Help Save Babies on World Thyroid Day

Help Save Babies on World Thyroid Day

Today May 25, 2016 is World Thyroid Day.

Today is the day we SAVE BABIES.

I wonder if I am crazy to think I can change the world, but something deep inside me tells me that this is what I am supposed to do. I launched my blog Hypothyroid Mom on October 1st, 2012 in memory of the unborn baby I lost to hypothyroidism and in dedication to my two boys who beat the odds and made it to the world. When I wrote that first post Have You Suffered A Miscarriage? Your Thyroid Could Be To Blame the words poured out on the page as if someone other than me wrote it. Somehow I knew my unborn baby was watching over me.

I know my mission to bring about UNIVERSAL THYROID SCREENING IN PREGNANCY is my destiny. I lost my unborn baby needlessly. I will ensure my baby did not die in vain by saving babies all across the globe. With your help I will make this happen.

Babies At Risk From Maternal Thyroid Disease

So many readers have contacted me with stories of miscarriage, still birth, pregnancy complications, premature births, and babies born with life-changing challenges. There is no better way to stress the importance of thyroid screening in pregnancy than to share the heart-wrenching real life stories of thyroid sufferers.

“I just found your blog as I sit in the outpatient waiting room to have a biopsy of a large nodule on my thyroid. I have had two miscarriages in the past year. Both baby boys. One at 14 weeks and one at 13 weeks.”

“I had 5 miscarriages before I finally was able to have a baby girl.”

“I have hypothyroidism and never made the connection. At 2 1/2 months along of my first and only pregnancy, my doctor suggested I terminate due to “abnormalities”. But I refused, it was my first time being pregnant and I longed to be a Mom so much. Well about 7 1/2 months along, this little girl was born after 2 days of labor. She was roughly 2 pounds with severe birth defects. She died within two hours. I was/still am devastated. I kept asking my doctors -what caused this?? Their reply “Oh its just normal in so many births- nothing you did caused it” But I knew SOMETHING was wrong.”

“I had 2 losses before I carried to term, and was not able to get pregnant again despite my endo telling me it wasn’t my thyroid. The fertility doc said it had to be that…because there was no other reason.”

“The most hurtful image will be that little baby’s tiny feet for me. I am very sorry for everyone’s losses.”

“It’s sad – I had been diagnosed and “treated” for hypo for over 7 years when I had my first of 7 miscarriages!”

“The one I lost at 16 weeks was evacuated by D&C two months after it’s passing. I saw it and they immediately gave me a shot in the arm and I was out. They didn’t want me seeing it and wouldn’t tell me the sex of the baby because a year prior I had lost my 3 month old son to rsv because he was premature and his immune system wasn’t strong enough to fight it off. The rest passed eventually on their own, but with two of those I hemorrhaged badly.”

“I miscarried, then had a micro preemie at 26 weeks. He was 1 lb. 14 oz.”

“Try 4 miscarriages.”

“I’ve had several miscarriages and had to bury 2 girls and 1 boy.”

“I’ve had two miscarriages in the last year the first at 19 weeks and the most recent at 16 weeks. I had one miscarriage back in 2004 before I knew that I had Hashimoto’s.”

“I have hypothyroidism and had a missed misscarriage as well. The baby quit growing at 8 weeks and I carried my baby a month after that before finding out its heart wasn’t beating and had to have an abortion pill to pass the baby, which was a horrible experience. I was told I would not see the baby and I did. As well as having to push out the placenta at home in my bathroom, it was awful.”

“I suffered 3 miscarriages and I know it was due to my thyroid. it is upsetting and frustrating when you know there is something wrong but your doctor ignores it. Heartbreaking.”

“My first loss was at around 12 weeks, but according to the size my baby died around eight weeks. I lost many more at around eight weeks until finally I found a specialist who saw I had a progesterone issue caused by the thyroid problem and an autoimmune issue.”

“We have spent tens of thousands of dollars on rounds and rounds of IVF with no success and my heart breaks. My thyroid has never been tested. Why? Why?”

“Back in the 1950s when I was eight years old, my mother had a miscarriage and that was the last opportunity for me to have younger siblings. We didn’t know then that her quite severe hypothyroidism was likely to have played a role in the miscarriages that added to her suffering.”

“I have had 7 miscarriages.”

“I miscarried one, then had a stillborn long before I knew of my Graves.”

“We’ve been trying to have a baby for over 5 years. I can’t bear anymore negative pregnancy tests. My marriage is falling apart and my heart is crushed.”

