Thyroid Hormone – The Most Overlooked Treatment For Fibromyalgia

Thyroid Hormone - The Most Overlooked Treatment for Fibromyalgia

A reader named Jules contacted me a few months ago with chronic pain from fibromyalgia so bad she was struggling to walk and to take care of her young son. Her symptoms included extreme swelling, fatigue, hair loss, pressure in her throat, and loss of the outer-third of her eyebrows. Anyone who has read my article 300+ Hypothyroidism Symptoms…Yes REALLY would consider hypothyroidism as a possible cause, and yet doctor after doctor insisted her thyroid was fine with a normal TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). They insisted her symptoms especially her pain from fibromyalgia could not possibly be thyroid related. Turns out Jules had several large thyroid tumors pressing up against her throat.

Thyroid Hormone & Chronic Pain

I read an excellent book by Dr. Mark Starr called Hypothyroidism Type 2: The Epidemic. Dr. Starr is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pain Medicine and is licensed by the Arizona State Board of Homeopathic and Integrated Medicine Examiners. He has studied with President Kennedy’s famous pain specialist Hans Kraus, M.D., and Lawrence S. Sonkin, M.D., renowned endocrinologist at the New York Hospital – Cornell Medical Center.

In 1998, Dr. Starr decided to review his chronic pain patients’ medical histories, symptoms, and physical findings after realizing the pervasiveness of hypothyroidism. Random chart reviews were performed on 162 adult patients. I was amazed to read the following in Dr. Starr’s book on pages 24-25.

Most chronic pain is just one symptom of a much greater problem, which accounts for the majority of patients’ illnesses. The problem is hypothyroidism.

On their initial examination, many of my patients’ complaints and physical findings (consistent with hypothyroidism) would be listed in their patient summary. A typical list for one of my chronic pain patients  would read:

Patient has a history of dry skin, fatigue, menorrhagia (heavy periods), chronic sinusitis, TMJ with persistent teeth clenching, insomnia, chronic pain, as well as a positive family history for hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, allergies and cancer.

Regarding the physical exam: “The patient has moderate myxedema (swelling) over the proximal upper and lower extremities with vey dry skin that is tender to the pinch. Her hands and feet are cool and clammy to the touch, nails yellowed and ridged, dry hair, lateral thinning of the eyebrows, delayed ankle reflexes, as well as diffuse tender points and trigger points throughout her muscles.”

This patient already had a hysterectomy, gallbladder surgery, and two C-sections. Her basal body temperature was later found to be about 97.0 degrees Fahrenheit. A list of symptoms such as these was the rule rather than the exception among my chronic pain patients.

Every single one of these symptoms is listed in my article 300+ Hypothyroidism Symptoms…Yes REALLY. Thyroid hormone is needed by every cell of the body for proper functioning, therefore low thyroid can affect hundreds of bodily functions.

Natural Desiccated Thyroid

Dr. Mark Starr discovered that natural desiccated thyroid was an effective treatment for his patient’s chronic pain. Even more surprising, natural desiccated thyroid dramatically improved symptoms more than Synthroid (T4). Why is this so important?

Levothyroxine is a thyroid hormone replacement drug that contains the synthetic form of one thyroid hormone, T4. Levothyroxine is the drug of choice by mainstream doctors for hypothyroidism and Synthroid is the most commonly prescribed brand name.

A list of the 25 most prescribed drugs in 2011 was released in a report by the IMS Institute of Healthcare informatics. Levothyroxine was listed the SECOND MOST-PRESCRIBED DRUG in the U.S., with 104.7 million prescriptions in 2011.

I’ve received countless messages from readers around the world suffering from symptoms of hypothyroidism including pain while on T4-only drugs like Synthroid. I’ve heard so many stories of doctors refusing to try the other thyroid medication options including natural desiccated thyroid even though their patients are suffering debilitating symptoms on their current T4-only medication.

Is it really any wonder then why so many thyroid sufferers are suffering from chronic pain?

Thyroid Disease & Fibromyalgia

Dr. Joseph Mercola interviewed thyroid pioneer Dr. John Lowe on the connection between thyroid disease and fibromyalgia. Dr. Mercola’s article The Simple Fibromyalgia Treatment that’s Nearly Always Overlooked… is a must-read. He wrote:

Interestingly, inadequate thyroid hormone regulation may be one of the primary underlying factors in many patients with fibromyalgia.

