Reefer Madness, or a Promising Treatment for Thyroid Disease?

Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein 'Weed the People'Documentary “Weed the People” by Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein

Emmy-winning talk show host Ricki Lake teamed up with filmmaking partner Abby Epstein to raise awareness about the medicinal effects of cannabis in their documentary Weed the People. In 2008, Ricki and Abby released the award winning documentary The Business of Being Born.

I welcome celebrity health coach Jen Wittman to Hypothyroid Mom to share her findings on the benefits of CBD oil in the treatment of thyroid disease. She is a great supporter of her clients Ricki and Abby in their efforts to spread awareness about the benefits of medical cannabis.

Written by Jen Wittman, Founder of Thyroid Loving Care

As a celebrity health coach, I have had the great fortune to have access to doctors and practitioners on the forefront of healing. Some of my well-known clients are avid health advocates in their own right and have introduced me to burgeoning alternative and complementary approaches to healing.

This past summer, I got a crash course in the medicinal properties of CBD oil, a derivative of cannabis, from two of my clients who, amongst other things, make documentaries on important healthcare issues. Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein are a dynamic duo always pushing the boundaries of what we commonly understand about our health from a Western health care perspective, so when they started talking to me about CBD oil, I sat up and listened. What I learned floored me. It’s not what you think and it’s certainly worth a look.

What is CBD oil?

Cannabis or marijuana, contains thousands of cannabinoid compounds, including the most well-known, THC, which causes the “high” that people experience when they smoke or ingest marijuana.

Cannabidiol—CBD—is another cannabinoid compound in cannabis that has been shown to have significant medical effects, but doesn’t make people feel “stoned.” When isolated from the plant, CBD oil contains very little or no THC. And, it’s actually thought to counteract the psychoactive properties of THC. Many scientists believe that CBD is responsible for the mellow, calm feeling many people experience when using marijuana.

The important takeaway here is that CBD oil provides the medical benefits of cannabis without the high. It’s being used to treat everything from skin conditions like acne and eczema to neurological diseases like Huntington’s and Parkinson’s to mental illness like anxiety and PTSD. It’s also showing incredible potential to fight cancer, autoimmune disorders, and inflammation.

Of course, as a health coach, I’m immediately skeptical of cure-alls that seem too good to be true. The list of ailments CBD oil supposedly treats seems to be growing by the day. How can it treat so many different problems with so few side effects? (I mean, are the researchers all just high, or what?!)

The endogenous cannabinoid system, named after the plant that led to its discovery, is a previously unknown physiological system that is central to the health and healing of humans and many animals. Endocannabinoids and their receptors occur naturally throughout the entire body: in the brain, all the organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune system. That’s right: your body produces cannabinoid substances naturally. The receptors have different functions based on where they are in the body, but they all have one common goal: homeostasis, or maintaining stability in the face of external factors.

This isn’t fringe science. If you search PubMed (the leading online database for scientific papers) for the word “cannabinoid,” you’ll find more than 17,000 references. That’s more than two papers published per day over the last 20 years!

And it explains why cannabis and its derivatives (called phytocannabinoids if they come from plants) can affect so many different areas of health.

The history of medical cannabis

As I mentioned, there is a wealth of scientific research on the successful use of cannabis for a variety of medicinal purposes. Cannabis has been used as medicine for thousands of years—and has only been banned from use for the past 70 years or so. There are political reasons as to why cannabis fell out of favor in the early 20th century. And, when larger groups started using the plant recreationally in the 1960s, its social importance and understanding changed dramatically.

In the United States, marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 drug, which states that these are dangerous drugs with no medical benefit and also includes LSD and heroin. But the U.S. government itself (department of Health and Humans Services) holds a patent on the use of certain cannabinoids to treat neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and HIV dementia. Many medical marijuana advocates believe this patent expressly contradicts the government’s own Schedule 1 classification of the drug.

In other words, advocates believe that the government can’t have it both ways: patenting the drug for certain medical uses and claiming that it has no medical benefit.

Groups around the country have long argued that medical marijuana should be legal. As of 2014, 21 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana in some or all cases, and two states, Colorado and Washington, have legalized general marijuana use.

Cannabis use for autoimmune, inflammation & thyroid diseases

Despite the legal standing of cannabis and all its derivatives, science marches on! As I mentioned above, thousands of studies are conducted and published each year around different aspects of cannabinoids and their medical uses.

I believe that cannabis oil and juicing will likely emerge in the next few years as acceptable, viable, and hopefully legal options for reducing inflammation, managing thyroid cancer and suppressing the autoimmune response.

Scientific studies have found that THC reduces inflammatory responses in people with autoimmune disorders—but that too much suppresses immune function and makes the body susceptible to other disease.

Reports haven’t yet conclusively found any connection between cannabis and healing thyroid problems, but many have found that cannabis can alleviate many of the symptoms associated with thyroid disorders, including digestive problems, mood problems, sleep problems and more. There’s quite a bit of emerging research on the role of cannabinoids in the regulation of energy balance in many different endocrine systems that could prove very helpful for thyroid conditions.

How do we get more research done on CBD oil’s effects on thyroid & autoimmune disease?

The documentary Ricki & Abby are currently producing, Weed The People, focuses mainly on CBD oil’s effects on cancer, but through friends’ experiences and in working with my clients, I’ve seen firsthand the astonishing effects CBD oil can have.

Is it a controversial topic? No doubt about it! But I personally believe that if a substance could potentially save even a few children (and adults) from the scourge of cancer (not to mention the pain and suffering of thyroid and autoimmune disease), we should at least examine the possibility of its use in health care.

