Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

Every cell of the body requires thyroid hormone for proper functioning, so symptoms of hypothyroidism can result in every part of the body. Research reveals hypothyroidism is linked to heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, cancer, issues with the liver, kidneys, gall bladder, mental health, pregnancy complications, and more. Despite being linked to some of the deadliest diseases of our time, there is very little awareness about thyroid disease. The Thyroid Federation International estimates there are up to 300 million thyroid sufferers majority hypothyroid worldwide, yet over half remain undiagnosed. Many of us are told our symptoms are all in our head, but they are often NOT.

Hypothyroidism Broke My Brain

Hypothyroidism broke my brain

I had always been an A student earning top marks, appearing on the Dean’s list multiple years in a row, receiving several large sum scholarships, graduating with High Distinction (equivalent to to magna cum laude) from the University of Toronto, completing dual Master’s degrees from Columbia University, then landing a plum position at one of the largest financial services firms on Wall Street in New York City and receiving offers to sit on the Board of Directors of multiple organizations. This is not to toot my own horn but to set a backdrop for my story. [Read more…]

My two-year-old son’s struggle with hypothyroidism

My two year old son's struggle with hypothyroidism

This little boy struggled for two years with obvious signs and symptoms before finally receiving a diagnosis of hypothyroidism.
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A dental exam uncovers undetected hypothyroidism in a 13-year-old girl

A dental exam uncovers undetected hypothyroidism in a 13-year-old girl

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s one thing to read the list of over 300 hypothyroidism symptoms, but it’s another thing to see actual photos of the symptoms. When people dismiss your thyroid symptoms as all in your head as if they are imaginary symptoms you’ve made up in your mind (like anyone would make up these horrible symptoms), remember this: hypothyroidism can rear its ugly head in any part of the body. And that includes the mouth. [Read more…]

9 Ways to Revive Your Libido with Hypothyroidism

9 Ways to Revive Your Libido with Hypothyroidism

“What? Hypothyroidism could be the reason for my low libido? And here I thought I was the only one.”

I hear from women (and men) of all ages struggling with low libido. Sex drive turns out to be quite a complex symptom for those of us with hypothyroidism.

No. You’re not the only one.

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Thyroid & Mental Health: It’s NOT All In Your Head

Thyroid & Mental Health: It's NOT All In Your Head

A Manhattan psychiatrist poses this question:

How much of what we are calling psychiatric pathology is in fact thyroid disorder?

I’m sitting on the edge of my seat as I prepare Dr. Kelly Brogan’s guest article for Hypothyroid Mom. Her question has my mind reeling. How many of my fellow Hypothyroid Mom followers are diagnosed with mental health illnesses? Could some or many of them be misdiagnosed? Could these symptoms be a red flag that somewhere deep in their body their soul is waving up in the air trying to alert the person, the doctor, someone, that their thyroid condition is undiagnosed or inadequately treated?
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