Winners of the Hypothyroid Mom 2nd Anniversary GIVEAWAYS

Winners of the Hypothyroid Mom 2nd Anniversary GIVEAWAYS


On October 1, 2012 I took a leap of faith and launched my blog Hypothyroid Mom in memory of the unborn baby I lost to hypothyroidism.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your support over the past two years by offering giveaways throughout the month of October. It’s been an exciting month with 61 WINNERS and prizes totaling just over $5,000 in value.

I would like to thank all my guest writers for their wonderful articles and generous giveaway prizes and give special thanks to all my readers. One of the greatest blessings of Hypothyroid Mom for me has been meeting all of you.

Winners of the Hypothyroid Mom 2nd Anniversary GIVEAWAYS

I’ve emailed every winner listed here. I’ve heard back from the majority of winners but there are still several that have not responded to claim their prizes. If you entered one of the giveaways this month please check the list below to see if you were one of the winners and email me at [email protected]

Congratulations to all my winners!

Mary Shomon’s book Living Well With Hypothyroidism + 30 Minute Thyroid Coaching Session


Robin Benson

Dr. Kharrazian’s 2 books Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? & Why Isn’t My Brain Working?


Barbara Paas

Tracy PCat

30-Day Custom My HotzePak + Telephone Vitamin Consultation


Rebecca Hemphill Benson

Dr. Steven Hotze’s books Hypothyroidism, Health & Happiness


Shari Harrison Miller

Valerie Jenesis

Cheryl Tremblay

Tracey Flynn Kennard

Nikki Hundt Prohaska

Sarah Wilson’s New York Times Best Seller I Quit Sugar


Erin Antel

Kelsey Hyde

Christine Topma

Baby Mantra Bundle of Joy


Ashley Christopher

Kristie Patterson Parker

Lauren Gemma Robarge

Heat Holders Original Thermal Socks


Mariel Velazquez

Doris Alexander

Lifetime Access Women’s Gluten-Free Health Summit


Cami Madsen

Karen Ross


Dr. Kevin Passero’s trusted brands Methyl B12, Omega 3, Multivitamin, Vitamin D, CoQ10 Face Cream


Hillary Evans Empfield

3-Month VIP Membership to Dr. Wiggy’s RIHealthClub


Sarah Cox Patrick

Suzanne McCarthy

Miracle Emery

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Teleseminar + Book Honest Medicine


Jan Lehman

Stephanie King

ZRT Laboratory 2 Adrenal Stress Kits & 1 Comprehensive Elements Thyroid Panel Kit


Judy Smith: Comprehensive Thyroid Kit

Theresa Dayee: Adrenal Stress Kit

Roxana Saez: Adrenal Stress Kit

ZAQ Mirage Diffuser + Spark Naturals Essential Oils 4 Pack (Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint & Melaleuca)


Courtney Clasen

Thyroid Phone Consult (30 min) with NYC Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Hugh Melnick

Winner: Najmussahar Khan

Omega Cure (3 bottles) by Omega3 Innovations


Amanda Carroll

Online Symptom Surveys (computerized symptom evaluations) with Cammi Balleck


Jennifer Renee Griffin

Linda Crocker

Theresa Cole Evans

Michele Harris

Lola LA

Mariana E.

Vicki Barlage

Terry Fletcher

Karen Boyagian Natiw

Christina Nevel McGarvey

Elise Ring

Kim Wilder

Cheryl Vetter

Claire Ryder

Mindy Elias

Tiffany Walker

Linda Chambers


Danielle Burrus Woodward

Meghan Cunha

Susie Finding Christopher

Jenna Mitchell

Valerie Ammons

April Bratton

Laura Gonzalez

Holtraceuticals supplements BIG Hair, Daily Energy Elements & Cycle Restore


Donna Roark

Dr. Aviva Romm’s books The Natural Pregnancy Book & Natural Health After Birth


Lindsay Parks

Tracy Konoske’s e-learning course Detox Series: Complete 4 Part Package


Ronni Goldstein

Dr. Mark Hyman’s book 10-Day Detox Diet + Gold Package for December 10-Day Detox Diet Challenge


Jen Holland Page

Join me in congratulating all the winners!

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