Dr. Lowe explains:

“I had prior training as a research psychologist and was able to pull forth that training and enlist physicians on the research team. It was a loose net research team until it eventually became a non-profit organization called the Fibromyalgia Research Foundation.

Seven or eight years ago, I gave a presentation at the Fibromyalgia Coalition International based in Kansas City… I got there late and heard none of the other presentations.

When I gave my presentation, people began saying, “Dr. Lowe, you’ve used the word “integrative metabolic therapies” for getting patients free from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. It just so happens, every single one of the — at that point, considered alternative doctors — have said exactly the same things.”

Through their personal, clinical experiences they had come to the same conclusions we had. If they used metabolic integrative therapies, nutritional deficiencies, anti-inflammatory diet, exercise, getting off medications that impede metabolism, and possibly treating cortisol deficiency, possibly balancing sex hormones, and treating the patients with effective thyroid hormone therapy… They got the patients well.

I said the same thing they had said, but my experience was based on rigorous scientific testing. Their experience was based on intuition and the wisdom that comes from listening to patients and working with them.”

The Pain Relief Project

Over 25 pain experts will be sharing how to naturally heal chronic pain at The Pain Relief Project, online for free January 19-26, 2015. This will be a fascinating event especially given they will be including the thyroid connection to pain (which is too often overlooked).

They Pain Relief Project

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  1. what is the treatment for chronic pain?
    I have hypo/hashi, chfonic fatique, hips/foot pain, very low cortisol and insomnia.
    I am taking 30mg Armour and (2) adepten-all for adranels and selemuim.
    my Doctor tells me this is what I have to do til I bring my cortisol up.
    and I an also gluten free too, any advise or info would be greatly recieved
    thank you. Karen

    • May I ask – What is adepten?? then I will try to respond.

    • Dana Trentini says:

      Hi Karen,

      Thyroid pioneer was quoted in Dr. Mercola’s interview that I included in this article saying this about doctors who successfully treated fibromyalgia patients: “If they used metabolic integrative therapies, nutritional deficiencies, anti-inflammatory diet, exercise, getting off medications that impede metabolism, and possibly treating cortisol deficiency, possibly balancing sex hormones, and treating the patients with effective thyroid hormone therapy… They got the patients well.” I am happy your doctor has tested your low cortisol because as you can see from Dr. Lowe’s comment that is equally important to get resolved. As well be sure to have your sex hormones tested as balancing sex hormones was another major factor included. Also Dr. Lowe mentioned nutritional deficiencies so be sure your doctor tests your nutrient levels including vitamin D3, B12, magnesium, zinc, and selenium.

      As for your thyroid treatment. How do you feel since starting Armour? I’m on Nature-throid, another natural desiccated thyroid, and I personally only feel my best when my Free T3 is top quarter of the normal ranges as thyroid advocate Mary Shomon writes in this article attached. It’s very important to check your Free T4 and Free T3 levels to see where they are in the ranges. Mary Shomon wrote: “More innovative doctors are beginning to believe that a TSH of around 1 – 2 — in the low end of the normal range — is optimal for most people to feel well and avoid having hypothyroid or hyperthyroid symptoms. Similarly, some practitioners feel that optimal hypothyroidism treatment includes Free T4 in the top half of the normal range, and Free T3 in the top 25th percentil of the normal range.”

      • Hi Dana, thank you for answering me. I currently still feel all my symptom But not as hard as there were, but I fine myself going hypo/hyper sometimes.
        My Doctor is treating me with
        D3–gluten free-progesterone 150mg-Armour 30mg
        Adapten-all twice aday. I added the selenium 400mcg and magnesium.
        I would like to up my dose of Armour again but kinda chicken to do it on my own, Doctor lower it because my heart was racing at 60mg, but it did’nt start doing that right away.