I strongly encourage you to go and watch their video. It will tug at your heart, make you want to go hug your own babies, and/or remind you of someone you love who is battling cancer or disease. (It had me in tears!) If you feel moved, please consider making a donation of any amount to the IndieGogofund to make sure these voices get heard. Even a small donation helps create awareness to further research on CBD and its effects on cancer, thyroid & autoimmune disease.

This project is near and dear to my heart as I was honored to go behind the scenes one day with Abby and Ricki and saw their dedication, sacrifice, and thoroughness in finding and filming the experts they interviewed. I personally believe in this film and the promise of CBD oil as another important tool in our healing arsenal, and that’s why I thought this was an important topic to discuss in the thyroid and autoimmune community. Through advocacy for more research when it comes to thyroid and autoimmune disease, we are able to get closer to discovering what’s available to us for supporting the body, reversing disease and eliminating symptoms.

Full disclosure here: I have not tried CBD oil for my own condition, but I’ve become convinced of its potential through what I’ve witnessed first-hand with its effects on others.

After interviewing knowledgeable doctors, I would not hesitate to encourage anyone to look into this as a treatment option under the supervision of a physician, a health coach like me, or naturopath who understands CBD oil. For a medicine that’s thousands of years old, it’s truly on the cutting edge of Western medical science.

As I always say, we must be our own advocates for health, and if we as a community see a potential for healing that our government, our medical community, or our culture doesn’t see, we need to make our voices heard.

Have you or anyone you know used CBD oil? Have you considered it? Do you have questions?

I’d love to get a discussion going in the comments below, but due to the sometimes polarizing nature of this topic, please remember to respect others opinions and be civil in your replies!

Special Note: Some of my clients have volunteered to allow me and a small team of doctors I put together to track their progress as they use CBD oil to eliminate their symptoms. If you are interested in learning more about this study or participating yourself, please contact Team TLC. I’ve also put together a resources page of my sources for this article if you’d like to learn more about CBD oil.

About Jen Wittman

Jen Wittman is a Certified Holistic Health Expert & Coach, specializing in thyroid and autoimmune conditions. She provides one-of-a-kind, long-lasting health and healing overhauls at Thyroid Loving Care. She is author of the book, Healing Hashimoto’s Naturally and popular guides, The Super-Mom’s Guide to Managing Life with Thyroid & Autoimmune Disease without Going Bonkers & A Partner’s Guide to Thyroid & Autoimmune Disease: Understand Her Struggle & How To Help. And, she is host of and Thyroid Radio.

After reversing Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid disease herself, Jen created The Thyroid Fix in 6, a simple 6-week self-care strategy to reverse thyroid, autoimmune and inflammatory disease. This online, interactive thyroid health coaching program, provides a practical, real-world strategy to reversing disease & includes a 6-week step-by-step action plan, guides to thyroid basics, testing, treatments, and symptoms and a 4-week meal plan + cookbook.

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  1. I have battled fatigue, constipation, depression, insomnia, and so many more hypothyroid symptoms since I was a child. Dr.s could never pin point what was wrong with me so I gave up trying to figure it out. Now in my 30’s a friend and psychiatrist said he thought I had thyroid symptoms. I had gained 25 lbs in one year and another 20 the next. I went to my primary care Dr. and asked for a thyroid test that showed my results as normal. I then asked for a T3 test and again my Dr. told me the results were normal. Frustrated I told my psych Dr. friend and showed him the results and he said it showed a underactive thyroid. He started me on synthroid and I stopped gaining weight and got some energy back. I struggle still because I can not lose any weight and still have lots of symptoms like constipation. I went back to my primary care Dr. and he had me tested for heart disease and gallbladder disease and I was cleared. So he decided I have IBS and advised me to stop taking thyroid meds since he doesn’t believe that is my problem. I am so frustrated and my symptoms keep me from enjoying life.

    • Ed Arnold says:

      Have you been checked for food-caused illness, esp. gluten and dairy? You might want to check out Datis Kharrazian’s books. Gluten is a key trigger for Hashimoto’s, which gradually destroys the thyroid. Since you got some result from T4-only (Synthroid) therapy, I’ll bet you could get better results from T3+T4 or one of the Armour-type products. The key is that you do need to make your own dosing decisions based on the TSH,FT3,FT4 tests your doctor runs. On T3+T4, I was able to get my thyroid levels corrected to TSH=1.1, FT3=3.1 pg/ml, where I feel quite decent.

      • Hi Ed,

        Your post are some informative. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I replied somewhere on here earlier but I issue is this. Been on just Synthroid for 16 years. Read STTM starting a new program with NDT for about three months not feeling much better, then read that NDT has GMOs from the grain fed pigs. So now I’m back on Synthroid about to try some kind of CBD oil. And going to a new age doctor to get tested for everything again.

        Again thanks for your information. It is great.

        • Ed Arnold says:

          You might make the round of natural desiccated thyroid hormone companies and see if any of them test their product for glyphosate residue, which I suspect would be the primary way of determining product purity. I don’t know if it’s possible or economical to test for altered gene structure. There was some concern, years back (during the mad cow scare) of pathogens getting into animal-based products; I recall Andrew Weil expressing this fear. Now, it appears the primary problem is herbicide and pesticide residue, and foreign genes.

