Hypothyroidism. An Open Letter to My Family

Hypothyroidism. An Open Letter To My Family.

When a Hypothyroid Mom reader contacted me with this letter that she wrote to her family (and she asked me to share but keep it anonymous), I thought wow she hit the nail on the head. She expressed the frustration we feel living with an invisible illness so perfectly. We may look “normal” on the outside but struggle in ways no one understands, not even our loved ones.

(Within 10 minutes of posting this article on the Hypothyroid Mom Facebook page, the traffic to this article was so high we CRASHED the Hypothyroid Mom website. This is a dedicated server designed to handle huge traffic and we managed to crash it in 10 minutes. Thankfully the hosting company has my site back up and running. Seriously if we ever doubted what WARRIORS we are, today we proved it.) [Read more…]