How Your Thyroid Affects Vaginal Dryness, Libido and Painful Sex (And what you can do about it at any age!)

How your thyroid affects vaginal dryness, libido & painful sex (and what you can do about it at any age)

Are your issues with your thyroid causing you problems in the bedroom? For many women, it absolutely is. I’ve invited a gynecologist and obstetrician to talk about how our hormones – sexual and thyroid – dictate a lot about what’s going on down there in our “lady parts”, regardless of our age. As a special for my Hypothyroid Mom readers, she is offering her groundbreaking feminine cream that helps improve vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, low libido, and even embarrassing urine leaks. The Julva Trial Pack will last you 7 days and it’s free just for us.

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