          You could, as a short-term test, try going on a mix of synthetic T3+T4 to see if that makes you feel better and reduces your worry about pollutants. I am currently using a mixture of King Pharmaceuticals (now owned by someone else) Cytomel and Levoxyl, since that maker guarantees their products gluten-free, absolutely necessary in my case. I use a T3:T4 ratio of about 15mcg:81mcg per day. You can vary your ratio (use more T3) to see if that makes your feel better. Someone on here did mention you can actually buy T2 as a supplement, but I checked that and found that supplement contains an artificial sweetener, so I’m not going there.

          Has your doctor checked your iron (ferritin) status and your adrenal function? You might want to have the doc check inflammation markers (e.g. CRP) before starting CBD oil, so you can figure out what effect it has.

    • Hi Angel. I tend to think like your Dr friend, but there’s a number of other issues that need checking out. It’s quite often that most people also suffer Vitamin D deficiency also magnesium, other nutrients required for the hypothalamus to the end product T3. Include B1-2-3-5-6 as well as selenium, zinc, and some Iodine supplementation, as without Iodine the processes can’t happen. Also it’s quite common that Candida accompanies hypothyroidism, and the symptoms of Candida overgrowth are very similar, so it’s possible you could have both, and also what’s known as leaky gut, due to diets high in wheat and dairy, plus a history of Antibiotics. As for a good diet many people follow a Paleo diet with good results. Unfortunately it’s a far bigger subject than doctors are led to believe, one magic pill, but never any discussion on diet. Another good resource is STTM = stop the thyroid madness.

      • I would be careful with STTM. They strongly recommend the same protocol for everyone.

        • Ed Arnold says:

          Really? It’s always been my attitude to use only the elements of a given protocol that work for me … I would not depend on one practitioner or website to have all the answers. Having said that, I will say that STTM’s T3CM (T3 Circadian Method) protocol is part of my protocol, and it has been very helpful. There has been a lot of conjecture on various sites about whether taking thyroid hormone before bedtime (as opposed to the morning) is helpful. T3CM makes it pretty clear to me that a rise in T3 during sleep hours, is very helpful in healing insomnia and increasing overall quality of sleep. Since my body doesn’t do a great job of T4->T3 conversion, that means I have to take T3 before bedtime, and sometimes in the wee hours.

        • I read STTM and went to my doctor for Amour which I was taking for about three months. Not feeling any better, then I read where Amour had GMOs from the grain fed pigs where they harvest the decicated hormone. Back on Synthroid. I do not know what to believe or what to do next. Very frustrated and Fat….

  2. Please get checked for Hashimotos disease. I have similar symptoms and was diagnosed with that. I got food allergy tested and I avoid all foods and other allergens that bother me. Eliminating grains and dairy were really helpful for me. I don’t drink coffee or take iodine in any of my supplements (per Mayo Clinic who said it is not a good idea). I do take fish oil, vitamin D, and 100 mg Selenium each day. I have my energy back and am working out again. God bless you!

  3. I would love to hear from people that have tried CBD oil for Hashi’s. What brands did you use, what dose? What results. Please share.

    • I have been using an organic, CO2 extracted CBD oil (Elixinol) for three months. I was diagnosed with RA 31 years ago, and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis 16 years ago. I have managed this mess naturally for many years, primarily with diet and supplements, and have not used drugs to treat the RA in the past 25 years. I noticed great improvement with CBD within 10 days of nightly use: better sleep, much less stiffness and hyper-sensitivity (mental and physical), improved mood and libido, much less anxiety, just a better ability to cope with everything. It has even had a positive effect on unpleasant menopause symptoms. I’m only taking 10 mg at night, which is a low dose. Having so many years of experience with inflammatory processes, I truly believe the CBD reduces inflammation, doesn’t just mask symptoms. This is miraculous, but I want to have much more time using it to be able to speak to the real benefits. In the meantime, I can run again and exercise, which I love, and I’m not in constant discomfort. And, I haven’t felt the need to see a chiropractor in 3 months!!! There is no “high” with CBD, just “calm.” I keep researching and would be willing to include some THC with the CBD (CBD ameliorates the effects of THC) if I can figure out dosing to try to modulate the auto-immunity. CBD can be ordered throughout the U.S. — Elixinol is considered industrial hemp, not marijuana. (The distinction being that Hemp Oil has to contain no more than 0.3% of THC.) I’m thrilled with the Hemp Oil CBD, and lucky to be living in Colorado if I choose to go the medical marijuana route.

      • Hi, does anyone have knowledge, experience, opinion about taking 5 drops of T2 liquid 2-3x daily? i bought it from mindandmuscle dot com. any hazards i should know about? [im taking low dose armour; im feeling a little better than taking nothing, but its still not making me normal. synthetic T4 & T4 gave me nausea, vomiting, bronchial constriction]. thanks so much!! -tricia

        • Ed Arnold says:

          Interesting supplement, but I note it contains a benzoate and sucralose. I have to just say no to any supplement that contains a sweetener, and esp. an artificial sweetener.

          • i only take 5 drops at a time, 3-4x daily. any down sides in regards to taking it for thyroid boost? from what i can find, T2 only has a half-life of a few hours. im told it wont skew any of my labs, but jic i’d stop it 3-4 days ahead. im sure not getting what i need from the typical thyroid meds. i guess i just have a weird system. thx again!

