10 Things that Stopped My Thyroid Hair Loss

10 Things That Stopped My Thyroid Hair Loss

Dear Thyroid,

You will NOT take my hair.



I always had very thick, long, curly hair. Around the age of 30 I started noticing my hair clogging the shower drain from time to time. However since I still had so much hair, it wasn’t high on my personal list of worst hypothyroidism symptoms.

Then all of a sudden one close look in the mirror when I turned 42 years old changed all that.

As I was brushing my hair something caught my eye in the mirror.

Wait…is that my scalp showing through?

A closer look.

My hair was noticeably thinner on both sides of my head above my ears, front, and at the temples.

My gut reaction was a scream, then tears.

What happened to my hair?

Then anger.

Hey Thyroid, Do NOT mess with me.

I cut off all my long hair, literally into a short pixie cut. I couldn’t stand to watch the mounds of hair falling off my head.

I went into deep research mode, searching for every article and published study that I could find. I turned myself into a human guinea pig trying every supplement that I found connected to hair loss discovering a few that worked and too many that didn’t.

I saved my hair. And you can too.

Please note that I am not a doctor. I’m just sharing the ten things that worked for me in the hopes that you will discover what works for you too. I’ve included links to brands of supplements that I personally take in orange font. I didn’t just start taking all these supplements all at once. I always start with one supplement and try that for a few weeks and note any improvements in my symptoms or adverse reactions before introducing another supplement, and so on. As with all things in particular supplements mentioned at Hypothyroid Mom, consult with your doctor to be sure they are right for you and that you are taking the right dosage for your body. Our physiology is unique so what works for each of us will be unique too. Always consult with your doctor before taking supplements if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

1. Optimal Thyroid Treatment

Every part of the body requires thyroid hormone for proper functioning, and that includes the hair follicles. In 2008, the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism presented the first evidence that human hair follicles are direct targets of thyroid hormones. This research demonstrated that the thyroid hormones T4 and T3 modulate multiple hair biology parameters from cycling to pigmentation.

You’ll notice that I bolded the words thyroid hormones T4 and T3. Why is this so important for those of us with hair loss?

In mainstream medicine, Levothyroxine drugs are the gold standard for the treatment of hypothyroidism. While these drugs work for some people, they fail for others. Levothyroxine drugs contain T4 thyroid hormone only. Our bodies are supposed to convert that T4 thyroid hormone to the active T3 hormone our cells need. For some of us our bodies don’t convert T4 to T3 properly, leaving us symptomatic. This is why many of us do better on a combination of T4 and T3 thyroid hormone replacement treatment.

The noticeable hair loss was a red flag for me that I needed to get to my doctor for thyroid testing. I’m on the natural desiccated thyroid Nature-throid plus a compounded time-release T3. My doctor did comprehensive testing including the essential thyroid tests TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, and thyroid antibodies. Turned out my Free T3 was middle of the range. I personally feel terrible when my Free T3 is low or even middle of the range. Optimal Free T3 for my body is when it reaches top quarter of the normal range, so adjusting my thyroid medication dosage was an essential piece to my thyroid hair loss. There are many different thyroid medication options. Finding a doctor open the treatment options to find what is right for you is key. If you are struggling to find a great doctor, I’ve launched The Hypothyroid Mom Centers with a network of top doctors. We’re already in 55 locations worldwide and expanding quickly.

While optimal thyroid treatment was an essential piece of the puzzle, there were additional pieces critical to my hair loss solution.

2. Low Ferritin

Low ferritin (the stored form of iron) is one of the most common causes of hair loss in women. Given low ferritin is also a common problem for hypothyroid people, it is important to have iron testing including ferritin especially if you are experiencing hair loss. It is not enough to be told by your doctor that your iron levels are ‘normal’. Ferritin levels are not always tested. Get a copy of your lab results and be sure ferritin has been specifically tested. Even if ferritin is within the ‘normal’ range that doesn’t make it ‘optimal’.

Dr. Philip Kingsley is called the ‘Hair Guru’ by the New York Times. Why Is Ferritin Important? appears on his website:

Correct ferritin levels maximize your hair’s “anagen” or “growing” phase and encourage your hairs to grow to their full length. When you aren’t getting enough iron through your diet, your body takes ferritin stored in non-essential tissue, like your hair bulb, and gives it to essential tissue, such as your heart. Because your hair bulb is where all your hair cells are produced, this leeching of ferritin can cause your hair to shed before it reaches its maximum length.

The average reference ranges for ferritin are 14-170 micrograms per litre, but our research shows that ferritin should be at least 80 ug/L (micrograms per litre) in women for hair follicles to function at their best.

Treating low ferritin was another major piece of my hair loss solution. It’s not surprising to me at all that I had low ferritin given the decades I spent with irregular heavy menstrual cycles (which is another symptom of hypothyroidism, by the way) and my doctors all those years never tested to see if I was low.

I tried various iron supplements and many of them gave me digestive issues including gas, stomach cramps, and constipation. With a life-long history of constipation, that was the last thing I needed. I have personally found this brand Perfect Desiccated Liver Capsules from grass-fed cattle works well for my body. My doctor regularly checks my iron levels including ferritin to be sure I am taking the right dosage of iron supplements for my body and that I’m not taking too much because over-dosing on iron can be dangerous.

I’m careful to take iron supplements including multivitamins with iron at least 3 hours apart from my thyroid medication to ensure the iron doesn’t interfere with the absorption of my thyroid medication.

3. Low Stomach Acid

I read a fascinating interview with Dr. Jonathan Wright by Suzanne Somers Honey, I Shrunk My Ponytail! Turns out this article would change the fate of my hair.

DR. WRIGHT: If stomach acid is low, protein isn’t efficiently digested – and hair and nails are made up of… protein! If we are deficient in protein, our bodies know that we can live without hair or nail proteins, but we can’t survive without heart muscle proteins or other important body proteins. So if we are short in supply of protein, the hair or nails are the first to go.

Turns out low stomach acid results in malabsorption of iron (which as you know is necessary for maintaining our hair) and many other essential nutrients. Thanks to this article I discovered my own issues with low stomach acid and drinking warm water with lemon every morning and before meals has definitely helped. I drink it through a straw (I purchased an inexpensive set of stainless steel straws) to prevent damage to the enamel of my teeth. You can also try adding one or two tablespoons of Bragg Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with the ‘Mother’blank mixed in water before meals. This has also helped me with heartburn, gas, acid reflux, and bloating. I know what you are thinking, all of you with heartburn and acid reflux are taking antacids to do the opposite – reduce, neutralize acid. Hmmm. Maybe the real source of your discomfort is too little acid and the real solution is increasing acid instead!

4. Nutrient Deficiencies

Nutrient deficiencies are a common issue for those of us with hypothyroidism. Not only are nutrients essential for thyroid function, but they also play an important role in keeping the hair on our heads from falling. A good quality multi-vitamin is important and of course a healthy diet is essential, but still nutrient testing is important because many like me will require additional supplementation to bring us to optimal. Testing should include iodine, zinc, selenium, vitamin D, B12, and magnesium.

Nutrient deficiencies are an issue for me personally. I supplement every day to maintain my nutrients at optimum. When I noticed a worsening of my hair loss last year, nutrient testing revealed that I was deficient in all those nutrients necessary for hair health. This high quality multivitamin Pure Encapsulations PureLean Pure Packblank (it helped me lose a few pounds too) which includes the healthy fat omega-3 has made a world of difference. I also like Pure Encapsulations Energize Plus Pure Pack.

5. Drug-Induced Hair Loss

There are many different types of drugs that can cause hair loss. Here is a list of What Types of Drugs Cause Hair Loss by WebMD:

  • Acne medications containing vitamin A (retinoids)
  • Antibiotics and antifungal drugs
  • Antidepressants
  • Birth control pills
  • Anticlotting drugs
  • Cholesterol-lowering drugs
  • Drugs that suppress the immune system
  • Drugs that treat breast cancer
  • Epilepsy drugs (anticonvulsants)
  • High blood pressure medications (anti-hypertensives), such as beta-blockers, ACE inhibitors, and diuretics
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Mood stabilizers
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Parkinson’s disease drugs
  • Steroids
  • Thyroid medications
  • Weight loss drugs

Did you notice that I highlighted thyroid medications on that list?

I’ve heard from many readers who had sudden worsening of their hair loss when they started one or another thyroid drug brand. Think back to the start of your hair loss, did it happen at the same time you started a specific thyroid medication?

6. Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is a hair-loss condition that typically causes patchy bald spots on the scalp. It is an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles.

What does this have to do with hypothyroidism? A lot.

It is estimated that 90% of people with hypothyroidism have the thyroid autoimmune condition known as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune condition in which the body attacks its own thyroid gland. Despite the prevalence of Hashimoto’s, thyroid antibodies are often NOT tested. You may have Hashimoto’s and not even know it. There are two thyroid antibodies to test for Hashimoto’s: Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOAb) and Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TgAb).

When you have one autoimmune disease, you are at high risk of developing other autoimmune diseases. In her guest post for Hypothyroid Mom Autoimmune Diseases Brew In Your Body FOR YEARS Before Diagnosis Functional Medicine nutritionist Tracy Konoske wrote:

Dr. Gerald Mullin from Johns Hopkins says statistically somebody with an autoimmune disease is at risk of a total of 7 autoimmune diseases in his or her lifetime.

I hear from readers all the time with multiple autoimmune diseases including Hashimoto’s and Alopecia. If this turns out to be the cause for your hair loss, it is important to address the underlying autoimmune issue.

7. Sex Hormone Imbalances

Perimenopause…are you freakin’ kidding me?!

The signs were there. My menstrual cycles changed very suddenly and became much shorter in length. At that exact same time my hair loss accelerated. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I went to my doctor and had my sex hormones tested.

For me it turned out I was in perimenopause. What is perimenopause? It’s that rocky road of hormonal shifts leading to menopause. When perimenopause starts varies for each woman, but it can start 10 years before menopause.

Sex hormone testing revealed that my estrogen levels were declining and that was making a mess of my hair. Another common sex hormone imbalance is estrogen dominance, too much estrogen relative to progesterone. Don’t forget testosterone testing too…yes high testosterone can cause hair loss but so can low testosterone. Harvard-trained MD Dr. Sara Gottfried had this to say about testosterone in her article The Horrors of Hair Loss for The Huffington Post:

Another possible reason for hair loss? Too much testosterone. That’s right: Women also produce the hormone testosterone. In fact, testosterone is what gets us in the mood, gives us self-confidence, and keeps us vital and sassy.

But if testosterone levels are too high in women — whether because of menopause, excess weight, or other causes — we see symptoms of male-pattern baldness and rogue hair growth on the face. The hairs on your head are falling out, but you’re finding new ones on your chin? Totally unfair!

Sex hormone testing, especially for women and men with hair loss, should include DHT (DiHydroxy Testosterone). DHT is a derivative of the male hormone testosterone. In women, perimenopause and menopause marks a drop in estrogen which leaves hair particularly vulnerable to DHT. Women with PCOS struggling with hirsutism (excessive body hair in women in areas where men typically grown hair including the fat, check, and back ) and male-pattern hair loss should be sure testosterone and DHT are part of their lab testing too. The American Hair Loss Association describes DHT as “the enemy of hair follicles on your head”:

The hormonal process of testosterone converting to DHT, which then harms hair follicles, happens in both men and women. Under normal conditions, women have a minute fraction of the level of testosterone that men have, but even a lower level can cause DHT- triggered hair loss in women. And certainly when those levels rise, DHT is even more of a problem. Those levels can rise and still be within what doctors consider “normal” on a blood test, even though they are high enough to cause a problem. The levels may not rise at all and still be a problem if you have the kind of body chemistry that is overly sensitive to even its regular levels of chemicals, including hormones.

Testosterone is converted to DHT by the enzyme Type II 5-alpha reductase. Research is focused on the role of 5AR inhibitors in the form of prescription medications and topical lotions. Saw Palmetto derived from the berry of the American dwarf tree has received particular attention as a botanical 5AR inhibitor.

8. Sugar

Dr. Apple Bodemer an assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health told The Today Show:

When inflammation is constantly driven by high glycemic and high sugar diets, [it] messes with the immune system and that is where the high sugar diets are coming more into play with hair health.

Juice cleansing is the classic example of not getting enough protein. They are literally just getting sugar. You can tell a difference in the hair.

I stumbled upon this recent study with the title Hair Follicle Characteristics As Early Marker of Type 2 Diabetes. Now that’s a warning bell, if I’ve ever heard one, to get focused on lowering daily sugar consumption and eliminating those blood sugar swings. You know those highs you get when you eat high carb, high sugar and then come crashing down? Yes, those.

Has your doctor told you that your blood sugar levels are too high? Low thyroid is one potential cause of diabetes, and it may be your red flag to have your thyroid re-evaluated. When my doctor once mentioned that my blood sugar was at the high pre-diabetic level and suggested starting diabetes medication, I asked for 6 months to try replacing my regular multivitamin with this one Designs for Health Metabolic Synergyblank (created by a nationally prominent doctor specializing in blood sugar) and by my follow-up appointment my blood sugar was completely normal and diabetes medication was not needed (what a relief).

 9. Hair Loss Supplements

Here are supplements that have made an obvious difference in my hair.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Are you on a really, really low fat diet? Is your hair breaking and falling out? Essential fatty acids are important for hair health.

Dr. Andrew Weil is a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine. In his article Two Supplements for Thinning Hair, he wrote:

Make sure you’re getting enough omega-3 fatty acids. Eat wild Alaskan salmon, sardines, herring or mackerel two or three times a week, or sprinkle two tablespoons of freshly ground flaxseeds per day on cereal or salads. You can also supplement with a high-quality fish oil.

Supplement your diet with GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) in the form of black currant oil or evening primrose oil. Take 500 mg of either twice a day for six to eight weeks to see if it helps.

I love Carlson Cod Liver Oilblank which is free of detectable levels of mercury every day and I take evening primrose oil as I’ll describe next.

Evening Primrose Oil

Mary Shomon wrote this in her article at Very Well Health Hair Loss Solutions For Thyroid Patients:

According to endocrinologist Dr. Kenneth Blanchard:

“For hair loss, I routinely recommend multiple vitamins, and especially evening primrose oil. If there’s any sex pattern to it — if a woman is losing hair in partly a male pattern – -then, the problem is there is excessive conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) at the level of the hair follicle. Evening primrose oil is an inhibitor of that conversion. So almost anybody with hair loss probably will benefit from evening primrose oil.”

I use this brand of Evening Primrose Oilblank.


I read this study on the benefits of a bioavailable form of silicon called choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA) on skin, nails, and hair. Sure enough this silicon (ch-OSA) supplement called BIOSILblank has made a difference not only in my hair but also my skin and nails.


Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body found in your skin, hair, bones, and tendons. Our body produces less and less of it as we age. I’ve long read about the benefits, including improved skin and nails and even pain reduction, of replenishing our depleting collagen stores with a form easily assimilated by the human body including hydrolyzed collagen and gelatin. I became particularly interested in collagen for hair loss when I read about a study published in Science in 2016. It all started with investigating the hair follicle stem cells of mice where researchers discovered that age-related DNA damage triggers the destruction of a protein called Collagen 17A1. The hair follicles of older people then convert themselves into skin cells, and over time baldness ensues. Think of the image of each hair follicle on your head disappearing leaving behind bare skin one at a time and on and on. My favorite brand is Vital Proteins Collagen Peptidesblank grass-fed and pasture-raised.


Biotin is a very popular supplement recommended by many doctors, pharmacists, health food stores, TV shopping channels, health websites and more when it comes to hair loss. To find some of the best supplement brands for me to try in my quest for thyroid wellness, combing the internet for customer reviews of various brands has been an important part of my process. I’ve read mixed reviews about biotin. Some users love biotin and others find no improvement or they complain about adverse reactions like acne breakout. Biotin didn’t make a significant difference for me but it might work for you and some brands get incredible reviews like this oneblank.

Please note that in January 2016 the Endocrine News published this article January 2016: Thyroid Month: Beware of Biotin which stated that taking biotin supplements could cause falsely high and falsely low results in a variety of laboratory tests, including thyroid lab tests because biotin interferes with the test platform used for particular laboratory tests. If you are taking biotin and your thyroid lab results begin to change and not make sense in terms of your clinical symptoms speak with your doctor about doing a retest of your thyroid labs after several days of discontinuing your biotin supplement to be sure there is no interference.

10. Stress

The body relies on the adrenal glands located on top of each kidney to manage stressful situations. Given our busy stressful lives it’s not surprising that many of us suffer from issues of adrenal dysfunction.

How would you know if you have adrenal fatigue?

