Thermography: The Benefits of Thermal Imaging for Thyroid Disorders

Thermography: The Benefits of Thermal Imaging for Thyroid Disorders

This image is from my recent thermography. Do you see the red markers of inflammation in my neck and shoulders, right near my thyroid? Do you also see the red around my nose (allergies have been a constant all my life) but peer even closer and do you see the red around my mouth, in particular the bottom left side? You see I’ve been searching for the cause of my very high CRP (C-reactive protein) lab test (you can order it by yourself, by the way), a marker of inflammation, and that’s said to be a sign of heart disease. What’s bizarre is that I would never have known that I have high inflammation if I hadn’t done that test and then this thermography? I have no obvious signs of inflammation, but just the same there it is was glaring at me. [Read more…]

Progesterone & Thyroid: A Hormonal Connection Essential for Optimal Women’s Health

Progesterone & Your Thyroid

Estrogen dominance. Have you heard of this? Our thyroid and sex hormones play a synchronized dance with one another and it’s no surprise that when one is off, it throws the rest off too.

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Is Your Thyroid KILLING You? Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer & Thyroid Disease

I wrote this article almost 5 years ago at the very start of this blog Hypothyroid Mom. I have not reshared it again in all these years.


The “C” word is the scariest word I know and I know it is for so many of my readers. I lost my father, father-in-law, and 16-year-old nephew to cancer. I know the seriousness of this word and I don’t use it lightly. At the time I wrote this article I had discovered research showing an association between hypothyroidism and breast cancer. I knew more research needed to be done and quite honestly I did not want to scare myself or anyone else with what I had discovered.

A few weeks ago, however, while researching for another article that I am currently writing for Hypothyroid Mom, I stumbled across more recent studies that add fuel to this ongoing controversy that truly left me numb. I’ve thought about these studies so many times since and now it’s time to update this article and reshare it.

This not to scare us but to push us to be the fiercest advocates for ourselves. I also want to shake the medical community that continues to diagnose and treat hypothyroidism with a protocol that fails millions of us and shout,