Graves’ disease gal in London

Graves' disease gal in London

Going from hyperthyroid to hypothyroid. [Read more…]

the cold-hard truth about hashimoto’s symptoms

the cold-hard truth about hashimoto's symptomsConsider your symptoms as an internal GPS to navigate you to wellness.
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Presidential Candidate Treated with Natural Desiccated Thyroid – medicine should be allowed to all

Presidential candidate treated with natural desiccated thyroid - medicine should be allowed to all

I thought a great deal about whether or not to include this article at Hypothyroid Mom because I prefer to avoid politics here on my site. However in the end I decided to post this article. Here’s why. Hillary Clinton is being treated with natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) for hypothyroidism – a kind of treatment which most mainstream doctors refuse to prescribe even when their patients still have hypothyroid symptoms after being treated with the standard medication. It is not fair that this is an option only for patients who can afford to pay out of pocket for doctors open to prescribing NDT.

I was fortunate to find a doctor open to exploring the thyroid treatment options. NDT changed my life. I want every person offered the various thyroid medication options to find what is right for them too.

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thyroid: signs, symptoms and selenium

thyroid: signs, symptoms and selenium

If you look more deeply, more functionally, at two clients with the same diagnosis, you may see that what led to their ‘shared’ condition are two different sets of circumstances.
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hello hashimoto’s

hello hashimoto's

You aren’t just what you eat.

You are what your body can do with what you eat. [Read more…]