Check out these symptoms…

fatigue, insomnia, chronic pain, headaches, migraines, anxiety, depression, weight gain, joint inflammation, gastrointestinal issues (constipation or diarrhea), tendonitis, bursitis, low libido, fibromyalgia, irritability, anger, fidgety, nervous, addictions, obsessive, frequent urination, heart disease, blood pressure problems, light-headedness, and dizziness upon rising from a bed or chair

Don’t many of these symptoms sound a lot like the symptoms of hypothyroidism? Hmmm…

I’ve read that many hypothyroid people also have adrenal fatigue (whether they realize it or not). From this very list of symptom that’s not surprising really.

At that time when my hair loss noticeably worsened, I was going through an extremely stressful time in my life. At that very same time my menstrual cycles dramatically changed and my progesterone levels plummeted. The thyroid, adrenals, and sex hormones are all so intricately connected, and my experience showed that loud and clear.

The problem is that the adrenals are often NOT tested. In fact adrenal fatigue is not even a recognized diagnosis in mainstream medicine yet the problem is a serious issue for thyroid patients.

An essential part of my hair loss solution was the testing and treatment of my adrenal fatigue. I’m fortunate to have an open-minded doctor who understands the importance of the adrenals in thyroid health.

I took a saliva test (where I took samples of my saliva at 4 different times over the course of one day) that tested my cortisol. Cortisol production varies throughout the day with levels normally highest in the morning and lowest in the evening before bed (did you know that too high cortisol at night can be a cause of insomnia!). The advantage of saliva testing is that it takes cortisol levels at different times of the day and lets you know how your cortisol levels vary during the day. My results showed that my cortisol levels were below normal throughout the day. I was obviously struggling with adrenal fatigue and I’m so fortunate to have discovered this.

There are different ways to treat adrenal issues and what’s right for a person is individual too. I personally do well on adaptogenic herbs including Ashwaghanda, Rhodiola, Holy Basil, and Schisandra. I take adaptogenic herbs every day, especially in times of real stress. With this combination of herbs Pure Encapsulations Phyto-ADR my energy is also up, my anxiety is down, and I sleep like a baby.

That year when I was losing so much hair I was under too much stress.

I’m not always good at being good to myself.

I put other people’s needs before my own and let myself fall to the bottom way too often.

I take on far more than I should because I feel guilty to say NO.


I’m not sure why that word is so hard for me to say.

I try to be everything to everyone, but me.

The particularly stressful events in my life at that time along with an unhealthy way of putting myself last wreaked havoc on my hair. I knew at that moment that I had to take better care of myself otherwise I would lose all my hair.

While all the testing, treatments, and supplements mentioned in this article were essential in stopping my hair loss, there was an even bigger thing that saved my hair above all else


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I appreciate every share! Thank you.

About Dana Trentini

Dana Trentini founded Hypothyroid Mom October 2012 in memory of the unborn baby she lost to hypothyroidism. This is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for consulting your physician regarding medical advice pertaining to your health. Hypothyroid Mom includes affiliate links including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.


  1. Heather Schwartzman says

    Hi, as Nature-throid is off the market, what have you replaced it with? I am on Synthroid. My hair is coming out in clumps. I need to find an alternative to bring to my Dr. Since I have lost weight, I’ve talked to her about lowering the dose, however, the hair loss was always an issue from Synthroid. It’s just worse now. I’m hoping you can point me in the direction of new meds. Thank you,

  2. Hi Diana
    I am trying to sign up to you but the sign up button seems to not work any more?
    Take care

    • Hi Dawn, I believe you mean the Hypothyroid Mom newsletter sign up button is not working. I decided to end the original Hypothyroid Mom newsletter which is why the button no longer works. I plan to start a new newsletter with a new format that I think will be more helpful to subscribers. I plan to launch it near the end of 2021 so stay tuned. Wonderful to have you at Hypothyroid Mom. Regards, Dana Trentini

  3. I found you bc my hair is falling out everywhere and im growing a beard. Im achey all the time and with hashomotos. But ive given up on doctors bc they dont see me, just that im fat. Im so sad and lethargic. My nickname used to beebop bc i was so energetic….and now the days tumble into years in a brain fog. Seveeal miscarriages. No live births, now in menopause I need a good doctor, but where is one? I cried when i found you. You are truly friend in this trial thank you for being and creating thyroidmom

    • I’m sorry to hear your struggle, Joette. It shouldn’t be so difficult to find good care for thyroid disease in this day and age. You are not alone. Happy to have you at Hypothyroid Mom.

    • I’ve tried so so many doctors. They see that I weigh 300lbs, they do not check individual thyroid levels, they do not treat my other 5! Auto immune diseases. I’m so sick of doctors appointments with no help at the end. If anyone knows of a good doc in the Olympia WA area…

  4. Sherry Miller says

    So thankful I found this site! I have struggled with thyroid issues since my early 30’s, turning 56 tomorrow. Since I hit menopause… My thyroid is whack!! They cannot get it regulated. I am so frustrated, emotional, my hair is falling out in hands full, I have acne… I never had acne, and crazy rashes! HELP! They switched me from Armour to Levoxyl, after complaining for 5 weeks that I didn’t feel good, I got the nurse practitioner who asked if I had trouble with dairy… ABSOLUTELY! Well ladies if you are taking Levoxythyrine it contains Dairy! And Synthroid users it contains Acaia, so if you have tree or shrub allergies, beware! I wish Dr.’s would just listen to us! My T3 is low, My T4 high, and my TSH spot on. I am getting UTI’S every 3-4 weeks, a hot mess. My scalp itches, my skin crawls… PLEASE HELP ME! Any suggestions welcome! Thank you and I will pray for all of you!

    • Hi Sherry, I’m sorry to hear all you are going through with your health. Our sex hormones and thyroid hormones are intricately connected and menopause can surely throw the entire body including all our hormones right out of whack. I brought together a group of great thyroid doctors after 10 years of hearing from Hypothyroid Mom reader after reader struggling to find good thyroid treatment. Here is information about the Hypothyroid Mom Centers: https://bit.ly/HMCenters

      All the best to you,
      Dana Trentini (aka Hypothyroid Mom)

  5. Hi! I just had my adrenals tested by my PA that I see for my thyroid. Im waiting on the results. What do you do to help adrenals?

  6. Rosemondmarie Burt says

    Thank you so much for sharing this info.
    I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism a few years ago, I had a few reactions to the medication so I can’t take it. I have asked my GP for an alternative to Levothyroxine but none available. I am losing my hair, I get really itchy skin at night which then causes insomnia
    and extreme irritability.
    I am reluctant to go out because of the way that I look and feel.
    I do take Vit D, Vit B12 daily complex and Evening Primrose Oil.
    Is there anything else that I should be taking?
    Thank you again

    • Bernadetta Mroz says

      Go to a naturopath and treat hypothyroidism there. Just make sure you get advice from a naturopath or a good herbalist, stay away from homeopaths. For a slow thyroid, a good supplement should include iodine.
      Instead of B12 (unless you checked your levels) I would take iron. Low ferritin is a leading cause in hair loss in women with thyroid problems. Being outdoors and active is great too, although, having a slow thyroid this is probably the last thing you can force yourself to do – but you MUST!

      • I want to take almost everything you said. Can you give me a list again please I have hypothyroidism. And my numbers are extremely low. They said there going to Huber my dose to 100 and it’s 50. My hair is falling out like crazy I feel very nervous fatigue and always in pain my hair is gone. My skin is bad please send me help babe. I’m so thankful I came across you. Your am angel sent from heaven I’m so blessed to come across you

        • I’ve had hypothyroidism for about a year, but not diagnosed until around October 2020. I was fatigued, gaining weight, my body started to hurt, and I froze all the time with night time being the worst. I was loosing my hair more than normal and then suddenly it started to break off drastically and quickly. My hair texture was also just super dry. I think I started into the perfect storm of entering into premenopausal, thyroid problems and just issues with getting older (I am 51). I have taken biotin, D3 and B12 for several years not. None of that seemed to matter until I got diagnosed. I take the Levothyroxin.

          Couple things I learned- could’ve been diagnosed sooner, but they didn’t tell me to stop taking my biotin as it would mess with the results…my results were not accurate the first time and I didn’t realize until later. Second, don’t drink coffee with pill. Need to wait 2 – 4 hours before or after. I like coffee first thing in the morning so I wait about 3 – 4 before taking my pill (on empty stomach).

          Things I have done are increase my vitamin D3 to 100 mcg a day, take 20000 mcg of biotin, and B12 500 mcg. I saw improvements with the prescription, but not a 100% and my hair wasn’t improving. I kept reading about selenium being a huge part of it. I went to a naturopath and he suggested it. He thought everything else seemed good. I kept reading up on things and it is overwhelming the vitamins suggested you just don’t know what to take. I finally tried Hair La Vie “hair vitamins”, but after all my reading I felt like all the vitamins this pill included was what I needed (including selenium). I have been taking this along with my prescription and other vitamins I originally took before and seems to work for me. I also threw in a probiotic as I read if you have gut problems or your gut doesn’t “work like it should” then it can cause problems too.

          With regards to my hair, I realized my shampoo and conditioner were not good for my hair. Changed to EVOLV brand (sulfate free). I also use a hair constructor by Giovanni that helps hydrate. When my hair was rapidly breaking off I also used Palmer’s deep conditioning coconut oil protein pack. I caked it all through my hair and left it in all night. I used this every night for about 2 – 3 weeks. Between all these my hair stopped breaking and I am finally growing hair and it is healthy. Still thin, but I think that is due to my age and I’ve always had thin fine hair. Now I just do the protein pack once about once every two weeks or weekly if it feels dry. I also love the EVOLV leave in conditioner and Giovanni’s leave-in treatment protective moisture spray.

          I don’t know if all this will work for everyone but with the combination of everything this is what has worked for me.

    • There is a natural hormone pill which will address both t3 and t4. I too was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. It took them two years to diagnose me properly. Kept telling me I was depressed. I told them I was not. At the end of two years I could not stay awake, at which point I was told I had hypothyroidism and was so bad was close to having a heart attack. Started me on levroxyn. I still was not back to myself.
      The research began. I learned about what makes up your thyroid and how it works as well as understanding how to read your labs, finding out as long as your thyroid levels were within what is called the normal range, you are fine. I learned for me, I felt the best when I was at the high end. I then found the Med called Armour a natural. Comes from a pig which, their thyroid is closest to ours and addresses both t3 and t4. I started Armour and improved even more but still was not back to myself.
      One day I was like Waite a minute, my thyroid is not dead it’s just not working right. If you put gas in a car and no oil, well it won’t run right eventually breaking down further. Hmmm further research begins. What in our bodies help our thyroid. The adrenal gland! It can be tired or completely burned up depending on the level of stress you’ve been through. I began using a natural adrenal gland supplement tincture (which can be found on Amazon). I continued my research and finding a natural regiment that works for me. My husband watched with skepticism. I began my regiment and within a short time my husband couldn’t believe it, he said “I got my wife back”! Now he researches too! I now keep the smallest dosage of Armour on hand just in case I need it. Otherwise I am on an all natural regiment.
      Each of our bodies are different and that needs to be taken into consideration when taking any supplements.

      I’m fortunate to have a doctor who will listen and support me. I every 6 months call her and ask for a blood panel done and list everything I would like covered. I find it very helpful to get copies of my panels and keep an eye on any changes. I hope I have been helpful!

    • Christina says

      There are alternatives to levothyroxine ! Please seek a second opinion. I see an endocrinologist at Rush Univ in Chicago

    • I ordered natural dessicated thyroid from grass fed beef (Ancestral supplements) and stopped taking my levox. The thyroid is not on Amazon but the other supplements from the company are. I went to their website to get it, and am getting my thyroid levels checked soon.

  7. Thank you for this post. I am 37, I had mass amounts of hair loss 12 years ago when I was diagnosed with hashimotos but once I found the right dosage and medication it stopped. I did really well on Naturethroid for 8 years until the it was changed. The first thing that happened to me was my hair fell out by the handfuls and my muscles and joints aches. I could barley move. Since then I have spent the last few years working with a functional medicine doctor and been put on compounded natural thyroid, Armour and Armour with cytomel. I am taking all of the supplements including nutrafol and my hair loss is out of control. I also get a tingling/ burning sensation on my scalp where the hair is falling out. It’s mainly around my temples and hairline. I was wondering if anyone else had a similar reaction and if they found something that works? I’m considering switching to tirosint/ cytomel as I feel it’s my last option. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi Sophie, I also have burning/ tingling sensation at the roots of my hair & hairloss. Even taking my hair out from a low & loose bun or ponytail was painful! I went to a dermatologist a year ago who advised I had Telogen Effluvium. Which was great to get a diagnosis! But not with the recommendation of using minoxidil.
      I’m not sure if it’s the same thing causing your issue but I would recommend a 2nd opinion and to visit a dermatologist if you can.

      • Hi Julie! Did you get a handle on your Telogen Effluvium? I have diffuse thinning at the top with burning/tingling sensation at the roots. I will go to a dermatologist next week to confirm. I’m also taking Levothyroxine for hypothyroidism. I noticed thinning around the same time I started Levo. I need to rule out the real cause of the diffuse hair thinning.

  8. Heather Marie Margeson says

    Can you outline what supplements specifically you take every day and the dosage?

  9. Hello. I am in my sixties and was diagnosed with hashimotos disease about 5-6 years ago. My antibodies are in the 900’s range, but all my other levels are in the so-called “normal” range. So I am on no medication. However, my thick hair has been thinning over the last several years until now where I can see bald spots. It’s awful as you know. The doctors won’t do anything. My question to you is this. You mention multiple supplements etc in this article. Do you take all of them still. I use evening primrose oil and take a hair nails and skin vitamin. Thank you . Kathy

  10. Vanessa Jane Wikel says

    Thank you for sharing this. I am on blood thinner which is killing me and the doctor’s are trying to figure out how to treat my condition without the negative side effects of horrific period bleeding as my uterus bleeds on the blood thinner. I never had htis issue prior to the blood thinner and always took yasmin to manage my PMDD. Well even with my pill I bleed a pint a month and can’t function. It threw my thyroid off and I used to have butt length hair and am an athlete so I’m super fit still in spite fo the fact that my quality of life is crap right now. I’m on levothyroxine and so far I haven’t noticed increased hair loss but I did notice it with my extreme bleeding. This makes more sense to me. I literally did research on this and told my hematologist to check because of all my symptoms including edema and inability to loss weight. I was right. The blood thinner caused my thyroid disorder (which do not run in myf amily and we actually have never had issues maintaining weight and are all 6ft + giants! lol). My body is so stressed it can’t heal from my surgery, let alone regulate my TSH. Ironically my T4 and T3 are normal but my TSH was a 6. So not horrible, but it’s amazing what happens when you’re just out of the normal. Normal for my body my dr says, as an athlete, really is some where around 3 and that this likely happened over the short 8 months on the blood thinner since i had no symptoms prior. I’m half tempted to file malpractice because I kept telling my hematologist for 8 months about my bleeding and how I was feeling and he jsut kept saying I had to stay on the same blood thinner so I wouldn’t get a clot. Yet I’m slowly dying and truly suffering. So people, get other professional involved as doctors don’t know anything but their specific practice and even that is iffy if you are not in the normal realm of treatment. When you’re as tall as I am, as muscular as I am, with Celiac disease, and heavy irregular unbearable periods when not on the pill, you don’t fit into their category. My body needs A LOT OF IRON, but it’s amazing. My transferrin is through the roof. So I can produce hemoglobin in record hours, I just can’t seem to keep iron in me until they figure out the blood thinner issue. If my body wasn’t a champ. in that department I’d be dead. So if anyone else has similar sounding issues, your thyroid should be ok once you treat the iron deficiency anemia and cause of bleeding. I’m just praying my doctors can find a treatment my body can handle soon because this is horrific. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

  11. Wow 🤩 wonderful information 🥰Thank you!
    How would one take evening primrose? How many pills per day? Every day or just certain days in the month? Thank you!

  12. I have been on armor thyroid for about seven years with no problems. Now my hair is falling out at the scalp and is very thin all over when I had such long thick hair my whole life. It feels like the scalp is dry and gritty but no flakes come off. I don’t see any of the hair really coming out. Not on my pillow not when I wash it sometimes when I brush it they’ll be a bunch in the sink but not that often. I feel like the hair is just not growing in at all. I am so devastated I’ve tried everything and nothing works. I’m going back to the dermatologist this week and I’m afraid that my hair is not going to grow back. I even had MRSA on my scalp that caused abscesses to explode and my hair still grew back after that but now in areas it almost looks like they’re scar tissue and I never had any sores? I am taking hair and skin vitamins and my iron vitamin d we’re very low but I am on prescription streng th vitamins for that and still hair is falling out? I am so baffled and depressed. Also I never had a cavity and now my teeth are decaying very fast. I always had perfect white strong teeth until a few years ago and now they are decaying also. My joints ache all the time tired with no motivation at all. I don’t even want to get out of bed anymore.

