Are Cholesterol Medications Zapping Your Thyroid? A Cardiologist Explains

Are cholesterol medications zapping your thyroid? A cardiologist explains

This cardiologist professes pharmaceuticals for heart disease are rarely necessary and most heart procedures are dangerous and usually unnecessary, but always financially rewarding to the doctor.

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16 Natural Remedies for Headaches (could be your hormones)

16 Natural Remedies for Headaches (could be your hormones)

Chronic headaches. Yup. They are red flags my body frantically waves around whenever my thyroid medication dosage is off. When I was first diagnosed I had no clue those headaches were a sign of my hypothyroidism but once my doctor would adjust my thyroid meds and got my Free T3 back to the top quarter of the normal range where I feel my best VOILA my headaches were gone. Just like magic, right? No, actually there are many studies linking headaches and migraines to our hormones (not just our thyroid hormones, but also our sex hormones and the hormones produced by our adrenal glands) but I wonder how many doctors and their struggling patients know this.[1-8]
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