      • I am sitting here in tears as I read all of what no one has ever told me. I have been in intense pain for many years and have seen many doctors since this all started. I have it all. Only found when I went for bad ear pain to an endo dr. She felt my throat and this all took off from that point. I had 3 masses and many nodules on my thyroid. Big enough they wanted to take it out which they did before it turned into cancer. Many years my TSH and all were fine. They told me nothing wrong with your thyroid. Only the mess on it now. I am angry, hurt and in amazement that this could have ever happened to me. Your sight is the best in months of research for this.I am now to a specialist who is regulating meds. Not sure what happens next. Thanks so much for your education on this topic. I still am in tears.
        Sincerely-Donna Jane Schwartz Wapakoneta Ohio

        • I went thru 10 long miserable years trying to get thyroid support starting in 1991 and slapped with anti depressants all those years….. long story short…

          In 2002 at 63 yrs I was given Armour called in by my then osteopath, no labs nadda, he knew, he was an old timer and not the young docs coming out of med school living by the numbers…..

          During that 10 yr saga, I was hit with an FM trauma and it’s all been downhill….now believe IF my thyroid had been supported the trauma would not have been so bad…..

          I know your story well, but still have my thyroid thank goodness and take today 120mg armour, Iosol Iodine and selenium.

          Thanks for your story Donna Jane…….J

    • Look into iodine on amazon and buy J. Crows to CURE hypothyroid.

      • Aidan Walsh says:

        How much does a Man have to take daily & for how long plus best time to take this ‘just this iodine’ or other products/meds etc thanks Aidan

  2. Great article Dana! So glad Jules is beginining to feel better – it’s a testament to what you’re doing with Hypothyroid Mom! The information you are providing for women is crucial.

    Love the radio interview!

  3. how does one find dessicated thyroid?
    as of now my internist has me on synthroid a micro dose at that and it is still not controlled dose. for many years i was on armour thyroid taking between 1 grain(60 mg) and as much as 2 grains(120 mg) and felt wonderful no aches or pains. then in 2008 they quit making armour thyroid and didn’t start again for almost a year by this time i had to change my primary care doctor(previous one closed his practice) and he does not like nor use armour at all. I do not like synthroid it does not work for me, never has.

    • Dana Trentini says:

      Hi Sandra,

      Since you did well on Armour before it’s worth it for you to find a new doctor, one who is open to natural desiccated thyroid. Natural desiccated thyroid are available by prescription at regular pharmacies and compounding pharmacies. I’m personally on Nature-throid and don’t have trouble finding a pharmacy that carries it. I compiled a list of the top 10 resources to help readers find good thyroid doctors in their area. Be sure to call all local pharmacies too to ask the names of doctors that prescribe natural desiccated thyroid because that’s one way many readers have found good doctors for themselves.

  4. Sherry Bennett says:

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 20 years ago and have taken levothyroxine since then. I am currently up to 200mg and still don’t feel well. I can’t sleep, I’m lethargic, I have hair loss, can’t handle noise and feel confused a lot. I had a full range of thyroid testing done, but the doctor doesn’t seem concerned based on the outcome. His answer was to lower my levothyroxine. Can you give me any assistance?
    My T4 Free is 1.52 H
    My thyroid stimulating hormone is .01 L
    My Thyroid Peroxidase is 74 H
    My Triiodothyronine, Free Serum is 3.7
    My Antithyroglobulin Ab is <20

    They sent me for a sonogram to check if I had a goiter, but found nothing. I need an awesome thyroid doctor in or near Clarion, Pennsylvania. Does anyone know of one?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Dana Trentini says:

      Hi Sherry,

      Did your doctor discuss Hashimoto’s with you due to your high thyroid peroxidase levels? Hashimoto’s is considered the number one cause of hypothyroidism in the US. It is a thyroid autoimmune condition. There are many potential underlying issues causing high thyroid antibodies that should be tested including adrenals, iron, D3, B12, selenium, sex hormones, bacteria/viral infections, Candida, food intolerances especially gluten.

      Levothyroxine is the most prescribed drug for hypothyroidism. It works for some people but not all of us. As mentioned in this article Dr. Mark Starr and thyroid pioneer Dr. John Lowe recommended natural desiccated thyroid for fibromyalgia.

      • Sherry Bennett says:

        No, my doctor hasn’t discussed anything with me regarding that. He is not an endocrinologist, but is the Oncologist I have been seeing for about 4 years since I was diagnosed with Breast cancer and effectively treated.

        I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your input and am currently searching for a doctor in my area. I have found some on our referral list in Pittsburgh, but that is roughly 2 hours from my home. I am hoping to find someone closer to Clarion, PA that is sensitive to the problems and treatments of hypothyroidism.

        • Dana Trentini says:

          Best wishes Sherry finding a good doctor. It’s worth it to search for one because they can make a world of difference to your health.