    • Dear Khristyne,
      Please make sure that you don’t take anything besides water for 4 hours before and after you take your thyroid medication. Any food for coffee or supplements will affect how it works. Also try to make a list of the clothes you eat and their reaction on you. For example I can’t eat gluten and a lot of other foods cause me different reactions for example if I eat cheese or tomatoes I start to get severe joint pain. Everyone is different you need to limit your diet as much as you can until you start feeling better then start to add stuff and notice if they cause problems or not. Sugar also got a severe joint pain for me. I hope this helps you out and cheer up and remember this too shall pass!

    • Jenifer Paschall says

      I’ve had the same itching & extreme hair loss since being on Armour. My T3 is really high also & T4 super low. I’m planning to switch back to NP or Tirosint ASAP. Never had these issues with NP or WP thyroid, just Armour.

  13. A comprehensive overview presented with clarity. So very well done and a most appreciated share.

    Keep a most positive thought of your cells dancing with energy and creating your most desired state of Wellbeing. …and they will.

    My best to you.

    Post RAI Graves Patient (1996)
    Its be one neck of a journey since, but I’ve discovered the Universal Laws and the LOA is our friend. 😘

  14. Sarah Jamison says

    I have switched from Levothyroxine to NP thyroid due to extremely high thyroid counts. Since taking the NP thyroid I find that about an hour after taking it I have sex urges. Could this be due to now getting the right amount of thyroid and my libido has come back? Anyone else have this symptom

    • I take Np thyroid. I do not have the urges like you are saying, but I have had lose of hair on my head. What about you? Just wandering what I can do to grow my hair back thick and not have thinning. So frustrating and I’ve been in tears over it.

  15. im experiencing sudden hair loss and am hypo on Armour 120 a day. I’ve been feeling better than when i was taking 60 4x a week plus 120 3 times a week.. more energy spurts, but still fatigue after the spurts. The energy spurts last almost all day though instead of a few hours. My TSH is low which my dcotor says is due to too much medication so she’s sending me for full panel. But i read in your article that Biotin can affect the testing and i’ve been taking biotin for my hair. My iron and B12 were checked too (she always does this as i went through cancer and chemo) and are mid range normal. My adrenals have never been checked and our medical system doesnt do that unless you’re hospitalized (same as hormone testing). I have always been high estrogen (hence breast cancer) and i’m sure my tesstosterone is likely higher than most women too- until my 40’s i had a ‘boyish’ figure. (pre menopause anyone? 🙂 )

    its so confusing! how do we keep our levels up to where they should be? my dcotor told me years ago that most people ‘feel better’ on higher doses but its harder on the body systems and can burn you out faster, so they like to give you just enough to keep the test levels in ‘norm’. I liked the more energy but if i lose any more hair i’m gonna be balder than my much older husband! Thank you for your article. Lots to learn from it and from all the comments here. I have zero stress in my life (retired at 46 from chemo induced fatigue and chemo induced hypothyroid) so for me its gonna be a stricter diet *(im already a healthier eater than most people i know), and unfortunately a lot of the herbs you mention can increase estrogen slightly.. something i cant do, so i’ll have to book mark this and reread it many times! i’m rambling haha.. thanks again.

  16. I feel as if you wrote this just for me. Thank you so much for taking the time to help others.

    • Me too .. I need to figure some things out naturally at this point , I don’t have health care insurance… but they words will help be be more aware & hopefully get my hair back 😉

  17. Great tips. I am wondering why they appear to be the same as those of Dr amy meyers, in her article to tips for thyroid hair loss. Hers is dated a few years after yours, did she plagerize your post?! Hope not.

  18. Thank you for this article, related links and all the comments! The struggle is real, and I am putting together an exhausted list to go through with my doctor and I am not taking no for an answer. I am miserable, the hair loss, weight gain, dry skin and all is real …. ugh! And no one has answers or knows what to say about thyroid issues. Jesus help us!

    • Ditto. I am so tired of it. But these Drs keep taking our money and put us through test after test like we are guinea pigs. Every time I present my SAME symptoms EVERY visit, all I hear is “Let’s run some more blood tests and see where your levels are at.” So frustrating!!!

  19. Amber Walker says

    Thank you so much. I have Hashimotos, got diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was pregnant with my son at 27 and it has progressed to Hashimotos as of a year ago now that I’m 34. My antibodies were clear up in the 700s. As of late, maybe in the last 6 months, I have noticed my long, thick and super naturally curly hair falling out at alarming rates. I saw a new PCP a week or so ago because my old one would never test anything other than my TSH. He called this last Wednesday and told me my “labs were way out of whack,” but did not provide the results of the TSH, Free T3 or Free T4. Way to make an anxious girl have a cow right?! Anyway I’ve been referred to an Endo. I feel like I’ll never get in in time to get to the root of the problem and stop my hair before I go bald. I am just totally devastated about it, as I’ve always been know for my big curly hair and losing it is basically the same as losing who I am as a person. My hair is thinning in all the areas your’s was, and for the first time in my life I can kinda sorta see my scalp. … My new PCP is very kind and is the first to admit he’s not an expert on Hashimotos and that I probably know more than he does, and as much as I appreciate his honesty; it’s just very disheartening to hear at the same time. The last time my iron levels were checked, I was low.. so considering that I have iron supplements in my cabinet and have been advised to take them, I will start doing that. … I also purchased the Evening Primrose as well. Certainly can’t hurt! For now, I’m staying away from the Biotin because with my levels being goofy as it is, I don’t want to do anything that could skew the results, naturally.

    Anyway, Dana thank you so much. I very much appreciate you blogging and taking the time to explain Hashimotos and this disease I have that no doctor has even taken the time to do. Because of your articles, I am able to know more about this awful thing that I have, and also .. learn ways that may possibly help to manage the various symptoms. I stumbled across your blog a few years ago and it’s been a Godsend for me.

    • Has your hair come back since ?
      I too had long curly hair and now it’s so sparse
      I went to my doctor because I noticed my hair was falling out.
      My doctor put me on synthroid because he said I had hypothyroidism and it fell out even more quickly. I was devastated after 4 weeks I went off and booking an appointment with a naturopath instead. Will my hair come back?

      • I had same issue and my doctor referred me to an ENT(Ear Nose and Throat) I had a nodule on my thyroid and had an ultrasound and a needle biopsy. Came back negative for cancer. My TSH levels were only thing checked. I was out in synthroid also and I quit taking it. I’ve always had long thick curly hair and now I had to cut it because it was breaking and falling out. Looked like I had cut my hair when I hadn’t cut it at all.

      • Teresa , What did your naturopath have you on to help with your hair coming back? I’m seeing one and they put me on NP thyroid. I only take half the pill. But I have been losing hair as well as thinning. Any advise of what they gave you would be so great. Thank you.

  20. Ladies, I have had Hashimotos disease for 21 yrs and am on my third thyroid med. Yes, these meds cause hair loss and weight gain. However, I found the shampoo and conditioner called WOW (Amazon) and it is saving my hair. It has a DHT blocker in the shampoo to help stop the hair loss. I have been using it for 6 weeks now and am starting to see that little bald spot go away. The shampoo is apple cider vinegar based and also helps with the scalp itch.

    • Amber Walker says

      Hi Ms. Debra!!

      It’s called WOW? I have heard of this brand but am not sure exactly the kind you got! Can you describe the outside of the bottle or maybe provide a link?

      I am a 34 year old lady, with what was really thick curly hair. It’s fallen out so much and I’m just so sick about it. I have an appointment with an Endo as my levels were not good at my PCP, and are probably why my hair is falling out, but I would very much like to try this shampoo and conditioner in the meantime. Thank you so much! I very much appreciate you sharing. I can’t just sit and do nothing and watch all my hair go down the drain, figured it’s worth a shot.

      • Ladies I too am hypothyroid. I have found that Monat hair products have helped me with the hair loss recovery.

        • Rosetta Rodriguez says

          Yes for I started to wash my hair with this new brand and it is helping with the dryness that I have. I call my hair sick for I had beautiful hair. Since I have diagnose for I find it so sad that the doctors are not informed about thyroids. I kept going to my general doctor that I felt still tired and sick. The doctor send me to get the regular test and of course it was normal. I got sicker for I felt that I was going to pop. I even thought that I had arthritis it was to the point that I was looking into medical mariguana. I found a functional doctor and did all of my blood work. Comes out that my hormone levels where low and sure enough for I was given a high dose of meds. I stop taking them and reintroduce them in a lower dose and my body did not like it. the doctor change it and my god he listens to me. I am taking both the T3 and the T4 and I am feeling much better. My hair is still repairing but Monant shampoo works.

        • Thank you. You’ve just given me hope. God bless you.

        • Which product from monat did you find worked for you hair growth?

      • Not good for color treated hair

  21. I was losing my hair, felt bad, tired and lethargic and was also having a lot of ocular migraines and dizziness. Through researching I found out that my thyroid medication was suppose to be taken on empty stomach, which I knew , but I didn’t think coffee consumption Could affect how my medication was absorbed. So I changed the time I took my medication to a 1to 2 hours after I had my morning coffee! Wow ! Within a couple weeks I felt better had more energy my hair was growing back. My ocular migraines went from 6-8 a month to 1 or 2 a month and I didn’t feel dizzy all the time. I’m not a breakfast eater so I have my 2 cups before work and set an alarm on my phone to remind me to take my pill about 10 am every day! Can’t believe how much better I feel!

    • Jody Johnson says

      Wow! I am new to taking thyroid medication and take my coffee immediately after taking my thyroid as well. I will try waiting. I always figured “no calories, no harm” right? I had some ocular migranes a several months ago before being diagnosed as hypo. I had never even heard of such a thing before! They scared the heck out of me before I knew what they were. My changing hormones I believed were a huge trigger for them as well. (I am 49.)

    • I just discovered I should not be drinking coffee with synthroid by reading articles on my hair loss. I started using a brand of shampoo brand called CEL recommend by a YouTuber with hair loss issues from thyroid. I have been on it for synthroid for 25 years and just started losing my hair uugghh and going crazy wondering why. After this article, which I will save, I will have my doc run tests other than TSH levels. I had not idea. This article was so informative and I thank you so much. I was thinking I’ll need a wig soon for my daughters wedding next July. I am always tired and my feet hurt constantly! Also depressed a lot but who wouldn’t be with this Covid stuff.

    • J. D. Mansell says

      I too have just started to get ocular migraine headaches. I have not been following my doctors advise to take thyroid medicine at 6:00 in the morning on an empty stomach and then Nothing for two hours. I didn’t think coffee would interrupt it. Can I take it at night 3 to 4 hours after I’m done eating?
      I was put on armor thyroid pills eight years ago because of my fatigue. Even though my numbers were normal I’ve slowly been losing my hair since then never put the two together. She upped my armor from 30 mg to 45 mg and this year it’s really been falling out. Plus I have a lot of muscle ache don’t know if it is contributed to from the extra armor. Finally went to Em. Dr. and once again they said everything was normal with my numbers. Going back to talk now after I read this article about testing for some of these other things if she already hasn’t. Thank you so much everyone for the article Dana and all of the replies I thought I was alone on some of my symptoms.

    • Nancy González says

      What medication are you in and how many Mcg? I start medications tomorrow and am nervous reading all these reviews about hair looses etc.

  22. I’m 61 years old and I have been on synthroid and levothyroxine since I was 29. My hair is so thin, I’m very concerned and the doctor tells me it is my age. I read that the medicine, levothyroxine could cause hair loss and weight gain among all the other symptoms. So in 2016 I decided to quit taking thyroid medicine. I had doctor checking it and she said it was ok. In March 2017 I went to the hospital and they said my thyroid was almost not working and my hands, flesh and bones were freezing and I couldn’t get them warm. They started back the medicine. I also had Gillian Barre Syndrome known as GBs and that is where your body attacks your nerves and is very painful. It affects everything and they told me it would go away in a year, it has been 2 going on 3 years and I still have some affects. While I had GBs I also developed on my right side Bells Palsy which affected my face. My eyes, I don’t know I have every symptom mentioned. My memory is not right. I have it all. I don’t know what to do. What to take? There is so much listed. I am diabetic, everything mentioned. So much I cannot remember it all. I too have cut about 12 inches off my hair because it was so thin but it goes to the scalp being thin dry and brittle and everytime I brush my hair, I get a brush full of hair and also the drain in the shower. I have to be careful with medicine because I take so much of it. I can not have a flu shot as it was and could again cause me to have another attack of GBs. No vaccines. I don’t know if you can help me or not but anything is worth a try. I don’t want to loose my hair. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Genie

    • Amy Grosky Bergman says

      I am not sure why you haven’t gotten a reply. My first suggestion would be to see a naturopath. They can analyze bloodwork and hair and determine overall health. Good luck and feel better!

    • Deb Jones says

      I have Hashimoto’s diagnosed since 2008. My Endocrinologist has me on Tirosinit. There is a huge difference in it and the Levothyroxine. Google the difference between the two. There are articles about why it works differently even though it’s called a Levothyroxine.
      I stopped taking my meds for a year after my husband died for no real reason. My doctor read me the riot act. She explained that it can affect your heart, muscles and even Pulmonary Hypertension which is major problems. I have a great Endocrinologist, but they are few and far between and regular doctors do not understand at all how to treat thyroid issues.

    • Genie, I’m 47 and I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (autoimmune low thyroid) at 18. It is rampant in my family along with many other autoimmune issues. When you have multiple autoimmune diseases like Gillian Barre, thyroid, diabetes, etc. there is a very strong link to gut health. I recommend going to a naturopath, but I know it can be pricey, especially when you have so much you’re already trying to handle medically and the budget won’t allow at certain times. I personally struggle to afford it so I have to do my best on my own most of the time, with the help of online resources. Something you can do at home to kick start the healing process is going on a gut-healing diet. I love the recommendations given by Dr. Axe for this. He has a gut healing protocol that can work wonders for autoimmunity. Look for “Heal Your Leaky Gut” on his website. So worth it. Aside from that, just cutting out grains, dairy and sugar on your own, can bring rapid improvement in the way you feel (once a certain level of healing occurs, you may be able to add back in some grains and some forms of dairy). When I changed my diet my energy rose, my hair stopped shedding as much and grew longer, my joint aches left, my mood drastically improved and brain fog left, I lost weight without exercise, and after I gained enough strength and energy, I could exercise and looked forward to it, which for me is monumental. In the past, if I exercised even mildly, I was exhausted for the rest of the day and sometimes into the next, where I couldn’t do much but sit on the couch or sleep. I gained all these benefits while still taking levothyroxine. There is always hope! I still struggle with my thyroid because things will trigger setbacks, especially stress, and I can’t rid my life of that 😉 but getting my diet and nutrition in order helps with that if I stick with it. I wish you the best!

    • Oh Genie, I had a friend who had EXACTLY your symptoms and eventually found out it was all a result of Lyme disease! It still took time to recover as the Bells caused paralysis to one side of her body but she DID recover once they started treating the source of all of her grief. (hugs from afar)

    • I agree with Laura from Sept 9th. I am 51 with Hashimotos. When first diagnosed, I had a PCP that told me to go find a thyroid clinic. My sister suffers from some sort of undiagnosed autoimmune and she has been trying for years to find a cure. Over the years, she taught me about the AIP Diet (autoimmune paleo) Once I started that diet, I lost 20 pounds without exercise, my puffy moon face went away, and my dizziness/vertigo stopped. I have started taking Zinc, evening primrose, selenium, magnesium, fish oil, B12, biotin, iron. I have been seeing an age clinic and my doctor runs the full tests required. I am on Tirosinit now, switched from levothyroxine. I also take T3. I take progesterone/DIM as my estrogen was high. My hair started falling out exactly when I started taking my thyroid medicine. It hasn’t stopped 1.5 years later. I am buying wigs and looking at Pixie cuts. I would recommend the AIP diet to help with all of your other symptoms and find a physician who will listen and work with you. There are many groups on Facebook who can recommend a physician near you.

    • I to get extremely cold especially my legs. Feels like the cold goes straight to the bone. I have found that low adrenal causes this. When I get this coldness I take an adrenal support cap and with in a very short amount of time I am warmed up again.

  23. Shayla Pierrard says

    Thank you so much for sharing your research! I have been on my Hashimoto’s journey for a little over a year and have started having drastic hair loss again. I found your article suuuper useful and will be asking my doctor several questions!