  4. Hey, so I started smoking pot in high school. My mom would give me a drag or two because I was an over achieving honors student and would stay awake for days.
    I stopped smoking for about 10 years after the insomnia stopped. Started gaining weight, losing hair on my head and finding it on my chin or neck, muscle aches and couldn’t pull myself out of bed. I gained 70lbs in a year!
    Diagnosed with Hashimotos, pcos, borderline diabetic, chronic edema, high testosterone. Also had four nodules on my thyroid, precancerous.
    I lost my insurance and started smoking pot after reading about thyroid benefits. I’ve been off synthroid (which caused me a lot of bone loss and nerve damage) and my other medications for 4 years. I lost 52lbs with minimal effort, have heaps of energy! Tsh and levels are back to normal, no signs of nodules or inflamed thyroid. I’m going to smoke it anyway, might as well make it legal!

  5. danijela says:

    I have been taking oil to try and cure my thyroid papillary carcinoma and 4 nodules…. nodules arrived approx january of 2010… and one of those nodules calcified which prompted biopsy may 2013. I have been utilizing alternative care since then. I have tried paw paw but it made my tummy ichy… but along the way, i have built a regime (which should be more strict but i take care of my family and my ailing dad.) Off work since sept 2013 due to mental crash… ocd. Depression. Anxiety adjustment disorder. 7 years if every trauma possible from burned house to death and variety of shit inbetween…. anyway… started oil october 2013. Cant get to reccomended 1gram daily dose as it cooks me… but i keep usibg as can along with: enzymes. Probiotics. Spirulina. Chlorella. Msm. Super omega 3 oil. Chaga max. Multi mineral. Potassium. Multi vitamin. Alpha lipoic acid. Thyroid support. Kelp. 5htp. Serrapeptase. Coq10. Magnesium calm…. when i find time… infra red sauna. Coffee enemas. Rebounder. Magnetic pulser. Blood purifier zapper. Baking soda. Apple cider vinegar. Im sure theres miore… oh yes… jyst started applying dmso gel over topical cannabis salve over thyroid area. I am becoming financially burdened as my husband just lost hus job…. but i still can feel the pressure of the nodules and have not had a follow up biopsy to see where the carcinoma situation is at. Others seem more concerned than i am….but i worry about so many other things that perhapsiam in denial about it lol… anyway, if anyone has any wonderful tips… i surely could use them… and with overwhelming gratitude at that! Blessings and cheers all!

    • Hi Danijela, I also have a thyroid papillary carcinoma diagnosed in 2012 . Havent use cannabis oil till now. but i I would love to share some of my story and hear your story as well. Hope everything gets better for you and your family soon. George

      • I’ve recently been diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. I have been told my next step is surgery to cut out that half of my thyroid and then they will do a frozen biopsy on that and if it is for sure cancer they will take out the other half of my thyroid. Did you have any of this done or have you been living with this for 2 years?

        • Hi Mel,
          I know the feelings and the confusion that comes with the diagnosis. I don’t want to add more to that so i will just share what i did with my case.
          as i said i was diagnosed in 2012 (february) with papillary carcinoma but i can’t be sure for how long it was sitting there. I haven’t done any surgery till today . They suggested me to do half thyroidectomy but i chosed not to since it is confirmed it is cancer through 3 biopsies so i don’t see a point in doing that. I chose to change my lifestyle instead and i will try to fight the real cause of the problem than the symptom. I monitor it every 6 months or more just to know what is going on with the tumor itself but i try not to think about it. I am not advising you should or should not do any of the above since there are other parameters to consider but what i can say is that YOU are they only one responsible and able to decide what is best for you and how you will heal yourself.
          I wish you the best

  6. Jori Calvert says:

    I’ve been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, Sjogren’s disease, Degenerative disc disease, and arthritis with immobility to move my neck. I am 55 years old. I currently take prednisone, hydrocodone, soma, and levothyroxine. I would love to give up all these medications and replace them with one medicine ” marijuana “. My son is ADHD and he has had great success with his focusing with marijuana. Unfortunately, the law has had their way with him at my expense. We need these Dr’s to let the people have a choice what they want and if it helps them with the effects and cure’s of a lot of illnesses they really don’t understand. The War on drugs is between the pharmaceutical companies and the government and who’s going to reap the profits. Meanwhile, people are suffering with cancer and pain, taking drugs that are life taking. I’m ready to sign up!

  7. Xochi Martinez says:

    I began using Full Extract Cannabis Oil from my local dispensary about a month ago. I started with the recommended half of a rice grain size, then increased it to maybe 3-4 grain size. On average, I eat it maybe a few times a week. I also use a tincture for pain and inflammation relief, which I use almost daily. I’m going to ask my ND to order another panel in a few weeks to see if this has helped with the antibodies.

  8. William says:

    And you wonder why Marijuana is illegal? Ask the pharmaceutical companies and the Corporate prisons how they are going to replace the lost revenue when the need for them dries up.

  9. Like so many others, I am on NDT and while greatly improved, still have a lot of symptoms.

    Over Christmas a friend gave me a small amount of plain old street weed as a gift. Back in my misspent youth I used to use marijuana regularly but haven’t in well over a decade, long before I was diagnosed. When I used it this time, I was floored at how immediately it improved my symptoms. I smoked a small amount each day until it was gone, and when I no longer had any, the symptoms it had helped alleviate returned full force.

    After that I sought some out and decided to treat it as I would a prescription. I smoked about 1/4 teaspoon per day — not much at all — in very small puffs throughout the day as needed, then a bigger puff or two at night to help with insomnia. During that time period I was more stable and productive than I’ve been in at least two years!

    Now I am out again and don’t know when I’ll be able to find any more. My symptoms are back and I feel like crap. In fact, as I write this it is 9:15 in the morning and I did not sleep for even one minute last night.