  5. My thyroid levels are “normal” but my TPO was greater than 1300 and I literally have EVERY symptom. I also have the enlarged thyroid/goiter with nodules. I have been struggling with this for 15 years. What drugs do I need to research? Which ones are natural? What combinations are good? I’ve seen too many doctors that don’t know how to treat this, I want to know how myself so that I can tell them. :)

    Thank you so much for this website. God bless you!!!

  6. This is not really new, for many years a few patients have seemed to have some response to thyoid replacement hormone for chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia but this is a long ways from a universally helpful therapy. Controlled studies are lacking and it is really left to a therapeutic trial with all of the placebo and subjective aspects this entails. Thanks for the post though.

    • Dana Trentini says:

      Hi Dr. Pullen,

      Thanks for sharing. What have you found helpful to treat chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia in your patients?

  7. Does anyone know of a good thyroid doctor in Georgia? I have taken my granddaughter to Emory only to have the following lab done.
    TSH 1.04
    T4 11.7
    Free T4 1.2
    T3 92
    and Anti-TPO @ Negative < 10 WHat does this mean?
    Ultra sound revealed several small cyst in the cm range.
    Their comment your thyroid does not explain the pain.
    She suffers from extreme fatigue not to mention about 50 other of the symptons for thyroid problems.
    Thanks so much

    • Dana Trentini says:

      Hi Dicky,

      You wrote T3 but check her lab results for FREE T3. Let me know the score and the reference range to the right of the score. If her Free T3 (which is different than Total T3) was not done then ask for it. Also ask for her Thyroglobulin Antibodies. They did her Anti-TPO for Hashimoto’s (which was normal) but the Thyroglobulin Antibodies should be done too. It would also be helpful to have her adrenals, ferritin/iron, and vitamin D3 tested.

      I put together resources to help readers find good doctors in their area. Check each one for names of doctors in Georgia. Also call all the local pharmacies and pharmacies driving distance to you to ask for the names of doctors that prescribe natural desiccated thyroid brands like Armour and Nature-throid because doctors that prescribe these medications tend to be more open minded in their diagnosis and treatment. Best wishes for your granddaughter.

  8. Great blog and I’d like to add my miserable story and struggle on the HypoT and Fibro scene, I don’t have a website what does that mean…..before I add more I want to make sure this “works”……

    • Ok, looks like this does work, I hope.

      I go back to 1991 when I first had nasty depression going on, I knew nothing about the thyroid, I was 51 and trust the doc….

      I kept getting you are normal and more anti depressants, for 10 miserable years..

      In early July 1999 I went to see Dr. St Amand since he was listed as an endo….said “you are fine” after touching my neck and telling me then “you have fibro”….I had NEVER heard of it.
      He worked like “H” to get me on his guaifanson (sp) and I totally resisted….walked out and never returned….

      Then toward the end of July I lost a job I planned to retire from, I was 61 and at a loss as to what I’d do…..that is when the Fibro Trauma hit me. Body thrown so off track and that was the beginning…. Long story and I went on and did fulltime child care until social security was available at age 62, I took it.

      Then in early 2002, I called my D.O. and talked about thyroid and he called in Armour and that was getting to the end of the thyroid saga…..

      I believe I would NOT have been so traumatized with the Fibro Wall had I been supporting my thyroid, but the docs were just horrible….except for the D.O. who knew as he was “old school” and knew about the symptoms and thyroid….a goodsend….

      The long depression lifted in 4 days on 30mg, I’m now taking 120mg of Armour…it’s the best for my body/mind…

      Then in 2006 a lowness was coming on and I found how empty my Vit D tank was, 16 as I recall…..worked on that and in 6 months that lowness went away.

      I got up to 80 or so and in 2010 I opted for a hip replacement, what a mess it’s left my body….groin was bone grinding on bone on right side…. at that time my Vit D level dropped 40 pts with the surgery….I had read that could happen….

      So I continue on, getting my Vit D back up and now take a Vit K complex…

      So I guess the crux of this is, I may not have gotten the Fibro stuff if my thyroid was being supported….

      Work to get that right doc to help you….I knew nothing back in 1991 as I said and now I could write my book. jam

      Oh, I also deal with lifelong OA and refuse anymore surgery knives….I have some shoulder issues too but do alternative work to keep moving. I’m 75..