    • Wonderful Shayla. It makes me happy to know my article is helpful to you. There is hope to get back your beautiful hair. All the best, Hypothyroid Mom

      • Hayli Ketchum says

        I ordered the liver capsules, evening primrose capsules and the powder collagen you suggested. Do these all do different things for the hair? I’m just wondering if I can take all three, or if you are suppose to just choose one to try at a time?

  24. Sharon Nichols says

    This entire article has described me to the fullest! It is so helpful to me & I thank you! I will be sharing it with my functional medical Doctor ASAP!

  25. Gisele Reno says

    Please. I have been on synthoid, Triosint, the first cause almost baldness. At 1.22 mg. Then lowered to .88 mg. Hair stop falling then restarted bad. Tried Triisint .88. Hair fall again. Witts end. My Endo is trying me on ND and after hearing these stories I’m horrified!!!!! No one had good results on ND.????????

  26. Hi Dana,

    What are your thoughts on using progesterone cream for hair loss?

    • Hi Hannah, I recommend first getting full sex hormone testing to determine whether or not their is a deficiency or imbalance before supplementing. Best, Hypothyroid Mom

  27. Genene Holroyd says

    Hi there I have had a Total Thyroidectomy so completely removed this was on the 2nd December last year. I am currently on Levothyroxine 100mg but have been told to high and I need to be on around 83mg so have suggested I take a 100mg one day and then 75mg the next day so alternate days to level them out. I have short hair anyway but mine has started to go thin and dry on the ends. I was referred to an Endocrinologist as I had a Benign multinodular goitre which needed to be removed. So mine was a hyperthyroidism over active.

  28. R. Robulock says

    I started on NP THYROID almost 2 years ago. I experienced A LOT of breakage and loss of hair and no weight loss whatsoever.
    I can definitely say that since I started taking NP THYROID, I am more calm, less anxiety, leveled modes & I sleep like a baby…all great things.
    However, my body is not absorbing the meds. I started at 60mg, then increased to 90, now at 135mg.
    Every time the meds are increased, I go through a phase of losing hair. I already have thin straight hair & this is really worrying me.
    I am doing all the right things but my T3 & TSH just won’t increase. I eat a very good diet, lots of salads & proteins. I exercise almost regularly. I take an evening promise, selenium, zinc, boron, selenium, vitamin d3 & e daily. I also take 10,000 mg of biotin & magnesium.
    Any advice on what to do next?

    • R. Robulock – Do you stop taking the biotin several days before testing? In her article above, hypothyroid Mom says that biotin can interfere with testing results. Also, have you tested for adrenal fatigue? In the article, she talks about cortisol testing through saliva. You can actually test that yourself – there’s a kit you can order to do the saliva testing at home. Then send the saliva to the company and they will send you back the results which you can take to your doctor. It can take up to a year to get your adrenals functioning well. The thyroid meds won’t work well if your adrenals are out of whack. Good luck!

  29. Hi there,
    I have been on NP Thyroid 60 mg and have breakage mostly on the top of my head. And my hair only reaches about 7-8 in length before it frays at the bottom. I’ve read and read and read. My hair isn’t falling out, just dry and extreme dead ends that I have to cut off because it looks like a broom. Any other medication ideas? I think this issue became worse when I increased the dosage.

    • Same here. I started taking NP Thyroid 30mg once a day. It is made by Acella and I receive it from Publix. My hair is not falling out from the root but it is EXTREMELY DRY! My hair from about four inches to the ends is so dry, it has matted and dreded up! It is terrible! I am an African American female who has Hashimotos and anemia. My hair was just starting to grow long before taking this “natural” medication. For my next refill, I may try Wal-mart or CVS to see if they have a better or different supplier. Guess I am going to have to cut my hair in a short style too. So sad.

      • I have anemia as well and have been taking supplements but still in the low range. My Dr. suggested an iron infusion. Low iron can also be an issue with our hair problems. Has anything changed since your last posting on March 9th? I’m thinking about switching to Armour???

        • Be sure to have your B12 checked which can also cause anemia . that mask itself as iron deficiency. I was so low on B12 that I was put on injectables. They work wonders.

      • Thyroid girl says

        Did you get to the bottom of this as my hair is really dry since starting thyroid meds ! It wa a fine before ????

  30. How did you find and Endocrinologist that would really listen and help you? The ones in my area blow off my symptoms.

  31. I’m 73 & have had my t3 & t4 tested & reverse etc. & all is normal. However, I am still very symptomatic…dry skin, hair loss, weight gain, tiredness & just not feeling like my normal self now, for over a year. I’m not on any rx drugs & I avoid OTC & take a baby aspirin only for a headache if it’s bad. I do take vitamin/mineral all natural supplements…not every day & I have been healthy all my life so far. I’ve trusted my God-given immune system to work as it was intended to do. In fact I have never ever gotten a flu shot & so far so good. My Dr would like me to take Armour Thyroid 30mg daily & wondering what your opinion is & if you think it may help with my above symptoms? Just joined this site & so happy I found it. Thankyou!

    • Ernestine Ross says

      Hi Susie: I am 80 years old and use 1 tablet Armour Thyroid 90mg 6 day a week. I believe this is the answer for you. Works for me!

      • Have you had your adrenals checked? Ferritin levels? Ive been hypothyroid for the past 24 years since my 2nd child was born. Im still battling, have not until recently even learned about the reverse tests on the thyroid. I took myself off all thyroid meds as they weren’t doing crap. I did try the raw thyroid and raw adrenals from the vitamin shop and i felt pretty good on thos for awhile then those stopped working. I need to have all of my hormones tested as well as a full workup. I know that its imperative to see a naturopath that will do these test for you. Its pulling teeth to get the medical docs to even do the basics!

        • Cindy Galloway says

          ^^^^^^THIS. You have to have comprehensive hormone testing, ferritin & adrenals checked in addition. It’s a huge wheel full of cogs, just fixing the thyroid won’t fix the rest of the problems properly, they all need to be managed.

      • I take mine when I get up to go to the bathroom! That way it doesn’t interfere with coffee. I just started armour thyroid….this is my 3rd try. It’s working! Hair better! Also use cel md hair products and take nutrafol vitamins! Yay! I am 73…

    • Gloria Hummert says

      Susie you did not say what your TSH was. This will tell you if you need thyroid hormone. You said t3 and 4 were good so if Tsh is between 2 and 4 you do not need hormone so I would look elsewhere like adrenals.

  32. I’m 73 & have had my t3 & t4 tested & reverve etc. & all is normal. However, I am still very symptomatic…dry skin, hair loss, weight gain, tiredness & just not feeling like my normal self now, for over a year. I’m not on any rx drugs & I avoid OTC & take a baby aspirin only for a headache if it’s bad. I do take vitamin/mineral alk natural supplements…not every day & I have been healthy all my life so far. I’ve trusted my God-given immune system to work as it was intended to do. In fact I have never ever gotten a flu shot & so far so good. My Dr would like me to take Armour Thyroid 30mg daily & wondering what your opinion is & if you think it may help with my above symptoms? Just joined this site & so happy I found it. Thankyou!

  33. Please does hypothyroidism causes scalp itching

    • It can Lydia, yes. There is general reduced blood flow around the body including to the skin of the scalp. Another factor to consider that hypothyroidism increases the vulnerability to infection including infections of the scalp that may not always be visible. Good to have you at Hypothyroid Mom.

  34. samrat biswas says

    I am having the same symptoms now as I recently discovered myHypothyroidism around 5 months ago and having severe hair loss for the past 1 month. I have decided to tae advise from a doctor and check teh next course of actions. However one thing was not conclusive in your post , though you metioned youe saved your hair , did you regain the lost hairs?Or it remained thinner?

  35. I’ve had tremendous hair loss starting NP thyroid. I am 43 and it’s depressing seeing all the hair loss. I’m desperate and wanting to come off medication. Has anyone had luck coming off and using supplements?

    I was borderline before beginning and I’m truly sad at seeing all your comments of how it doesn’t work.

    • I took Ferrous Fumerate in 210mg doses, which seemed to be the only thing that dramatically reduced shedding during phases of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Don’t take it within 4 hours of taking Zinc as they cancel each other out. Wait an hour after ingesting any caffeine as this can reduce the absorption of vitamins. Both points above are things I wish someone had told me years ago. I also took Selenium, which is meant to help regulate thyroid function. All the best.

    • I had been on Levothyroxine for 3 years, no issues. Then started having hair loss and my tests kept coming back normal. Finally found a doctor who would listen and started Armor medication 3 months ago. The hair loss is worst then ever and I don’t know what to do. My T3 tested really high on Armor but my doctor told me to wait a bit more and test again. I don’t want to wait, hair is so thin. Any advice?

  36. I just started on a thyroid medication 1 week ago and I am concerned with my hair as I have noticed from others that hair loss is a big problem with thyroid meds. I’m taken these supplements daily for quiet a long time… Vit D, Hemp Oil 2,000mg, & Centrum vitamin. Wanted to know if I’m on the right track to help avoid hair loss. Also, just ordered Evening primrose oil and going to take that also.

    • Please dont take any vitamin that is fake.Vitamin d3 is fake and toxic. 20 minutes in the sun each day gives you all the real vit.d that you need for the day.Look to see if your vit.b says folic acid or folate.folate is the real vit.b. folic acid is the fake vit.b.Go to the peoples chemist.com and learn more.

      • Cindy Galloway says

        ^^^your comment regarding Vitamin D3 is seriously troubling. Melanoma patients, those that cannot get outside will easily raise their serum d3 levels with a supplement. This is a synthetic & sometimes not, to say that taking something that clearly stops the flu, fights cancer and so many other bad things is sad – you shouldn’t be commenting. I am a very natural vegan eating person but ALWAYS take my D3 whatever the form, it’s non-negotiable.

        • Yes, I agree. Taking Vitamin D3 is very important if you are deficient, and deficiency of D3 is common with thyroid issues.

      • VITAMIN D is not what you want but VITAMIN D3 is. It has to be be d3. I was very low on d3 and once i started taking it there was a huge change in my Planters fasciitis. I have no issues with it as long as i take it. I taking Armour thyroid, i have taen meds for thyroid off and on for years. It been the last year that i have got back on it. They started me on levo. My hair shedding got crazy so i stopped. Now trying the natural thyroid/armor. Been only a week but noticed hair shedding with cuticle again. UGH!! I dont have insurance so i cant just get all kinds of blood work. I use to have thick curly hair and not now. So sad

  37. Hashi for many years, years and years of low iron…last labs from ER visit which was still pending when I was released….ferritin @ 6.6, iron 304%! What the heck! PCP referred me to hematologists…..any info appreciated!

  38. I have been on 1 grain of Nature-Throid for about 2 years and have seen a drastic loss in hair and hair growth. All of my thyroid levels are fine, I truly think it’s the medicine. Has anyone else had this problem, and which medicine did you switch to that helped it grow back? Thanks!

    • Yes! I was on Naturethroid for about 6 years with no problems. It went on back order in 1/19 so I was switched to WP Thyroid and then switched back to a Naturethroid in 6/19 and my hair shedded tremendously and also fatigue and joint pain. I have been trying to get my health back since. I tried NP Thyroid which was fine but at my second refill the pills smelled really bad and the symptoms increased again. Currently trying Armour. I think the porcine powder has changed in NDT’s and it has been a challenge for some.

      • Lynn, you are correct about the porcine changing. After the hurricane wiped to the RLC Labs (maker of Nature-Thyroid and WP Thyroid), they had to find different sources for their medication. It hasn’t been the same since and I have had nothing but uncontrolled levels, weight gain, fatigue, and hair loss ever since.

        • Have any of you tried natural progesterone to help with those symptoms? I read John Lee’s book on menopause and then started taking natural progesterone. Finally, I’ve gotten some relief with fatigue and lost 30 pounds in the past year and a half. But I still have thinning hair symptom…

  39. Great information! Thanks. Muchos Gracias. Namaste. Blessings. Peace be with you.

  40. I have been taking leverthrycine now for 3yrs .ihave put 2 stone on and suffer with hot flushes..but my doctor. When I get to see him he tells me there s no evidence to say you gain weight with these tablets . And checks my blood .I have to get my results from the receptionist. And to be honest I havent a clue about the. It as not been explained to me .my husband .thinks my weight as got worse .I feel I havent no control and I feel old .l look in the mirror and think God were have I gone.i feel like stop taking the meds .but will I have a heart attack .its shit having under active thyroid. And I think my doctor s dont want to spend no money .on educating us .

    • Hi Anne, you might try going on an anti-inflammatory diet. While causes of hypothyroidism are complex and multi-layered and vary from person to person, taking a look at what you put into your body can be a good place to start. Personally I was able to stop taking levothyroxine once I eliminated nightshade family foods from my diet. It is very, very difficult as nightshades are in just about everything, and they are so delicious! But for me personally, this group along with gluten, caused a lot of inflammation and problems. Nightshades include tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, okra, peppers (not black pepper seasoning), ashwaghanda, tobacco and lycii or wolfberry. There are others too. It is important to read all labels on any prepared foods as tomatoes, peppers (paprika or chili powder) and potatoes are used in lots of prepared foods. The thing is with this group you must eliminate them completely and it may take some time for results. Stopping for a few weeks or eating “just a little” will not cut the mustard, so to speak. If you are up to the challenge, it just might save your life. Or at least make it more bearable! There will be lots of naysayers because nightshades are beloved, they are addicting (all contain nicotine as well), and they generate billions of dollars per year. Again, this is what worked for me and it may not work for you. But it won’t cost you anything except time (checking ingredients, altering recipes and introducing substitutions) and willpower. Hope this helps, good health to all!

      • Kkatz,
        Quick question for you- did you have any hair loss or any hair loss while on synthroid? Then, did the elimination of nightshades help this is you had thus issue? I appreciate it!

        • Sorry for typos! I meant to type-did the elimination of the nightshades help with the hair loss IF you struggled with this issue?

          • Myself my hair fell out by the handfuls on synthroid I took it about 20 years. My bones hurt I was miserable. I switched to Amour it was amazing my hair grew back I stopped hurting had more energy then I ever had unfortunately it gave me severe heart palpitations. I am currently on Tirosint I don’t hurt but my hairs falling out again

          • Debbie Martin says

            I am having a hard time raising g my Ferritin. Tried several iron duos. Just read about heme vs. non-heme iron sups. The article recommended non-heme Proferrin. I have been in it about 3 weeks and having my labs in January. I know it takes a long time to increase ferritin. Good luck

        • Thank you for posting your testimonial and information Dana Trentini, I found very useful information. And I’m sorry for your loss.🙏🏽
          I too began losing hair in my early 40’s and began to have serious digestive and colon issues (bleeding a lot from rectal,
          thought I was dying)…I attributed them to stress…I was under a lot of stress at the time. For the next six months I drank Food-grade Diatomaceous earth and the bleeding stopped within a few days and never returned. I got pregnant for the first time at 44 yrs (never tried before) but had a very early miscarriage. I began to workout again, cleaned up my diet to only eating 90% Organic foods, cut out all soy, safflower sunflower foods and oils. If I ate meat it was once or a few times a wk Organic Chicken, Turkey, Wild-Caught Salmon, Cod, Crab meat, and Sardines and Smoked Oysters (Trader Joe’s). My hair skin and nails were improving but my hair was still falling out. I began to see an Endocrinologist Dr. for my Fertility and she put me on Levothyroxine (.25) because my thyroid was “normal” at 3.75 but they like to see thyroid at 2.0 and under for Fertility…my hair stopped shedding as much, my thyroid level was now .88, then the dosage stopped working, my thyroid level increased to about 2.18, my Dr. increased my dosage to .75 a few weeks ago and my hair was still falling out seemed even more. She also put me on Clomid for the first time and I’m on cycle day 38 (20dpo) no period and two negative HPT two weeks ago. I was desperate and so grateful I found a Fertility Acupuncturist…he was an OBGYN Dr. in China but when he moved to the U.S. he became an Acupuncturist helping people with so many ailments including Fertility.
          He told me to stop taking my Levothyroxine medication, he said that when a drug takes over your Thyroid, your thyroid stops functioning it us being controlled and no longer functions on it’s own. He said, he will balance my hormones through acupuncture and stimulate my thyroid so that it begins to works on it’s own but the way it should. He also said that my Hairloss was due to my imbalanced hormones. I am seeing him three times a week for Fertility and yesterday was my second time seeing him and noticed when I washed my hair last night I lost very little hair in comparison to the last time I washed it. He says as women, we need to massage our uterus are AND breasts as we store and our hormones get stuck in those areas. My breasts and topical uterus are a little sore but I feel the treatment already working. I’m also taking about 7 different supplements but he said to stop taking anything that messes with my hormones so my husband and I stopped taking Maca and I stopped my Levothyroxine…I’m very much against taking any drugs anyway. I’m now 46 TTC our first baby. I pray we get our baby soon and he’s able to stop my hairloss.

