The Silent Disease

Thyroid Cancer: The Silent Disease

9 weeks after a full thyroidectomy

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This Star Won’t Go Out

This Star Won't Go Out

Esther Grace Earl passed away in 2010 of thyroid cancer at the age of 16.

Thank you to Esther’s mother Lori Earl for sharing her daughter’s story at Hypothyroid Mom. [Read more...]

甲状腺異常が福島の子供の半分に Thyroid Disorders In Almost Half Of Fukushima Children

甲状腺異常が福島の子供の半分に Thyroid Disorders In Almost Half Of Fukushima Children

2011年3月の福島原発事故のご自身の体験談をしてくれた竹野内真理さんという日本のママから連絡いただいたとき、とても胸が痛みました。今こそ、今回の記事を書く時期だと確信しています。2011年3月15日、東京で福島から放射能雲が来ていたとき被曝して3か月体調を崩し、ご自身と当時1歳のお子さんにものう胞が見つかっています。 真理さんはSave Kids Japanを立ち上げ、「ノーモア原発・ノーモアヒバクシャ」を東京の記者会見で訴えています。(真理さん、日本の皆さんに私の記事が届くよう翻訳してくださったこと、感謝しています。

I was so emotional when a Japanese mother named Mari Takenouchi contacted me with her story about the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. I knew the time had come to write this article. She was exposed to radioactive plume in Tokyo on March 15, 2011, with her 1-year-old son and became sick for three months and now both of them have nodules in their thyroid. She founded Save Kids Japan, and advocates no more nuclear and no more radiation exposure (Tokyo press conference: Thank you Mari for translating this article to help me reach the Japanese community. [Read more...]