    I don’t know exactly how it works but it seems to support the NDT & supplements to do their thing more consistently and predictably. I think also its relaxing effects take the stress off my adrenals and improve my mood so I’m not stressed out in the first place.

    The symptoms it helps me most with include: frequent headaches, which I do not get at all when I have weed to smoke; aches and pains, completely gone; insomnia; boosts my appetite enough that I can eat more than once per day without feeling sick; improved mood; improved outlook and ability to keep things in perspective (no longer crying or raging at every little thing); seems to help regulate my menstrual cycle; *vastly* improved libido; and, weirdly, I did not get the itchy little hives I normally get on my neck in the mornings.

    What I did not like was that if I took too big a puff I would get the “high” feeling, which I don’t really want because I have stuff to do. At night its okay because that “high” feeling turns into sleep, but during the day I need to be alert.

    I now consider marijuana a standard part of my hormonal treatment, along with NDT, progesterone oil, and the supplements. That is, if I can ever get my hands on any again. My state is so conservative it would be a miracle if medical marijuana were ever passed, let alone decriminalized or legalized.

    I would totally recommend weed without hesitation to anyone else whose symptoms are mostly, but not entirely, controlled via NDT. The trick is to smoke very small puffs so you get the benefits without getting high… if you overdo it, it’ll just make you tired again. If you are not on NDT or other medication, the weed may improve some of your symptoms but it will also definitely add to your tiredness.

    Anyway thanks for letting me share my story. Love your blog, keep up the excellent work :)

    • I find that I am constantly tired and lethargic and struggle to focus since ceasing smoking cannabis and that many of my drivers seem to be broken, I’m not able to perform tasks to anywhere like the level I was able to when smoking cannabis, the high regulated my dark and depressive mood and thoughts

    • Ed Arnold says:

      Good supply of high-quality stuff here in Colorado. Maybe you should take a road trip!

  10. I have been using a CBD HEMP oil vapor pen for 5 months. It has helped tremendously with my anxiety and insomnia. I sleep like a baby now. It’s important for everyone to know that not all CBD oil is the same. It depends on the potency and now the CBD is extracted. Also, make sure you know where the plants are coming from and that the oil is tested for purity and free of contamination. You don’t want to take anything that could have fungus or bacteria.

  11. i have had hypothyroid issues for many years now and the meds the doctors gave me made it much worse i felt like a lab expreriment for them to poke and prode at it was a living hell until i did research myself and discovered eating right no gluten n soy products with a increase of fiber and walking 3 to 4 times a week helped a alot.i still suffer through very bad days n nights of my body givin me hell.and honestly when used cannabis i felt a 100 times better.its a shame that some our states dont allow legal medical cannabis to people who have real everyday issues with health problems but our content with giving out more pills that dont help or make it worse as in my case after takein the meds i had to be in the hospital my hormone levels were off the charts eractic.but after cannabis use my hormone and blood work was moods were defintly difffirent as well as my hunger and body less fatigue and muscle aches and way less insomnia.i would just like to express im saying how cannabis helped me even if others disagree..our government n state officals can get behind pill pushers that just resale their meds on the streets but cant make a plant grown from the earth legal to help people.waiting in alabama..

  12. This is very interesting research that from my own experiences seems to make perfect sense. Until 18 months ago I had for years used cannabis to ‘self medicate’, I used to call it my medicine as I used it to control my anxiety and other mental disorders, since I have stopped I have realised just how much it alleviated symptoms that then became far more severe than I had ever imagined.

    After ceasing use I developed severe anxiety and depression and put on over 40lbs in weight and have found my body is now attacking my thyroid and on further investigation that I may be bi-polar. After reading numerous articles and then this one it seems logical that the sudden development and severity of all these ailments is almost certainly that I have been a long term sufferer of them and that my use of cannabis was very much ‘self medicating’ and had been keeping all these ailments ‘in check’.

    Cannabis is a natural drug and something we are obviously supposed to use for medicinal purposes as otherwise the human body would not have so many receptors for it. I believe my case provides strong evidence of this as does my adverse reaction to the chemically manufactured pharmaceuticals the health service have prescribed to try and treat my ailments.

    I am UK based but have been searching the internet for companies that conduct test studies using medicinal cannabis as I would very much like to participate and believe that my participation could again alleviate my ailments and prove of tremendous use as a case study so would be grateful if anyone could provide details of who I might contact to get involved in such a process

    • Ed Arnold says:

      I kind of doubt you could work with any company that isn’t in the UK, as shipping cannabis products between the U.S. and other countries just can’t be done. As for companies here in Colorado that have an active interest in prescribing cannabis for various conditions, goto and poke around. They have a consultant who talks to patients who have gotten MMJ certs, about how to use cannabis for conditions such as pain and cancer. They are probably the largest MMJ dispensary in Colorado. There are a few videos under the LEARN tab discussing use of cannabis for seizures, cancer, neuralgia, autism, and other conditions. Perhaps the most visible application is the use of a CBD oil called “Charlotte’s Web”, which has caused some families who have children with frequent seizures, to move to Colorado for access to that product.