        • Synthroid first 6 weeks now. Major hair loss:(. Help!

      • Gloria Hummert says

        Jackie do not stop the meds. The thyroid controls every cell and organ in our body. I found out 7 years ago that I was hypo and had hashi when my bp was 220/110 went to hospital stayed a day they ran everything found nothing gave me an injection to bring pressure down sent me home. My internist ran thyroid panel 2 weeks later and now I am on meds. Like eveyone else this is no fun. Read as much as you can and your diet now will be a big part. I have found gluten grains I can no longer do as well as sugar. I was on nature throid until they had recall. Now on armour and waiting for NT to come bk on market. You have to take this on empty stomach and nothing for few hours after. Reseach and GOOD LUCK!

    • Daniela Vachkova says

      How are you know ? Any better

    • Generic doesn’t work for many of us. Request name brand Synthroid.

    • Anne – You might be having problems converting your leverthrycine (which is T4 – a storage form of thyroid hormones). Many things can interfere with your body’s ability to convert T4 (storage thyroid hormone) to T3 (active thryoid hormone that helps make cellular ATP energy).
      If you aren’t already, start a blood pressure, pulse,and temperature log. Low temperature, hypertension and low pulse (or soemtimes elevated pulse as well) can allindicate a thyroid and/or adrenal issues. Both thyroid and adrenal issues can have similar symptoms so ask your doctor for a copy of your thyroid panel (make sure it is free T4 and free T3 levles being tested) and ask to get a 4 point saliva cortisol test kit (you take it home, provide saliva samples 4 times during the day, mail off kit).
      You could ask your doctor to do an RT3 test to verify conversion issues. RT# is an inactive hormone that your body produced from T4 – when your T4 levels are too high. RT3 can inhibit cellular uptake of thryoid hormones…rather like your body’s braking system when your T4 blood levels are too high. Most conventional doctors will do that test, considering it contraversial but I have yet to have one explain why.
      You could ask to be put on a combo of T3 and T4…with the majority being T3 with a little T4. Again most doctor do not like dealing with T3 because it forces them to address other health issues like cortisol, sex hormones, vitamin, and other imbalances. T3 is the active thyroid hormone, so it doesn’t need to be converted into another form. It can be tough to dose and can effect your pulse if you have thyroid resisance due to cortisol and other problems. I had severe thyroid resistance and had elevated pulse issues since starting T3. Almost 4 years later, my cortisol levels are almost normal..so I was ableto cut down my T3 dose and beta blcoker.
      Don’t let your doctor cow you into staying on T4. Your symptoms show that in all likelyhood, you are not converting the T4 adequately into T3, therefore still having hypo symptoms. Have him do a 4 point saliva cortisol test as elevated cortisol can cause weight gain and elevated blood sugar. Elevated cortisol can also make you feel very hot at times,,,depending when your levles are raised as cortisl levels can fluctaute…the reason a 4point saliva cortisol test is better than a one time blood draw. When I had elevated cortisol (levles were elevated from waking to bedtime-all day), my emp was 98.6-7 range which for me is hot (I run 97.4-98.0 normally). I would feel hot after any exhertion. I gained weight in my torso (lower belly, chest, butt) while I lost muscle in my limbs despite aveyr healthy active lifestyle and diet. No amount of diet and so forth can completely work if you arenals or thyroid hormone levels are off.
      Sex hormone imbalances, insulin resitance, leptin resitance, are other hormonal issues that can cause directly or indirectly both weight gain and issues with your thyroid medication.
      If your doctor is uncoperative, you might try an integrative doctor. In my limited experience most endocronologist were usueless…more narrow minded and limited in treatement options. I would suggest an integrative doctor. I am in Indiana and go to Dr. Windley at Schneck Integrative in Seymour. I had the worst case of thyroid resitance that he had ever seen…but he kept an open mind even when my thyroid labs loked hyper but I was having a mix of hypo and hyper symptoms. The endocrine system requires the doctor to have an open mind…since it is so compicated and we are all so different…sadly few doctors take that apporach, preffering one size fits all. It sounds like you are dealing with some form of thyroid resitance…not converting your T4 thyroid medication. ..maybe cortisol and or sex hormone issues. Good luck.
      I hope hypothyroid mom can suggets some good resources. I know of one, Stop the Thyroid Madness which really helped me as an informational resource 🙂

  41. I have been taking Naturethroid for about 6 years with success. In Jan 2019 I was switched to WP thyroid due to a shortage and then switched back to Naturethroid in June 2019. About that time my hair started shedding like crazy, I’m scared to wash my hair it is so bad. I had my thyroid checked and it is good except Free t3 is high (6.0). I asked to go back to WP but my doctor says it’s not my thyroid as she also tested for estrogen which was low (I’m 52). She won’t let me go back and instead prescribed estrogen and progesterone. I have read that some people have had trouble with the new Naturethroid. Anyone else?

    • Several months ago the pharmacy tech said that there was a shortage of Naturethroid and she was going to substitute with WP. I was taking one grain of Naturethroid but the one grain in WP seemed too much. I just cut back to 1/2 grain, so we’ll see. Honestly, my shedding has never improved on Naturethroid. I did read that customers/patients complained that Naturethroid had changed and patients weren’t experiencing same results with new Naturethroid. Therefore, causing the availability and drs were prescribing WP. I will continue and see if I feel better and stop losing hair. Haven’t lost any weight which is disappointing.

    • Marsha, March 2019 my doctor put me on naturethroid for the first time. The first week I felt very sick from it so stopped taking it after about a week. My hair started falling out drastically from April forward and initially it was a big bald spot on the crown of my head. Then along my forehead line. In July I went on some T3/T4 and the crown began to fill in but still more holes. The new doctor said I didn’t need the medication and wanted to try anti-fungal creams for a week. Still lots of hair loss and many holes. I’m very curious the references for the naturethroid? They might need to be held accountable for something. I never had hair loss before consuming their product.

    • No I loved no side affects but they recalled it and no we can’t get it.

    • Lynn, I’m taking progesterone and was taking estrogen (stopped after reading John Lee’s book on menopause, which is very informative). I have to say that I’ve felt better than I have in years. I have more energy and lost a lot of weight. However, I did a lot of other things too, such eliminating gluten, taking some vitamins, detoxing heavy metals, etc. Still, I do see my hair thinning, so something’s still imbalanced. My ferritin isn’t very high, so that may be part of it for me. Hope that helps.

  42. How do you take all these supplements? There are many.

  43. Thanks for all of the info. I have been dealing with my hair loss for such a long time that I
    Had already resigned to accept it and give up of finding e solution. You obviously have not and it inspires me to try some options. I can’t understand why so many Doctors are so slow at seeing the symptoms and requiring testing for hypothyroidism. A colleague was the first one to Identify my symptoms.

  44. Barb Mcmillan says

    Thanks so much for all the info and advice. I also have hypothyroid hair loss and noticed it got worse when starting bhrt. I think I will discontinue using this. Thanks again. Barb M.

  45. Omg really?! I’m so scared right now, I recently was diagnosed with hypothyroidism this March 2019 during a hospitalization of severe Anemia. Started on Levothyroxine 100 mcg white pill daily,went for my follow up in April, my dose was changed to 75 mcg purple pill daily. In June I started noticing my hair breaking and falling out so fast leaving me with a bald spot at the back of my crown. I immediately called my pcp to get seen. I also did a lot of research and saw a video on YouTube of a lady with hoshimoto which stated that her Endocrinologist figured out that it was the dye on her levothyroxine. She was taking 100 mcg the white pill then switched to 75 mcg the (purple) pill with dye spoke to her endocrinologist about her hair loss and was switched back to 100 mcg the white pill. She said that her hair stopped falling out within a weeks time. I spoke to my pcp about this and am taking 100 mcg daily the white pill again with the exception of not taking it once a week related to my dose is 88 mcg because that amount does not come in the white pill. Ive been following this new regimen since June 26th but my hair is still falling out at alarming rates. I’ve also used seasalt with shampoo, rice water treatments but nothing seems to work just so heart broken. I’m so scared to do anything to my hair because it just keeps falling off maybe the Epson salt will do the trick, thanks for your advise!!

    • if your PCP is not helping you then go to a Holistic Functioning Medicine Practitioner..try Amie Hornaman…she is local to me but I believe she sees clients remotely and she has had success with thyroid patients

    • I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Disease in about Jan, 2019. I had been loosing my hair for a year before that but the pain had finally set in. I went to the doc and was given the bad news. When this Thyroid problem starts to rage it hurts so much you can hardly tolerate the constant pain. I tried three different Thyroid meds and had good luck with number three. It is Armour and I have to cut the tiny pills in halves and take one half a day. Just today I purchased a product called Viviscal to try to save my hair. It has many of the above mentioned minerals and vitamins. I researched and found more people who had success than not. There is a wet line of products to accompany the supplements …. I will try all. My hair is knee length.

  46. I am on my 4th dr here I. Florida Since being diagnosed with Hashimotos disease 2 years ago and I still haven’t found a doctor who is interested enough to work with you or listen to the symptoms I am experiencing both when on Levothyroxine and Amour thyroid. Levo made me lose my hair as you are all saying and I experienced excessive sweating I was crippled. Told my endocrinologist and he said your levels are perfect and didn’t want to hear anything else. Hence I found a new medial dr who works with hormones as well and she put me on the Armour thyroid I am on 60 mcg but experience heart racing at any given moment. I am still constipated, my hair is growing but slowly and my finger nails are shot. This dr I’ve only seen once, because she is so busy I ve seen her assistant now her assistant is out on medical leave and now I have to wait longer for my test results! Are there any doctors out there who really understand and work with their patients? Hard to find here in Florida but I will keep trying until I find one. I am taking supplements V-D , V-B12, V-K, V-K I will try the Primrose oil. Thank you all for sharing and giving me your insight

    • You need to try magnesium . I also take Armour Thyroid now and it works well for me but I also started taking magnesium and I no longer have racing heart or palpitations. The palpitations are a sign of magnesium deficiency . It took me three doctors to find that out . Dealt with that for years . I take remag magnesium. It is a bit pricey but works amazingly for me. Truth be told most people are deficient in magnesium unfortunately our soil is very depleted.

    • Gloria Hummert says

      Millie yes you need to have your D level checked next time they do your blood. Mine was 19 very low when I found out I had hashi and hypothyroid. Took over a year but got it up to 48 would like it to be in 70’s. I take 5000 d3 daily along with magnesium and selenium. Try that see if that helps.

  47. This post is right on. I have Hashimoto’s and pretty much all the other problems too. Adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance, gut problems, etc. Most people who experience these symptoms also have Leaky Gut and should follow the Leaky Git diet. Dr. Josh Axe’s website is a great resource. When I followed this diet for about three months along with doctor prescribed meds for thyroid and hormone balance, I’ve never felt better. I had to see a functional medicine doctor to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. My thyroid was tested twice by traditional doctor, but not antibodies weren’t looked at. The functional medicine doctor looked at it along with T3/T4. These doctors can be expensive, but well worth it. Diet is also a huge factor in treating these problems. If you can’t afford the doctor start with food. It’s not just about cutting out the bad, i.e, gluten, sugar and other allergen foods, but also incorporating healing foods. Take the journey and change your lifestyle! You are worth it!

  48. Kathleen Knoblock says

    This was a very helpful article. Unfortunately I dont have $ for all the supplements, but I may try a few. Thanks do much.

    • I found a general state of improved Heath with hypothyroidism I thought my best alternative was to turn to a higher vegetable and fruit diet taking in recommendations for and against certain types and I was able to order for supplements from Walmart and I personally take care of skin and nails and I had vitamin C supplement which can be purchased cheaply and probiotics

  49. How in the world do you afford all of these supplements? I’m doomed I guess, in no way could I afford even half of them let alone all of the special testing and Dr visits. I feel like I will just have to deal with my bad thyroid and limp along until I can’t anymore.

  50. Myra Morales says

    Omg!!! Finally a real place with real answers, I was diagnosed in 2010 with Hashimotos, sjogrens and dynamics disease. Since being diagnosed i have fought with my providers to test and me monitor my issues. I’ve also taken a holistic approach by changing m y diet and my approach at life. I take better care of myself. But just recently i had another diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, but it was a blessing to have an answer as d no longer feel like I was going insane!!! Now I really watch my food intake, walk regularly and take time to do things I enjoy…SELF LOVE IS IMPORTANT!!!!

  51. Any help would be appreciated. I, too, started losing my hair at 30 (I’m almost 50 now) – I could have written the first part of this article – and have tried to get help from the medical community for symptoms of low thyroid for years. I’ve had extreme fatigue, feeling like there is ‘no gas in the tank’, hair loss, low blood pressure, weight gain, reeeally heavy periods, as well as others. Only no one will listed because everything tests normal except T3, which if were any lower would be flagged as abnormal (it’s consistently at 2.5), and reverse T3 (which was 21). Any suggestions?


  52. Elizabeth says

    I have hypothyroidism and a have of thyroid I’m experiencing loss of appetite stress and depression doctors to not believe me when I tell them that. When I eat my stomach feels very full and not hungry most of the time I’m always cold and I can’t go to sleep for hours snd can not Lose any weight I’m so disgusted don’t know what to do

    • I am having the same symptoms my name is Cynthia and I have hyperthyroid to I have lost all my hair very stressed can’t sleep small appetite

  53. Leonor Edmondson says

    I lost my thyroid to thyroid cancer in 1989 and have been on Synthroid all these years, doses varying throughout the years due to changes in levels ( menopause, etc.)….. i have noticed significant hair loss throughout the years, and recently more so than ever. I am 61 years old , always very tired, irritable, never feeling “just well.” I’m wondering if you can address issues related to thyroid replacement that can arise in time, and if the recommendations you gave here in this article can also be applied in my case. Thank you so much! Your article is very informative.

  54. Hi,

    I am currently on NP Thyroid and I have noticed my hair loss increase while on it. Is t his a permanent reaction or is there a better brand that does not cause the hair loss. I have also noticed feeling quite dizzy and lightheaded about an hour after taking my meds. Not sure what’s going on there.

    • I am also on NP Thyroid and my hair loss has increased a ton since I started it three months ago—switched from Levo. My levels are all optimal and I don’t want to take a higher dose because of heart palpitations. Curious if others have experienced this side effect, and if it got better.

  55. I recently stopped meds for my hypothyroid for a month, BIG MISTAKE. (I’ve been on levothyroxin for 38 years) All kinds of problems. One of the most distressing was my hair came out by the handful. I read that Epsom Salt, added to shampoo, would help. I’m here to tell you, IT WORKS!
    I added 1/4 tsp ES to 1TBSP of a generic shampoo, washed my hair as usual. After the second time(2 days later), my hair was not shedding as much. After 3 weeks of washing twice a week, I may find 3-4 hairs in my brush.
    I am still working on getting to a new normal with my hypothyroidism, but my hair no longer breaks off or sheds. I hope this will help someone else, I know now continued treatment is vital for this disease, it will not be fooled around with.

    • Epsom salt? Interesting


    • I just discovered I should not be drinking coffee with synthroid by reading articles on my hair loss. I started using a brand of shampoo brand called CEL recommend by a YouTuber with hair loss issues from thyroid. I have been on it for synthroid for 25 years and just started losing my hair uugghh and going crazy wondering why. After this article, which I will save, I will have my doc run tests other than TSH levels. I had not idea. This article was so informative and I thank you so much. I was thinking I’ll need a wig soon for my daughters wedding next July. I am always tired and my feet hurt constantly! Also depressed a lot but who wouldn’t be with this Covid stuff.

  56. Do these just help STOP hair loss? Or do any of them help in getting back some of what’s lost? I was probably hypothyroid years before diagnosis because for years I avoided going to the DR but I was steadily ballooning up in weight and that’s when I started my hair loss.. I need more than to just keep what I have left.. I NEED back at least a good amount of what I lost. I’m only 39 and o can see way too much scalp, I want to cry anytime I comb my hair.. I used to have nice hair.. thick and pretty.. and I used to have nice thick bangs.. made me look so much better and younger.. now I don’t have enough hair for bangs, IMO

    Is there any help for me?

  57. Rita Harris says

    I have tried to get my doctor to get the tests done and he just puts it off as expensive and insurance won’t pay. I take a number of suppliments including iodine, b-complex, cod liver oil, coconut mch, e,d potassium and magnesium. I am holding on, but weight and hair loss is still a factor. I know if I do not take this for several days, I get extremely depressed and eat everything, but then feel even worse with the weight gain.

