking CHT (corrective hormone therapy), compounded for me, I felt amazing, this included a thyroid extract (USP). However I started to feel the ‘unwell’ me creeping back which was resulting in nusea (12 hours of vomiting), headaches and then a few days later the development of a Kerititis on the cornea of my left eye (this took some time to get to the bottom of). My last visit to the Opthamologist resulted in the suggestion that I am masking an autoimune disease, yet to be confirmed. However upon advising my nuticionist (Dr) he has also now prescribed T3. So I am in the early stages of working out what is actually the root cause. If anyone else has felt like this I’d love to know.

  10. This is a general suggestion for those experiencing weight gain whilst on Thyroxine based products. As most medical websites will state T4 is the most common form that these medications take with T3 being regarded as unimportant, even though the excessive weight gain leads to multiple dangerous disease states, that make significant profits for medical practitioners and drug companies. DHEA a hormonal supplement freely available in some states in the US, and DHEA based supplements available in Australia and New Zealand, may allow weight loss through in body synthesis of T3 for thyroxine dependant patients, where suitable portion controlled eating is applied and proper, regular exercise like 6 km walks in relaxing environments, parks, beach, etc. is taken up.

  11. Brenda says:

    I want info please email me

  12. Stephanie says:

    I, too, have a lot of these syptoms. But sometimes my thyroid test comes back normal, then the next test comes back low. Then again, normal then low. Has anyone gone through this too? !

    • Mine has been changing every (6) months.
      So frustrating but I am finally losing weight!
      Vitamin D is normal and it was very low.
      Added all the supplements I was told, got rid of SUGAR, and I eat protein and veggies.
      I only drink water and my skin no longer is breaking out.
      I still feel tired some days or bitchy, but part of that is mental-pause (menopause) LOL~
      Endo’s need to go on these blogs and forums so they can read how we really feel about how we are treated.
      I have never had a T-3 test, but I am going to DEMAND it the next time I see him.

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    Very informative article:) I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and had the normal symptoms: no energy, not sleeping and weight gain. My dr put me on synthroid and liothyronine and kept adjusting them until my levels were normal. The only problem was I didn’t feel wonderful and I couldn’t lose the weight, even with exercise and eating well. I just wanted to share, because I am taking a product that was originally formulated for diabetics to help keep blood sugar at a healthy level. This product has done amazing things for me! When the blood sugars are regulated the body will burn fat instead of storing it. When your blood sugars are stabilized you may feel your energy is increased. You are avoiding the highs and lows and do not need a “quick fix” like sweets, carbs, or caffeine. This in turn may help suppress your appetite, which may help increase weight loss. When your blood sugar is stable your body is able to work more efficiently during the day, therefore able to reset at night and get a good night’s sleep. Weight loss can be tied to sleep. There also seems to be a correlation between stable blood sugar and natural bio rhythms. Glucose is also the main source of brain fuel…If you are feeding your brain continuously, you may experience brain clarity:) I have been taking this product since Mother’s Day and have lost 7.5lbs, have some much energy, no more naps and am sleeping 6-7 hours at night!! My only regret was that I didn’t start sooner. I am happy to share more info with you or anyone else! Please email me at [email protected]

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    • Audra Coker says:

      I have hypothyroidism and after taking Thrive by Le-Vel for the past 3 months I finally have it stable. It’s been up and down for five years now. Thrive is an all natural vitamin for energy. The plus is it gave me more energy to exercise and I’ve lost 10 pounds so far. I love the energy and now I can keep up with my grandkids. Check it out. Everyone needs to feel this good!

  17. There are also several massage therapies that can help you burn fat and lose weight. I work for Home Massage London and we have several clients that employ these kind of services and are satisfied with them.

  18. I have graves disease and have been treated with radioactive iodine. I take thyroid replacement and have bouts of low thyroid systems. My Doc thinks since I have normal thyroid numbers now that I should not have any trouble losing weight. I am very annoyed that my doc feels that I should not have troupe with them systoms. Any advise?

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    Thanks alot!!!!

  22. Ok so im juat now learning about my Hypothyroidism.
    I see alot of the diet to help is seafood and fish..
    What do you do it the sight and smell of fish make you want to gag??
    What can we do for a variety of good food/meals? Ive gaind 40 lbs since my thyroid decided to go haywire. So I need to loss weight.

  23. I have a question that I can’t seem to be able to find an answer for. Maybe someone here knows the answer. What happens to your Hashimoto’s when your thyroid is removed. Is it considered “cured”? Do I no longer have Hashimoto’s? I have asked a few doctors but they don’t seem to have a clear answer.

  24. Patricia Goler says:

    I had thyroid removed 30 years ago from cancer.I’ve gained weight and can’t loose it

  25. I’m 63 now. I developed Auto Immune disease around 35 years of age. I was pregnant with our fourth child in five years when I developed a goiter. The Specialist Doctor said my thyroid had died…completely stopped working and would never work again. I weighed 52 Kg. when I fell pregnant with our fourth child I went up to 86 kg I have been over weight ever since. I loose a bit and I gain it back. I read about all these diets, kick starts and exercises …etc… but what will help me? I have found that taking the T3 as well as the thyroid tablets has helped me feel better. Now I’m getting rheumatoid arthritis in my feet and hands. I have low blood pressure and low cholesterol. I went to a clinic to test my metabolism and they said they couldn’t help me….mine was 41% below normal. They suggested the Doctor that I see now. He gives me B12 injections and Vit. D injections. They help a lot with my energy and mental abilities. I honestly don’t eat large amounts ..I just don’t burn up what i do eat. I only lose weight if I have 800 or less calories a day. I find that a bit hard to maintain. Is there something for people whose thyroid have completely stopped working?