      • Dana Trentini says:

        Hi Jam,

        Thank you for sharing your story. So happy you discovered natural desiccated thyroid. It’s changed my life too. Yes absolutely vitamin D is a real issue even for those in warm weather climates. If you are on Facebook, feel free to visit my Hypothyroid Mom Facebook page where you’ll see thousands of hypothyroidism sufferers sharing their story, asking questions and giving support. Everyone is welcome.

  9. Hi Dana,

    I’m in a completely different class. I have Hashimoto’s and have been on synthetic Oroxine since 1977.

    Since 2000, I suffered terribly from Fibromyalgia, and none of the doctors had a clue what to do. I was overdosing on asperin because that’s all they’d recommend. Finally, a rheumatologist who was willing to talk to me and think about my history thought to adjust my thyroid dosage. Well, what do you know? My pain, the pain that I was certain was killing me, kept me from sleeping, and was destroying my life, was gone! Happy ending? Not quite.

    Last June I was diagnosed with nsclc (lung cancer). None of my doctors will entertain the possibility that there is any connection between my lung cancer and my thyroid. Not one. But a study out of Italy did that. See the link in this to the study, which they say needs more clinical study:

    So, while being treated by chemotherapy, I’ve now discovered that I am sorely hypothyroid. I thought it was a side effect of the chemo, but I can barely walk across the room without getting exhausted. Well, my tsh has dropped from 0.77 to 0.03. My Free T4 is 20.4, and my Free T3 is 4.7.

    Today I decided to find someone who will work with me with the Natural Desiccated thyroid. Tomorrow I start to look.

    It’s too late for me to do anything for the lung cancer, but something has to be done to make more people aware that there is something really, really wrong with the way thyroid problems are treated.

    I’d be interested to hear any comments you might have about my story.

    Kind regards,

    • Dana Trentini says:


      I apologize for the delay in responding. I’ve had about 4 million people visiting my site and Facebook page every week for months now and I’ve received so many messages that I’m struggling to get through. Sorry for the delay in getting to you. I am so very sorry to hear about your lung cancer. I hope all is well with your recovery from chemo. I imagine that takes a huge toll on your health. Be sure your adrenals are tested. Stress both physical and emotional wreaks havoc on our adrenals which then wreaks havoc on our thyroid and sex hormones. So be sure to be tested for all three: thyroid, adrenals and sex hormones. It’s amazing what a connection they have to one another. I am deeply touched by your story. My father passed away of lung cancer 10 years ago. Prayers for you for recovery and good health.

  10. I have been on medication for hypothyroid for 6 weeks, I have been dieting and working out every day and have not lost a pound, is this a cause of this medicine or my age, 56. I am eating 1200 calories a day and walking 3 miles a day and weight twice a week

  11. i take synthroid for my thyroid doctor says my levels are fine but im not so sure or what is going on..i stay tired all the time i have n o energy which my b12 level stays low and my iron count but i have alot of pain n my legs and back ..i was told i have rld restless leg syndrome .i am just so tired of feeling the way i do all the time and no answers and my family or no one else understands what im going threw n i cant explain it to them were they understand i am on disability n my insurance wont cover alot of things and it makes it difficult to get ne kind of treatment and my doctors arent tring ne thing new i have been on b12 shots ofr yrs now..i had gastric bypass it back fired on me i almost dies lost 4 pints of blood had 15 blood clots it was a horrible experience.. due to health n pain complications i have fatty tumors all over my legs n feet and insurance company refuses to remove them i have some bigger than a grape fruit i did have one removed that grew to my bone they had to shave my bone to get it off n that set up arthritis in my legs i have no cartlidge in my the tumors are getting bigger n bigger the pain is worse everyday and i dont know what else to do but give up