  58. I seem to be having a problem signing up for the email, it isn’t working. I love your sight such beautiful information and it works. Thank You

  59. What would be causing hair breakage around the face? Some pieces are in chunks down my hairline while around my face it has thinned and there are tiny sprigs everywhere. Could it be testosterone injections or my t3 that’s a little on the low side?

  60. I know i have hashimoto’s, it developed at about 32-33 , i gained weight, starting losing gobs of hair, lost my sex drive, and took a while to get pregnant when i previously esasd fertile myrtle. Of course, didn’t realize all of that was connected until i started research.
    I believe in natural medicine and just feel the need to reset my body and hope i can overcome. I know you said we’re all different but i have lousy insurance and all of these tests will cost me a fortune, so I’m going to try most of these supplements and see a natural healer and hope for the best.
    Thank you for your research and time and free information. Keep fighting the good fight and i wish us all luck!

    • Candace Ann Seckler says

      I also was still gaining weight after I was prescribed synthroid. I was told my bloodwork showed the medication was working. I went to Weight Watchers after several months of trying to control my weight. I truly believed I would never lose it and feel good again. I lost all of the excess weight within 4 months. 3 years later I am still at my pre hypothyroidism weight. Try it!

  61. I have many times asked my long time Dr to refer me to an endocrinologist. After discovering your website and the wonderful information people with typo shared I learned why when I started taking Levothyroxine I wasn’t losing any weight. The very stressfull job i had due to incorrect management favoritism and nepotism and of course PURE SHAMELESS LAZINESS due to the previous well I went n Very early in morning. So I would take my pill and soon after have my strong big cup of coffee… Well I never lost and kept gaining. I found out on this website n have recommenfed to many.

    • I forgot what I meant to ask ….i started flashbacking on that place cuz I’m literally broken n in pain now from that job… the cancer HBP n more didn t even keep me from working and enjoying my active 2-6 miles a day walking etc etc happy life as before . Now it takes me days to clean my little home cannot wash my vehicle like I loved before do my own yard work ,have a relationship , go to a swap meet or anything g that requires walking than 15-20 min etc. Obviously no one invites even tho I was the one that always provided the ride n paid. Well now I can’t work so I can’t pay so they all are busy on their day off. Pictures don’t lie. Well anyway now I have to pay for my yard work n stuff. I was not raised to work the gov’t system n have babies, find a guy to support me no matter how he treated me, or play the workers comp game as MANY at that place do. PICTURES do t lie. THIS being said because I own my little home…. m physically disabled am not eligible for any benefits that my literal backbreaking tax dollars pay for. With my physical limitations even my college degrees cant help. Oops apologize i went back to that horrible time. Thank you for this website

  62. Emma Lee Welker says

    What kind of Shampoo do you use? (Conditioner?)

    • As far as shampoo, very little difference between products and that includes the ones I purchased at the salon and spent far too much on. I have yet to find a leave-in conditioner that works but I have been having a better success with Pantene Sleek and Smooth conditioner. I had a total thyroidectomy in November of 2017 and besides the shedding when my medication is not working correctly, it has changed the texture of my hair so now it is coarse and curly and dry. I did recently learn that you also will shed more if you are sick with a cold, ear infection, etc., because your body struggles more and has less to give to non essentials.

  63. Danielle Irby says

    I need to do something about the tummy issue.. so I WOULD LOVE to try lemon water. How much lemon do you put into how much water… THANK YOU so much for all the little pieces of info for us who really need it

  64. Dana, I have been researching for about 6 months now the same things you have posted on this forum. I accidentally came across yours when googling reasons for hair loss due to thyroid problems. I am trying to regain my health thru natural methods, functional medicine. It has been a long journey with many, many questions, confusion but also getting many answers from good people like Dr. William Cole, Isabella Wentz, Suzy Cohen, Dr. Myers and now you. Not a lot of luck with my gp though. I really enjoyed reading your 10 reasons for hair loss and completely agree with everything you posted. My present problem I believe was also due to severe stress/ trauma thru grief and loss. Which I believe triggered my thyroid problem with Hasimotos. I honestly believe though I probably had issues as far back as in 20’s and 30’s but were never tested or treated for it. I am now 64 years old. I believe a lot of different things can cause hair loss. I had a similar problem when I was in my early 30”s. It was another time of severe stress. I had an ovarian cyst rupture that I did not know I had. It was the size of a grapefruit! emergency surgery took place. had to have my right ovary removed along with part of my tube. I lost a lot of blood and had to have blood transfusions. I recouped but shortly after that my father passed away from cancer. it was not long after both those my hair thinned out so much- i became very depressed. now i understand why, trauma from surgery, loss of so much blood and then stress and grief from my father passing all was a big part. It did grow back after many months and taking supplements, herbs, using different shampoos etc. Now once again about a year ago, my hair loss started occurring after more long term stress and loss along with other symptoms, panic attacks and anxiety that I never had before, gut problems. This time though I had my thyroid checked out with a full panel test and found I had antibodies, although thyroid levels were in normal range. So much is connected to the thyroid- found that these are common symptoms of Hasimotos, along with hair loss. I am working on healing my body and thyroid so far with supplements, vitamins, collagen/bone broth, herbs. No thyroid meds as of yet. My hair loss seems to have ceased. Not seeing anywhere near the amount of hair fall out in shower or when combing hair- it seems to be getting healthier looking too- so am hoping to regain the thickness again but know it takes time. Will be going back to doctor in a couple months to see where I stand with new tests. I too was pre diabetic, even had an eye stroke, high cholesterol- felt like I was falling apart- physically and mentally. am no longer pre diabetic, my eye has completely healed and is back to normal. I eliminated sugar, dairy and working on gluten and have noticed a huge difference in how I feel. My anxiety and panic attacks have lessened greatly but not completely. I’ve heard so many of us women suffering with these horrible symptoms and it angers me that most doctors don’t see it as a problem. That is why I am becoming my on advocate for my own health. Doing research, keep searching, reading books.. Our bodies should be treated as a whole- not separate issues. That’s where Functional Medicine comes in, compared to traditional medicine that merely treats symptoms and not finding the root cause and fixing that. Everything is connected. Your gut health is extremely important too. My food sensitives to dairy and gluten are also part of my Hasimotos and antibodies. I Eliminated those foods to help heal my gut, thyroid and lower the antibodies. Anyway, I’m on the same journey as you are. Sorry for the long comments but like you I am obsessed and determined to find answers and heal whats out of balance. also very frustrated at our health care system doctors that continue to ignore our feelings and our suffering. wishing everyone the answers you need to heal. Dana thank you for helping me see I am on the right track and that we are not alone in dealing with these same issues..

    • Thank you for all your information about hair loss! Your article is full of helpful information.

    • Hi Pam! Can you share your vitamins and supplements you are taking? I had the right side of my thyroid taken out about 7 yrs ago, and in 2017 my hair started falling out. I have been to my endocrinologist multiple times stressing my concern. I want my hair back! I also have gained weight and I’m tired all the time no matter how much sleep I get! My doctor did increase my dosage but still no improvements in the hair. Thank you for all the great information!

    • How did you get your eye stroke to heal? I have recently lost some vision because of this and would like to know, please!

    • bronwyn fourie says

      Hi Pam, Thanks so much for very interesting and detailed information re your thyroid problems…I agree you have to be your very own advocate and keep on doing your own research…this is a very good website along with info from Dr Wentz, Dr Amy Myers and other thyroid blogs. I think you have to first start on healing your gut from all I have read….everything starts there and you can add the important supps. together with other simple life style changes. I think my problems started in my early years and were only diagnosed in my early 60….now 72. I would love to correspond with you if you are open to that.

  65. Thanks for the great articles. They are truly appreciated.

    You are my Pinterest Buddy, and, my hypothyroid doppleganger…simpatico in so many things.

    I am so deeply sorry about the loss of your child….

    You are amazing.

    Keep sparkling.

    Hugs to you.


  66. I have trouble losing weight, even when eating better and exercising! I’ve been losing my hair since my oldest son was born…he’s 31. I have had low iron and taken supplements. I take vitamins and am gluten free…still the hair stayed thin. All my levels have always come back “normal”. I recently shaved my head, in support of my brother who has skin cancer, but wow, it was liberating! As a woman, it’s hard to have that hair where you can see my scalp throughout. I look younger bald! However, I’m constantly having to tell people I’m not “sick”. They assume since I’m bald, I’m ill. I’ve never gotten any answers…so this is my option at this time. I’m 52 and bald by choice. 👍🏻

  67. I currently take .50 synthroid and .05 cytomel, do I have to take these three rest of my life? What works happen if i stopped?

  68. Hi! Could you provide updated link to the article containing the interview of dr Wright by Suzann Somers please? The link provided just goes to her website, not the article. Have searched online but not finding it. Thanks much-

  69. Ann Hollandsworth says

    You have just told my story in detail. Thank you for some possible solutions.

  70. I loved this article! It was well written and provided so much useful information (with links attached)! I have hypothyroidism and would love to know if there is a more natural alternative equivalent to Levothroxin.
    Thank you Dana Trentini

  71. Miss B I Lewis says

    I have tried to explain all the problems to my GP by typing out a three page letter but it has fallen on stony ground. I truly believe I know more about my Thyroid problems than the GP: all I get is for a blood test to be done, Throxene Tablets but no help whatsoever about the excessive weight I have 44D bust/38 waist when I once was size 16 Dress Size. I attended an appointment yesterday and only saw her for 1 min and all she could say was to get my bowels right/I take three Ranitadine tablets a day that does not help and get excess acid in between meals. It seems I know more than the GP! What does not help is that I have 17 medical conditions so obviously one contradicts another and my hair used to be thick, no more it is coming out, no help with this either?

  72. Regarding the ferritin levels, mine fell to 8. They did five infusions of iron and got it to around 270. It has dropped to 170. I don’t feel as good as I did, and my hair is falling out again. Please explain to me the formula you use on proper ferritin levels so I might talk about with the hematologist about optimum levels for my hair. They think I’m fine at 170. I weigh 212. What should my optimum ferritin level be for my Hashimoto’s? Thanks.

  73. Kim Fuhrmann says

    Wow, our body’s never attack itself, it’s our biggest defender! Check out Anthony William, Medical Medium, who honestly knows whats going on! Seriously!

    • Our bodies never attack themselves? As in autoimmunity? Exactly why several women almost died following the medical mediums protocols. Those are only the ones I know of. Dangerous advice.

  74. My name is Marsha… I have hypothyroidism… Type 2 diabetic. I’m currently taking Levothyroxine and Metformin… I am so depressed. My hair is brittle everytime I brush or comb it comes out in clumps. It’s very thin it literally feels like a Brillo pad no matter how much I moisturize it comes falling out I can just brush my hand across it and the hair just falls out like snow. I just went to the doctor last week and he says everything is normal and He suggests that I see a dermatologist is the dermatologist the person I should see? Or should I see an endocrinologist. I’m at my wit’s end I’m tired of searching for the right wig to wear nothing is more appealing than my own hair and a long to get it back. But I need to find the right doctor that can perform the right test. My doctor doesn’t seem to be helping me I don’t even know where to start. I don’t go out anymore… I’m just home hibernating period. A woman’s hair has a lot to do with the self esteem in mind is very low at this time. My whole wardrobe consist of every color scarf and hat you can imagine… Where should I start what doctor should I see first?

    • Get a second opinion. First thing you need is a blood test to find out where your levels are. You may be low on iron, so definitely ask to be tested for that too.
      Good luck.

    • Miss B I Lewis says

      From Barbara: I understand what you are saying. I have even seen a Dermatologist that diagnosed Nodular Prorigo: lumps on legs/arms and even on scalp that have never disappeared. What I could suggest to you is for you to purchase from a Chemist/Boots a tub of Hanana whereby you wash hair first then put a good amount on scalp/hair, put on a cap to keep heat onto the scalp approximately ten minutes then wash it off and then shampoo again. You will then not have to use any Conditioner by using this: it make hair a little healthier: try it, then it does not feel quite as limp.

      • Hi,
        Merry Christmas 🎄 I couldn’t find
        The link you provided .
        Could you be more specific please!
        Have a good holidays.

    • I feel so bad you’re going through this, because I had the same experience … it was coming out in *clumps*, and the floor under my desk was covered in hair. My doctor switched me from Synthroid to Armor Thyroid, and within a week – literally – it stopped. Discuss this with your doctor … it may help!

      • I tried Armor as well and my hair loss stopped. Then the breathlessness hit hard. Now I am back on Synthroid and feeling horrible again with hair falling out. Any suggestions for other meds that may help qith my Hashimoto’s if Armor is not an option??

  75. Zshaquel Walker says

    Thank you for this information. I’ve had chronic hives for 8 months and was recently diagnosed with hashimoto’s and an enlarged thyroid. Fortunately my metabolism is very active and not impacted as of now. Thus far, I have no hair loss, just normal shedding. I began Tirosint just over a week ago and am now terrified I may begin to lose my hair. I’m seeking ways to combat the side effects.

    • Zshaquel, Thyroid disease can affect our bodies all differently and each person will react differently to each thyroid medication type and brand. It is not easy but it is possible to find a thyroid medication that makes you feel great without the symptoms. It’s about letting your doctor know if you begin to experience new symptoms like hair loss and to have a doctor who will try different options to find the one that is right for you. Here is more about the thyroid medication options. Good to have you at Hypothyroid Mom.


      • alice tregann says

        I’m in the UK… there is no recognition of Hashimoto’s and even though I have anti bodies, low T3 and T4 my doc won’t put me on anything (says antibodies are not high enough) I have lost nearly all my hair, whats left is really thin, and I have bald spots, also my head frequently itches… I can’t afford to buy NDT at the moment, although was on it and it was great… it’s just so awful that the UK does not take thyroid issues seriously…

        • Go to another doctor.
          I’m in the UK too, currently on PTU.
          I’ve seen an endocrinologist and it’s possible I may have to do radiology iodine treatment.
          My hair has been thinning and growing since 2014.

  76. Hi Dana,

    I am a 21 year old girl and I have a lot of hair loss since a few years now. I have hypothyroidism for which I take medicine and I also take pills for low iron. Neither of them have helped with my hair loss. I am going to be seeing my doctor next week and hopefully a dermatologist soon but I have a question. All of the hair that I lost has the white bulb at the end, which I’m guessing means is hair lost from the root. Can that hair grow back? Or does lost hair with the bulb mean that hair regrowth can not occur?

    Thank you

    • Hi, I am wondering if ‘A says’ found an answer or if anyone can provide anwers to the question regarding hair lost having a white bulb at the end and does that hair grow back or “does that lost hair with the bulb mean the hair regrowth can not occur?” THANKS

  77. If you’re a thyroid patient take your medication, the hair that is lost in front will not grow back is what I was told but eat all natural to get better hair, skin or nails, conciously eat more fruits, vegetables, herbs and condiments do not supplement with chemically manufactured supplements. Instead massage scalp with a nourishing hair oil seasame or olive oil, use home made hair masks, use luke warm to cold water when watching hair. Please eat natural, organic. Avoid alcohol, drink pure water. You will see the difference.

  78. Do you take all of the supplements noted in the article? I would like to know what combos you use if you don’t take all of them. Thank you

  79. This is awesome! Thank you for your research. As a Med student, I’m not 100 sure if it’s completely safe. Although the treatments do seem physiologically sound. Cool beAns looking forward to trying as a sufferer of hyperthyroidism.

  80. Hi Dana,
    thank you very mush for these information.
    i am 32 years old, i have started hypothyroidism 7 years ago.
    in the last couple of years my hair started to fall out, the bath drain is always blocked by my hair. in the last few months i have noticed my scalp is visible from the front and my hair is too thin.
    i have merina coil fitted too which i am not sure if it could be a reason or not!
    i really feel terrible looking at my hair in the mirror. i have just started hair supplements (which contain: biotin, iron, b12, vitamin D, collagen,,etc) which i hope it will help as i am really desperate to get my hair back healthy and normal.
    memory loss is another issue for me, i do not know if all hypothyroidism patients suffer from it.

  81. I’ve had hypothyroidism for 12 years. Was taking Nature thyroid but there is a shortage apparently, so dr switched me to Armor. I will start it tomorrow. I have been feeling horrible last few weeks and nothing has changed that I know of. My tsh was very low this last time and it hasn’t been that low since I was first diagnosed.
    I love this article -it is spot on-but the amount of things to take overwhelms me and my pocketbook 🙂
    What would be say top 3-5 ones to take if you had to choose?

  82. You are now a hero. I lost my ovaries to hypothyroidism, which was diagnosed two weeks after a hysterectomy.
    Thank you for sharing your research.