“I had a miscarriage with twins. Then got pregnant again and lost the baby. I don’t know if we will ever have a child.”

“I suffered 3 miscarriages in the space of 2 years. I was pregnant a total of 4 times and was only able to carry ONE to term.”

“I too suffered three miscarriages in my life and near loss of two other early born infants.”

“I suffered through 4 second trimester pregnancy losses. My thyroid was never checked. I was not diagnosed hypothyroid until I was 48 with a TSH of 36.”

“I had a miscarriage 2 months ago and last week I noticed a nice sized bump on my neck! I have a 3 cm thyroid nodule.”

“I lost three babies. I know now that I was hypothyroid for more than thirty years before I was even diagnosed. I had absolutely no idea that I had Hashimoto’s.”

“I recently found your Hypothyroid Mom Facebook fan page in the waiting room for my thyroid ultrasound. My 11 year old son has Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome. I recently miscarried at 7 weeks along.”

“At 3 weeks pregnancy, my TSH was far out of the range for pregnancy at 147 (recommended TSH for first trimester is <2.5). My doctors could’ve cared less and told me as long as we get it controlled there will be no problems. I miscarried at 6 weeks 1 day. I’m scheduled for a D&C. I pushed and pushed the doctor on this thyroid issue and they seem unconcerned.”

“I have Hashimoto’s. My 13-month old daughter has severe global delays.”

“My wife is pregnant and she is suffering from hypothyroidism. Her TSH is 150. This is the sixth week of pregnancy. Her doctor recommends we abort the baby.”

How many babies suffer before we shout for universal thyroid screening in pregnancy?


This is the moment we stand up, speak up and demand change.

Why I created Hypothyroid Mom?

You may wonder why I created Hypothyroid Mom. There I was a woman with zero blogging experience and no clue how to use Facebook or Twitter. Who was I to think I could change the world?

The truth is I created Hypothyroid Mom out of pure rage.

In early 2009 I lost my unborn baby unnecessarily to maternal hypothyroidism. I trusted my award-winning, Ivey-League trained, New York City doctors to know how to treat my thyroid disease in pregnancy. I didn’t question them, even when my symptoms were raging so high that I was struggling to stay awake, because I thought “doctor knows best”. My TSH soared far above the recommended range for pregnancy endangering the life of my fetus and I miscarried.

I have to live with that regret for the rest of my life.

The day I lay on that medical exam table waiting for the D&C to remove my child a rage so deep filled me as I stared up at the ceiling. I vowed that moment to research all I could about thyroid disease in pregnancy and warn women everywhere.

After 6 years of extensive research and a quest to find the best thyroid experts in the world, I am now thankfully in the best health of my life. I got so thyroid healthy that at age 40 I gave birth to my second son Hudson in October 2010. The child that my doctors told me would never happen for me DID and I am forever grateful. My sons Benjamin and Hudson are the light of my life and I, Dana Trentini, have come from the depths of hell to this place of bliss.

I know there is hope to have healthy babies despite thyroid disease, because hope happened to me and I want the same for every woman with thyroid disease.

There is currently NO universal thyroid screening in pregnancy despite mounting evidence that thyroid disease is a danger to mother and fetus in pregnancy. It’s time to stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

I can’t go back and change what happened to my child no matter how much I long to do so, but what I can do is save babies in memory of my child.

Saving Babies

With up to 300 million people, majority women, worldwide experiencing problems with their thyroid gland, and over half presumed to be unaware of their condition, there is a good chance there are people you know that need this information.

I am proud to announce that New York Times bestselling author (my thyroid hero!) Mary Shomon and I have co-authored a new book, Your Healthy Pregnancy with Thyroid Disease: A Guide to Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum Wellness

Together we will save babies.

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About Dana Trentini

Dana Trentini founded Hypothyroid Mom October 2012 in memory of the unborn baby she lost to hypothyroidism. This is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for consulting your physician regarding medical advice pertaining to your health. Hypothyroid Mom includes affiliate links including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.


  1. I can so relate to Your feelings Dana as I’m angered
    Now by Myself I feel and I’m new to a lot of this but I know I’m supposed to continue on my Journey to stop the hurting. May 25,2016
    I’ve got so much anger at the years of ignorance and now I don’t know where to put my Life in
    Perspective as to how to make a difference.
    Thyroid Screening isn’t being done to this day
    For those whom are experiencing Our Symptoms
    Instead being put on antidepressants etc.

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