Reversing Autoimmune Thyroid Disease Is Possible

Reversing Autoimmune Thyroid Disease Is Possible

Michelle heaeld herself of Hashimoto’s and Lupus and has been free of symptoms and antibodies since 2009. For over eight years, she has helped hundreds of people reverse chronic inflammatory and autoimmune conditions with her Functional Mind-Body programs.

Written by Michelle Corey, Author of The Thyroid Cure

When I reversed my Hashimoto’s and lupus in 2009, I wanted to shout it from the rooftops! All my miserable symptoms were gone. The inflammatory fat melted away; my hair and eyebrows grew back; and my rashes, sore joints and fatigue disappeared. I could finally think clearly and I felt vibrantly healthy for the first time in my life. I no longer had antibodies to my own tissues and I looked and felt ten years younger.

I’ve been free of symptoms and antibodies for over six years now. I haven’t experienced a single “relapse” or “flare up” and I feel great. According to both my medical doctor and endocrinologist, I’m “cured.”

My healing was no coincidence. I spent over six years researching the science of the autoimmune process and what I discovered is that the immune system doesn’t just attack the body out of the blue. There are always multiple triggers and I had several of them. Once I was able to identify and remove the stresses on my immune system and restore the core systems of my body, I naturally healed.

By definition Hashimoto’s or Graves’ disease is the presence of antibodies. By “cure” I mean no more antibodies or autoimmune symptoms. I took a full dose of T4 and T3 while I was healing. Now I take a tiny amount of T3 every other day for longevity. Some of my clients have weaned off meds altogether, while some choose to stay on low dose for the same reasons I do.

We have to remember that thyroid medication does not treat the root cause of an autoimmune thyroid condition. Most people who simply take thyroid replacement continue to have raging antibodies and a progressive condition that eventually destroys the thyroid gland. In many cases the root autoimmune condition continues and causes damage to other systems and organs.

Stress and the Autoimmune Process

Scientists have demonstrated that all autoimmune conditions are essentially the same process: the inflamed immune system, under the strain of continual cellular stress (triggers), mistakes healthy tissue as foreign and begins to destroy it. 1 The only difference between various autoimmune conditions is which organ is attacked. With lupus, it can be the skin, the liver, the joints, etc. With type I diabetes, it’s the pancreas; with multiple sclerosis, it is the brain and spinal cord; and with ulcerative colitis, it is the large intestine and rectum.

In the case of Hashimoto’s and Graves’, the thyroid is the obvious target, but it’s important to note that it’s rarely just the thyroid being affected there are typically several underlying imbalances. An autoimmune thyroid condition is a full-body condition!

Throughout history people have known that stress makes you sick. While they may have lacked the “science,” ancient healing systems were built upon relieving stress and detoxing the body, thus restoring balance and health.

Today, scientists have found that both acute and chronic stressors directly affect the cells of your immune system, resulting in autoimmunity.

10 Ways Stress Can Trigger Autoimmunity

  1. Acute stress in any form (psychological and physical) can cause a rise in the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, which suppress T-cell activity.
  2. Chronic stress in any form can cause adrenal fatigue, which causes the hormones cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine to become depleted. This can allow immune system T-cells to get out of control, resulting in inflammation and an imbalance between T-cells and B-cells.2
  3. Chronic stress can impair methylation, which can suppress T-cell production. Impaired methylation of T-cells may be involved in the production of autoantibodies.3
  4. Chronic infectious stress can cause both B-cells and T-cells to be overproduced resulting in autoimmunity.4,5
  5. Gastrointestinal stress, perhaps caused by parasites, yeast or an overgrowth of bad bacteria, affects all the cells of your immune system, and disrupts the balance between T-regulator cells and Th1 and Th2 cells.6
  6. Food allergies and sensitivities, for instance to gluten, can cause B-cells to be overproduced, which may result in an accidental attack on healthy tissues.7
  7. Nutrient deficiency is a form of stress that can be at the root of an autoimmune response; for instance, selenium and iodine deficiencies have been found to cause thyroid inflammation, thus driving up the production of T-cells and B-cells.8
  8. Exposure to heavy metals can cause both T-cells and B-cells to be overproduced.9
  9. Certain medications and vaccinations can be “antigenic,” which means that the body produces antibodies to the substance, thus initiating an immune response. In some cases this can trigger an autoimmune response.10,11
  10. Literally thousands of environmental toxins from cleaning products and pesticides to dry cleaning fluids and plastics can become antigenic and trigger an autoimmune condition.12

While each of us is unique, I have found that people with autoimmune thyroid disorders have certain stressors in common such as chronic stress, nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities, sluggish livers, leaky guts, inflammation, low-grade infections or viruses, and chemical or heavy metal toxicity.

It is possible to reverse an autoimmune thyroid condition, but you have to determine which of these stressors are your personal triggers and then work to heal them. Completely healing from Hashimoto’s or Graves’ isn’t always easy, but it’s possible. I have witnessed it over and over that the body will naturally move toward vibrant health when the stressors are removed and the core systems of the body restored to balance!

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About Michelle Corey

Michelle Corey, C.N.W.C., F.M.C., is a Wellness Recovery Expert, researcher and author of The Thyroid Cure – The Functional Mind-Body Approach to Reversing Your Autoimmune Condition and Reclaiming Your Health!

Michelle healed herself of Hashimoto’s and lupus and has been free of symptoms and antibodies since 2009. For over eight years, she has helped hundreds of people reverse chronic inflammatory and autoimmune conditions. Her Functional Mind-Body programs are designed to guide people to recover wellness by balancing the core systems of the body through optimizing nutrition and detoxification, practices to release stress, letting go of the past, and connecting more fully to a life of spirit.

Michelle studied holistic nutrition at Clayton College of Natural Health and completed a comprehensive 2-year practical program at Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics. She is Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and Functional Medical Consultant. She is currently an advisor to the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics and the Functional Medical University, and a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine and the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants.

Michelle lives in beautiful Taos, New Mexico and offers Functional Mind-Body healing retreats, workshops and online courses.


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