  13. Diagnosed with Graves’ disease in 2011 after misdiagnosis of ADHD and prescribed Dexedrine for 10 years. Found an old school Jewish endocrinologist in Denver who treated me with methimazole and then PTU after my first pregnancy at age 41. Stopped Effexor, ambien, propranolol, Ativan in first trimester of pregnancy. Used CBD3:1 (flower not oil) for morning sickness in the first trimester; used 303 kush (strong indica flower) 2-3 times a week for pain and insomnia. Diagnosed with gestational diabetes in last trimester and was able to control my blood sugar with diet and exercise. Gave birth to my first child–very healthy 9.6 lb girl in June 2012. She is in the 90th percentile for growth and development. At 26 months she is potty trained and wears size 4T. She is also extremely happy, bright and athletic. I am currently euthyroid. I lost 60 lbs since Evei’s birth and now only take zoloft and cannabis. There is no doubt in my mind that my marijuana flower use has played a significant role in my road to recovery. It helped with the horrendous withdrawal effects of Effexor, and it currently helps me with nausea and loss of appetite from the zoloft. I will use it for monthly hormonal migraines that even sumatriptan cannot treat. I will add, however, that I am an Army veteran and took a three month cognitive processing therapy class for my PTSD/ sexual trauma and I believe that also has contributed significantly to my ability to manage moods while getting the zoloft dosage correct. Although I can safely use a sativa strain for energy and creativity, I do not recommend sativa use for anxiety– as another poster revealed.

    • I am wondering who the Jewish doctor I Denver is? I am struggling with a lot of symptoms of my levothyroxin and want to try other options such as oils or anything. I just want off levothyroxin.

      • Ed Arnold says:

        Problems with levothyroxine can be due to your body’s inability to convert it to T3. Pushing too much T4 into your system can cause high anxiety and other undesirable symptoms. Some patients do better with Reducing T4 so FT4 is low in range, or maybe even a little below range, then adding in T3 to bring FT3 up into the top half of its range.

        • Hi Ed, I too feel my best on natural desiccated thyroid when my Free T4 is in the lower half of the normal range and my Free T3 is top quarter of the normal range. It’s amazing when we each find what is optimal for us. It has been life changing for me.

          • Ed Arnold says:

            Hi Dana,
            My doc (a P.A. who frequently uses T3+T4 therapy) told me that he finds most of his patients on T3+T4, do best when FT4 is in the lower half of the range. In my case, I do best when FT4 is fairly close to the bottom of its range. This is in contrast to the opinions I’ve seen from various functional medicine types, who think FT4 should be mid-range or above. I think it’s reasonable to expect that anyone who benefits from T3 is a poor T4->T3 converter, and pushing too much T4 in not only doesn’t help FT3, but may even cause hyperthyroid-like symptoms.

        • Hi Ed [Ed Arnold], interesting you should mention that; my doc just tweaked my dose to 25mcg T4 , 10mcg T3. tonight im going to try 5mcg T3 at bedtime, then the other 5mcg as usual in the am. r u a thyroid patient and/or doc? just curious. i’d like 2 try sativa for energy boost, but don’t want any appetite increase as my metabolism is low due to hypothyroid. does that usually occur? thx 4 ur input!

          • I am a thyroid patient (who ended up teaching his doctor some things :)). The business of T3 helping sleep I discovered for myself, then later found out that Janie Bowthorpe talks about it (“T3CM”) on My recollection is that people for whom nighttime T3 works, have used doses all the way from 5mcg up to 25mcg; I use 10mcg at the time of early wakeup. Although a good quality sativa will probably help you feel much better, I cannot recommend it from the standpoint of appetite increase because yes, it does cause appetite! The main positive aspect of using sativa (at low dose) is that a research paper says they proved that THC is an anti-depressant at low dose, and depressant at high dose.

          • Hi Ed, thx 4 ur input! i’ll check out that CO site. we’ll be visiting family in denver in a month. relatives tell me indica would be good 4 sleep; hypothyroidism is probably causing my insomnia. hope that worx better 4 me than 3 generic unisoms nightly [it doesnt always work so well & it may be the culprit for recent tightening of my bronchial tubes; i had asthma from 16 to 40].

  14. Ed Arnold says:

    I had a long period of health problems (40+ years of vague symptoms, followed by 20+ years of very bad symptoms) rooted in celiac disease. Celiac wrecked my gut, destroyed my thyroid via Hashi’s, severely stressed my adrenals, depleted vitamins and minerals (including the selenium needed for T4>T3 conversion), and caused hypoproteinemia (inability to absorb/retain/synthesize protein). Hypoproteinemia caused spinal degeneration, shoulder impingement (a disabling arm condition), and severe middle insomnia. During the worst of these symptoms, I found that a small dose of MMJ could produce welcome periods of respite from the grinding reality of feeling like hell all the time. The plant cannabinoids in MMJ effectively mimic the body’s natural anandamide, so the patient can feel good for short periods of time, and a good hybrid MMJ reduces muscle pain and insomnia. As for allopathic pharmaceuticals: the benzodiazepenes, anti-depressants, and other crap the MDs push, never made me feel much better, and produced some nasty side-effects. So far as I am concerned, MDs are the real “pushers” of destructive drugs.

  15. ForestGardenGirl says:

    I really wish we could get some reasearch on the whole plant oil extract, as that is what seems to work best foe me. I have Hashimotos Disease (autoimmune underactive throid) and my T3, T4, fT3, fT4 numbers are all in the low-normal range beacuse we caught it early (my mom has it too and has since before I was born). My antibodies are crazy high numbers. Mom uses big-pharma thyroid and has weight, mind, skin and hair, etc problems. Thyroid meds don’t address the problems because not only is the H-P-T axis of glands affected by the disease, so are the thyroid receptors! I use home grown and home made cannabis oil extract (for maximum quality control and lowest cost) using food grade alcohol for extraction (similar to Rick Simpson Oil extraction method) and my head is clear, my weight dropped, I have energy, and shockingly, I am not stoned! I take three drops of the concentrate oil before I go to bed and I sleep like a baby. The high is gone before I wake up! This has been my regimen for two years now, and my dr. watches my numbers, but has not been inclined to put me on thyroid meds due to my response to MMJ! Try it… prove it to yourself!

