Is Your Chronic Pain Related to Your Thyroid Health?

Is Your Chronic Pain Related to Your Thyroid Health?

I hear from so many Hypothyroid Mom readers struggling with chronic pain. Doctors often completely overlook their thyroid as a possible culprit. [Read more…]

10 Root Causes of Fibromyalgia (#3 is Thyroid)

10 root causes of fibromyalgia (#3 is thyroid)

You can’t imagine how many readers reach out to me about chronic pain and fibromyalgia. If your doctor dismisses thyroid as a possible culprit for your pain, bring them this article.

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10 Diagnoses Commonly Caused By Hypothyroidism

10 Diagnoses Commonly Caused by Hypothyroidism

Every single cell of the body requires thyroid hormone for proper functioning. Every single part of the body, therefore, is at risk when someone suffers from thyroid dysfunction. Hypothyroidism sufferers present to their doctors with many obvious symptoms. Often times, unfortunately, their symptoms are misdiagnosed as other health conditions.

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Thyroid Hormone – The Most Overlooked Treatment For Fibromyalgia

Thyroid Hormone - The Most Overlooked Treatment for Fibromyalgia

A reader named Jules contacted me a few months ago with chronic pain from fibromyalgia so bad she was struggling to walk and to take care of her young son. Her symptoms included extreme swelling, fatigue, hair loss, pressure in her throat, and loss of the outer-third of her eyebrows. Anyone who has read my article 300+ Hypothyroidism Symptoms…Yes REALLY would consider hypothyroidism as a possible cause, and yet doctor after doctor insisted her thyroid was fine with a normal TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). They insisted her symptoms especially her pain from fibromyalgia could not possibly be thyroid related. Turns out Jules had several large thyroid tumors pressing up against her throat. [Read more…]