  12. Hi! I’m so fibro-brained that I’m sorry to admit that I’m not able to take in everything here. Sleep deprivation isn’t helping either. But I’m now in a desperate situation.
    I’ve been on Synthroid since the spring of 2012 and it STILL hasn’t kicked in. Oh recently the tests came back normal, but the symptoms are still there, with new ones appearing. I’ve been doing research tonight on a horrible new symptom I never associated with hypothyroidism: I now gasp for air, sounding like I’ll expire, with the slightest exertion. (I’m basically bedridden due to severe MECFS & fibro which have caused so many other problems over the last 38 years.)
    I’m seriously thinking of changing to Armour. Getting to see my very capable endo is a long process b/c he IS so good. We will try to call him tomorrow to at least discuss the change.
    I suppose that my question is, am I nuts for having held on this long? Do you have any words of “wisdom”?
    Recently, I was hospitalized because of impaction: it extended from my ascending colon to the transverse and descending colon and I believe almost into the sigmoid. I was in the hospital for 10 days to get disimpacted and had an NG tube for 8 days so I could breathe at all. What a nightmare. A few weeks later, I was hospitalized again but this time the impaction wasn’t as severe because I got myself in as soon as I realized I was having a problem again. My attendings are STILL talking about this: 30-40 yrs in practice, yet they’d seen nothing like this before and were scared I would perforate.
    I’ve made a comment before because I loved your post on constipation. But that was way before this whole impaction mess, which is like a nuclear version of constipation! My hair is continuing to fall out, my nails keep peeling, my appetite is too often completely out of control, my voice is hoarse, the symptoms go on and on. I cannot believe that with everything I’ve “gotten” over the years, hypothyroidism is a problem: I always thought that it was so very treatable.
    Thanks for listening. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (And thanks for stopping by my blog ocassionally! I appreciate it!) Xx

  13. Prior to labs and SynCrap, MD’s gave out Armour to those with long lists of symptoms leading to hypoT……I had a short time on Syn and threw it away…I’m on Armour since 2002 and it works as good as it can work for me I believe.

    I deal with Fibro, OA and a mess from hip replacement and have NEVER had the brain fog thing…..I’ve been taking Grape Seed Extract since 1995 and if you do a search on grape seed ex and the fog, you will find results……

    I wouldn’t give a nickel for endos, they are the worst in my book for thyroid help….I have long stories and need to stop for now. joy

  14. I just want to say thank you so much Dana for all the wonderful information you provide. I really wish I saw your articles before this year. Jules and my story sound so familiar. For over three years (since 2009) I dealt with, fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, insomnia, etc. I wasn’t diagnosed with Fibromyalgia until August 2012. It wasn’t until my doctor did a routine wellness check, she noticed swelling in my neck. She tested me every year for my thyroid all levels were “normal” since 2007. I had an ultra sound done which revealed I had nodules in my thyroid. December 7, 2012, three days after having a fine needle biopsy. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. That is when I went on a campaign to find out as much information I could regarding the relationship between fibromyalgia and thyroid health. I strongly believe in exactly what Dr. Lowe is saying. My world has completely change, I have to constantly fight in order to get the treatment I need. Even with the cancer, I had to threaten my doctor that I would not get the thyroidectomy done if I didn’t a CT scan. I wanted to be sure and clear on what to expect with the thyroidectomy. It was a good thing I did, in getting the CT scan done it revealed the cancer had spread to neighboring lymph nodes. Yet, the ultra sound(the only test they relied on) that was done a week before surgery showed all was well with my lymph nodes. After surgery, I was told they had to remove lymph nodes. The endocrinologist I went to was the worst! I inquired about Nature Thyroid and Amour Thyroid. He refused to prescribe them because it was made from animals and it was not safe because of Mad Cow disease and Swine Flu he could not prescribe them. I was appalled. Needless to say I left his office and never went back. If it wasn’t for the information posted by you and Mary and so many others who actually live with issues of their Thyroid, I don’t know where I would be today. Thank you again!!!

  15. Good post…Fibromyalgia is the most common musculoskeletal condition after osteoarthritis. Fibromyalgia is a common and chronic disorder. When a health illness or condition is chronic it means it is long-lasting. visit our site for good tertments for Back Pain, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Thyroid.

  16. Interesting article. There are some yoga poses which help to maintain thyroid under balance. Sun salutation practiced in slow pace motion, does wonders.

