Hypothyroidism And The Heart, by a Cardiologist

women with cardiac symptoms from hypothyroidism

I was searching for recently published studies on the connection between hypothyroidism and heart disease and there I found hundreds, yes hundreds, right before my eyes. Then one day a cardiologist from England contacted me with this guest post that everyone with hypothyroidism needs to read.

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Real people share their worst (downright awful) hypothyroidism symptoms

Real people share their worst (downright awful) hypothyroidism symptoms

It is one thing to read articles about hypothyroidism symptoms online but quite another to hear the symptoms straight from real people. These are real people, like you and me, struggling with a collection of symptoms so hard to pinpoint that they baffle doctors in every country of the world. While we don’t know one another personally, the truth is that we are connected, just the same, in a particularly powerful way. We are living in the trenches together fighting a battle against this thing called hypothyroidism.

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External Clues of Heart Disease in Women

External clues of heart disease in women

Do you know that the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology Foundation issued joint guidelines in 2013 recommending that doctors test thyroid hormone levels in every single patient with heart failure?[1]

When a doctor with 4 board certifications wrote to me about these 7 unusual, or so they seemed to me at first, external clues of heart disease in women, my curiosity was thoroughly piqued. I found myself in front of the mirror checking for these signs and I know you will too.

As a young doctor, Dr. Menolascino worked on the high profile Heart Disease Reversal program with Dr. Dean Ornish. There was one thing that puzzled him. All the participants were men.

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11 common medical conditions often caused by thyroid disease

11 common medical conditions often caused by thyroid disease

It is tough to be a thyroid patient with all the symptoms that befall us like a ton of bricks, but then add to that struggle the number of doctors that are miserably misinformed about thyroid disease. [Read more…]

Are Cholesterol Medications Zapping Your Thyroid? A Cardiologist Explains

Are cholesterol medications zapping your thyroid? A cardiologist explains

This cardiologist professes pharmaceuticals for heart disease are rarely necessary and most heart procedures are dangerous and usually unnecessary, but always financially rewarding to the doctor. He treats heart disease with natural approaches including dietary changes, toxin reduction, and natural supplements. Hmm… [Read more…]

A cardiologist explains why magnesium is so good for your heart health

A cardiologist explains why magnesium is so important for your heart health

I first saw one of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s YouTube videos on heart health and I was hooked. Dr. Gupta is a cardiologist in York, England. He explains how important magnesium is for everyone to maintain good heart health. [Read more…]