  83. I have Hashimoto’s and my naturopathic doctor wants me to do a spit test for hormones and cortiosol. I can’t get enough spit for the 4 tests during the day and it’s stressing me out. I’ve given up, and then my compounding pharmacist said there is a new urine test that is just as good coming out soon… my hair has been falling out at the roots for 3 years now and it’s very depressing. It is hurting my self confidence to a high degree, along with the anxiety. I take various supplements, biotin, fish oil, and T3.

  84. I came across this today while on a desperate search for information. As far as I’m concerned, I hit the jackpot! My initial question was related to hair loss, but reading through all of the information tells me that all of the questions I have seem to have been addressed here and it appears that if I have any questions, those of you here are more than willing to answer as best you can without any mean spirited comments!!! So for now I’m going to read what is here a bit more in depth and then I’ll be able to ask a question/comment. Thank you all so much for contributing! I realize this is not the same as a visit to the doctor. I will also be setting up that appointment, but this seems like it’s going to be full of helpful information to have before going to the doctor!

  85. Hi! I came across your article while searching the internet for answers. About three years ago I found out that my hormone levels were low and my thyroid was just a little under normal. I started hormone pellets and was put on 30 mg of nature throid. Within a few weeks my hair started falling out in large amounts. After a couple of months of this I stopped all medication. Then I went to another doctor for a second opinion and was told that I did not need any medication and they didn’t understand why the other doctor put me on it. I stayed off of the medication for a year and my hair loss got better. In December I had a partial hysterectomy and I have not had any energy. In June, I went to have blood work done through a wellness center and was told that my hormones were non functioning and my thyroid was low so I went back on medications. Within two weeks my hair started breaking off because it is so brittle. They thyroid medication is the same milligrams and type that I was on last time. I had my pharmacist look at my blood work level and they did not know why I was even on medication because my levels were JUST below normal range and not too far off. I have stopped the thyroid medication because I believe this is the cause of the brittle hair. I am looking for some kind of help and advice to get my hair to stop breaking off and falling out.

    • Tanya Altmark says

      I am not Debra, but what helps me is something very simple. Spending a little time in the sun or outside generally, like 40 minutes or so. I don’t believe anything can substitute natural vitamin D. Lack of it affects thyroid. Also, fish, shellfish, turkey, and chicken, But definitely seafood. I’m sorry, if you are a vegetarian, you should forget about it. Iodine supplements definitely help. And other supplements mentioned above. When I get busy and I forget all this, I get super tired and my hair falls out. When I get back on track, the improvement is almost immediate. It is important to be vigilant about this when you have a thyroid problem.

    • Let me know if you find anything that works! I have the same breaking and falling out issue. I’ve trued ndt, t3 (as my t3 was low in the range) evening primrose etc etc etc I just want the breaking and falling to stop too 😕

    • I can relate to this..I was told thyroid, and put on one NDT after another only to loss a ton of hair after being on it each one. my thyroid number may not have been “optimal” but I also don’t think it warranted meds. they all said the hair would regrow what the meds caused to lose ..NOPE disguised and wished I never listened to all those forums telling me get on meds my thyroid isn’t “optimal” what a nightmare ive been in the past couple of years. meds only made slight hair issues 1000 times worse and morphed into major hairloss!

  86. I love what you wrote about thyriod can’t wait to do all the stuff I’ll let u know what happens. Thank you Debra mendoza

  87. Sorry, forgot to ask my question. The multivitamin that you take, do you take ALL 7 capsules at once?? I thought my was high quality(Shaklees) but yours seems way better. I know Pure has a good reputation.
    Thank you in advance! It doesn’t look like you respond to any of these questions, but will still take a chance.

  88. Thank you for this info. Your pic from 2012 though doesn’t even look like you lost any hair. Gosh you were lucky to have that much.

    • Hi Lil, I was born with tons of hair. While I have so much hair before and after I know that it was particularly thin when I cut it all off in 2012. When I lifted my bangs up I had visible thinness in the hair at my bang area that I could see through the light and baldness at the temples but now I can’t see any light through my hair at the bangs and the temples have filled in thankfully. The most obvious is that I no longer have wads of hair falling out in chunks that clogged my shower drain all the time.

  89. Lynda Enns says

    I am a 77 year old female who had beautiful hair. now my hair is so thin
    and falling out in handfulls also dry like straw. I am on synthroid .025. I want off this drugh so bad but people warn me it is very dangerous. My doctor say i am fine and i disagree when so much hair is falling out?

  90. Hi! I found this article because I was googling not only hair loss but specifically eyelash loss. Is this possibly related to thyroid as well? I do have Hashimotos Hypothyroidism. I have all the symptoms but I’ve recently been losing chunks of eyelashes. I’ve always prided myself on my long thick lashes so this is heartbreaking for me. Has anyone found anything to help with this? Thank you
    Also highly stressed. I’m a Mom of a 15 month old girl and my husband is currently deployed for a year.

  91. Hello,

    I was born without a thyroid which was discovered when I was six months old. From that time until I was 17, I was on Armor Thyroid, a natural hormone from animals. Around 17 is when they thought I might be hypoglycemic or diabetic because I could practically eat an entire buffet and not gain weight. When all the tests came back negative, they started looking at my thyroid medication and they switched me from the Armor over to Synthroid. Within 2 months I was fatigued, I put on a considerable amount of weight (I adjusted my diet to counteract the weight gain but it still kept coming) and my nails got brittle and my hair was thinning.

    For 15 years I begged various endocrinologists to take me off of the Synthroid and put me back on Armor. I finally found a general practitioner who would listen to me with the caveat that I get regular blood tests to make sure my levels don’t go haywire in either direction. After 2 months back on the Armor not only was I feeling amazing, but hair came back thicker, nails were growing strong and weight was coming off (without lifestyle change). There was a period of a few years where Armor was off the market and I was put on Cytomel and Levothyroxine. Being on the pair, I didn’t feel as bad as when I was on the Synthroid in the late 80s but I felt noticeably down compared to when I was on the Armor. My hair/nail issues weren’t as bad as before either but I did put some weight on. As soon as Armor came back on the market, I got put back on it and I feel great again. Not only is there no hair loss (for me) but my weight has stabilized as well.

    Everyone is different and what works for some won’t work for all. What’s important is that you find a dr that not only looks at the numbers, but also listens to you and how you’re feeling through each medicine change (if applicable).

  92. It’s been about 5 years for me as well losing hair and praying for answers. I spent a ton of money on supplements endos naturopath etc etc just praying for some relief. No one can even say whether it truly is thyroid related I’m no closer to finding answers. I here undiagnosed thyroid after a lot of years hair loss can look almost look male pattern related. Temple thinning and some receding. No one confirms. I too tried ndt and wow the loss and breakage was extreme and never recovered after being off them. I also was just rescently prescribe 5mcg of t3 terrified to tried it because of the side effect of more hair loss. I just can’t afford it. The breakage is horrible too. Bless everyone who found relief in their hair loss and I pray for Mercy for all of us still losing the battle. It’s stolen my life the past 5 years and I fear it’s only going to get worse

  93. Hi, just want to say I have hypothyroidism ( 6 years) and have tried literally everything for the hair loss. BUT! Last year I was put on an Ssri for pmdd anxiety and depression which I def feel is caused by a chemical imbalance in my brain from my under active thyroid. My hair still grows slowly but it’s not falling out at all anymore!!! Whoop!! No bald patches, not scarecrow straw fluffy bron cloud!! Actual regular texture hair!!! I’m sure it’s linked.
    Thanks! Hope everyone is having a good thyroid day ☺️

  94. Sadly, that describes me. I’m loosing an incredible amount of hair for the past year and half and it’s gotten worse the last few months where my hair is extremely dry, frizzy and breaks off easily. I pass my hands through and hair comes off. I always wear it in a loose bun because I have no other way to wear it without dropping hairs everywhere. It’s a chore and a depressing time when I have to wash it and see the handfuls of hair.

    I’ve thought of cutting it all of to avoid seeing the clumps of hair. But wondered what it would do since it’s a rats mess with the frizziness and extreme dryness. I’ve purchased so much hair products and herbs. It’s depressive.
    I’m lost. I’ve been dairy, gluten free, take supplements, biotin, vitamin d, iron, bcomplex , licorice extract, Vitex and thyroid support, omega to no success. I’ve been on this same journey for a year and a half. I pray in Jesus name to be healed and I also pray the same for everyone. It’s a debilitating journey but we can’t give up.

    • Diane C Spata says

      Kelly, I am going through the same thing. My hair gets thinner every wash. I had it cut short but I see it’s not better. I have prayed, tried everything and exhausted mentally. It doesn’t seem to grow on the sides. It’s so sad.

  95. While I greatly appreciate all of the valuable information you’ve given us in this article, it has also left me incredibly frustrated because if we bought all the supplements you suggested that would be spending hundreds of dollars a month . . How is this feasible for a normal person? I’m feeling so overwhelmed as I’ve been losing my hair for 5 years and am only 29 y/o( and have lost 70% of my hair), have been to 4 endo’s with the most recent one me spending $150 out of pocket on since he was out of network but supposedly a really “great” Dr. and really haven’t gotten much help at all . . The recent Dr. told me tht I prob jst needed more rest and needed to start eating organically . .(Since I told him I was eating mostly plant-based) Really ticked me off as I have all the symptoms of hypothyroid . . I don’t kno what to do bc I’m a college student wth 2 part time jobs and don’t have a fortune to spend on Dr.’s and a thousand diff supplements each month (as I’ve tried Tons!) Any suggestions? Feeling incredibly overwhelmed and kinda hopeless abt this whole thing . . (One good thing abt this new Doc is tht he did prescribe me a t3 only med, I’m jst kinda scared to start a thyroid hormone as I’ve never taken one b4 and didn’t want to become dependent on it for the rest of my life if I can be cured another way . .)

    • Same here. Meds that can cause more hair loss and maybe not regrowing scares me too i was also recently prescribed t3 only….it sits on the counter 🙁

    • Heather if u are eating mostly plant based it is likely you have a copper zinc imbalance. Your zinc levels could be low. Vegetables potatoes avocado etc are all super high in copper. Try doing a hair mineral test or use a search engine to track / analyze your nutrients to see where you are off. Even if it’s thyroid related I can almost guarantee the root cause is an imbalance. I hope this helps.

    • La-Quanda Wise says

      Look up Suzy Cohen, she talks about her own battle with thyroid disease and she has supplements and books for help and answers.

  96. Dana,
    You said your scalp was showing and temples were thin. …I was wondering if you have before pictures to share I have these same issues the past 4 years. Thyroid meds made it worse each time i tried them…different brands and all. I’ve tested all suggested and fixed most ..iron, etc my hair breaks I am developing not only thin hair Espoo top but a bald area right in the front middle. Short hair don’t grow long and that fall at the temples…does this sound like what your hair did? I need hope..I’ll be 50 this year I’ve never had health issues, thyroid or hair nothing. I truly hope. You respond to this and can give me some hope that there is hope for me too. Thanks oh in advance

    • In my case we share symptoms like skull tenderness, swollen blood vessels and hair loss in the temporal area. My kidney doc sent me to google “giant cell Arteritis “ Similar. The treatment is nearly the same. Prednisone. Lots of prednisone to start. Beware it will totally screw up your carefully managed blood sugar. Be patient. Follow your excellent docs or neuro opthamologist’s direction. If you can’t trust him completely find another one. The Mayo Clinic reported only 142 neuro opthamologist in USA. Do nothing, you will go blind. Slowly. Painfully. Then strokes, next comes more horrifying symptoms. Get it under control now.

  97. HI! Nice article. But I keep wondering why taking all the supplements? Did you try something natural or diet ? So many supplements seem scary. 🙂
    Do let us know if it is possible to control (at least some of the things) with diet and natural products.

    • The AIP Diet or SEEDS Protocol work great as a starting point. But I do highly recommend finding a good functional medicine or holistic doctor who understands thyroid issues to run all the blood panels or other tests necessary to see what YOUR body needs. It’s amazing how when you get your body back in balance how all the symptoms go away.

  98. Thankyou so muy for your info, describe me 100%, learn a lot….

  99. Samantha Hills says

    Excellent post !
    I’ve been getting increasingly embarrassed about my receding hairline , my fine breakable hair , which I lose in clumps daily. I have suspected adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues after having my 2nd son for the last 3yrs , but gp’s in the uk are useless with this type of thing. That I just gave up trying to proceed with any diagnosis. This article is by far one of the best I read ! So please keep writing for all of us ladies who appreciate this , and that we aren’t going insane / have a mental illness which is what my surgery have been trying to tell me for the last 3yrs coz the genetic blood testing is just not adequate and always comes back as fine !
    (Angry face ) lol x

  100. Could you put it all together in a list of things to do please?
    Including where to get the products and how much to take?

  101. I really appreciate this article. I have been experiencing hair loss for about a decade (since I was 21) I got very ill and was constantly thirsty, my skin and hair dried up and I looked about ten years older, felt pressure behind my eyes and always felt exhausted/depressed. Unfortunately doctors blamed it on mouth breathing at night, because I had flu like symptoms along with it. Even though I was positive this wasn’t the case (and I knew I wasn’t even mouth breathing), they insisted and would test me for diabetes over and over if I pushed.

    I have been anemic several times and I didn’t want to be a nuisance because of my hair loss, but it really bothered me, I would mention it, but not much would come of that. I went on the pill at one point in order to slow the hair loss and bring my blood levels back up. It wasn’t until a few years ago, when I got my thyroid tested that things started to make more sense. They ordered the test along with the usual anemia tests and when I was told I needed to speak to the doctor about it, I assumed it would be my iron levels as usual. They told me it was borderline hypothyroidism, described the symptoms and I had every one of them. I looked this up online and found that in the U.K. (where I currently reside) borderline figures are the same as full hypothyroidism figures in the States. They vary from country to country apparently… So, I had the choice of taking meds or leaving them. I took out the prescription, but didn’t take them. I couldn’t afford to go private and from everything I was reading online, it seemed like that would be the only way to get the dosage right.

    I have about a third of the hair I used to have and the quality is dreadful. I am so used to a good handful of my hair coming out in the shower now that it seems like normal life. But being only just into my thirties, I really want to get on top of this and reverse it! I never part my hair in the middle anymore, as it is too sparse in that area and when I tie it back I feel very self-conscious. My way of dealing with this is to joke about it, but I really hate what this has done to my hair and skin. I am awaiting fresh blood test results and will be speaking to my doctor shortly. I still don’t know what to do with the meds if it is thyroid related, as I just simply can’t afford to go private.

    Anyway! Thank you so much for sharing, it’s really encouraging to see a story of determination and recovery.

  102. I had no hypothyroid symptoms before being diagnosed via TSH/T4 levels. Once started on Synthroid my hair started to fall out and become exceptionally dry. I have lost over 50% of my hair over the past year. My doctors response was is isn’t the medication but probably stress related. Ferritin levels are good, evening primrose made no difference. I have just started taking biotin to see if that makes a difference.

  103. Hello,
    my dad showed me this a few months ago and i was wondering, i have had hashimotos hypothyroidism since last june 2017 and that is when my hair just fell out in clumps till november when i decided to shave it all off. I have hair that tries to grow back around the sides and back of my head in patches, but only gets to be about a cm or less and then falls back out again. I am 24 and have lost all of the hair on my body except those tiny ones that come back and fall out and come back and fall out again. i was diagnosed with alopecia totalis and had a smige of it back in 7th grade that was not nearly as bad as last june since i had alot of stressers at that time, but i am taking biotin, vb12, vitamin c, vitamin d, multivitamin, and a few others since i get sick every single month since being on unithroid 50 mcg. my md just upped it to 75mcg since it got worse and now i have the fatigue again like how i first had it back in june. Is there anything else that can be recommended? he tests my t3 t4 vitamin d, cortisol, iron, and a whole bunch of other ones, but since december, i have had a stable thyroid as in levels went from 6.45 down to 3.2. not sure why my hair wont come back if it is stable.



  104. I have been hypothyroid since having my daughter 12 years ago. I have been on brand name Synthroid since then, with no real issues. Last 90 days my insurance switched me to generic (Levothyroxine), and I’ve lost 1/3-1/2 of my hair since then. It literally comes out in handfuls. I try to only wash it once a week now, because I lose and extra 5 handfuls washing and brushing. Can no longer use blow dryer on it. Has anyone else has this reaction to generic, and if I pay out of pocket for brand name will my hair grow back?!?

    • In FL, pharmacies are not allowed to substitute a brand name Thyroid medication(such as Synthroid), with a generic thyroid. This is because in FL, and SME other states, brand name Thyroid prescriptions fall under the DAW 7 code, which is “Brand mandated by state law”.