  17. Goodness, so much great info. Have history of hyperthyroid, put on PTU for a year and half. Thyroid leveled out or so I was told. No other treatment. Hair loss, fatigue, chronic constipation, insomnia, mood swings and brittle nails continued and still continue. Not to mention the chronic pain. In 2004 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto disease, still no treatment, was told TSH levels normal. Diagnosed with Fibro in 2005. Changed medical plans and had Free T4 test only (?)= .086 to 0.9 and yesterday doctor tested for antibody, TPO is 133.6 . I don’t know why doctor didn’t test Free T3. TSH levels ran the gamut .88 to 6.97 then most recent down to 3.94. When I questioned the 6.97 result the doctor said they don’t treat w/medication until TSH level is 10. Meanwhile, I am going bald, I hurt all the time and don’t feel well. I don’t sleep well which contributes to my fatigue and pain. I have a HMO so I understand the doctors have to treat according to the guidelines of their health plans and they may not have been fully trained in this area but even I, a lay person know how important Thyroid health is to the entire body! I live in the Henderson Nevada area and will be looking for a doctor who is up to speed on this. Any suggestions?

  18. Please offer a site where we can find physicians that can write Rx for Armour for us.
    I have an RD that practices Functional Medicine….however she is not able to write the
    Rx for the thyroid meds. Dx’s w/ Fibro, OA and Hypo.
    Thank you.
    Miss Yuki

  19. Sonia Prime says:

    I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 1992 I hadn’t been well since the birth of my second child in 1970. I was fluctuating between hyper and hypo I would be freezing cold gain weight then hot and felt like my blood was boiling and lose weight along with a host of other symptoms. I was finally diagnosed with Graves in 1994 I had been on medication for 2yrs with no results. I had radio active iodine in 1994. Told we will get yr levels right and you will be fine. Not so I am taking 125mcg of Oroxine. I have Brain Fog bad I have now been told I have Fibro and I have C/F My levels are TSH 0.10 T4 24. Oesto Arthritis I take Tramadol 300mg daily and now want me to take Lyrica which I have refused. Do you suggest I try the natural Thyroxine? Any help would be appreciated. I have no sex drive at all.

    • I have the same feelings of fluctuation. For a month, I was sleeping with an electric blanket , a comforter and another blanket. Now I am sweating profusely, and I am sleeping with the ceiling fan on and no blankets.

  20. Hi i have fibro and bad chronic pain all the time i have been gaining weight for the last 10 months and keep gaining. I weighed 12 and now i weigh 175 but i look pregnant my stomach is just like a pregnant belly. i went to an endocrinologist and my TSH was 0.17 my TFREE 4 was 0.71 My TFREE3 was 3.7 plus he did these other blood test FSH 79.2 Prolactin 21.8 Luteinizing 5601 what does this all mean he really ddidnt explain so im going to try to find a different doctor because something is causing me to gain weight, please help my life has changed im not the wife or mother i use to be im either so tired and hurting i dont get out of bed or i stay up all night plus i have migraine headaches im only 42 To young to be this way i dont even have a sex drive oh its just sad what we go thur when we cant find a doctor that really cares anymore. Thank You so much,Lisha

  21. Amy Tidwell says:

    I have Hashimotos and have recently begun treatment for adrenal fatigue. My meds include Armour 60mg, cytomel 5mg bid, cortef 5mg and then Tegretol for bi polar. I have been suffering with Plantar Fashitis for about a year, now I have horrible cramping and pain in both feet and one hand. RA is neg . My Potassium was low but we corrected that, B12, D and Ca were normal. My most recent labs TSH0.383, T4 0.75 and Trilodothyryonine Free 3.8
    I started a clean diet and thought my labs were looking up but this pain want budge

  22. On adrenals, I’ve tried so many helpers so to speak, from cortef, HC, Isocort, adaptagens and others, but am now off them all and finding help with Pantothenic Acid B5 and finding myself much better….I’m 76 and worked with this for many years….

    Pantothene is good too, but more pricier….check this out….

  23. hi I’m 30 and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and mid-mild scoliosis. I’m always tired and I have an enlarged thyroid but all my blood work comes back normal but on the low end but nothing is being done what do I do next

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  25. Jacqueline says:

    Hello I just joined and was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I also Had my T3 Total come back low. All this was found out in the last 2 days. Thyroid dr. suggests I see what Fibro treatment does for me and see if T3 improves before starting thyroid treatment. Everything else on thyroid came back normal so, he is thinking the tsh and t4 may compensate for the low t3?? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Get the thyroid treatment to improve fibro? Confused. What a long road this has been. Thanks ahead!

    • Hi, I just believe so much of this fibro issue is HypoT…I take Armour and would not think of the synthetic products…… desiccated support to me is the best way to go.

      Read Stop The Thyroid Madness book…..


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