  26. After a year and 8 months (yes I counted) on a very narrow and expensive Paleo Auto Immune Protocol diet and losing absolutely not a pound, I counter your information. Organic whole foods, including grains, vegan (but not narrowly, I have meat every couple of weeks) and starches AND having a doctor supervise my thyroid levels and prescribe accordingly, a little exercise and at 57, I am losing the weight. And I have healthy cholesterol levels. For balance I encourage eveyone to read the science in The China Study. Paleo, while it makes sense intuitively, isn’t the wisest. But it does make a lot of people rich.

  27. Hi Dana! What do think about implementing a refeed day in a diet plan? It’s supposed to be a day where you eat a lot of food and than the week after you severly cut back in calories. Your body will get used to the food of the refeed day and you will lose a lot in the days after, because your body is used to it. I just read about it on some site (http://wlzine.com/ways-how-to-lose-weight-fast/ ) but I’m not sure if the info is trustworthy and if it is safe and effective to do. Thank you for your help 🙂

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  29. Can you email me the link to the food pyrimad that you mention,your link doesn’t take me to it!

  30. Hi

    I am 41 years old…discovered my thyroid problem about 2 years ago..my GP did blood tests every 3 months trying to get me in the right dosage of euthyrox,synthroid,eltroxin etc(I believe they all the same). I am under the supervision of an endocronologist now and I am on 150micrograms mon/wed/Friday and 100micrograms on tues/thurs/sat /Sunday…
    I go for blood tests every months.He said the results from my last test in February was positive and that I should carry on with the same dosage…
    I have been at gym 3x a week mon,tues, doing ‘Shape’ classes for an hour,Thursday Zumba,Pilates on a wed and Friday mornings aswell (for my lower backache caused by a herniated L4&5 disc since 2008) for about 3 months and training with a group of girls wth a personal trainer on a mon & wed evenings 7-8pm for the past 2 months.

    I have lost 800g and the others in the class have all lost 2kg and some even 5kg…even they can’t underdstand as I sweat the most and never skip a class.we all weigh between 52-78kg.
    We are all more or less the same age and have all cut out sugar and mainly have protein and veg or salad.
    I will continue with my exercises and eating correctly as it makes me feel good to know that I’m active and healthy but I must admit it is very depressing wen my results are not so good.
    I have been told to train in a fat burning zone abd not a fitness zone so I even got me heart rate monitor which helps me with that….
    Maybe somewhere along the lines of my story with your experience and expertise you could please advise me as to what my reasons could be for my confusing weight loss results?

    Thanking you for your time and advice.

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    Thank you

  42. Is caffeine an absolute “no-no” for hypothyroidism? Especially coffee?
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  87. victoria says:

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  88. How do potatoes rate in the paleo diet? l have seen potato flour a lot as a grain flour substitute and wondered if it would be better for me. I live in Australia and some of the products youn have mentioned are either not available or very expensive in health food shops here.

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  90. I was diagnosed with hasimotos disease n hypo thryoidism n then thyroid Cancer .. They removed my thyroid n I was stage 3 of worst kind if Cancer .. I had radiation in hospital via pills n was in quarantine for 5 days .. After my thyroid was taken out n radiation done I gained 20 lbs within 1 month then my weight kept climbing then I was diagnosed with diabetes they said it went hand in hand .. So I gained another 85 lbs I couldn’t look at myself in the nitrogen fell into deep depression .. I went in an extreme diet called the bead diet .. 2 days 2 fruits n 2lbs of veggies I couldn’t start ear until noon had ri stop eating at 6 pm n drank half my body weight in water the next 2 days I drank 20 ozs of milk n tm rotated .. I lost 125 lbs n started maintenance n my hasimotos started flaring up again .. I was under the impression if ur thyroid is removed nothing is there I was told the antibodies were still in the blood n I gained 55 lbs back again depression has set in ., went bank on Atkins , Jenny Craig , shakeokogoly n drs supervised hgc n lost 9 lbs when I was supposed to loose up to 45 lbs in 30 days.,, help I’m disabled n not a great cook .. I take vitamins drink water go for accunputurist for weight loss he says u have slippery pulse n made me up herbs n that hasn’t worked .., I need help asap !!! I also had epstien Barr earlier in life also .. I eat now 2 fruits , 5 oz protien for lunch n 6 oz for dinner fish veal chicken steak .. No bread .. 5 n 6 oz of veggies n that’s it no milk in coffee, no diet soda or candy .. What to do ?? I was a size 24 went down to my airline weight of a size 6 !! Now a 12-14 n I need knee replacacements n they won’t do surgeries till I loose 60-75 lbs ., I’m desperate .. ️️Plse keep this confidential ..

  91. Hello Dana & Jen!! I just watched you on Jens’ Your Best Thyroid Life video series webinar. BOTH of you are SOOO helpful & inspiring. This weight loss article is spot on with a lot of great resources & recipes that are not too out there. As a cook, where as Jen is a chef I can clearly see & appreciate her desire to teach us to be efficient in our food journeys & healing. Dana, you are convey such heartfelt passion in your interview – Jen is an awesome host with her own style of passion- EVERYONE… You gotta see it 🙂

  92. Rachel Rijsdijk says:

    I tried the paleo diet for 2 months, and nothing happened. Really nothing.
    I thought it was bad for “us” to do a diet without carbohydrates? I thought that was the problem with me.
    I feel a constant sadness because of my weight gain..so hard to not give up.

    • Hi Rachel, try looking into the hormone aspect of it. It was key for my weight to budge after too many years. Go look at Dr. Sara Gottfried.com Best of luck 😉

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