    • Regarding Simpson’s youtube video: wondering what you use for a solvent. Simpson claims he uses naphtha or isopropyl alcohol. Seems to me ethyl alcohol would be the least toxic, but obviously will be quite costly. Do you do the boiling process outdoors in a rice cooker or similar, to avoid the danger of fire indoors?

  16. Thank God Almighty that lead me to Mr Rick who with his humanitarian heart help my wife that had cancer of the breast with his Hemp Oil, am so grateful that my 37 years old wife is back alive and healthy and can do all this thing she like without any hindrance in her life. Rick Simpson, your medication is the only cure for cancer, tumor and from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely say you are the best and i will always give thanks to God for you to have long life so you can help many more people on earth with your medical service to humanity. with you i now believe that the Hemp Oil is real and True, for all those who have problem relating to cancer and other diseases should contact{[email protected]}

  17. harold podile says:

    iam also suffering from depression accompanied by symptoms similar to those of ashi. I will try hemp oil and cannabis juice and c see results.I will come back as soon as I realise good feedback.

  18. harold podile says:

    hi guys iam the guy who commented here on December 27, 2014 at 4:07 pm(you can check below on the most recent comment, that’s is me)

    iam on my day one with hemp seed oil together with coconut oil. these oils works wonders. I have noticeable effects of them after an hour with half tea spoon and a little of the coconut oil. I don’t was feeling like my mind is sleeping. my hearing is coming back too guys. iam in south africa. I bought both oils for R190, but iam still testing, remember this is my first test. I just pray to God that things goes well.if it does I will find a way to spread this further.

    • Ed Arnold says:

      In response to Harold Podile:

      Please be sure to let us know what the effects are, and esp. on your hearing. As Mark Starr points out in his book, patients who experience long-term hypothyroidism (>10 years) usually end up with tinnitus, as I have. I am very interested in knowing if these oils have any effect on hearing.

  19. Not sure what this “protocol” critique means of STTM that GEORGIA posted. Why are we being warned about posting our personal experiences. Please explain.

    • Ed Arnold says:

      I see nothing wrong with posting personal experiences, that is what sites like this are all about. It is the case that some people find STTM too strident and “my way or the highway”-oriented. Just remember, you don’t *have* to believe everything you read. :) Just take whatever pieces of the STTM protocol, that seem sensible to *you*, and work for *you*.


    • Yo! Not everyone with thyroid problems can tolerate smoke from cigarettes or the flower– not to mention what it can do to our lungs. Nice reference to Breaking Bad though!

      The best thing folks can do is write a letter to your congressional leaders and your governor. Colorado is making legislative decisions right now on what to do with MMJ. The money needs to be spent on research so we can consult doctors who know the strains and oils. We are going to lose focus on patients as this industry expands.

      Dr Mervyn Lifschitz is a brilliant old school endocrinologist. He is at the Rose Medical Center in Denver. He IS NOT supportive of MMJ that I am aware of but he has excellent bed side style. He draws my blood himself and insists on only using the labs he trusts. He is a cancer survivor and has a lovely joyful personality.

      Dr. Charles Manter in Greeley, CO is a DO who is open to MMJ treatment. He has really helped me understand how all my meds interact and provides the manipulation I need to manage my pain. He is a bit conservative, such as approving more plants for a patient to grow but I respect his caution.

      It still is kind of the Wild West out here and the agricultural counties, no doubt, are growing for themselves. But comments like, “smoke it yo” remind me that we have a long way to go to undo he stigma of a beautiful medicine.

  21. Ed Arnold says:

    YO! I don’t trust the potheads who state that smoking MMJ is a lot less toxic than smoking tobacco. Having grown up with chain-smoking parents, I detest combustion. A vaporizer is much better.

    The most exciting thing CO is doing with the MMJ money, is commission research on the use of cannabis for PTSD. I believe it is being done thru MAPS.

    My M.D. doesn’t do MMJ licensing, so I’ve used Dr. Joe Cohen. Your typical nice-guy jewish intellectual who (like me) had major health issues from gluten, so now has a lot of emotional intelligence regarding ‘alternative’ treatment methods.

  22. My wife has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She has been recomended by her dr to submit to a thyroidectomy. We want to avoid the surgery and survive. We do not know what direction to head.

    • I have been dealing with papillary thyroid cancer the past 6 weeks going from appointment to appointment, talking to doctors and naturopaths, reading as much about it as I can to get any kind of info possible. If you find any information on avoiding surgery that has been beneficial please post it. Seems everyone I talk to is telling me they need to cut out my right lobe for sure and then do another biopsy…then probably take out my left lobe also. I have always been very active and eaten pretty healthy but recently have gone gluten and dairy free and doing lots more juicing. I’m hoping it just goes away before I have to go under :). I’m willing to pretty much try anything and have been using essential oils and trying to clear my chakras and the energy in my home. I am cautious about who I tell these things to–some think I have gone to extremes ha!

    • Hello JJ, I’m sorry to hear what your wife is going through. Contact the Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association. Here is their website:

  23. I suspect you will have to make it yourself if you don’t live in California; the site where it is offered for sale requires you to be a California resident.

