Is your thyroid a pain in the butt? Healing chronic pain

Is your thyroid a pain in the butt?

I hear from Hypothyroid Mom readers all the time struggling with chronic pain. Do you struggle with this too?
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10 Root Causes of Fibromyalgia (#3 is Thyroid)

10 root causes of fibromyalgia (#3 is thyroid)

You can’t imagine how many readers reach out to me about chronic pain and fibromyalgia. If your doctor dismisses thyroid as a possible culprit for your pain, bring them this article.

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10 Diagnoses Commonly Caused By Hypothyroidism

10 Diagnoses Commonly Caused by Hypothyroidism

Every single cell of the body requires thyroid hormone for proper functioning. Every single part of the body, therefore, is at risk when someone suffers from thyroid dysfunction. Hypothyroidism sufferers present to their doctors with many obvious symptoms. Often times, unfortunately, their symptoms are misdiagnosed as other health conditions.

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