The Hypothyroid Mom Centers

As I near the 10 year anniversary of Hypothyroid Mom, I look back on all that I’ve accomplished and I know deep in my soul that this is my life’s mission. I’ve been blessed to have millions of thyroid patients from all around the world visit my website and social media channels every single year and I am filled with gratitude. I research and write my blog articles for hours and days on end because I truly believe that we are our own greatest health advocates.

However, I must be honest and tell you that there is something missing, a feeling that I just can’t shake after all these years. When I launched this website all those years ago, I thought surely things would improve for thyroid patients in a decade, surely there would be doctors everywhere skilled at the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease, surely there would no longer be millions of patients suffering by now. I sit here and wonder why on earth, in this day and age, this is happening. We are left to struggle to keep our eyes open to make it through each day with hair falling out in clumps and pain made up to be all in our heads and accusations that we are fat because we just aren’t trying hard enough to exercise and eat less. I just won’t stand for it anymore.

There is hope to be well with hypothyroidism, so much hope, and I know it. Hope happened to me and I want the same for every single person that visits Hypothyroid Mom. I’ve had the unique opportunity to meet the world’s greatest thyroid doctors over these 10 years and I’ve brought together the best of the best to create The Hypothyroid Mom Centers.

Yes, it’s a seriously bold move but it’s exactly what I’ve done. Finally.

Have you gone years of knowing deep inside you that something just isn’t right with your body but you are constantly told your thyroid is “normal”?

Have you struggled to find a doctor who listens to your symptoms, really listens and tries to connect the dots?

Does your doctor refuse to test thyroid antibodies because they insist there really isn’t anything they can do to treat them if they are abnormal anyway?

Is T4 synthetic thyroid medication like Synthroid the only prescription given to you but you still feel sick sick SICK?

Have you requested full thyroid testing including Free T3 and Reverse T3 thanks to articles at Hypothyroid Mom such as this one but you are told those lab tests are never run in their office?

Have you read my countless articles like this one about how T3 and natural desiccated thyroid may be the ideal thyroid treatment for you but you just can’t find doctors open to prescribing them?

Have you finally found a doctor to prescribe T3 or NDT but they just can’t figure out what type, combination, or dosage to eliminate your symptoms?

Do you react poorly to every single thyroid prescription medication you try and you feel frustrated because no one can find the right one for you?

Have you ever finally felt better on your thyroid prescription to then have your dosage lowered because your thyroid is normal and then you feel sick all over again?

Have you read online about the many benefits of whole body interventions including diet and supplementation for thyroid health but you can’t figure out which ones are best for your body?

Have you read my most popular Hypothyroid Mom article 300 Hypothyroidism Symptoms: Count How Many You Have and you’ve tallied up over 100 symptoms despite taking your thyroid pill every single day?

If you answered YES to even one of these questions, then the Hypothyroid Mom Centers were built just for YOU.

55 locations worldwide already and we’re quickly expanding.

And I’m oh so very proud.