  24. Ed Arnold says:

    I don’t think I want to patronize “Risk Simpson”, spammer.

    • The Rick Simpson comments aren’t spam! Geez! He is the major source of free information on cannabis oil. He doesn’t make a dime. His site teaches people how to make “rick simpson oil” or cannabis oil. Before you get all weird about spam, it might help to understand what you are doing. I have no connection to Rick Simpson – just someone who knows who he is and am offended by your “spammer” comments. Thank you for listening.

      • Hi Tom, Thank you for contacting me about this. I’ve had a serious issue on my blog with spammers who have been flagged on my system. I’ve also had many post advertisements to many products and services and I try to keep that off my blog otherwise if I kept them the entire comments section would be filled with advertisements.

        I apologize about the comment I made about the comments here regarding Rick Simpson. Since reading your comment I’ve been doing reading on him and realize that people are just sharing a person who is helping them. It’s not easy to manage a blog like this but I do my best. Thanks for letting me know about him.

  25. Hi, im on low dose armour. more, or T4/T3, gives me nausea, vomiting, bronchial constriction. im feeling a little better than taking nothing, but its still not making me normal – im still tired; there’s no balance. does anyone have knowledge, experience, opinion about taking 5 drops of T2 liquid 2-3x daily? i bought it from mindandmuscle dot com; it gives me a light lift. any hazards i should know about? thanks so much!! -tricia

  26. i would use it in a heartbeat. My doctor told me he would prescribe it for me if he could. I’m hoping it becomes legal where I live.

  27. Suzanne says:


    My daughter is undergoing a second biopsy, this time Afirma. The first came back suspicious for papillary cancer. Her Endo, who, we will be switching from, just wanted to remove her thyroid. She is 23 years old with no risk factors other than Hashimotos. We live in Arizona where Cannabis is legal. Whichever way the biopsy results come back would like to pursue this.
    Now to the hard part- I can’t find any doctor whatsoever to help with this. Even my ND says no. I am sure there are wonderful Arizona MD’s or ND’s who are willing to give Cannaboid oil a try. Please if you have any ideas or know of any doctors it will be so appreciated. I am convinced we can heal her thyroid. She is just so young.

    Thank you! Rachel’s Momma : )

  28. Danielle says:

    I was once a thyroid cancer patient. I was diagnosed of thyroid cancer and it almost end my life. I did chemo and radiation many times but the cancer keeps returning and it began to weaken my body and i was unable to move from one place to another. i was living in pain for 3 years, i tried looking for other means of treatment when i came across cannabis oil for cancer treatment. I did so many findings and it was all positive and i was a bit relief knowing that my cancer can be cured permanently. I contacted Leed cancer cancer in England via [email protected] to purchase the cannabis oil. After using this cannabis oil for treatment as directed, my doctor confirmed that i am free from cancer that it was a miracle. I am writing this because a lot of people are suffering from cancer out there and they need help. Try and get the cannabis oil for treatment and you will live again.

  29. Ramsey Hardy says:


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  30. jackson kennnedy says:

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  31. cbdoiltreatment says:

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  32. Thank God Almighty that led me to Dr rick simpon who with his humanitarian heart helped my sister that had cancer of the breast with his Hemp Oil. I am so grateful that my 21 years old sister is back alive and healthy and can do all the things she like without any hindrance in her life. Dr rick, your medication is the only cure for cancer,tumor and from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely say you are the best and i will always give thanks to God for you to have long life so you can help many more people on earth with your medical service to humanity.with you i now believe that the hemp Oil is real and True,for all those who have problem relating to cancer and other diseases should contact Dr rick ([email protected]) for more information and the delivery process.

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  34. Millicent Carter says:

    I am unable to post this in the Success Stories for whatever reason, so I posted here. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer on October 18, 2013. I was advised by my doctor that my only options were to have radiation seeds implanted in my prostate or receive regular external beam radiation. I declined. I knew there had to be other options.
    I scoured the Internet and discovered a wealth of information about cannabis oil curing cancer. I was able to obtain some medical marijuana Dr. Ilamosi Williams (Cannabis Oil Cure) from it and consumed the recommended dosage by mid January.
    On January 26th I had a cancer reassessment which consisted of an MRI with a state of the art Tesla 3 MRI machine. Results – NO SIGN OF CANCER! CANCER FREE!
    One of the things that helped me while going through all this was reading the testimonials and the success stories of those who have used the oil and were cured And with good food diet. Now that this wonderful oil has cured me, I feel I need to let others know as well. Please feel free to contact me, ask anything should you like more information or directly contact Dr. Ilamosi Williams at: [email protected] were i purchased from. Thank you, Millicent Carter ~

  35. My Mother was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer about a one year ago, she has had an extremely difficult journey. She has had two rounds of chemotherapy, one round or Y90 Radiation and now is experiencing liver failure. Jaundice, a weak appetite and depression are a few of her symptoms. I’m wondered what other treatment options she has (such as a liver transplant or a clinical trial) and also how long she has to live. My mother is my best friend and hero, she endures so much as your loved ones do too.but a cousin of mine came to our rescue by ordering this hemp oil from a foundation in UK,and so far the medication has proved my mother can do things she never could do before,i am so happy so i decided to use this medium to alert all cancer patient that with a good hemp oil,you can definitely beat cancer.if you happen to be in need of this medication,you can contact the foundation with this email:([email protected]) for more information and the delivery process.

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