My Darn Hypothyroid Legs

My darn hypothyroid legs

“I can’t feel my legs. They’re numb or something, Hey wait, are they swollen?” I wondered as I shaved my legs one day several months after the birth of my first son in 2006. I glided the razor over my lower legs again then again and again as the feelings of surprise then disbelief then fear came over me suddenly that something was wrong with my legs.

It would take many more months before I received my diagnosis of severe hypothyroidism. Now looking back all these years later, my body was whispering, okay more like shouting, warning signs that something wasn’t right.

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The original term for hypothyroidism “myxoedema” on old death certificates

The original term for hypothyroidism (myxoedema) on old death certificates

One day while I was posting an article on the Hypothyroid Mom Facebook Page, a comment from a follower jumped off the screen at me. All I saw was “I found the old term for hypothyroidism “myxoedema” on death certificates from the early 1900s” and I had to find out more.
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First recorded accounts of the clinical features of adult hypothyroidism, 1873

First recorded account of clinical features of adult hypothyroidism 1873

Queen Victoria (1819-1901)

Queen Victoria’s court physician Sir William Withey Gull is credited as the first person to record the clinical features of hypothyroidism in adults in his 1873 seminal paper.[1] [Read more…]