Got Thyroid? This Doctor’s Unconventional Path

A doctor was diagnosed with thyroid disease 4 months after becoming a new mother. She was bed-bound for 6 months, housebound for 2 years.

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Talking to Your Kids in Tough (Thyroid) Times

Talking to Your Kids in Tough Thyroid Times

Her children taught her the greatest lesson of all: we have power within us to thrive, despite everything, even in the face of our darkest days with chronic illness. [Read more…]

Hypothyroidism. An Open Letter to My Family

Hypothyroidism. An Open Letter To My Family.

When a Hypothyroid Mom reader contacted me with this letter that she wrote to her family (and she asked me to share but keep it anonymous), I thought wow she hit the nail on the head. She expressed the frustration we feel living with an invisible illness so perfectly. We may look “normal” on the outside but struggle in ways no one understands, not even our loved ones.
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Mommy has thyroid cancer

Mommy has thyroid cancer

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Taking Off My Supermom Cape: Secrets of a Hypothyroid Mom

Taking Off My Supermom Cape: Secrets of a Hypothyroid Mom

“Dana, your apartment used to be so organized…um…what happened?”

When an old acquaintance I hadn’t seen in several years came with her children for a play date, I was so embarrassed by her comment. I made all the excuses for why my apartment was not as “organized” as it used to be. I felt like such a loser. When she left, I started cleaning up all my stuff. I got so tired, that I shoved some of it under the bed and the rest in closets where my stuff could not be seen. I was upset, but then it dawned on me.

It’s hard to be a mom. Period.

Then add on having hypothyroidism.

She was right. Something did happen.

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