      This code (DAW 7) means that the brand name must be dispensed due to state law. The reason for this is because other (generic) versions may not have passed state testing, for example. This requires that the brand version of the product is dispensed (ie: Synthroid, Unithroid, Armour Thyroid, NP Thyroid, Nature-Throid).
      Each brand and generic medication have their own unique fillers, dyes, some even contain gluten and lactose. Sometimes this can cause a negative reaction in some people, such as hair loss.

      If NJ does not have a DAW 7 for Thyroid brand name medications, I would have your doctor submit a Prior Authorization to your prescription insurance company, explaining that you need this brand name in particular, due to your specific thyroid diagnosis. If approved, the Prior Authroization will allow the prescription to be covered by your insurance company. Good luck!

  105. Thanks so much for the informative article. I totally agree with primrose evening oil for preventing hair loss. It has high GLA (gamma linolenic acid) content which helps with DHT related hair loss. Thanks again!

  106. This makes me feel better. My hair shedding came out of nowhere and it’s awful. I tried 90mg of NP thyroid for the past 7 mos, and only a slight improvement. I don’t seem to be getting optimal free t3. I tried raising my dose, but this made me have heart palps. I think a slow release t3 might be the answer for me too. Why did your doc decide to do this instead of raising your NDT dose? thanks in advance!

    • Lisa, I hope you see this. I was on 90 mcg of NP, also, for about 4 years. Good success, too, until very recently. Just hypo symptoms, mainly sore feet. Dismissed it as we moved to a place with hardwood floors, and I wasn’t wearing good shoes. My daughter is also on NP, and went to get her levels, and her TSH was up. She took 15 mcg more, but no change. Then, with my newest batch, all over body itching began, the likes I’ve never had, not even allergy medicine helped. With some detective work to eliminate what it could be, stumbled on that NP now adds maltodextrin as a filler. The reason I was so happy with NP was that it was natural. Apparently, no longer, and they are hiding it. It’s not on the patient sheet that you get, it’s just on the FDA site. With other NDTs failing, and experienced this 10 years ago with Armour, I am disgusted with the lack of NDT quality. I would have never thought I would be in a position to resort to synthetic thyroid except in the case of an apocalypse. Further, I read that the NDT companies buy freeze-dried pig thyroid. That’s less potent, cheap, throw in fillers and too much t3, and it’s a financial win for the manufacturers. Falsely packing it with t3 so we think we feel energetic, but, like me, all I got was heart thumping and sore feet. At 62 my hair is long and not thin. Now that NP changed, I am left scrambling for my health, as is my daughter. Neither of us have our thyroid.

  107. Anesia powell says

    I appreciate you so much for sharing your testimony from the beginning of the story that is my whole situation and when you talk about the low blood I’ve tried every pills but I’m going to order the ones you said you started taken I will run it by my doctor

  108. Thank you for taking the time to share this!

  109. I need a good Dr. For my thyroid issues . I live in Western PA. Close to ohio . Do you have any. I need one

  110. This is awesome information, thank you! I read an article that said autoimmune diseases are prevalent in women with rh negative blood. Rh negatives seldom get cancer but suffer more than others with autoimmune diseases. I’m wondering how many of us with thyroid problems are rh negative? I’m A- and suffering hair loss from hyperthyroidism. I’m dropping weight as fast as I’m dropping hair. I’m 62 and was just diagnosed with a thyroid problem – Graves – was put on Methimazole and my eyes started swelling up to the point my eyelids were painful and purple and practically swollen shut. I showed my ENT (small town, no endocrinologist) and thought I was allergic to this medication and know what he said? Take allergy pills or see an allergist. I thought that was horrible advice, why didn’t he change my medication, so I just quit taking it and I really don’t want to go back to him. My eyes are back to normal, but I have the jittery/shaky feeling again when I was first diagnosed six months ago. I heard hair loss was for people with low thyroid, not high, is that true?

    • No not true I have Graves disease and I have lost most of all my hair I took your thyroid pill iodine half of my thyroid is gone now I’m not shaking anymore I have a nice figure not too fat not too small but no hair almost

  111. I just want to say thank you for posting this! I just turned 30 years old and was diagnosed a few years ago with hypothyroidism this diagnosis came two years after my son was born with a cleft lip and gum ridge…… now looking back I’m pretty sure I’ve had it since my teens but never had the proper testing done. Just recently I’ve started feeling my hypo symptoms get worse. Way worse my energy is depleted from morning till about 5:30 pm then I’m wide awake until the wee hours of the night. Not to mention the two bald patches on my head. I’m wondering if it’s my hypo or something else. I was just told hypothyroidism not sure if it’s autoimmune or not but now I’m starting to wonder and maybe that’s why all the other symptoms.

  112. Tina Marie says


    Thank you 1sr for your article. I was hyperthyroidic as a child til 16 when I went into remission. At 39 it came back even worse to the point where I finally agreed to take the radioactive thyroid. I just traded one set of ugly symptoms for another including the inability to lose weight even though I hot to the gym and eat healthy. The worse side effect was the acid build up form my metabolism slowing down so much and now I have stage 4 GERD with Barret’s disease.

    I finally, after 3 years, found a docyor who just prescribed me dessicated thyroid med…Armour. Im going to start it tomorrow. Im first wondering if Armour or Nature is better? Secondly, you also said you take “Nature-throid plus a compounded time-release T3.” What is the the coumpounded time release T3 that you take and how much?

    Thank you again!

  113. been going threw menopause for 4 years and i been taking synthroid about 3 years , and im losing my hair aot. my next year im not goingto have any hair. went to my doctor and seen a dermatologist year ago and said to use certain shampoo and take biotin aand watch what i eat none ofthis is working im 52 and i will be bald soon dont know what to do

  114. I’ve been researching omega 3 fatty acids and from what I’m reading, flax seed is actually a phytoestrogen that can be harmful to female hormonal balance.

  115. Otilia Braescu says

    Wow what a load of great information. Very eye opening and also something doctors don’t take serious these days. It’s almost like you have to self treat yourself with natural medications.

  116. My name is Roben I’m 49 I have thyroid problems my face and chest area itching with dryness bloating gassy which they found a nodule less than 1 cm back in 16 and this past Friday I went to see a endocrinologist which he did a ultra sound and the nodule hasn’t grown as of 18 it still is less than 1cm the doctor took blood work for protein a1c1 vit d thyroid !

    • S Boushey says

      I have taken .88 mcg of levothyroxin for 20 years. Recently I switched pharmacies and they sent me synthroid instead and I have developed a bald spot on head. At first I thought might have been from stress but after reading all of this and the timing of it I’m certain it has to be from the synthroid.

  117. Hi Julia

    Can you advise if you can take the supplement and hairfinity while taking synthroid prescribed by my doctor? I was dx and taking .075 mg of synthroid since 2013 and my hair is progressively getting worse with breaking off and frizzing on ends that break off.

  118. Hi thanks so much for your article. My endocrinologist kept dismissing my repeated distress about losing 2/3 of my hair over a year. Finally I forced her to conduct blood test for all the parameters from your article and my ferritin levels are abysmal (single digits) along with low nutrients along with adrenal fatigue.
    My question is what schedule do you follow for taking so many supplements over the course of a day?

    • I suggest firing your endocrinologist and finding someone who is up to speed on functional medicine. I went to 3 endos. and none of them were willing to help me!

  119. *was

  120. My friend suffered hair loss due to hypothyroidism. She’s as taking a prescribed medication by her physician after her thyroid was removed. Her hair loss didn’t stop until I asked her to try a natural supplement for thyroid health. I saw it on the Dr. Oz show. It is called bladderwrack. She has taken it for the last five years and no more hair loss. Her hair has grown back. In addition to the bladderwrack, she began taking Hairfinity hair vitamins and her hair is no longer shedding like crazy and she has experienced tremendous hair growth. I am by no means telling you to stop your prescribed medications but please know that there are alternatives. I hope all is well with you and more hair to you!!!

  121. I live in New Jersey and have had thyroid problems since 1982. My GP has never sent me to an endrocronologist, he just relies on my once a year lab (blood) test. Dry skin and hair loss (my hair only grows about 6 or 7 inches and then falls out) I have not had a hair cut in over 30 years. Hair loss is bad at times and then sometimes it doesn’t fall out as bad. My energy level will rise and fall at times also. Sometimes I just feel miserable. Where do I find a good endrocronologist in my area to help me? I want to feel better. As I said, I live in New Jersey (Sussex County).

    • Here is a link to some of the best thyroid doctors in New Jersey. I hope you feel better soon. http://www.thyroid-info.com/topdrs/newjersey.htm

      • Patti Russell says

        I need the list for the best thyroid doctors in Northridge, Ca 91324. Or even farther out.I’ll drive where ever for help. I had one thyroid lobe taken out 25 years ago when nodules over took the one lobe and after that I was fine for a while. NO MEDICATION was taken after the Lobe was removed. My numbers have been normal since. But One day when I was driving from work in my convertible, I ran my hands through my beautiful red hair and my hands were covered in hair, and it has continued to fall out daily, it became wirery, frizzy and so dry, as did all of my skin. But my thyroid numbers continue to be within normal range. That was when I was in my late 40’s. Fast forwarding to now, I am a very, very young 71 year old. Very active physically and looking. Thank goodness I had a huge amount of hair then. My same endrocologist does my tests routinely every year and says I am fine, but My hair gets dryer and frizzier, and continues to fall out. I have an ultra sound on the one lobe I have every year and it is now got nodules on it but my numbers still run normal.
        Please send me to a doctor that may care more and understand what it means to be in this position. Somedays I am so tired, but I push myself on a daily basis. I have had to take valium or Zolpidem for sleep for 25 years to get to sleep a low dose, but I cannot go to sleep without it 2 1/2 mg at night
        And I have had 3 hair transplants over the past 15 years, it had gotten that bad in the frontal area. I can hear my hair popping out by the root as I lightly comb through my hair. My hair does not break, it pops out by the root…………….

  122. Kristina Terry says

    I really want to start taking supplements but I dont know if I can because my doctor told me when I started my medications not to take any vitamin pills, or supplements myself. I really need help because my hair is thinning badly (I think from the thyroid medicines for my hypothyroidism) and I’m 17. My senior pictures are coming up in 5 months but I don’t know what I’m going to do because I look terrible. Someone please help me im stressing so badly.

    • Hi Kristina,
      I think everyone here is on the same journey you are, looking for answers. The best answer I can give you is to use the link in this article to find a GOOD doctor. Doctors are trained to do one thing- write prescriptions. Most are neither intelligent nor open minded. You have to find one that actually thinks for themselves and hasn’t succumbed to the typical brainwashing of med school. On end note of your senior pics: if you are brunette try this: black and brown iron oxide. This is only a temporary solution for cosmetic purposes only. I believe over-use could make hair thinning worse by clogging follicles. Mix the two powders together with a bit of arrowroot powder- dark enough and brown/black enough to match the color of your hair. Dab the powder onto your scalp in the thinning areas to conceal them. Try an eyeshadow brush for application. The two colors are meant for hair matching and arrowroot helps to keep the powder concealed by absorbing any scalp oils. You will have to experiment with powder amounts. Never stop researching on your own and good luck to you.

    • For pics, get a long wig that you love! Celevbrities have been doing this for years! Even Tyra Banks. I read somewhere that we have never seen her real hair! Good luck!

  123. Denise woods says

    I’m so glad I found this website thankyou , it is so helpful as I’ve been having the same problem with my hair falling out . I am on Thyroxine have been for many years I am on 175mg . My doctors posted me a blood form out to have my yearly blood test to check my levels and other tests with it and the results have came back as T4 not normal , they have requested more blood works and now awaiting my results . Just hope this is a reason for me losing my hair . I hope you all get your hair problem sorted .

  124. Jennifer Jackson says

    I suffer from hypothyroidism and high blood pressure and my hair loss within the last 6monts is so disheartening!
    I have been reading different articles and labels trying to decide what to do to get my hair back. I read about a hair vitamin, Hair La Vie. Any suggestions? I was going to try Biotin until I read this article and a few others.

  125. Maryanne Smeltzer says

    I have had thyroid problems for years. Recently (beginning 5mos ago) they said my levels were to high. They have lowered my meds 3 times and in that time I’ve lost half my hair. (Not an exaggeration) and I didn’t have a huge amount to begin with. I can literally see loss every morning when I get up. The endocrinologist says she can’t tell me anything else to do. Maybe it’s my age……..im 46!!! This is so disheartening. I just don’t leave my house anymore unless I have to and then it’s only w a hat on.

    • matthew kennedy says


    • When I was talking Synthroid I went thru the same, Dr. kept lowering medication, my skin was peeling, hair falling, Bp l83. Finally I found a primary doctor willing to switch me to Naturethroid. Everything has improved and I also take Neocell Collagen, cook beef tendon, take biotin and quit using conditioner, I notice that since I quit using conditioner my hair doesn’t fall by the handfuls in the bathroom. I use Rainbow research henna biotin shampoo only I can see the change, it takes time but my hair is improving. I consume more Vitamin C foods, too. Hope this helps. I’m 76. Hypo since my teens.

    • Michele murrman says

      Hi Maryanne,

      What medication are you taking? I feel your pain. I’m in the same situation. Are all of your numbers elevated. My t3 is 5.2 and I have noticed a hair loss increase for sure . Have you found anything that has helped since January.


  126. sandra thornton says


  127. Chandra jones says

    Thank you so much for this information. I’m 43 and my hair is falling out more now than ever. I now know what to ask my doctor. God bless.

  128. Rik sheldrake says

    Miss Trentini,
    You may actually be an angel. Everything you described having happened to you is what my wife has been experiencing to the detail. I have suspected many issues that you describe and your exhaustive research and perseverance have strengthened my resolve to help my lovely girl. Thank you for who you are and what you do. Warmest regards, Rik

  129. Thank you for the information. I have been taking the same doses of Synthroid and Cytomel for almost 20 years. My doctors see no reason to change the dosages. Suddenly, I am losing more hair than ever before. I am actually thinking of using Minxidil to stop the hair loss. Your comments would be appreciated.

  130. Suzanne Ellett says

    Thank you for your research and sharing what has worked for hair loss. I treat hypothyroid women every day and hair loss is a huge concern. You mentioned a few supplements I had not known about. Can you list what lab you used for nutrient testing please? Wonderful blog

  131. Thank you, Dana, for this website! In attempting to get away from unnecessary fillers in my thyroid medication, I switched to WP Thyroid the end of August. In the past 2 weeks, my hair is falling out. WOW! I am hoping it is just a need for a different dose and not an adversity to this product. Do you have any words of wisdom to share. The last product I was taking was Tirosint. I know that my body requires the T3 since my body, at this time, does not do the necessary conversation of T4 to T3. Any idea whether my current Rx might be too high or too low. Time to reschedule my lab stick for this week instead of waiting a couple more weeks. I was hoping that maybe it was just human molting time, somewhat like my parrot does seasonally. I spoke with the pharmacist. He had nothing helpful to share. 🙁 Blessings to you and yours. Catherine

  132. what is considered a high DHT level? mine is 7.3 ng/dl?

  133. Hello! First of all, THANK YOU for putting all of this information out there and sharing your experience. I’m sure I have some sort of thyroid imbalance (or adrenal) even though I did request testing and my numbers came back “in the normal range”. I’ve recently begun taking a thyroid supplement to see if it would help at all and it has. I figure if I didn’t have a thyroid issue, the supplement wouldn’t have any noticeable effect. But I’ve felt more energy, fewer crashes and sugar cravings and had more restful continuous sleep.
    The hair loss for me was less like a mass exodus and more like a gradual thinning and change in texture around the age of 40 (I’m 41). It has become sooooo dry that it can be full of static even in hot humid weather. So weird. Just dry, brittle, dull and thin. Like you, it began during and after a very stressful time in my life. Does this sound like a thyroid-related hair change to you? If so, after “normalizing” and taking the supplements, how long did it take to notice a real difference in your hair?
    Thanks again, much love to you;)

  134. Dear Dana,
    Thank you for your post. As I read about your struggles, I felt like I was reading about myself. And I empathize with your feeling of dedicating this to the unborn child you lost to hypothyroidism. I am 43 and have every single symptom you have listed.
    It is helpful to read about the various resources.

  135. Suffering from crazy hair loss and don’t know what the source is… Doctor did bloodwork and is sending me to endocrine specialist Bc thyroid peroxidase was high. But I had been taking biotin pills so that’s what spiked my numbers.
    But hair is falling out so something is leading to

    • Wow thank you for all this wonderful information. I suffer from Talasemia minor is a red blood cells condition in which your always anemic because the cells are smaller than normal. I found out 4 years ago and so many questions were answered for me. Eventhough I have not been diagnosed with hypothyrodism, I have many of your symptoms. Thank you for all the information.

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